Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki trying to tell Bihaan about their love and coming baby. Kosi comes there. Lights go. Kosi asks Thapki to get candle, its all dark here. Thapki goes to her with a candle and says everything will be fine between me and Bihaan. Kosi says it won’t happen, as the candle placed on the dining table is to kill Bihaan, are you seeing this candle, same candle is inside the dining table, when candle blows off, Bihaan will die, save him if you can, your down counting started. Thapki gets shocked.

Thapki comes running to Bihaan and sees the candle. She shouts Bihaan, and goes to him. She blows off candle and tells Bihaan that this candle has bomb, Lights come. The family members come there and look on. Bihaan asks what are you saying. Thapki says your mum has kept

this bomb, she wants to kill you. Kosi cries and asks what is she saying, will I kill my son, Bihaan make me leave, atleast she won’t blame me. Thapki asks Kosi to stop her acting. Bihaan asks her to stop it. Thapki says Kosi told me outside that she kept bomb in this candle. Kosi says I don’t even know bomb. Thapki says you know everything, you are very clever, how can you kill your son. Bihaan shouts Thapki, what did mum say, this candle has bomb. He lights the candle. She says what are you doing, this will blow. He says we will know it, does my mum want to kill me or you want bad for my mum. Kosi says what will be more bad, she ruined my respect infront of everyone. Shraddha thinks Kosi is clever, if this candle has bomb, we all will die with this idiot Bihaan. Everyone look at the candle.

The candle melts down and blows off, nothing happens. Bihaan asks Thapki where is the bomb, this is result of trusting you, why do you always blame my mum, I can’t see my mum crying. He says you call them family, you answer them. Kosi goes and screams. Bihaan runs to her. Thapki looks on. Kosi falls on the ground and is bleeding. Everyone come there and get shocked.

Bihaan makes her lie on the bed. Kosi says I will die, its paining a lot. They see her bleeding burnt hand. Bihaan does the aid. He asks how did this happen. Kosi says don’t know, Thapki blamed me, I came crying to my room, candle blew like a bomb, don’t know how. They all get shocked. Kosi says it was dark, I asked Thapki for candle and she gave me this candle. Suman says it means that candle had bomb, Thapki did this intentionally. Kosi asks Bihaan not to get angry, Thapki would have not done this intentionally, you know I regard her as daughter, Thapki may hate me, but she won’t try to kill me.

Bihaan looks at Thapki. Thapki says I did not do anything, do you think I can do such wrong thing, why are you all seeing me like this, why will I try to kill Kosi, she is lying. Bihaan asks who did this. Thapki says Kosi did this so that everyone misunderstand me. Kosi thinks bomb was in the candle in my room, it was done to trap you. Thapki says Kosi wants to make me away from you. Bihaan asks her to stop it.

He asks Thapki does she have any proof, he will make Kosi out of the house. Thapki says I have proof, Dadi knows everything about Kosi, she started walking and talking, she will tell you all about Kosi’s every deed, come with me. She cries.

Thapki takes everyone to Dadi. Thapki asks Dadi to say, that Kosi wanted to take Bihaan’s kidney and kill him, and she is doing all this. Vasundara asks Dadi to say is Thapki saying true. Dadi says Thapki is saying true, I can’t say this, as Thapki is lying. Thapki and Shraddha get shocked as Dadi lies. Dadi says how can any mother kill her son, sorry Thapki, I can’t support you. Thapki says Dadi, why are you lying, they have threatened you, tell them truth, don’t be scared. Vasundara scolds Thapki. Suman asks Thapki to have pity on Dadi, she just got fine. Thapki asks Kosi what did you do with Dadi, you did all this and want to kill your son. Bihaan slaps Thapki angrily.

Bihaan scolds Thapki and says Lord has punished me by getting you in my life, I will not bear this punishment, I break our relation right now, get out of my life. Thapki cries.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. TUFFY

    I hate this track, I think they’ve blackmailed dadi too. All the previous spoilers of bihaan acting to be with kosi all false. Not worth watching this now.

