Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd April 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 2nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Vasundara to check her and Shraddha without biasing. Vasundara says this is your new plan. Thapki says I want to prove my stammering is a small weakness infront of my qualities, I m a lot more than stammering. She cries. Vasundara says you will fall on your face when you compete with Shraddha. Thapki says then take our test, if I fail, I promise I will do what you say. Vasundara says I don’t want to take any test, I know the truth. Thapki says then let truth come out and insists her to take their test just once. Vasundara goes.

Bihaan calls Thapki and asks where are you, why did you not come, I told you I will wait for you. She says I m coming. He says I called him, but if I get speechless then, how will I tell Thapki, I have to tell her. He says I

will tell her I love you. He sees the decorations and says Ghazab, now this day will become memorable for me and Thapki, once she comes, I will tell her. Thapki comes and calls out Bihaan. He smiles seeing her. Music plays……

She asks why did you do this. He says for you, I have to say something and this was necessary. She asks him to say. He says I got happiness twice in life, when Maa and Bau ji came in my life, and when I got you. I want to say that… she asks him to say. He says I will say, first come. He holds her hand and takes her to show flowers, and a 100 days celebrations cake. He says its our century of being together, cut this cake. She says no Bihaan, like we have spent the 100 days together, we should cut the cake together. They cut the cake. Bas tum tak…. Plays….. He asks her to take the ring. He says you know to read my eyes, just understand it. She asks what. He says I see you everywhere and keep talking to myself, just about you. She asks but why…. He gets on his knees and says because I m in love, with you….. She looks at him.

He says I told you I will not let your Taj mahal be incomplete and reminds his words. He shows a Taj mahal miniature. He says I want to make this true, whenever we recall our marriage, we have smile on our face, so will you marry me again, will you accept me again, will you become Mrs. Thapki Bihaan Pandey again. She smiles and winks. He smiles. She says yes. He gets glad and hugs her. Bihaan’s imagination ends. He waits for Thapki and thinks what will happen when Thapki comes. He smiles.

Later, Thapki comes there and sees the decorations. She calls out Bihaan. Bihaan looks at her angrily. She pours wine on the table angrily. She says I have to tell you something imp. She asks what are you doing, whats all this. He ignites fire on the table. She gets shocked.

She asks why are you burning this, what happened to you. He ruins the decorations. She asks did you get mad. He shouts yes, I have gone mad to do this and believe you, because I….. She says no.. He says no Thapki, you did not do this right, you cheated me, I wanted to change this relation into truth, you lied and made this relation false. FB shows Shraddha coming there and clapping seeing the decorations. She says great decorations done by you Bihaan. He asks what are you doing here. She says I came to be part of your fake happiness, I came to see how heart breaks when you get cheated for your cheat. He asks what do you mean. She says your wife, whom you regard the most good and innocent girl in the world, she is cheating you, she did not stay in house to give you another chance, she stayed in the house to get the marriage secret out, she is cheating you. He gets shocked. FB ends.

Bihaan says I forgot the world, I left family and trusted you, you broke my trust by lying that you were giving me a chance, you stayed with me for your motive. He cries. She says forgive me, I had to know the truth of our marriage, how your Maa planned this to cheat me, you are right, how could you let blame come on your mum, but I had to know truth, I would have not met my eyes, I got to know the truth, that you did not cheat me, Maa cheated me. He says enough, my Maa is Lord for me, I can do anything for her happiness, don’t say a word against her. He says you are misunderstanding me. He says I was wrong before, I know your truth, you can go to any extent for your motive, you don’t know my motive, you took revenge for my one mistake, see to which extent I go, I was always with you in every step, see how I make every step tough for you. She looks at him and cries.

Vasundara tells Thapki and Shraddha for the test to check their hearts, they will see who passes this test now.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Lovely

    Please end this dragging. And introduce a new girl for Bihaan except Foolish Thapki or Aditi.
    Is this ‘tum tak’ song from the movie Ranjhaa?????

  2. vinlora

    Heart touching episode. …Bihaan s dream was so cute….kaash ! Wo Sapna nahi balki Sach hota…..but still I hope bihaan kitna bhi jagda kar le thapki se lekin wo kabi bhi uske saath kuch bhi bura hone nahi dega. …I feel this twist is to make understand thapki her feelings for bihaan. I’m enjoying current track with positive thinking. ..

