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Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki not seeing Bihaan in the room. She wonders where Bihaan went in morning. She recalls his words. She rushes to see where Bihaan went. She goes out and sees Vasundara. Vasundara says you look weak, go out at night again. Thapki says I m fine. Vasundara sees the tape on her hand and says its put in hospitals, what is it. Thapki says no, its something else and goes to get ready.

Diwakar is angry and is burning Aditi’s clothes. Police comes there and says stop, what are you doing. Aditi says see, I wanted to show this. Diwakar says I was just threatening. Krishnakant, Poonam and Aditi tell what Diwakar does with them. Diwakar says they trouble me, I m innocent, they beat me, ask my parents. His parents lie along with him. Aditi says he is lying. Inspector says

wait, I will find this out, I will keep an eye here, and asks constable to be outside this house, inform what is going on here. Constable says do anything, I will say who will go jail.

Shraddha looks for the letter, and says where did that paper go, I wrote about Vasundara in it. She looks for it. Vasundara comes and asks what are you finding. Shraddha lies about gold earrings. Vasundara says I will help. Shraddha says no, its in my room. Vasundara says keep it careful. She says I have seen hospital tape on Thapki’s hand, I think she went to hospital with Bihaan. Shraddha says no, it was not such thing. Vasundara goes to attend call. Shraddha says yes, Thapki was in hospital to save Vasundara, I have to hide this truth, else Vasundara will be emotionally attached with her, I have to find that paper. Bihaan comes there and looks on. He says what is she finding, there is something and sends maid to help Shraddha.

Maid goes to Shraddha and offers help. Shraddha says no, I can help myself, are you literate. The maid says no. Shraddha asks her to find her imp paper. Bihaan says it means its that letter, once I get it, this proof will expose Shraddha. Dadi calls Shraddha. Shraddha says what happened to this oldie now and goes. Maid looks for paper. Bihaan says Bau ji is asking for tea, go there first. Maid goes. Bihaan looks for the paper and gets it under the sofa.

He starts reading it and Thapki takes it. She says I m finding you, where were you. Bihaan gives her medicines and says give me that letter. She asks whats there. He says that has Shraddha’s proof, give it to me, now her game will be over. Thapki says wait, and reads it. She asks him to come with her. She takes him to temple and says I knew you will do something against Shraddha, so I was finding you. He says yes, I m not great like you. She says I don’t want anyone to know about poison matter. He says you will make me mad, give me this paper. She holds his hand above the aarti flame, and says sorry, I don’t want to do this, I m helpless, now you swear on Lord, you won’t tell anyone. Vasundara looks on. Bihaan says Shraddha added poison in your milk, you were dying in hospital yesterday, do you really want to die. She says yes, let me die, forget everything, that Shraddha wrote truth in this. She burns the paper. He asks what are you doing. Vasundara gets shocked. He says I do this by much hardwork and you did this, become Bhagwan and save everyone. He goes. Shraddha looks for the paper. Vasundara sees her and asks did you not get your earring till now. It seems you are finding the paper in which you wrote truth of that poison matter. Shraddha gets shocked. Vasundara takes her aside.

Shraddha asks did you read it. Vasundara says no, Thapki burnt it, why did you get scared, what did you write. Shraddha says nothing, what poison are you taking about. Vasundara holds her and asks how much will you lie, you knew Thapki has drunk that poisoned milk, then she is admitted in hospital, you lied to me when I asked you, why did you lie to me. Shraddha gets tensed and says I thought you will worry. Vasundara says one more lie, see tell me the truth, else you will lose my trust.

Shraddha says no. Vasundara says lie, you did not tell me as I will see Thapki’s goodness and my heart will melt for her, don’t think I m fool. I m your mum in law, I have seen much world, Thapki has drunk that poisoned milk, got admitted in hospital and did not let family know it, and seeing you, I m sure you wrote my name in that letter. Shraddha says no, I did not .. Vasundara says enough, you have hurt my trust a lot. You don’t deserve y trust now, stay away from me. She goes. Shraddha says listen to me, what did this happen, my plan got failed.