  2. Amy

    yeh kya hai??sach mein mujhe gussa aa raha hai….I feel like to punch on that devil’s i mean kosi’s face#hate her the most….yww

  3. inara

    OMG!!!!! What happen with dadi ma???
    What t writers jii think about…. Iam very dissapointed to hear that 😭😭 im not want to watch tpk anymore.. 😢
    Sorry.. But i just want bihaan n thapki together.. Dont separated them plssss…

  4. TUFFY

    I hope all PN people find out after thapki leaves that she’s pregnant, including bihaan. That will be their punishment for believing kosi.

  5. Dezine


    |Registered Member

    Colors’ Thapki…Pyaar Ki is all set to see a major twist in the coming episode. Off lately, the show has not been doing really well with the audience, unlike what we had seen when it first started.
    The makers of the show are finally trying something new for the loyal audiences. Finally, the show will see a leap.
    Well yes, a leap! Wondering how many months? It isn’t months, but a leap of 2 years. Post leap, Thapki (Jigyasa Singh) will be seen in a totally different look.
    It will happen that Thapki will face (supposedly) a car accident and the whole family will think that Thapki is dead. However, she will come back as a bussiness woman.
    To know more, stay tuned to!

    cant understand what the makers r planning and why…

    today’s episode is very sad… kosi ka truth kab baahar aayega?? bihaan ka koi dimaag hi nahi hai kya????for any relationship trust is important… but there is no trust between thahaan..

  6. Lucy

    So the person who truly betrayed Thapki was dadima, Bihaan and the others can only go by what is in front of them.

  7. Jahnabi

    I want to slap bihan…..he has forgotten every thing what thapki had done to save his family….if he has no trust…..he doesn’t deserve thapki…..he is brainless….& CVS senseless…. I don’t wan’t to watch it anymore…😈

  8. javanesse

    bihaaan 😡😡😡
    mari dikeloni mbok kongkon minggat cek kebacut e koen dadi wong lanang
    wes bendino lontang lantung gak kerjo,
    oalahh nduk thapki wes sing sabar yooo , mulih nyang mbok mu lan pak mu wae nduk

  9. Mj

    This story very confused..
    Ak berharap semua ini berakhir dan thapki bahagia bersama bihan.. Knp tdk satupun dri anggota keluarga yg bersama thapki. Pdhal mrk smwa tau bagaiman sifat thapki yg sebenarx. Apalgi bihan, knp dy sm sekali tdk mempertimbangkan pendapat istrinya.

    • lulu

      Katanya nanti thapki jadi bisnis women,hbs diusir,kecelakaan,setelah 2 thn jamenghilang di bisnis women,dikira mayi ama pandey fam,2 hari ini sedih ceritax,klo gak tega liat mulai hari sabtu or senin aja nonton stremingnya

  10. sahabiya rashid

    Wao what a kutta pana yar had hay thapar hi mardya bechari may to kheti hun kay thapki chali hmjaye marnay day usay sabak hasil hoga usay

  11. Manyasa29


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys ….kaise ho sab ??
    I hope u all remember me😄😄
    San Bhai..roshni vinlo joyee pihoo anu vani sumera luvleen mridula ….how r u all ?
    Ok..this is little off topic …

    I just came here to wish San Bhai…
    ( San Bhai maine aapko pc pe bhi wish kiya kal raat ko…u did not see that msg..I guess😥)

    anyways guys…kya chal raha hai aaj kal tpk me ! I have completely stopped watching n reading updates of tpk ! Used to only read ff but woh bhi nahi ho pa rahe aajkal😥
    I miss u all so so much ! Take care everyone 😘



      |Registered Member

      hai chotu…..👩
      kaise ho aur kaise chall raha hain tumari padayi…❓
      most welcome for u r wishes …

      maine kall raat kohi dekha lekin mai kya karu mera private page par msg send nahi horaha hai aur maine iss baath ko pehele bhi keha chuka hoo iss liye tum ko mail ID bhi diya tha lekin tum tho mail nahi kiya 😡😡😡

      mai tho tum ko bahuth jyaada miss kar raha hoo chotu, tum ko mai ek din ke liye bhi nahi bhoola,jab bhi iss page par aatha hoo na tum yaad aathi ho. tum muje bhai maanthe ho na weekly kum se kum ek baar tho mail karo, muje bhi bahuth kushi hoga…..

      i hope u will read my msg….