  3. Hepsi

    Bihan is insane, in comparing vasu like cruel mother to God and scolding innocent thapki. Any how i like bihans love in anger.

  4. Mridula

    Thapki realized that she should tell the truth,that’s good..! But shraddha can’t see this happiness so she ruined it by telling bihaan the truth, ok she is evil that is why..! But bihaan trusted shraddha so easily,he did not even question it? Thats something not acceptable..! But ok, he felt like he was betrayed by a person he trusted so he believed her, agreed..! But when thapki told why she did all this..she came to know that bihaan is innocent..and all, he did not give her a chance to explain herself also. At least once he could listen for the love he had.! ? I don’t want the writers are up to.! It’s good to see thapki’s character strong again..I hope they don’t ruin it again. Apart from all this, I know it’s a show, and I loved to see thahaan onscreen..I thought something will be in favour of them, but hope they do something good soon and don’t drag it so much. I hope vasu also comes to know abt shraddha and that thapki is really good by heart.??

    • Mridula

      Ok..these were my views..! I know everyone does not have the don’t fell bad if there is something wrong in what I said ! Was just amazed that the writers do this way..they always never show the trust on ur loved one dominating.! First they did this with Tharuv and now thahaan…??

    • parvini

      very well said…the writers need to grow up and write a better script. this is like a Teenage romance..

      • Mridula

        Ya..they should.! They should not follow Tharuv track for thahaan. It would be better if they make bihaan realize what he did was wrong and he should always support thapki.☺

    • neha

      I totally agreed with you mridula….they shouldn’t run same track for thahaan, what they did with tharuv….and I also think that this time also bihaan misunderstood thapki as she knows now that bihaan is innocent, he did whatever vasu forced him to do. Bihaan trusted shraddha but he didn’t gave a single chance to thapki to explain the whole situation…. And here writers should write some mature love story of thahaan.

      • Mridula

        ?? yes they should make bihaan realize and bcoz this is not a way to start a love track. How will thapki love him if he is rude! ?

    • Bihaans

      i think thapki explained him everything and he was calming down, look at his face that time , but when thapki blames vasu, he got angry on her for that reason, as for him his maa is his god

      • Mridula

        Yes..I also saw that..he was listening to her..! But ya..bcoz he thinks vasu as his God..he became angry..! But he also knows that vasu was with him when he married thapki..she was the one who told what wrong did thapki say that maa did this and not him.! That is what I was thinking.! Anyways let’s see how the story goes on. ??

  5. mineey

    What is all this. I thought bihaan will understand her. I mean he married her without her consent How much she had to bear Because of this. he may have helped her in each and every step but she had the full right to know the marriage truth to move on in her life. Bihaan blindly believe his so called maa But not thapki why??
    i think bihaan is doing wrong.

    • Bihaans

      i think , now bihaan is not culprit as every crime has its punishment and bihaan had already got his punishment and he had repent that too…so no one should call him culprit now..and when bihaan’s situation is like thapki when marriage happens..this is the cause of heartbreak…he was even understanding her when she explain her doings but when she blame his maa , his god ..he got furious again…every normal person will do that same

  6. anu

    bihaan dream nice
    thahaan fight not good
    thapki want to tell the truth but she fails she realise that bihaan is not wrong
    but bihaan saying ma ma ma
    what is this.
    may thapki win this time.
    new spoiler
    pandey family do navratri puja
    every couple do aarti
    but when vasu call thahaan
    bihaan goes looking thapki
    thapki full.of tears.
    may she realise her love soon

  7. Ally

    So sad….. ???????
    I think Now Bihaan will not support Thapki and he may make plan to defeat Thapki in her test.. which vasu is going to take between her and shraddha… ??

  8. Bihaan

    wooo hooo!!!!!!, atlast i got my angry bihaan back ,….now waiting for thapki to MANAOFY bihaan…but i think she is more focused on her saas bahu competition.
    and if she will not give a damn to bihaan, then bihaan should hand over the divorce paper in her hand and kick her out from the house..because by this way she is just using bihaan again as she wants to prove that stammering people are also normal people and can be a perfect bahu but for this she needs a status of wife , which she is getting by using bihaan….if she wants to be a perfect bahu then first be a perfect wife, be the wife of bihaan

  9. iyenene

    Lol! Now Bihaan fans will have a little appreciation for what Dhruv fans felt wen he was cheated! Don’t that I care who Thapki ends up with, but insulting Dhruv bcos he was playing the script he was given displays just how dumb some ppl are! anyways you Indians deserve the series you get based on ur applaud of stupid and unrealistic and also moral-less stories! Where the is no consequence for evil or evil is justified because you like the looks of the perpetrator! When Bihaan does smthn nasty u explain it away, when it’s sm1 else u release ur full wrath on them! Very revealing of the inner workings of ur mind…smh tho!!

