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Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasu convincing Bihaan to get ready for Thapki’s sangeet. Bihaan says Maa. Vasu asks him to go and get ready. Vasu sees letter kept on the plant and thanks God for giving back the letter in her hand. Preeti and Suman are happily dancing for Thapki’s sangeet. Vasu thinks when will Thapki comes. Shraddha comes playing dhol and wearing same saree as Aditi. Dhruv is shocked and thinks she is wearing same saree which he gave to Aditi. Shraddha tells Aditi that she is wearing same saree as hers, but Dhruv didn’t give her this saree, instead she bought it for herself to make her know that they are equal. Suman tries to stop Shraddha. Aditi asks her to leave her and says they can’t let her ruin their happiness. Meanwhile Thapki gets kidnapped by some goons. Bihaan is sitting

with Vasu and looks on. Everyone dance happily.

Kabir comes to room and thinks where is Thapki? Sankara tells him that her goons might have killed Thapki by now. Kabir asks have you gone mad and runs out of room. Sankara smiles.

Goons remove the cover from Thapki’s face. Thapki gains consciousness and asks why did you bring you here? The goon asks why do beautiful girl is brought to such place. Thapki shouts and asks them to let her go. Kabir finds her earrings at kidnapping place. Everyone is happily enjoying the sangeet. The goons try to molest Thapki. They tear her blouse sleeve. Thapki shouts for help. Kabir comes there and pushes the goons. He takes out his suit and throws at Thapki. He looks angrily at goons and beats them. One of the goon tears his shirt and escapes. Kabir kisses on Thapki’s forehead and hugs her. Thapki cries. Sankara is hiding there and smirks.

Kabir makes Thapki wear his suit and brings her home. Bihaan looks for Thapki and asks Sankara if she saw Kabir. Sankara says I know, but I can’t tell you as they are consummating their marriage. Bihaan is shocked. Thapki thanks Kabir. Kabir says everything is fine now. Thapki thinks everything will be fine when Bihaan sees her pregnancy reports and all misunderstandings will be cleared. Kabir comes to Sankara and asks how dare you to do this with Thapki. Sankara asks him to wait for sometime and says you will applaud for me in sometime. Kabir asks why did you do this? Sankara says all answers is in Bihaan’s hand.

Bihaan is seen holding the envelope. Thapki comes there. Bihaan looks at her. Suman says you are looking my Bihaan’s Thapki. Vasu says they can never separate, and asks Thapki to tell something to Bihaan. Sankara asks Thapki to tell, and asks Bihaan what is in his hand. Bihaan opens the envelope. Vasu asks him to hear Thapki first. Bihaan is shocked to see Kabir and Thapki’s pics in bad sense. Thapki says I want to show you something. Bihaan says what else Thapki Katyal and throws pics on her. Thapki is shocked to see the pics. Kabir is shocked too. Everyone see their pics. Sankara smirks. Bihaan looks devastated. Others are embarrassed. Sankara tells Kabir that now he got his answers, and asks him to keep quiet. Thapki tells Bihaan that this is wrong and asks Kabir to tell truth to everyone. Bihaan asks what he will tell now? Thapki says you are misunderstanding me. Bihaan says I was hopeful that one day we will unite. Vasu tells Bihaan that he is misunderstanding Thapki and tells that she was pregnant with your child when she left from here, and shows the letter.

Vasu gives letter to Bihaan. Bihaan reads it. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thapki doesnt deserve someone like Bihan who can even trust her, he constantly needs reassurance from other people and asks her to justify herself. He could’ve easily avoided that scene that he created infant of everyone but he had to defame Thapki by making the pictures public.

    1. is somebody has sent you a picture, it means it is already public. and even thapki never believed bihaan. Did she? She also thought him guilty about the letter. Is it not equally important for a wife to also believe your husband?