  12. Divyasri SivaKumar

    Thapki never forgive Bihaan for what he did to u if u get back your memories too..let Bihaan suffer when he knows the truth that she was carrying his child in her womb..he doesn’t deserve thapkis unconditional love… Come back with a high spirit thapki

  13. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    This show is just messed up like okay shraddha i understand she is like that but dadi r u for real someone hurt u and then thapki saved u and ur family and u r supporting that someone instead like that’s so senseless (i think kosi threaten dadi)
    And Bihaan I m actually angry on Bihaan the most right now like you deceived thapki and married her initially (later they got properly married) and how can he raise his hand on a girl like this he don’t have any manners. Like cmon she is ur Wife ur love and carrying ur child and you just slapped her
    Really thapki should punish Bihaan sometimes i sympathise tharuv fans (at least dhruv did a mistake once Bihaan did it several times) i m a big fan of thahaan and i can’t hate them but i hate the makers
    My final decision not watching show after leap unless if some miracle helps it or will watch the last episode



      |Registered Member

      but bihaan still right in his place…
      bus ek tappad ke liye aap lof itna parishaan ho na..❗❗

      agar bihaan ko sachchyi patha chalega tho bihaan ka situation kaisa hoga aap sab log samjiye….💔💔💔.😔😔😔
      bihaan ka heart poori tarah toot jayega..💔💔💔💔.😔😔😔hus waqt thapki ko yaad karke kaisa feel karega bechara bihaan💔💔💔 iss scene ko dekhthe hi mera bhi dhill toot jayega….💔💔💔💔

  14. H.K.Bhat

    No end to Dragging.Same thing happened with Sasural Simarka,and I have to stop viewing it.Now it is the turn of Tapki.

  15. Lucy

    Even though it was a very sad episode, I personally think it was brilliantly acted, you could feel Bihaans heart breaking when dadima called Thapki a liar and Thapki getting more and more hysterical in order for them to believe her.

    What I would love to see happen is just as Thapki leaves the house and disappears for John to come back to thank Thapki for saving his life and to expose his parents and just as everyone begins to realise that Thapki was in fact telling the truth I want someone to find her pregnancy letter thus shattering them all. Then even when they try finding her they can’t and until the leap they live miserably. (Even though I understand the family’s point of view I still want them all to suffer for not believing in her)

  16. Rinka

    CVS have actually ruined Bihaan’s character.. they went to glorify female lead but they don’t understand bihaan was the life of the show for which we fell in love with the show and then the thahaan pair.. they could have shown many other misunderstandings but why did they spoil bihaan’s character? we all love Manish so I must say that he quits tpk and stop playing this character anymore… how can a husband portray like this? is this the same bihaan who trusted thapki when she was called the thief by vasu and family whom he knew since childhood? but he didn’t believe thapki this time bcoz he believes 100% his so called maa who just arrived 2 days before in his life.. I know writers have done this drama and slap track to increase trp but in the mean time bihaan’s character is spoilt completely and they will lose many ardent fans like me.. only trp aunties might watch bcoz they like FL glorification only but I used to love the show for both of them only,I watched the overall passionate story of a boy and a girl who were two different poles of a magnet… They could have shown misunderstanding,separation with a logic but no they showed them making love,thapki pregnant, bihaan slapping and throwing his pregnant wife out even if he didn’t know about it,he didn’t even think after all she is a woman.. CVS should have maintained bihaan’s character justification atleast bcoz he was the favourite character of many fans here.. I am quitting tpk bcoz might be thahaan will patch up later bcoz at the end this has to happen but the crack will remain in our heart and mind forever…

    • Dezine


      |Registered Member

      CVs have actually spoiled dhruv’s character.. so they r doing the same with bihaan too….its ridiculous that thapki ko ek bhi mauka nahi milaa apni pregnancy ki baat bihaan ko bataane ka????? where is john??? atleast woh toh bihaan ko sach bataa sakta…..shaayad ab dhruv hi better hai thapki ke liye…. he never distrusted her. bihaan ke saamne thapki ko hamesha khud ko saabit karna padta hai….aur bihaan ki baat… jis maa ne usse bachpan se paala hai uss par zaraa si bhi vishwaas nahi hai? usse kya ek mauka bhi bihaan dena nahi chahta hai????achaanak se tapak padi kosi par usse vishwaas itnaa aa gayaa????
      this show has become similar to many other stupid serials.. no uniqueness in this

  17. Nikita lakhani

    Thapki ke pass bilkul dimaag nahi hai . mujhe toh thapki bhot irritate lagti hai . usme 1% bhi dimaag nahi hai . jab usse pata hai ki koi at present uski baat pe yakin nahi karega tho wo kyu apna dimaag lagati hai 😤.thaki plz 🙏apna dimaag use mat karo .and bihan ko koi batao ki thapki is pregnant .

