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The Episode starts Bau ji blessing Dhruv and Thapki. Dhruv and Vasundara get happy. Bau ji asks Vasundara not to expect more from him. Krishnakant and Poonam talk about Bau ji and Dhruv’s annoyance. Kiran tells Dhruv that she will take Thapki along, and takes her to show the bridal dresses. Thapki and Dhruv see each other. He comes to her and I have some work with Thapki. Kiran says this is more imp, she has to choose lahenga. Suman and Preeti ask him to wait, he can’t see anything except Thapki. They smile.

Dadi asks Kiran to let them do work. Kiran asks them to go, and everyone smile. Thapki and Dhruv stand in window and see the moon. He asks whats imp she has to say. Se says she has a gift by which he can know her feelings. She gifts him a telescope. He asks do I have to see in your

eyes by this. She smiles and asks him to see the stars. She says she has seen their story in the stars and wanted to say that their pair is made by heaven, and has seen their relation decorated in the stars. She asks him to see. A girl and guy sketch appears in the stars, as she illustrates. She says he is like the prince of her dreams, he has saved her from all problems, supported her, and then one day he held her hand for ever and ever. He smiles seeing her.

She asks him to see there, its Tajmahal he made for her, in between the stars, which shines more than real tajmahal. She says the seven Rishis will bless us. She expresses her love and says Dhruv is just hers now. He gets glad and looks at her. She asks how did he like her story. He says very beautiful, just like you, unique like you, I pray to the stars that no one’s bad sight gets to our love story. He says lets promise to the stars about our coming life. He promises they will take the story ahead.

She says he is special in her life. He promises all stars are witness of their story, and their future, the stars will see how he gives all happiness to Thapki. She asks for his support always. He prays that their support and togetherness never breaks, and a shooting star passes, while they close eyes and hold hands praying.

Bihaan brings Lakhan and makes him greet everyone. He scares the man and takes him. Vasundara sees the watch stopped and gets angry, that she hates things which stops and works. Krishnakant and Poonam are shocked knowing her hatred towards such things. Vasundara scolds Suman. Kiran says I will make time right and goes. She calms Vasundara. Poonam says how did Vasundara accept Thapki? Krishnakant says I don’t know. She says we should talk to her again. He says fine. Vasundara asks them to sit, she will get food arranged. He asks Poonam not to worry, he will talk to her.

Bihaan scolds the man and asks him to sit here, till he calls Bau ji. He locks him in the room. Dhruv says he will always keep the telescope safe. She says I will keep the Taj mahal given by you. He holds her face. Mere bina mai…………..plays…………… Dadi tells Krishnakant and Poonam that Balwinder was in love with Vasundara and married her, I don’t like her. Kiran says they are always arguing. Poonam says when will we talk to Vasundara, she did not come. Krishnakant says I will send her message. Suman sees this and thinks to do something. She sees him writing about Thapki’s stammering and asking again where Vasundara has any problem.

She asks Preeti to come along. The man runs and Thapki asks who is he. The man says save me, I don’t want to die. She asks who is he. He says Bau ji will kill me. She asks what is he saying, Bau ji is a good man, he loves everyone and even animals. She says Bau ji won’t do anything. Bihaan comes there and she gets scared.

Bau ji scolds Bihaan. Bihaan says Thapki is responsible for this, and kidnaps her being angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice epi !! Cute and lovely story !! At last Thapki conveyed her feelings to Dhruv !!
    Eagerly waiting to see next epi ….,

  2. Shocking p-recap….bihan’s character is a Mistry till now…his character is positive or negative can’t understand..

  3. Very cute episode tha par vasundhara ko saach kab paths chal jaayegaa aur bihaan ka kya character hai??? Dhruki is cute like always???

  4. Aww!how Romantic…dhruki rox!
    Butvasundhara should know the truth…cant see thapki in trouble…
    Wat precap?:( Bihaan is acting weird

  5. Nice epi.vry tnsed about serial

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