      1. Not necessarily, it doesnt make it public, who’s to know how many people have seen it otherwise. And theres a distinct difference between shaming someone in front of strangers and the people they love. The way Bihan handled that situation was poorly. I woulsnt care if pictures of me in an intimate position were seen by strangers but if they’re out in for of my family it would affect me an infinite times more and thats where Bihan was wrong, instead of naming and shaming her he should’ve sorted it out in private.

        Can you blame Thapki? Your husband who you love and trust kicks you out, slaps you and doesnt believe you. Leaves you for the streets when he knows you jhave nowhere to go. Doesnt that warrant mistrust? You send him letter and he shows no response, doesnt that warrant even more mistrust? And whats happened recently meant they had moved on from it as seen by the apology yesterday and bihan said so himself that he would trust her. The least he could’ve done was have her explain herself rathe than making a spectacle of it.

      2. from the beginning of the kosi track, Thapki tried to prove her innocence, bihaan kept on giving chances..weren’t it enough to trust his wife? when it reached extreme, he reacted..he didn’t know what is the truth..similarly proofs also went against bihaan, Thapki didn’t believe him too, didn’t try to find out what is the truth.. both are to be blamed, not only one in both are at fault.. you can’t advocate just a one person and shove the other one out… atleast neutral viewers won’t do that..

      3. Prove her innocence, you’re talking about her as if she’s a criminal, had he trusted her in the first place, had he an ounce of trust he wouldnt ask his wife to prove her innocence.

        And second the context you’re in talking is different than the one i brought up, I am talking about the pictures. Wasn’t it supposed to be a fresh start for them, forget all the by gones and start afresh? So instead of creating a scene and questioning her character in public, he couldve had the basic decency to clarify (notice the difference between question and clarify, you question someone you accuse) with her in private rather than making a mockery of her.

        And are you trying to imply I’m not neutral? Im sorry you dont even know me to pass that judgement about me, so id appreciate if it if you kept strictly to the show than trying to get personal over here.

        Lets be very honest here, you like Bihan and you will support him to death, as seen above, you will nitpick and question whatever I (or rather anyone) will say because you dont want to accept other people’s pov. You can call this sort of intolerant behaviour defending your favourite or whatever else you want but i’ll call it as I see it. You cant take the fact that the character Thapki is being paired with someone else and the competitor is getting more screen space and a story line than your favourite, so you’ll go after anyone and everyone who doesnt agree with you. Frankly, neither do I have the patience, nor the energy or the time to waste arguing with you over a fictional show. Especially with an unwillingness to keep an open mind about this. My life extends beyond the world of Indian soaps to really care about who Thapki is paired with and at the end of the day its a typically regressive saas-bahu indian show and we all know whats gonna happen after countless leaps, marriages, kitchen politics and character assassinations. I

        will not be replying to you henceforth and you can perceive it in whichever way you like.

  2. we want thahaan thapki and bihaan

    no binkaar
    no kaani

  3. Thahaan are best.plz Cv give us our thahaan back.
    i watch this show just for Bihaan..

  4. Navami

    Hai all thahanians…how long we ill bear this thahan seperated..its tottaly disapointing….i hope this sankara shoud kick of from this show..more over how can an innocent girl like her in the beigning can change to an evil like this..if she showed this much couragre early then she didnt have suffer tourter from kosi ..and her life also have been changed..the characters are now popets in someones hands….ruining the characters ..ruining the show..bihan marriying sankara..cant bear this news too..such an evil dont deserve bihan..and thapki now a days lost her good character and loyality..the mu track dissapointing ..but suerly i belive thahan is at the end..only thahan…
    Hai garima pooja vino lin anchal rifa rinka maneesh ki diwani..and all thahanians…advnce happy new year

  5. Vinolin.d

    I didn’t guess where is our country culture was going on…except marriage concept they didn’t know any other track.but I hope thahaan will unite finally.they are thinking marriage is just playing.story line is not nice.

