Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheena wearing a short dress and asking how does she look. Bihaan says Katrina and praises her saying you look like Katrina wearing dress like Katrina’s, you look hot. Sheena asks Thapki. Thapki says you are looking good. Bihaan says Thapki don’t know anything and praises Sheena to look pretty like Katrina, now when Sheena has come, then no Katrina, only Sheena. He ignores Thapki and drinks juice with Sheena. Thapki also finishes the juice angrily. Bihaan and Sheena have a talk and laugh. Thapki gets jealous and goes to her room.

Thapki recalls Bihaan’s words and Sheena. She looks at her dress and gets some idea. She checks some of Katrina’s pics and dresses. She says I have same dress like her, and shuts the door. She says this dress is much longer than Sheena’s

dress, I will cut this, but no… I can’t cut my dress. She keeps the dress back and recalls Sheena. She takes the dress from cupboard and spreads it on the bed. She cuts the dress turning it shorter.

She checks it and says now its fine. She gets dressed in that dress and checks in mirror. She cuts more of the dress to make it perfect. She says its still long, Sheena’s dress was much high over the knees. She cuts the dress more shorter. She then gets shocked seeing the dress turning too short. She tries to pull it down. She says this became very short…. Bihaan knocks the door and asks Thapki why did she lock the door, are you doing something, I m coming inside. She says no, and hides the dress’ cloth under the mattress. She lies down and covers herself with blanket. He comes inside the room and asks what happened. She says I m feeling cold. He says you just had mangoshake, how cold suddenly. Thapki starts shivering.

Suman comes and says I think Thapki has got summer’s cold. Bihaan asks whats this. Suman says I will explain and calls everyone there. Thapki says I will get fine, don’t call them. Everyone come and get worried seeing Thapki shivering. Dadi checks and says she does not have fever. Vasundara says why is she sweating when she is feeling cold. She tries to move blanket and Thapki stops her. Bihaan asks Dadi to check. Thapki says no, I need rest. She asks everyone to leave her, I will get fine, I think I need rest. Sheena asks Bihaan to call doctor. Thapki says no, don’t call doctor, I will get fine. Vasundara says fine, let her rest Bihaan. Shraddha says I will sit here and take care of Thapki. She thinks to tell Thapki about everyone’s drama. Thapki asks Shraddha to go. Shraddha says I won’t disturb you. Suman and Preeti take Shraddha. They all leave. Thapki gets relieved. Bihaan asks Thapki shall I stay here. She says no, I want to sleep, you go please. He sees the dress cloth/threads fallen there and asks her.

She recalls cutting her dress and says my dress got torn, I was stitching it, so its that thread. He goes. She says wait, shut the door and go. He nods and goes while shutting the door. She wraps the blanket and rushes to lock the door. She says thank God, I got saved, else everyone would have known what I have worn, I will change and rest for some time, else anyone can doubt.

Thapki sleeps for a while. She wakes up and does not find Bihaan. She thinks where did Bihaan go, and goes to see. She sees Bihaan with Sheena. They both sit eating watermelons and compete to spit throw melon seeds on the white board. They recall their childhood. Thapki hides there and looks on. Sheena sees Thapki and smiles. Sheena makes Bihaan eat melon and reminds how she used to convince him when he got annoyed in childhood. He says I remember well and holds her hand. Thapki gets hiccups. They turn to see. Thapki shuts her mouth.

Thapki stands up and turns. Bihaan asks you here at this time. Thapki says I came to have fresh air. He says you were ill by cold some time before. She says I slept a lot and took rest. Sheena gives her water to stop her hiccups. Bihaan says her hiccups stop by having something, she may have not eaten anything. He gives her a melon. Thapki eats melon and her hiccups stop. Bihaan asks Sheena to say. Sheena says amazing Thapki, you are very different than others. Bihaan says that’s why I …… he stops saying. Thapki looks at him.

Sheena says we will continue game now, and asks Thapki to come and play the game with them to throw the seeds. Thapki sits in between them. Bihaan says Thapki can’t do this. Thapki gets annoyed.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Adithi

    What the hell was that… Precap was not like that.. Bihaan should have seen her dress.. But no.. I expected something more ?? They cheated.. ??

  2. anu

    ha ha ha ha 🙂 :-):-) 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Mad girl in love

    awh so beautiful she is looking.
    How lovely bihaan say:”Thats why i… (he want to say i love her) bt stop oh May he didnt stop.
    Lovely eyelock.

    precap too cute
    thapki makes me laugh



    Garmi lg rhi ha ha ha

    love the mischief of thapki.

    love thahaan

    • santhosh

      I am RCB supporter……becoz I am karnataka. …
      Can RCB chase 208 runns…..???
      I am ABD fan…..

