Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

First part of Trishakti Episode 7pm -9pm

The Episode starts with Suraj telling Chakor that Bhaiya ji is calling her to haveli. Chakor starts insulting him and calls him Bhaiya ji’s dog. Imli gets shocked. Suraj fumes. Imli points gun at Chakor. Suraj asks Imli to let Chakor say anything, after Bhaiya ji tells the plan, she will get mute. He asks Chakor to sit in jeep. She reminds that she is marathon star and she does not need any car to reach anywhere. She leaves. Suraj starts the jeep and goes.

TPK spoiler

Vasundara burns the cloth and keeps inside the cupboard. The

cupboard catches the fire. Vasundara coughs and Thapki gives her water. Thapki gets shocked seeing the fire. Vasundara acts innocent. Bihaan holds his head and says something is wrong with me, I love my bike so much and did not think so much about it, I m thinking about Thapki a lot. Thapki calls Bihaan and Bau ji. He thinks he is just hearing her voice. Thapki calls everyone saying fire has caught the place. Bihaan says its really her voice, and rushes. He asks Thapki to move back, nothing should happen to her. Sanjay and Ashwin get the water buckets. Bihaan, Sanjay and Ashwin put water by hands and blow off the fire. Thapki cries seeing everything burnt. Vasundara says maybe this diya has lit fire to curtain and then cupboard.

Bihaan asks Thapki not to worry, this cupboard got old, I will get new one, and also the clothes. He goes. Vasundara leaves. Thapki sees the bottle piece and says its big loss Bihaan, which can never get fine now, the proof which could make me reach truth…. Which ruined my life… how will I find it out. She recalls checking the bottle and remembers the chemist name. She thinks chemist can help me reaching truth.

Tantric deals with the ghosts and sprays some sindoor on the devil and the ghosts women. They all disappear and Mata Rani idol is shown. Mata ji, Simar, Prem and everyone get glad. Devil shouts and says you invited your death baba. Tantric baba says death is in Devta’s hands, I have vardaan and your death is definite today. He aims trishul at devil and throws some powder. The family looks on shocked, as nothing happens to the devil. The devil/Shaitaan laughs aloud and says I m not any ghost to get affected by your mantras and powders, I m evil Shaitaan….. you are trying to end me by this ordinary Bhabut, you may have forgotten that I have that Chandramani, just 14 hours tapasya and then I will regain my powers, by which I will torture your family. You all will not guess what I can do by my powers. They all get shocked.

Chakor comes to haveli running. Bhaiya ji looks on. Chakor asks why did you call me, tell me. He asks whats the hurry, I will tell you, let Suraj come. She says Suraj is coming in jeep and still got late, I came early running. Suraj comes there and looks at her. He says you think you are very fast. She says I m really fast, the country is witnessing this. Suraj asks really? Bhaiya ji says stop this, I called Chakor to talk about business, sit. Chakor says I m fine. He says sit, I did not keep bomb behind chair. She sits. He says its matter of pride that you are taking part in marathon, leave our differences, you are part of Aazaadgunj, I wish to salute you, you fought a lot to reach your aim. She asks you mean the fights against you….

He says yes fine, this is your perception, what will you take, tea or juice. She says you are wasting my time. He asks what if I free your younger sister Imli from bandhuagiri. She gets shocked and stops. She goes back to him. Suraj asks Bhaiya ji what are you saying. Bhaiya ji asks him just to listen. Chakor says you are joking. Bhaiya ji says I m not joking or lying, I want Imli to get free, you also wished the same. She recalls Imli. He says if you want, then Imli can get freedom, I m ready to free her, she can fly like free bird and can do anything, your dreams for Imli can get fulfilled now.

She recalls little Imli playing freely with the kids and cries happily. She then sees grown up Imli running free with a smile. Chakor says I don’t trust you, you always cheat. Bhaiya ji laughs and says I knew you will say this, I agree that I cheated you many times, but what I m saying now is true. He shows the papers and his signs. He says its written that we don’t have any right on Imli, she is free. Chakor checks the papers.