  18. sadia

    i dnt think so bihan is wrong….usne her dfa thapki ko moqa dya h…but thapki apna proof de nh pati….or bger proof k kosi pe ilzam lgati h use kosi k trha h game play krna chye th kosi piyar se sb ko apni trf kr rae h….or thapki just usk batu me a k hmsha bihan ko usk maa k glt hone ka khti h …but bihan itne salu bad mla apni maa se usk point of u se dkha jae tu usk lye wu b bht important h…but wu thapki ko b chahta h…ye thahaan ka mushkil waqt h…..

  19. TUFFY

    I agree with you Lucy, I wish that happens and then everyone will know who was right and whose wrong. Plus the fact that thapki was pregnant. But it’ll be too late to do anything.

  20. Die for manyasa

    Hy thahaaniaans me shruti thanks for your reply pooja and santosh guys yesterday was my exam so i didnt comment but dont worry my exam has been finish btw it was a disgusting episode i am very unhappy itni misunderstanding to sapola me bhi nahi thi is kosi devi ko kal tv me dekh kar man kar raha tha tv ke andar gush ke maru vo to ho na saka guys koi perfect news batao koi kuch keh reha to koi kuch or pls if anybody has a news give me and what is the all thahaan /manyasa fans thode din bad fir thahaan unite honge sabr karo and keep watching tpk and ankit bathla/dhruv/sapola ki entry hogi or vo thapki ko bachaega is that true many question are in my mind.yaar aakhir thahaanians hai kis bat ke tpk dekhege chahe kaisa bhi track ho keep watching tpk thahaan/manyasa fans

  21. Die for manyasa

    Hi thahaanians me shruti thanks pooja and santosh for reply yesterday was my exam so i didnt comment my exam has been finished btw this was a disgusting episode itni misunderstanding to sapola track me bhi nahi thi guys agar santosh tumhare pas datewise upcoming episode hai to pls share karo sapola kya fir entry marega pata nahi yeh kya ho raha hai ab aadhe dimag me tpk gusa rehta hai so guys i am not going anywhere akhir thahaan fan hai kis bat ke pls kisi ke pas correct news hai to batao

  22. sonia

    Hate this show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never watching or hearing about this show ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bye Thapki Pyaar Ki!

  23. sally

    i am so done with this show 😩 but it’s really fun to know what’s going to happen next and what the CVs will do to increase the damage to every character and the storyline *laughs sarcastically*

  24. nitha

    I fell sad when see bihaan and thapki in this situation.
    Bihan please reliase that Thapki true, soon as posible. So Bihaan and Thapki get happiness again

  25. Die for manyasa

    I want to kill cvs ;-> i felt like crying;-( when i saw thapki she was true but nobody was believing her;-> is sapola ki reentry hogi kya:-/ agar positive hai to;-) thik hai agar negative hai to ;->;-> fir sapola

  26. Dave

    I agree with a lot of people,Why do they find it so hard to TELL SOMEONE SOMETHING ?
    On Thapki ?
    This story of Bihaans family is crazy.
    Bihaan has had Thapki save his life,She has saved his life on more than one occasion,Yet he believes whatever people tell him about her ?

  27. sadia

    i think so writter could not able to run tpk with mr and mrs bihan panday…..inspite of showing their togetherness and their love …..their mutual understanding….they just drag the show…now he could not able to stop this nonsense so the writter just try to make another show in tpk….again he is going to start the thahaan love story….bcoz he has no beter story line for mr and mrs bihan….very sad….

  28. Alister La Frenais

    Well it is about time that someone slapped Thapki. That woman was beginning to get on my nerves with her holier than thou attitude. I am surprised that the fat old lady that they call Dadi renegaded on what she knew, and if that wicked Kosi kills her off, it would be poetic justice for that old fat liar. Now steady on folks it is only a soap and not real life. Mr script writer or Producer please introduce more comedy sequences as this would break up the boring and monotony of dialogue of the serial.

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