      • santhosh

        Highlights of the match. ..winning team
        1.Cutting 117mtr six
        2.BK impressive bowling
        3.Warner warrior batting
        4.Brilliant captaincy(save overs the 2 main strike bowlers last 4 overs )

        Loosing team
        1. watto worst bowling and batting(75% of the loss becoz he)
        2.ABD and kohli over confidence
        3. Lower order batting line up not good

    • Fatarajo

      Yeah SRH won ghajab Bhuvi rocks warner rocks fizz rocks loved te match wow what a match

      • Prtibha

        Yeah Santosh u r absolutely correct..these are the reasons of RCB’s defeat….but SRH was deserving…..

      • Fatarajo

        Yes it was a bad day for Watson and also ABD didn’t click only Gayle and Kohli took te responsibility for batting and for SRH winnining credit goes to cutting who hit sixes in last over and also took crucial wickets. Warner batted well and also Fizz and Bhuvi managed to built on the pressure in the last few overs

  3. swasan

    Finally …… a wonderful episode !!! The show had all of us hooked and craving for more !!
    I hope this quality of the show does not fade away !!

  4. Ally

    omg….. ?? I can’t stop laughing today….. nice to see Thapki in trouble by wearing short dress .
    But Bihaan didn’t see her in that Avtar sad….. ??

    Hmm.. precap is interesting
    Thapki sits in between Bihaan -Sheena again.. ??
    Where is Druv ???.Is he disappeared??

  5. Shobi

    Ooh! What a jealousy episode. I enjoyed it but yesterday’s precap was missing. I’m disappointed with that. Anyhow thapki was looking more prettier. Thapki’s mind voice after seeing bihaan’s worst walk-ivan power star kitta dance kathukkraano;after hearing vasu’s words-ennama ippudi panringale ma;after seeing Bihaan & sheena-un mela oru kannu…naan dhan in mora ponnu…

  6. true love

    What….. bihaan does not see her in short dress….then today’s episode is totally west. Only one thahaan moment at last…hicupps moment. Oh god i’m feeling bored now.

  7. Oh….Thapki,we are eagerly waiting for your confession.anyways…today’s episode is very nice to see specially the last part.Thahaan for ever.

  8. Kana

    Nages,don’t worry ippo parunga A.R Rahman hitsahhhh poddu thakuren.aana ippa bihaan’s situation songs
    1.kadhal enum therveluthi kathiruntha maanavan naan
    2.illai illai endru solla oru kanam pothum illai endra sollai thankuvathenral
    3.malare mounama
    4.vennilave vennilave vinnai thandi varuvaya
    5.oru poiyavathu sol kanne un kadhal naan than endru

    • Thapki poda poda punnakunu sollama irunthaa seri tha kana.indha ponnu Dhruv kittayu I luv u sollaveilla avan tha pinnadi suthuna ippo bihaan

      • Kana

        Athu than juggu,intha thapki iruke athuku vara vara kusumpu koodi pochchu,ennamaa thiruttu velai ellam pannuthu athu,ethuku ivlo akkapore pannuthu??? Onnu love irukunu sollanum, illa love illanu sollanum atha vududu sj surya mathiri iruku aana illanu theliva kolapikiduruku nammala 🙂

      • Tamil ponnunga-Kana

        @ash-adiye!!! Nee nakkerar paramparai than poo,kutram kandu pidikirathe unaku velaiya pochu 🙂
        Saaaarryyyyma naan srilankan tamilla pesidenma.naane rompa kasdapaddu unga ellarukum puriyanumnu chennai tamilla pesidu iruken naan maddum srilankan(jaffna tamil) la pesina nenga ellam thanga maddenga,apuram ungaluke translator thevai padum

    • Nasreen(Tamil chennai)

      hai frnds. how are you all… sorry frnds… im not well at last two days.. i miss u all … mmn… what going on…

      thahaan scenes ah???,
      nice story way…. good..
      epdi iruka kana, anu , ash, fatarajo, nages,vinlora, and all…

      • Hey nasreen neengalu chennai ah endha area
        Me too
        Hope to get more frnds here
        And kana ash nages nasreen read my ff yaar. I want suggestions to. Continue help me

      • Nasreen(Tamil chennai)

        Enna ma kannungala. tamil ponnunga list jasthiya iruku pola. mmmmmmm
        Enna kana.. unnaku neriya frnds kedachitanga pola.. enjoy dear.. ippo im fine ma… Ennaku rendu naala time vera illama… enga veetuku anna family vandhirthanga.. adhan..kutties oda time ponadhey theriyala.
        epdi irukinga …..