    • mineey

      Iyenene don’t take me wrong. What do u mean by u indians??? I mean i don’t like the way u said “u indian deserve”. it is our choice what we watch, what we like, who we prefer. each and every person has his own taste. . . … ur point of view is different And ours is different. plzz don’t say like this.

    • ash

      Hey! What do you mean by indians ( we are proud to be an Indian). We know this is story. We chat with ourself . And….Who are you? Where are you? I think you are not an indian. Pls. stay away…… distance.

    • uv

      what do you mean by you Indians you better stay away from our issues we can decide what to watch and what not we don’t need anybody’s validation for that our point of view may be different but nothing wrong in that

  10. Nimisha ?

    Hmm. Why is it when a good character does something bad, I.e. Thapk lying to Bihan, the truth comes out so quickly but when the bad ones do bad it never does. Or rather, in vasu’s case the marriage truth comes out but the wronged person, I.e. Thapki, protects the wrong doer???

    The dream sequence was lovely. Tum tak belongs to thapki and Bihan now, esp Bihan!

    What is don’t get is Thapki has a right to know the truth, can Bihan not see that??

    Also, when thapki tells him she knows it wasn’t him but his mum, he goes all mad and calls his mum Bhagwan. I mean, seriously, doesn’t he know the difference between right and wrong? Is he saying, when it comes to Vasu, he will always take her side, no matter what???

    Also, the reason he fell in love with thapki was after seeing how she handled alllll the situations that the pandeys have inflicted on her. Now that she does this one thing to understand the truth, he had forgotten all her good qualities, even though she started off saying she knew he couldn’t tell her the truth,

    Bihan needs to understand that no relationship can start on a lie, so if he wasn’t prepared t tell her, at least understand thapki,s reasoning. No she shouldn’t have led but how much has she put up with.

    • Bihaans

      i think bihaan fell in love with her when she saved him from the goons with her chandi roop…and i think bihaan thought thapki believe him that time when he said that he did wrong with her because he hates her stammering..he never thought that thapki is still finding the truth…but when thapki explained about the message and her intentions to find the truth he was cooling down ( just look at his face expression that time) , but when she blames his maa , his god, he got furious , its natural…no one can stand a word for their mother

  11. Very happy everyone knows the truth: whether Bihaan or Thapki. I hope Bihaan learns how Dhruv must have felt when he cheated him. In fact he should not be upset he should take it calmly and reflect on the actions of his mom. Whether he should always listen to Vasundara or weigh her requests and advise. Because imagine if she had asked him to kill someone, will he have blindly done so just because she is his mom.

    Thapki should not be expected to be in love with someone who contributed to the destruction of her life. Yes, she may have forgiven him and may show gratitude for his help but love cannot be forced. She may like him but not love him. Its a good lesson.

    However, i wonder what she is still doing in the house after discovering the truth. She should have some decency and leave especially if she does not intend to maintain a marriage with Bihaan.

    • Bihaan

      i think , he could have do that too, as he was ready to take any punishment after that ( remember he surrender to baauji and was ready to take the gun shot , i am not appreciating that)….and bihaan had saved thapki many time , she should owe her life to him ….i think truth is not bigger than the life….and bihaan’s reaction was normal , its human nature, not everyone is like thapki ,mahaan atma

      • @ Bihaan, I agree with you that his reaction was natural. Yes he has really helped Thapki and that is why Thapki respects him and is very grateful but gratitude is not equal to love.

  12. lav

    bihan you should understand thapki feeling bad for thapki she has right to know the truth but ha dhoke ka badla dhoke hissab barabar now they are equal

    • Bihaan

      i think not now , bihaan had got the punishment for his deeds and had also repent his mistake ,… now its thapki’s turn

  13. adit

    Hate this bihaan.. Hw selfish he is.. First he ruined dhruv’s life and now scolding thapki just because she came to know the truth..

