Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki calling Bihaan. She asks him did he get work. He says yes, I got work in factory, I will call you later. She hears the car’s sound and says if you were in factory, this traffic sound would have not been there, you did not get job right. He says no, I did not get job, I can get money anyway. She says you have work hard and keep trying honestly, have courage, don’t let your courage break, Lord helps those who honestly try, come home soon. She ends call and recalls Bihaan’s words.

Thapki peddles with her wounded feet. Her feet starts bleeding. Bihaan comes home and says Ghazab, you started work at home. She says she is doing ladies tailor work. He sees her feet bleeding and stops the machine. She asks what happened. He asks what happened to your feet,

its bleeding. She says I got hurt some time before, now I m fine. How will we get 10000rs in 2 days, atleast we can get money by this work? Its about my words too, I told the ladies that I will stitch clothes and give by evening. Bihaan sits there and asks her to move her feet. She asks why. He says I will peddle machine and you do stitching. She says no, hands and feet should be in sync. He says I don’t know that, I will peddle. He peddles the machine and she stitches the clothes. Music plays………..

He praises himself and she asks him to focus on work, not on his self appraisal. She thanks him for helping her, and says now my feet is fine. He asks her to focus on work and not on thanking. He asks did thread break and helps her in needling. He holds her and they both have an eyelock. Music plays…………….. she finishes the work and thanks Bihaan. He says this work looks easy, but its not, my feet got hurt. She says that’s I m thanking you, I would have not completed work if you were not here, I will get more work by giving these clothes. He says condition will be same, I will peddle machine. He says I will do the aid now. She says I will manage. He says Bau ji says we should even help enemies on time, and you are my life, I mean a friend for this cowshed animals. He does aid of her feet. Na na na na…………plays……….. he goes and attends call.

Shraddha and Vasundara hear Bihaan saying he helped Thapki and her work is over. He asks his friend did he get work. His friend says its small work. Bihaan says fine, work should not be wrong, any work will be good. He tells Thapki that you said right, Lord supports when we try, I got the work. Thapki gets glad. He says don’t worry, its not wrong work, I will earn honestly and give money in your hands. She asks him to work well and not get angry. She wishes him all the best. He calls her best and leaves smiling. Thapki smiles.

Shraddha tells Vasundara that everything is happening wrong, he will throw money on our face. Vasundara says come, we will go and see what work Bihaan got.

Thapki gives the clothes to the ladies and they like the tailoring. The lady asks Thapki why is she staying in cowshed and earning by tailoring. Thapki says we are trying to be independent, and requests the ladies to tell others too about her tailoring work. The ladies agree and leave. Thapki puts money near the idol and prays. She gets a call. A lady calls Thapki and gives her big order of tailoring. Thapki gets glad. The lady asks her to come and meet at some restaurant. Thapki agrees.

Thapki comes to the restaurant. Bihaan as waiter, comes and gives her water. Shraddha says finally, they have come face to face, it will be real fun. Thapki sees Bihaan and gets shocked. Shraddha gives money to some girl to call Thapki here. Shraddha goes to Thapki and Bihaan… Thapki asks you here. Shraddha says yes, why are you shocked. Shraddha asks Bihaan to clean the table and insults him. She asks him to do waiter’s work. Thapki says I will leave. Shraddha holds her hand and stops her, saying whats the hurry, I did not treat you well, I planned a lot for you and your husband.

Shraddha insults Bihaan and throws water on his face. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Finally Thahaan scenes after 2-3 episodes , and I hope this time Bihaan replays Shraddha back somehow and don’t become a mahan atma like his wife by not doing anything at all

  2. I hate u shradddhhaaaaa !!! x-(

  3. Thahaan scene was too good.
    precap is horrible.

  4. It’s so lovely scene of Thahaan.Loved it.I think they will soon fall in love with each other.???

  5. Thahaan scene was lovely…..
    I want to kill chudail shraddha. How far she insult others ;she should be punished &.insulted.

    1. u r right…this shraddha is so villanious!! and thapki, on the other hand, seems to be the perfect soul on earth!! so opposite-both..

    2. Thapki should slap Shraddha… the perfect thing to do.

      1. I just hope that day comes soon

      2. I agree 100 percent..I know thapki takes the high road. But I just want to see her slap shradda,just once.

  6. thahaan scene was awesome
    n I also love the scene when bihaan regarded thapki as his life
    but I m fed up of this Shraddha’s drama
    end her chapter now yr…
    n how many days will they drag the three months sep se Feb bhi complete ho gaya n in ke 3 month khatam hone ka nam hi nahi le rahe

  7. new promo. ..
    B for BIHAAN and B for BOXER
    Thahaan scene awesome but episode ending agin dragging. ..its ok
    Bihaan tells thapki your are my life. …….kya yaarrr …pyar hogaya….

  8. Getting bored day by day. Evil is only winning. At the end evil will be forgiven. When will Shraddha n Vasu pay for their bad deeds. Come on, show some positivity at least. Stop dragging.