    • ash

      Hello, malare mounama… not arr song. Its vidhya saagar. Unkitta matikakodadhunnu netai puratti parthu commdnt ezhudhinen. Eppudi…

      • Kana

        @ash- ama nenga yaaru? Ungala enaku theriyave theriyathe!! and i couldn’t understand ur language 🙂 enakii konjam konjam than tttamilll theriyum :p

        My mind voice “intha pullai nakkeerar paramparaiya irukumo”

      • ash

        Kana, thapukku matum illa enaku kooda amneshia. Ennana short time. Apapo maranduduven. Unakku language amneshiava? Evalavu dhairiyam irundha namma mozhiye theriyadhunnu soluve.
        Ada poppa, kashtapttu 10 line comment ezhudhinen. Adhukke porukkala errornu vandhudichu. So 4 line short paniten. Toku tokunnu keys thatta boar adikudhuppa. Sari,Namma sangathu pasangaloda perai pattial podupa. Marupadiyum s. amneshia varadukkula pls. Pls.

      • Kana

        @ash- intha ponnu nammala vida somberiya irukum pola iruke!!
        Hehe 🙂 ennaya yarachum thidda arampicha amnesia appapa vanthu vanthu povum
        Appuram for ur kind info enga sangathila ithu varaikum pasanga
        yarum join aakala,magalir maddum
        than 🙂
        Nasreen,nee,naan,nages,sivagami,juggu,diya- 7☆☆☆☆☆☆

      • ash

        Enna, namma tamil culturea theriale. Da…..di, di….da. puriyudha. Naan pasangannu sonadhu, magalir mattum thaan. Kalaikireengalo. Adhusari, enga sangama …appa namma sangsm illiya. Very very sorry, naalai mudhal sangathulerndhu vilagalamnu iruken. Bye.

    • Ama kana oru feeling uhme illama saamiyaar madhiri suthitruku idhula andha cold storage la eppadi feel pannuchu oru vela amnesia va irukumonu thonudhu

      • diya

        Seeing soo much of tamil comments in hindi serial update wowww..semaya iruku pa.. Intha thapki ku lov iruntha atha directa solalam la en ipadi ava bihaan ah wait pana vaikura..eagerly waiting for her confession

      • joe

        Woww seeing so much of tamil comments in hindi serial update.. Samaya iruku pa. Eppo tan bihaan kita thapki love confess panuvanu eagerly waiting for tat episode

      • Kana

        Ama juggu thapkiku neraya viyathi iruku
        Amnesia apuram Hormones vera sariya velai seiya madenkuthu
        Nalla doctorkida kondu poganum

      • Kana

        Hi diya and joe,welcme to ur sangam 🙂
        I think thapkiku english la pudikatha ore varthai i love u pola

      • Innum indha ponnu luvaye chollala adhukulla kulandhayoda photo potange thahaan fans story eludhuna sooper ah povum pola tpk writer ku tha evloo porumai aamai thothurum pola

        Sobba. Ippave kanna katudhe
        Yema thapki seekiram sollumma mudila
        Ana photos edit sooper

      • Kana

        @ash – ada amapa 🙂 pathiya ithuku than oorukulla unnaya mathiri all in all azhaguraniii venumkirathu 🙂

  9. vinlora

    Wow aaj editor saab ne kamaal hi kar diya….jo nahi dekhna tha wo dikhaya aur jo dekhna tha usse edit kar diya….thapki tho uss short dress pehnke katrina aur sheena se bhi jyaada hot aur cute lag rahi thi….lekin kya fayda ???jisne dekhna chayiye tha usi ne nahi dekha. …very upset …aur I’m annoyed with bihaan…aaj kal thapki ko bahuth ignore kar raha hai. ..wo choti dress wali kya aagayi tum apni chuk chuk gaadi ko hi bhul gaye hai kya? ?? This is not done. ..

  10. Sam

    Hi. Yes i m disappointed that bihaan didnt see her. Any how tapki looking lovely. Yaar ajj episode torah boring hogaya tha. Abb bohaat howa tapki yaar abb bolbee doo. Hay cv yaar i m from pakistan. Ramazan starts soon. Plz before that tapki bolday i love to bihaan. Plzzz plzzz writer stop dragging.