    • Bihaan

      just because thapki cheated him , if you got cheated like that and got heart break you would have do the same , its human nature , and he was also cooling down when thapki was explaining him but when she blames his maa, he got furious again,

      • vinlora

        Actually thapki is not blaming vasu she just said the truth that vasu is the mastermind…even bihaan knows this truth rite…???

  14. Bihaan….iam damn sure oneday your beautiful dream will come true.Thanks Anu for the new reports,how are you???? I think coming episodes wouldbe interesting because Thapki will realized the importance of Bihaan in her life and she should accept the reality that without Bihaan…..Thapki is always incomplete.Writerji,dont be more dragging ….THAHAAN FANS ARE EAGERLY WAITING FOR TO SEE THAT MESMERIZING MOMENT…..

    • anu

      i m fine pooja
      they will drag the track as on MAY The show complete 1 year so on MAY

  15. A'isha

    Yikes Thapki makes me cringe, how could she be so needy and compare herself with sharadha . This drama is full of shit hence why i only read the updates so i dont have to put up seeing Thapki’s nonsense ???

  16. Anisha

    Yes bihaan is too impulsive. First reacts and then later thinks that too when some one makes him understand.really a moti budhi. Hope their misunderstanding come to an end soon. And love story starts.

  17. Shruti

    Bihaan should understand tht thapki has right to knw the truth…anyways now i hope that thapki will realize her love for bihaan whn he will ignore her..

  18. megha

    Well ? now tomorrow. Bihaan will purposely make Thapki fail in whatever challenge is set. And now hopefully thapki will fall in love with bihaan. And hopefully she will then make him fall in love with her all over again. But seriously such bakawas is going,on,in thapki pyar ki,at the moment ??

  19. Lachu

    In my opinion both Bihan and Thapki are getting what they deserved. Bihan should realize that this is the same pain he gave not just one but two ppl.Karma has just bitten him back. But since the cvs want a blindly angry Bihan we are getting that. And the hurt he got was just part of his punishment. Thapki did give hope to the guy, you dont give hope to break one’s heart, you just dont for any goddamn reason that is as good as the dhoka he gave her. But she is right on how she should know the truth. And of course there is the fact that Bihan is too mad and blinded by the same to differentiate between right and wrong.

    Now to the Dhruv fans, will u guys plz stop comparing Bihan and Dhruv for god’s sake. The cvs and the ppl dont care about his heartbreak as a character in the show. He was never the lead. The actor himself had said that and tharuv was planned only as an opening to Thahaan. Ppl and cvs only care abt the leads and their heart breaks and Thats why Bihan’s heartbreak gets the limelight. Agree Bihan deserves this but you dont have to go all “fan war ” over this.

  20. Sharadha married Dhruv for fame and fortune and behaves like if someone is trying to steal the love of her life what is wrong with that woman?

    • savi

      She into herself more.
      Thapki should confess all to Dhruvji
      She needs to support!!!! Test him see which sides he takes……..

  21. Fatarajo

    Today episode was from super acha to super backwas super acha because of Bihaan love confession which turned out to be his imagination -_- and super backwas because Bihaan is again back to his angry avatar and worse he still thinks vasu is right

    • Nimisha ?

      Hi Fatarajo. As long as he thinks Vasu is right, how can any woman let alone thapki stand a chance.

      I really think thapki should leave now, pandey nivas, but where can she go. At her parents house the Mishras poison is present. She is stuck i guess.

      Also, why does she trust Vasu to fo a fair test for her and shraddha? I mean during the best Bahu contest, vas destroyed the sewing task and chose a singing one, knowing thapki’s stammering couldn’t compete against shraddha.


      • Bea

        Hi Nimisha , right now his mind is clouded by the fact he thinks his maa donated blood out of love for him . Remember in the hospital he spouted some dialogue about living this life for maa or some such.

        Thapki needs to appraise him of the real reason Vasu actually donated blood but he won’t listen to her right now.
        Because Bihaan lost his rag before she could open her mouth right now we don’t know whether she had decided to give their relationship a go after having established his role in the betrayal. If she has decided she wants to stay with him she will need to mollify him again.

        As to why trust Vasu see my other posting below.

      • Nimisha ?

        Hi Bea. I don’t think thapki will tell Bihan about the blood donation thing as that would hurt him very deeply and thapki does care for Bihan. I just don’t know if she cares for him ‘that’ way.

        Let’s face it, if they both simply honest with each other, thapki and Bihan would be a force to be reckoned with.

