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The Episode starts with Dhruv welcoming Thapki in the interview. He asks her weakness which world realizes. She recalls Sakshi’s words and says no Sir. He says please and signs her. She cries and says I stammer. Dhruv says she just has such small weakness, which we all see and make it big. He says no one knows the good qualities in her, he will tell them. He says lets play a game with new intern and our senior employee Sakshi. He asks Sakshi to come.

He says lets start a GK rapid fire round. He starts asking both of them and Sakshi has no knowledge. Thapki answers the right one. She answers everything. Dhruv says she has all knowledge, she stammers, but she can solve all hurdles. He says she has bear a lot to come here, how was her journey till here. Thapki looks at her family. He asks

her to say. She says it was very tough and recalls her marriage breaking. She says my dad … Dhruv asks her to tell about her dad, family, audience wants to know. She says my family always supported me.

She says everyone call him broker, no one sees him getting homes for people of their choice, he taught me no work is small or big, but everyone see his work like this. He asks how and why did her marriage break. She recalls Diwakar. She says the man felt he will be made fun of by my stammering and he broke the relation, so I came here to join this channel, my family motivated me to come here. He asks who bears the expenses of staying here. She says my dad, he did not tell me that he lost everything and told me that everything is fine. She says he has big thing that he never shows his pain to children. Dhruv asks what she wants to do for him. She says I want people to respect him, I will work hard and never lose courage.

Dhruv says this is her goodness, she did not lose her ground to achieve something. He asks Thapki not to lose courage and taunts Sakshi, that who make scenes of others, they don’t get slapped by time. She asks Thapki does she have anything to say. She says stammering should not stop people, she is not bad at heart and mind, the world is won by these two things. She says my dad told this to me and cries. Dhruv asks Krishnakant and Poonam to come here, she needs their love’s Thapki.

Thapki hugs them and cries. Dhruv smiles and salutes Thapki’s courage. Everyone clap for her. Thapki pyaar ki……….plays……….. Dhruv stops Sakshi and shows the chip to Sakshi. He says this episode will be telecast next week and gives her the responsibility. He says Thapki is not a joke, but an example. Sakshi says that was just a joke. Dhruv says is this joke to laugh on other’s weakness and make fun of it to insult them. He scolds her and says no one did such cheap thing in my channel till now. He asks Sakshi to apologize to Thapki.

Sakshi refuses to apologize. Dhruv says its last chance, either apologize to Thapki or don’t come office tomorrow. She gets stunned and says I m sorry. Thapki says its fine. He gets a call and says meeting will be today, Sakshi will not come with me, Thapki will come. He asks Krishnakant’s permission and says he will drop Thapki home after meeting, and office cab will drop them home. He smiles seeing Thapki.

Thapki says everyone made fun of her, she felt she is something without her weakness. He says she is special even with her weakness, she looks good smiling. She thinks about Dhruv and he thinks about her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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