  11. vinlora

    Thapki now no need to do more ajeeb stunts….either confess ur love or else pack ur bag and leave bihaan and pandey family. ..let that moti budhdhi live happily with his so called best friend chipkali ….I’m frustrated. …

    • santhosh

      Modalu nanige kopa barthithu iga nimige kopa barthide…..
      Chinthe maadabedi balla moolagala prakara e thapki hotte kichhina baaga 10-15 dinagalu aste…..
      Sari iga naanu manyasa iv link kodthini nodi kushi padi…….

      Thahaan nanna preetiya jodi….

      • vinlora

        Ha santhosh ee jealousy kirikiri begane mugidre saaku. ..manish and jigyasa jodi ne ishta bere yaaru ishta agtilla. ..idu just serial aadru navella ishtu serious agi real life li nadeyo haage adralle mulugi hogtivi alva???hehe. the way generally boys serial nodolla hate madtare aadre nimma interest nodidre tumba kushi ansatte. …

  12. Fatarajo

    i had a feeling that this short dress bihaan wont see thapki wearing so sad bechari chug chug gari ke moti buddhi pati ne nahi dekha
    i hope they wont drag sheena part i m so excited for thahaan love confession why thapki why dont u just confess

    • vinlora

      Hehe fatarajo that’s great yaar…Finally u got a solution to console all thahaan fans who are upset with today’s episode…

  13. Prtibha

    I couldn’t watch today’s episode but after reading update that Bihaan didn’t c her i mean it was just waste of wearing short dress by her…he could have seen her n thought that how much love she does coz for him only she wore but just spoiled this cute sequence…Anu Dear m too supporting Lovely VIRAT N RCB…..finger crossed for him n i hope k Anushka na aayi ho yr..wo aati hai toh wo bs uski eyes mein hi kho jata hai match bhool jata hai lol….m just feeling that later sheena will fall for Bihaan n become vamp..i read it somewhere…but enjoying current track…

  14. Ano

    TPK Writers – please don’t drag the episodes with Sheena. It’s getting on our nerves. We had a few awesome episodes of Thahaan and now this rubbish. Pl stop!

  15. Thapki

    Now this is getting boring…we demanded thahaan scenes and story but they are showing sheena with bihaan….thapkos reactions are funny but i dnt knw why im loosing interest ?

  16. Parvini

    Jisa is doing a great job with this track, she is looking very pretty. again i think she is much prettier than Sheena. i wonder if thapki will keep her feelings hidden to make the family happy and get Sheena married to Bhiaan. since she sees how much he enjoys being with Sheena and how much they have in common. She would sacrifice her happiness, just to make Bhiaan and his family happy.

    But one question for those of you more familiar with Indian serials, How does a family bring someone to marry a person that is already married and expects their wife/husband to support them. I see this alot in these shows.

    Don’t they need to be divorced first?

  17. sag



    at last as it is


    sheena ne to pagal kar diya T 4 thapki or T 4 thahaanians 😛 😛

  18. Prtibha

    Actually family is pretending in front of Thapki so she will confess her love n vasu had said to her that she should go to her parents house n there she can does all formalities of divorce so…they r just instigating that’s y they r saying thar they will get bihaan married to sheena n sheena is also supporting their plan…..there must b a big twist…

  19. Rachana

    What is this!!!??? Precap was different….I wish bihaan had seen her in that dress….the way thapki drank milkshake was amazing….I really loved it…no wonder jigyasa is a wonderful artist…..

    • Bihaan

      and also when thapki got caught, she acts like she as just roaming , that expression..omg….jigyasa is on her best

  20. ash

    Pudusa enga ezhudhren. Anga reply poduvadharku idame illa. Enga start panalam. Enakenamo, bubblegum podama vidamattanu thonudhu. Shahaan, kalyanam varaikkum pogum pole irukku. 1puriyala, avalukku enna venumam, avangalayum pazhagavidamatengara, ivalum ok solamattalam. Onum priyala, sola theriyala….paatu than podanum.

    • Kana

      You don’t worry ash nee yean illatha moolaiya poddu ivlo kasakidu iruka,shehaan marriage varaikum povaddum sheena saavu namma kaiyala than,mavale chatni than 🙂
      Hey loosu thapki ippo bihaan kidda neeye i luv u solriya illa naan solladuma??