  6. Thapki will now yearn for Bihaan’s love, as cursed. What goes around comes around. This applies to both where there’s no trust n communication whats the use of patching up. 3rd parties are always deciding their fate n lifes not them. Kabir’s revenge for his sister is hideous, he’s not man enough to find the truth of the fire accident nor confront Bihaan. He used Thapki as his scapegoat… Whats the use of shedding fake concerns towards Thapki now. Wasnt he also partner in crime eith shankar as well. That being said .. Whats the difference between Kabir and Bihaan now, with an assumption both destroyed a “family” per say. Totally frustrated with the weak plot … Im hoping Thapki proves her innocence and walks out of Pandeys life forever. Its about time Bihaan awakes from his slumber and starts his investigations… Wishful i know .. I too love Thahaan…

    1. @mala you are right.. what’s next now? bihaan will marry sankar, okay done then next? what will kabir do more to hurt bihaan? kabir is really a coward.. he doesn’t have enough to directly confront bihaan.. he is using thapki.. kabir could have directly saved thapki’s respect, he didn’t do.. people are talking about bihaan flinging pictures but nobody thought what is in bihaan’s mind..if anybody sends you your wife’s intimate pictures with someone, it means you are already out in the open..but preventing the culprit behind a rape attempt is equally responsible as the culprit only..

  7. Sankar is the worst character in the serial..Always evil wins..

    Bihaan marrying Sankar makes stupidity of the story..

    Both Bihaan and Thapki don’t believe each other..Initially Thapki didn’t believe about the letter..and now Bihaan doesn’t believe her..This is completely due to Thapki herself..she only introduced Kabir and makes all drama to take revenge on Bihaan..already Bihaan frustasted too much..and now this too fumes his anger…Thapki’s revenge backfires herself..

    Whatever be the case, I hope Thahaan will be reunited….

  8. I just see this serial because of Thapki and Bihaan only..

    Even now they are separated due to their misunderstandings ,this separation makes both of them to realize their mistakes and love..Thahaan will be reunited some day..

    Bring Thahaan scenes ..☺☺

  9. Bihaan had the pictures it wasnt public till he threw them and everyone saw them as usal he lost the plot and got angry,

    Kabir saved her which is good but he never knew about the pictures at all Sankar did the photos.

    Maybe he is covering up a rape but no one else know so that isnt public and im sure he will make sure Sankar doesnt ever do that again

    Yes he wants revenge on Bihaan and he hurting Thapki emotionally which he isnt happy about but he dont want her to die or get ohysically hurt he does care to an extent.

    Whereas Bihaan the guy who loves her will do anything for her needs a little excuse to just lose it,.

    1. Why are thabirians trying to defend Kabir anyway? He has not only fulfilled his revenge by separating THAHAN but he also saved Thapki today. It was Bihan who defamed her once more and no Bihan fan will see it like that. People are saying why didnt Kabir speak up, er why should he? First of all who actually questions a woman whether they had s*x with another man that too in public? So much for respecting women. And what makes people think Thapki is answerable to him? She’s not even his wife, how is it betrayal then? Bihan can be all angry that he wants but from a third persons perspective he’s angry at Thapki for supposedly having s*x with her husband? Makes sense… He had no right to fling those photos and thats where I was disappointed in Kabir he should’ve intervened there and say to him that you have no right to question or defame my wife like this.

      1. True if Kabir stood up and said its none of your business she isnt your wife it would have been better, i hope in tomorrows episode he does say something. Him staying quiet does bring down my like for Kabir.

        I was a huge fan of Bihaan but over the last 2 or 3 months he has irritated me the way he kept chasing and goading Thapki/Vani.

        He either gets tantrums or gets drunk thats his character for you.

        Kabir mya be hurting her in his own way but he wont ever let her physically let thapi get hurt, and that kiss he gave her was WOW

        LOVED IT!! Surprised she let him

  10. And to all the people who say Kabir should confront Bihaan and ask him about the fire??

    Its an indian drama when do they ever come outright and say it? Did Thapki come outright and tell Bihaan about Kosi no she didnt, is she coming out and telling him now about the baby nope instead she becomes Vani and wants revenge.