Thapki gets up from the bed and slips. Vasundara holds her and asks her to be careful. Thapki says you here, you could have called me. Vasundara says I got juice for you, have it. Thapki drinks it. Vasundara asks how are you now. Thapki says I m fine. Vasundara asks don’t you have to say something, any complaints. Thapki says you are Maa, what to complaint. Vasundara says if Maa is wrong. Thapki says Maa is Lord’s avatar for children, I know Maa can’t do wrong for her children, if anything wrong happens by mistake, I know its good for children. Vasundara gets ashamed. She says take care, sleep and goes. Shraddha looks on and worries that Vasundara changed for Thapki, I have to change this and get Vasundara on my side again, else Thapki won’t leave from this house, Dhruv will do my work.

Dadi slaps Thapki and asks her to get out of this house. Bihaan comes there and says Thapki will not go from this house alone, I will also go with her. He leaves with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    What an precap yaar superb epi vasundra is changed

  2. Uff again and again Thapki want to be great..Bihan u r rock.vashundara madam shikho kuch.Devil buddhi..

  3. Superb precap waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  4. I cannot understand why do Thapki want to save Vasundara. I mean can’t she stop being “MAHAN ATMA”? What would she get by saving her? Nothing! What did she mean when she said, “I did not tell the truth because I want to save the family.” What family? What type of family? A family who trusted her the most and started blaming her in a couple of days for the things the clearly knew Thapki would never do. The Pandey family should be entitled as “The Family with no sense”. Only Bihaan has some sense (Hats off to him! Such a wonderful actor he is. I seriously love Manish’s (Bihaan’s) and Shraddha’s (Monica’s) acting.) and our “MAHAN ATMA”, Thapki is after him, ruining every plan he made to expose Shraddha. Thapki should understand the fact that there comes a time in life when u need to think for yourself rather than always thinking about others.
    The poison incident gave me a hope that finally Bihaan will confess his love for Thapki but at-last my hopes shattered. The point is Thapki and Bihaan had to live together for 3 months, right? But, right now about 1 and a half or maybe 2 months have passed but still what we are seeing is Shraddha planning against Thapki.
    After watching today’s episode I didn’t understand even after Vasundara came to know that Thapki saved her and Shraddha was the one who was wrong but still, in the Television blockbuster’s promo we see Vasundara and Shraddha standing there, smiling evilly? Well, in my opinion it’s good for Thahaan to leave the house.I hope after Thapki and Bihaan leave the house we would be seeing Thahaan blossoming and a special Valentines Day episode.
    Well, the actors can’t be blamed for it, after all they are just doing their job and they are doing it really well.
    I never knew my comment would become this long but after saying all what I have always been trying to say I am feeling so relaxed! ☺️
    I hope the writers understand the fact.

    1. I agree yesterday Manish and Monica just nailed the episode loved both of their acting a lot

      1. Yup! Love them! ?

    2. Arae yaar…u exactly pointed it……we and the actors can’t do anything only writers must have some sense of thinking to show some reality at least once in a month…..

  5. Uff Dadi…what’s ur problem now…

  6. Of course nice precap.but shraddha should go out instead of thapki and bihaan.waiting for next epi.Feeling happy for vasundara’s change.

  7. Vasundara’s.attitude about thapki is changing.Nice episode

  8. Finally this Vasundhara has soften towards Thapki this is one thing I liked about today’s episode everytime I read Vasundhara will soften but she doesn’t but this time after Thapki returning from death she finally softened towards her. And has realized that Thapki is good unlike Shraddha who is selfish Now there are some hopes if Vasundhara’s truth to be out ASAP. As for precap why did Dadi Maa slapped Thapki ?But Bihaan’s entry was wow, I loved it Bihaan did not leave Thapki 🙂

  9. wow precap is supper lv u bihaan

  10. wow precap is supper lv u bihaan thapki ka satha mat xodna

  11. Nice episode. Vasundara is changed.

  12. Oh god…… Pehle Vasundhara toh ab dadi…….. Pata nahin kab thapki Mahan Atma iss sabse bachegi………??

  13. Nice precap….Mahan aatma I can’t tolerate again u spoiled bihaan plan bczof devil vasu….bcz she was helpless and she has to save vasu and pandey family…..d same thing bihaan did in marriage and he also helpless inthe last moment on marriage day and he also emotionally blackmailed by vasu and even he doesn’t know abt dhruv love thapki he also has to do foronly vasu and his family….but Nw thapki is nt forced by anyone….if thapki is right in her point of view then bihaan also right….