Suraj asks Bhaiya ji to listen… Bhaiya ji asks him to just listen to me and not speak. Bhaiya ji tells Chakor that you would like to know what I want instead freeing Imli. She asks him to just say it. Bhaiya ji says national marathon race is after 4 days. She says I should have understood, you will wish I don’t participate. He says no, I want you to take part, this will name Aazaadgunj’s name shine, its big thing of pride, if you want, I can drop you in my car to that marathon race starting point…. She asks then what do you want. He smiles and says I want that you take part in national marathon, but not to win, just to lose. She gets shocked. He says yes, you have to lose, your losing in race and your sister will win, Imli will get free. She gets shocked.

Next part in SSK update.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hate this thrishakti it’s irritating
    Even we have to see the serials which we don’t want

    1. I totally agree with you.. i only watch thapki pyaar ki but i have to watch ikrs and udaan..:(

    2. True that ! There is a certain momentum when we are watching a particular serial and this trishakti ruins it !

  2. I am not getting the next part update..
    So.eone plz give me the link..

  3. Amena or someone can tell where is the second part of trishakti . Is it in udaan or ask. Amena are you updating it. Please tell it fast.

    1. Trishakti
      1st part -TPK
      2nd part -SSK
      3rd part -Udaan

  4. Sorry ssk instead of ask

  5. Once again boring……..
    In TPK some questions
    marriage 1 August mai huva tha but thapki November 24 mai chloroform bottle khoun karida poochne medicle shop gaai….!!!!!!!!!
    Saari saboot jal gaya tha but dvd kaha se mila…?
    Humko hullu math banado tpk team…!!!!!!!!

    1. I think as per serial script shayad wedding November mein huva hoga lekin Hume wo episodes august mein telecast kiya gaya hoga…

    2. Actually 31st August

    3. Hi santhosh… Wasn’t the did one that Aditi gave her. I’m guess it’s thapki’s families copy??

      1. Ho I miss that scene just 2 minutes. ..!

  6. Sirf TPK dekhne bhi nahi dete..! Just hate this trishakti..Thankyou for the quick least here I can only read TPK.!


  8. I only wasted 2 hours just to watch tpk… these trishakti episodes r rubbish…. just a waste of time.. only the best part was bihaan’s realisation and nothing else… love u manish… hope I also get someone’s so innocent hearted like him…today’s episode was more of udaan… just hate it… love tpk… bihaan rocks.. gazab!!!!

  9. Bihan’s scene to that song was just lovely.

    Can someone explain what the significance is of the chloroform bottle please? Thanpki see’s Vasu ordering it on the wedding day video. But I don’t understand when it was used?

    The only bottle from the chemist I remember was the one Vasu used to dilute the mehndi and set fire to the daya during thapki a mehndi ceremony at her parents house. That was the bottle that Vasu threw into the lightsahde that then caught fire.

    I didn’t think I’d missed anything but wondering if I missed an episode somewhere,

    Thanks in advance,.

    1. Sorry.. Diya not daya.

  10. Why did they had to link ssk and Udaan with TPK.

  11. I hate Thrishakthi episode…….
    I just want to watch TPK but I find it boring and wasting time due to Thrishakthi episode so I didn’t watch yesterday episode.
    I think they want more viewers for every soap so they are forcefully showing us through Thrishakthi episodes??

  12. we should criticize these colors people on their social sites and stop watching trishakti episodes,only whenever given.. then they’ll understand and stop telecasting such things… what trishakti power we saw yesterday God knows?? it is not worth watching..we don’t want to watch.. all the trishakti episodes concepts are rubbish and not worth watching.. they need to stop it… please stop it channel people….

  13. Bihaan realized his love Thapki it’s gajab???….bt it’s the 4th time they showed Trishakti ep….I just hate this??? but Bihaan rocks???.I hope now that Thapki also realize her love soon.

  14. hate this thrishakti episode

  15. Trishakti episodes r a nonsense.why do this to us.we dont want the ssk n udaan plzzzzz

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