      • tamil ponnunga-ash

        Nanu, nanu…enna vittutu poidadhe, sangam fulla kootitu poi shee. Bali koduthidalam. Thapu oru waste. Avalukkaga naam kolaigara pattam , thevaya?

      • tamil ponnunga-ash

        Last line neeye bhihaan kitta soliko. Enna en anbu thozhiyoda life. Naan potti poda maten.

      • Tamil ponnunga-Kana

        Entha commentsku enga reply panrathune therila
        @ ash-nee nakkeerar paramparai than poo,kutram kandu pudikirathe unaku velaiya pochu
        Saaaarrrryyyma naan srilankan tamilla(jaffna tamil) pesiden,naane rompa kasdapadu unga ellarukum puriyira mathiri chennai tamilla pesidu iruken,naan maddum srilankan tamilla pesa arampichenu vai thanga madenga
        Apuram ungaluke translator thevai padum

        Nee tp nu podda aalaluku vera vera artham eduthukuvanga for example tp-toilet paper

        Ash unaku en mela evlo pasam bali koduka ennaya muthal aala anupa parkiriya!! Pichupuduvan rascal

        @juggu- ganguuu donuuu etho kollai koodathu thalaivar mathiriye feel aavuthu

      • tamil ponnunga - juggu

        Parra enga gang oda don vekkam la paduranga ash neengaluma pavam pa andha sheena ponnu thahaan a sethu vaikradhuku evlo kashta paduthu adha poi kola pannanuma tamil ponnunga karunai neranjavanga

      • tamil ponnunga-ash

        Sangathula idhukkelam idame illa. Karunaya kupura pottutu kathiya thokanum. Idhuthan sangathoda vidhi. Yaruppa porulalar. Thalaivar, idhellam solaradhilaya? Naamellam thahaan fans. Edhira yaar vandhalum mudichidanum. Sariya kana? Unga padhavi porulalar thane? Ennoda kadIsi comment tm.6.06pm bye.

  21. anu

    hey guys bihaan & sheena engagement oh!!!!!

    bihaan come to know that thapki is jealous of sheena
    he said;”say i love u as u love me..
    Thapki denies

    than bihaan clicks selfie with sheena
    thapki feels bad bt she than take his mob and clicks his & sheena pic
    which make him sad
    bt he promise to himself that he will make her realise

    so i think he Ready to do engagement with sheena

    again dragging
    MA show her mahanta again..


  22. Prtibha nhi ho skta anu……ab sheena k dil mein bhi pyaar k ladooo footenge…hadd hai yr Thapki….y she’s not asking herself that y she’s doing all this n y she’s feeling jealous…if Thapki sacrifices her love for sake of bihaan then????..kuch bhi kr skti hai ye buddhu ldki…mai hoti toh kb ka bol deti lol….

  23. anu

    kya kiya jaye prtibha thapki mahan aatma hai kuch bhi kar skti hai…:-) 🙂

    i think she will realise & confess on marriage of sheena & bihaan

    Dragging dragging & only dragging


  24. Tiara tara

    What? Is it true that bihaan and sheena getting engaged? Thats not good. I think thapki is a strong girl. She will confess soon. But she want to became MA on her personal matter also.
    Our bihaan is moti bhuddi so he is planning for his remarriage with thapki, thats why he said yes for engagement.
    Anyway good luck for bihaan and all the best for thapki.
    Hope best for thahaan. Love u thahaan fans and sweet bihaan. Thahaan rockz.

  25. Savi

    I say thapki should plan to leave let them run after her for once! Tired see Thapki taking orders runing and supporting family’s. Stupid plan to make someone confess by hurting feelings in between. No respect for their bahu eventhough she done much for Pandey family’s. … show getting way boring same plot over n over

  26. Syed Hussain

    As per the current track, Thapki’s growing jealousy of Bihaan and Sheena’s relationship culminates in Thapki putting herself in a tight spot when Bihaan’s admiration for Sheena’s dressing style drives her to emulate it to less-than-acceptable results.

    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Bihaan will make a plan to make Thapki jealous more so he will praise Sheena’s beauty in front of Thapki intentionally.Bihaan will bring sunglasses for Sheena and also will make her wear it in front of Thapki.

    Thapki will get angry seeing Bihaan’s attraction for Sheena and will trie to become like Sheena impressing Bihaan.Thapki’s jealously will get increased and she will scold Bihaan for praising Sheena always but Bihaan will scold Thapki for saying anything Sheena as she is his friend and their arguments get high. Later, Thapki finally will confess Bihaan that she cannot see him with any other girl because she loves him.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.