  22. no yarrr…….bihaan did wrong he should undrstnd thapki…….she hv whole rght to know truth of her marraige….pls bringe twist in this…plzzz…

  23. LiFna

    ehhhh…. ooOnu nirthi tharOoww….. eThu verppikalaan…. thahaan onnukkOoo¡¡¡¡ ee adutha kalath eganam thirumanam ndAkkooo.???…!!!!!!!

    sTupid tapkii… stupid Serial….
    stupid track…

    i dnt knw jzt hate thiz serial…. my Bihaaan…. 🙁
    i cant see bihaan’s pain…. !!!!!!
    I think… thahanns Love , nd unite only Fans Mind meh…

  24. savi

    Why is everyone blaming a Thapki?
    When it’s Vasundra and Bihaan who started the lies and cheats from the starts.
    He called her GOD really now…..
    God don’t hate neither treat her kids or others as stranger nor disrespectful. Bihaan should support Thapki side cause he knows fully well he was wrong to support lies from the begining. These lines and episode are really low class n just WRONG.

  25. Bea

    In my opinion,Thapki has challenged Vasu to stage this Super Bahu Showdown not necessarily to compare herself with Shradda but to acquint Vasu with Shradda’s unbecoming qualities. We all know Shradda is as competitive as heck and she will do whatever it takes to ensure victory often using underhand tactics along the way. Qualities not synonymous with an ideal bahu.The same would be true in this instance too and I feel perhaps that’s what Thapki wants Vasu to see. Shradda’ truth.

    • Nimisha ?

      I agree, and although vasu foolishly believes that shraddha is the best, deep down she knows the truth. I mean how many times have they conspired together. Her dirty heart is there for all to see, expect vasu it seems.

      Also, vasu is very proud, and. Don’t think she’ll let thapki win as that would mean admitting she, the great vasu, was wrong all along.

      Or, if thapki is doing well, she’ll make herself lose, out of her misguided idea about respecting her elders.

      I don’t think Bihan will sabotage thapki either as no matter how cross he is, he will not want to help shraddha… Or at least I hope not.

      Love your posts by the way Bea. Xxx

  26. Bea

    The name of this show should be changed from Pat of love to Pat of Betrayal or some such because that is all that is going on in this show. Every main character , with very good reasoning from their perspective , has perpetrated some kind of betrayal on someone else at one time or other.

    • Nimisha ?

      Thapki dhoka Ki, is actually quite appropriate. And you are right. They have all been guilty of betraying someone. ???

  27. Madhu

    Plz bihan understand ur thapki plz
    It’s vry sad to see bihan upset and crying but he should also understand to start the relationship thapki has the right to know marriage truth first….
    Unite thahaan soon plz writer’s make bihan understand thapki’s feelings……

  28. sofy

    I hate bihan.. And this show is making fun of love and marriage.. Sachha pyar ek bhar hi hotha he.. Agar thapki ko bihan se pyar ho gaya tho… I cant imagine.. Y this serials r making fun of love.. Bihan can cheat thapki and dhruv.. Thapki so sirf ek choot bola.. Bihan ne kya kiya dha Thapki ki sindhaki kharab kar dhi.. Dhruv ka bhi.. Vo sab sahi kyunki ma keliye kiya dha.. Disgusting.. I really really wish dhruv and thapki ek ho jaye.. And is baar thapki ne jo kiya sahi kiya

  29. ash

    Arrey bhihaan ji, you arrange many things. Flowers, candles, hangings, wine and golden ring. You wear black & black, different from your other dress. But why don t you bring good dress to thapki(long gown is good to propose) after all she is your wife know. Its ok, but your imagination, my god same dress? What a hudband you are? In house or outing, thapki wear same dress. As a husband he knows it very well. That s why his imagination is same. Good bhihaan.

    l really fed up thapki and bhihaan s dress than the story. After marriage both are wearing same dress. Yes Same vessel type dress and rainbow colors. No design nothing. They told they are the lead. But shradha wear beautiful and colourful sarees. Nice to see. Common tpk fans shall we donate our good dress to thapki. Shall we….

  30. Bihaan

    i think thapki had many choice to find the truth, she could have stayed at pandey niwas from any other reason , why to say that she is giving him second chance…and its not right to give dhoke ke badla dhoka( as once mahatma gandhi said)…ab dhoka diya hai to bihaan ki tarah punishment bhi jhelna hoga aur repent bhi karna hoga

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