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The Episode starts with Bihaan saying he has burnt the pic. He makes excuse and says he will get another one. Vasundara asks them to throw the burnt pic. The inspector comes to arrest Bihaan, as his bail ended. Bihaan thinks he wants to be at home to safeguard Vasundara’s truth, and police has come to take him. Bau ji says he will apply bail. The inspector says we have to take him. Thapki stops them and apologizes to inspector. She takes her complaint back and says Bihaan did not do wrong with me, leave him. Bihaan gets shocked.

The inspector says it means you lied before, that Bihaan married you by cheat. She says no, I did not lie, I said that in anger. The inspector says law is not your servant, do you punishment to fool police, arrest her. Bihaan comes in between and defends her.

He says he made her angry, you know husband and wife’s fights. Suman and Preeti smile. Bihaan says I love my wife a lot, I can assure you, you won’t get any complaint again. The inspector says fine, but we have to arrest her to false case.

The inspector says we arrest you Thapki for lying and fooling police, come with us and holds her hand. Her dupatta gets stuck to Bihaan’s wrist band. She stops and turns to see him. Dadi smiles. Mangala tano hari…………..plays……….. Bihaan removes the dupatta off his wristband.

He holds Thapki’s hand to free her from the inspector. Thapki looks at him. Bihaan says inspector, Thapki is my wife, I will break the man’s hand who touches my wife’s hand, whoever it be….. Bau ji smiles. The inspector says I had to just hear this, I wanted to know is Thapki changing her statement in pressure, I m sure nothing is wrong here seeing your love. don’t bring law in between husband and wife. The police leave.

Bihaan asks why are they seeing like this, he was just acting to save Thapki. Vasundara thinks she got a way, now see how I separate Dhruv from Thapki. Dhruv comes home in evening. He sees Bihaan and goes to his room angrily. Vasundara goes to Dhruv. He says Bihaan is at home, it means Bau ji extended this bail. She says Thapki took the case back. He asks what do you mean, how can this happen. She says I can’t say why she did this, I felt she wants to give a chance to her and Bihaan’s relation. It will be tough for her, you have to support her, do you want Thapki to stay sad, she also has right to get happiness. Dhruv asks what can I do for her, so that she gets help. She asks him does he trust her. He says more than myself. She says my son… just do as I say, and smiles….. She leaves.

Aditi cries and is on the way back to her home. She recalls Diwakar’s words and walks on the road. Thapki passes by in auto and stops seeing Aditi. She asks why is she crying and asks her to tell her. Aditi recalls everything and asks her why did she go away from her, she always used to solve her problems. She thinks of Krishnakant’s words not to tell Thapki anything of her problems, else Thapki will worry. She says we all miss you a lot, I cried seeing you. Thapki asks are you saying true. Aditi hugs her and cries. Thapki asks her to take care and not cry. Aditi leaves.

Vasundara makes all the arrangements and Bau ji asks who is coming. The door bell rings. Vasundara says they have come and welcomes Mr. Singh and his daughter. She asks them to sit and introduces them to family. She says Mr. Singh is retired army officer, and his daughter Shraddha. Preeti tells Suman that he is army officer. Suman says so what. Preeti says that’s why he has come on time. Suman asks why did he come. Vasundara says Singh wants to do Shraddha’s marriage with Dhruv. Thapki, Bihaan and everyone get shocked.

Vasundara tells Thapki that she loves Dhruv a lot, she has seen him unhappy, so she has chosen Shraddha, just you can give him new life.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. T for thapki and b for bihan, they rock. They make a good couple. Dhruv and thapki’s chemistry is boring, sorry it’s just my opinion.

  2. Bihan and thapki jodi is superb

  3. very nice episode. Thahaan was mindblowing ji to kar raha tha tv screen chum lu ummah

  4. lovely, thapki is in peculiar situation

    will be interesting to watch her intelligence in tackling problems

    just like it is interesting to watch world culture festival march 2016 in delhi when world biggest event- 150 countries at single platform with their culture , excited for updates on both thapki and wcf

  5. awesome moments bihaan thapki

  6. best bihaan thapki………..

  7. sooo……swt………thahaan…….

  8. thapki n dhruv …make sense to story of d show…bihaan is v good and his role is for uniting lovers in any situation.. thn he will not come in between dhruv n thapki..n ya dialogues or fights between thapki n bihaan is interestetng but romantic scenes which involves love, care, cuddle,respect, possessiveness, only wid dhruv are catchy..

  9. dhruv n thapki fans if the writers of the show dont show conversation between them u can enjoy talks between thm on you tube in their interviews which are even vry vry cute ..thy share an awesome chemistry online..offline..

    1. Even I watch them on YouTube now. No hope left that they will be together onscreen. Its really sad.

  10. Thahaan rocks super episode..
    Vasus devil mind close to ech other

  11. i don’t like bhaan n thapki each other writer pls do something that dhruv n thapki each other. I can recall that episode when thapki gave a teliscope to dhruv as gift. In that episode dhruv n thapki holded their hands n promise not to leave each other.

  12. and a star has broken as their wish has to b fulfilled . Y u r presenting such a nonsense. pls i want dhruu n thapki nt bhaan n thapki. Writer pls do some thng that bhaan bcome a villan. N thapki again with dhruv.

  13. Stupid creativity………Idiot Thapki!!!!

  14. thapki n bihaan rocks very much

  15. bad happened with aditi what will be diwakers next move?

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