  14. Omg!!! This thapki idiot is getting on my nerves!!!! In that early morning, he had bought her the medicines,but she leaving that spoiled his plan…..I just don’t know wat to comment….I just hope thahaan leave the pandey zoo together….no one must dare to stop them….even thapki……

  15. And one more thing guys….don’t feel happy for vasu’s character changing…it is her way of thanking thapki as she hidden the truth from all….but she is really a chameleon…. She will do anything to get her her own desires to get fulfilled…and act sweet to all….
    U guys didn’t see the promo how those two vamps smiled evily when dadi maa slapped her….
    One and only hope is thahaan should get close from now…..

    1. Yeah! I totally agree with you. The point is if Vasundara really changed herself, why was she smirking in the promo along with Shraddha? It means she hasn’t changed.
      I bet when Thahaan would come back to the house (which I never want to happen but if it does) Thapki would forgive Shraddha and Vasundara and ask the family members to let them stay in the house and again she would become the “MAHAN ATMA”
      Can’t take this “MAHAN ATMA” anymore, I also hope after they leave the house we would be seeing a new Thapki.

  16. nice precape
    bihaan’s entry is awesome
    n because of thapki’s mahan atma thing atleast vasundhra is changed n I m happy with that
    but can’t understand why dadi slapped thapki
    n bihaan don’t leave thapki alone ever
    love u manish

  17. I don’t know if she really has or is it just to show, shradda will change again. I don’t understand the precap will it b dream of shradda or will it b real.

  18. Now TPK……is INTERESTING. Vasu never change precap shows that….
    And if so shraddha never allow that

  19. I think it’s a temporary change.She will always support Shraddha even if she burn Pandey Nivas .
    Dadi ma what’s ur problem??????

  20. Yeh thapki aur bihaan ek jese hi h, parivar aur maa ke liye sare jurum seh lete h , pehle maa ka sach chupane ke liye bihaan ne sare proof jalae the aur ab thapki maa ka sach chupane ke liye sare proof jala diye….dono ek jese hi h, agar dono ki life compare kare to ….thats why they are made for each other

    1. Really maa ke like sab much sahenghe , isliye him kahthe hai….”Maa ne bana do jodi”along with god….

  21. hi……..friends,how are you??????there is any improvement in Thahaans relation,eagerly waiting for coming episode……Bihaan your absolutely superb yaarrrr.

  22. I think….. muje lagtha aye ki THAHAN Pandy parivarko ek din ke liye be chodkar kahi nahi jaaygi …..
    Hare ho bagvan BUDDI ko kya hogaya… …..!!!!!!!! THAPKI ko thappad maara kyo ……..?

  23. Too boring episode

  24. Dadi slapped thapki as shraddha has again played her trick to kick her out she stolen some jewellery from gods idol n blamed thapki

  25. Good epi but precap looks dream?

  26. what amuses me is that that thapki was willing to die to save her bipolar family ..
    I mean .. a family so bipolar that one minute they are all.. “Thapki is the best and we love her and BAM the very next moment ” We lost our faith in U..”

  27. now she would realise she married her precious Dhruv to a monster and there’s nothing she can do about it how the table had turned .

  28. Nice episode.

  29. This serial comes in tamil

  30. Me & my mom also waiting eagerly. I thought swaragini will come first. But I don t like that serial. I like this one for bihaan, Thapki and shradha too. My mom read the update and see the episode interestingly or ask me what would happend. My mom s favourite is bihaan. Let s see

  31. Do some thing

  32. I just saw the promo of tv ka blockbuster which is same as the precap I must say it’s awesome and I also saw the IKRS,TPK,Swaragini combined promo that’s was also nice. When my mom saw the tv ka blockbuster promo she was like big log Thapki Ko kyun bhaga diya 😛

    1. Yeah! Even I saw that combined promo, but they didn’t tell the date or even the month. I assuming that it’s a Valentine’s Day episode promo.

      1. Many are saying that it’s for valentines but 14 Feb is such a long time

  33. She is wicked maa but the show has not been translated in English for a while

  34. Why dadi slapped thapki?precap is good,thahaan leave the pandey zoo forever.

  35. What a rubbish pre cap. I believe in the next episode they will show it was just shraddha’s dream. This is how writers stretch the story.

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