  9. I agree with ruhi..this dragging of story is irritating but that is normal in Indian serials

  10. Love u thahaan scene rock!!!!!!!!!

  11. Location video shoot TPK
    patha nahi vasu ,bihaan ko lakdi se kyo maarr raha hain ……..!. ! ?
    Waiting for episode

  12. Awww..vry nice episode.
    Thahaan r damn cute..
    Precap is disgusting n heartbroking …i want to just kill that shraddha

  13. Stupid show. Just hate it.

  14. GaaaaaAaaajab…………..aj ki epi kamal ki thi thehaan main itna pyar o my god main kahin mar hi na jaoon and shraadha I kill you khabardar agar dono ke beech mai ayi thehaan I love U

  15. thahaan scenes was too good ……..
    and hate u sharadha

  16. Wat is dis yar, ye shradha ke drame kb khatam honge,wat d hel is dis,everytym kisi evil plan ke saath aa jaati hai, ab bihaan ki insult kar rahi hai nd thapki devi mahaan aatma aise hi khadi dekhti rahegi,ufffff aur baki kamayi money bhi ganesh ji ke pass rakh aayi taki wo dono chura le, hey bhagwan wake up from jhapki u thapki >:) i think he wil do boxing now,cover pic main gloves pehne hue

  17. I cried after seeing the precap… couldnt see him insulted like this… someone pls kill that ugly creature.. !! She is not a human being!! SHE IS A JANVAR…

  18. Seriously, I wish for that b*t*h to get a taste of her own poison, I know it’s supposed to be taste of her own medicin , but let’s be honest, that witch deserves nothing but poison. Seriously, so much for god being on their side, Thapki and Bihaan are having such a hard time, but nobody seems to be seeing the true face of that witch… Like I get it, apparently you can’t have an Indian drama without 50 million hours of the main character being mistreated, but come on… Let’s just agree that no matter what Dhruv doesn’t deserve Thapki, nor will/should he ever get her because he’s a coward… Seriously the “bravest” thing he’s done so far is admit to the witch that he “is still in love” with Thapki… He hasn’t done anything to help her, Bihaan has been working his butt off taking care of Thapki… The Witch and the b*t*h (Vasundhra) both need to die, none of that oh suddenly after one magical event they will become good and see their wrong doing but never admit to doing them… No I want those two to suffer, Dadi should also get a smack on her head… Like seriously, why would you doubt the one person you knew for a fact would never harm anyone… The Witch is to blame for everything that went wrong along with the b*t*h, but of course bad characters are what keep people interested in the show… Seriously… So far Suman is the only on in the “Panday Niwas” who is good, regardless of the wrong doings she had done in the past… She is making up for her wrong doings by helping Thapki… Seriously, throw acid on the witch’s face and kill her off, end of story… No matter how good someone is they can’t always keep taking the high road…

    1. You are so right …

  19. Why doesn’t someone in the house follow vasu and shraddha? FGS please someone suss them out. Always negativity winning. Will they manage to get the monies? Why are vasu and shraddha bothered about how they earn monies, why show them always ruining what thapki and bihaan do?

  20. while Shraddha is busy minding Bihaan and his wife business she is not paying any attention to her marriage that is quickly drying up and would very soon realize she can do nothing to save something that don’t exist.

  21. Like all of us woman..thapki should show her crazy side to shradda. But in private, scare the crap out of shradda.

    Since shradda already thinks thapki is after druv. Thapki should mess with her head..

    1. Lol that would have been awesome.?

  22. What the hell shradha is doing. Writers kill the mad shradha & pls unite “THAHAAN”

  23. Wat is dis… dey dont have ny money to pay rent(as low as 200) but has money for petrol(bihan roamed around for job so might have consumed a lotts), mobile talktime, makeup(thapki always blooms)n wat more…. please be realistic

  24. N moreover please stop dis negativity its crossing extremes… please let the good win for once….. i hoped vasundara wud change for good but she is into more more evil… is der no end to dis??????
    Cvs its time fr a trck change

  25. Bihaan, to say to maa that ,thapki is not the girl you are thinking, she is very good girl. I always listen to you when you said she is not good, or not match for dhurve. But I told you she is not like that, and also she is going in some days, so can you forgive her only for me
    Vasu got irriked and she beat bihaan with stick, and said . Now you become puppet of thapki, the boy who always listen to his mom now only listen to that thapki.
    Bihaan said ,I love that you beat me, atleast if get no love form my mom, atleaast I got scolded…manish u rock man…

  26. What sort of serial is this women insulting women.mother ruining chn’s happiness n breaking their respect for any relationship.shame on such women esp mothers.pls do justice soon .expose them.unite tapki with druv n bihan should marry tapkis can both sisters get conned like this.looks like they don’t have any self respect left.marriages are not made in heaven but man made that’s why there r divorces.marriage is not about compromising but about love, respect trust.nobody should be tricked into marriage it’s an unforgivable,respect,trust makes a happy marriage.poor druv.not only women men deserve respect 2.

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