    Kabir is getting revenge same way Thapki tried to and how Shraddha does, its not a bad part of Kabirs character but the writers.

    1. if it’s an Indian drama and the writers, then who are you to analyse bihaan’s character too for his wife? bihaan is also created by writers only…covering up a rape is okay for you? then you are insulting each and every rape victim girls.. and about flinging pictures, if somebody has sent you intimate pics of your wife, you are already out in the open.. even after knowing the truth of the pictures, kabir stood still.. somebody who saves you defames you the other way round..and speaking frankly,Thapki also didn’t bother to trust bihaan in the letter case.. isn’t it equally important for a wife to also trust her husband? here both are at fault, they lacked communication.. bihaan didn’t physically assaulted thapki ever, in his point of view, Thapki went wrong proofs were against him and he had slapped her to correct her mistakes…now if a girl slaps a boy, who is to be blamed? why shouldn’t we equally think a girl with a boy? why discrimination here??

      1. Course ou can analyse characters thats the whole point of reading books or watching showsd

        Well if I blamed my wife for alot of stuff in the past and i found out she was right and I was wrong and that she cares for me and my family then I wouldnt be a hot headed idiot, I would think I dont want to get the wrong conclusion again and i would take her to a private room show her the pics and ask her to explain them.

        You just making excuses for Bihaans character in your eyes he can do no wrong, and it doesnt matter if in his point of view he never assualted Thapki because he did, maybe he thought she was in the wrong but he could have just thrown her out of the house but no he had to slap her aswell its physical assault no matter how you look at it so stop defending it.

        Didnt Thapki stop trusting him about the letter after he hit her and chucked her out the house, maybe if someone slapped you and threw you out the house you would still trust them but I wouldn’t.

        You shouldn’t slap anyone man or woman but there people who would defend them such as yourself like you do when Bihaan apparently never physially assaulted her.

      2. No covering rape isnt good and im not condoning it but if Kabir comes out and says yeah the pic is when i saved her from getting raped by two goons, then what will happen??

        Bihaan will believe Thapki didnt do wrong with Kabir, he forgive her and they be together the story is over.

        The writers are letting it drag on, it would have been better if they just kidnapped her but I dont like how they added a rape story.

      3. So making a rape a common knowledge ok for you? She’s not Bihan’s wife, he had no right to defame her in public like that.

      4. I agree he has no right, she isn’t his wife. his rage is his downside like Thapki always says, he should know Thapki would never do that and after all the times he hasnt trusted her and hurt her he should speak to her in private and sort it out but no the writers make him act in anger and chuck the photos everywhere so all of them can see.

  11. THABIR forever! Kabir the protector!

  12. Thats it Thapki be a doormat get more abuse from Bihaan let him treat ya like crap, you think by now he know not to jmp to conclusions and trust her that she hasnt ever lied and there has always been a reason why she does what she does but no.

    I bet Bihaan and Thapki will get together and as usual he will always doubt her, same old same old,.

    1. to tell by your points, yes bihaan too has been used as a doormat from the beginning.. first vasu, then his own biological mom, and due to this, he too has also suffered along with thapki..both ML and FL do suffer ups and downs in life.. but it is their lack of communication that they lose hold on each other..

      1. You cant ‘use’ someone as a doormat, you can trample all over retime and boss them and its unto them whether they’ll let you dominate them. Bihan was a never a doormat, he was never forced, manhandled or dominated into doing anything.

    2. Pretty much, she is a doormat and he’s an abuser and they’re perfect in that sense.

      1. True a match made in hell LOL

        At the end Kabir will probably let Thapki go with Bihaan he will apologise to Bihaan for not knowing the full story and coming between them and he probably tell Thapki to go be with Bihaan and be happy.

  13. I agree with you sri wahyuni hatta..
    So many soap opra from many country,this is so funy,that they use marriage marriage and marriage again…wow…wow…
    And the evil always win for a long time..they arent doing other activity except fighting,angry,. .
    Thapki find her true love after marriage so many times?that was not love but a bad luck.
    They are look so stupid,bihan,thapki,kabir,druv,aditi,etc,and the evil shankar look so smart,she lways 1step forward.
    Hope for better story next…

  14. How did Thapki-Bihaan decide to get engaged when Bihaan is under the impression that Thapki is married to Kabir?

  15. I dont understand writers purpose … In thats way, they should make Thapki and kabir mariage true, and Bihaan and sanskar mariage true. ! Mariage is not a game at all ! They dont respect mariage value. If Bihaan marry Sanskar after knowing Thapki pregnancy, that means that he is really stupid.

  16. How did Thapki-Bihaan agree to get engaged when Bihaan is under the impression that Kabir and Thapki are married?

  17. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    tks fira…..Director and writer may have mental disorders that is happy or satisfied to see the other person is feeling tormented … hahaha. We all saw how they created the very evil like shankar and shrada unbeaten and always win … evil always wins …. may the Lord move their hearts to make a better story and full of good moral teachings that are worth to be made an example

  18. sankara has gone crazy, she will never get bihaan ever, because of her evil and nasty deeds

  19. I am sorry follow this serial……..I hate the writer of this serial

  20. why this writter making difficult for us juz unit bihaan and thapki and exposed this evil woman shankara why u don’t let the people know her evil and why thapki dont find out her first enemy who kill her baby is this stupid woman and why u don’t let thapki teach lesson evil shankara plz makes nice story and show us kabir misunderstanding with bihaan and let the people know this evil woman specially thapki will beat her so badley

  21. I don’t get why Thapki could not have used the perfect opportunity she got in yesterday’s episode to tell Bihaan the truth.
    Instead she just apologised and wants to tell the truth in front of Vasu.

    I just can’t stand her silence at the most crucial moments. I don’t know if she thinks everyone can read her mind. She is just too tiring.

    I won’t mind seeing Bihaan with someone else. Just not Shankara. She is just too evil.
    But Bihaan deserves some happiness. It would be nice to see him actually moving on.



  22. Sankar is an evil one.. ? & Kabir is really.. really a bad guy if he kept silent about Thapki’s situation., takes advantage from her sorrow even that so humiliating just to hurt Bihan..
    If Thapki’s letter & prenancy report can’t make Bihan understand.., why does SW drag that part too long..?! ? ? ?
    Very sad episode..

  23. Episode – 539
    08:00 AM – 08:30 AM, 30 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Sankar’s goons kidnap Thapki, but Kabir manages to rescue her after learning about her plan. Kabir consoles a scared Thapki and Sankar clicks their photos.
    Episode – 540
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 30 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    As Bihaan feels that Thapki is trying to move on in life with Kabir, he applies sindoor on Sankar’s forehead and makes her wear the ‘mangalsutra’. Meanwhile, Kabir blames himself for harming Thapki.
    Episode – 541
    06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 31 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Vasu tries to convince Bihaan that Thapki is innocent. Later, everyone gets angry with Thapki when they get a notice to leave Pandey Niwas.

  24. very sad

    1. Oh shit !!! Ditch thakpi pyar ki. This made me sick, upset and down?Sanker is b*t*h murder one also Kabir is not support thapki. I am surprised aditi is not supported her sister thapki. That is not fair! Dhruv walked out this party. I wish thapki should walk out this dirty padney family house. I don’t want suffer thapki and Bihaan. Kosi is one hidden letter then Sanker what is wrong with director/write ???? Ditch soap drama tv . Bye

  25. DivyasriSivaKumar

    I wasn’t fond of this kabir since the beginning and loved bihaan tough his character was ridiculous ..I stopped watching this drama over a month ago and just reading updates and peoples surprised to see many thabir fans here and yeah they do really have good points supporting their new like of this pair..I simply don’t know how to defend bihaan by just reading these updates..but I got to say that these kabir at least trying to save thapki when she really needs one..tough he appears emotionless most of the time ..the sense of guilt in him for putting thapki in trouble at least shows a little good side of him..bihaan I love u and your role but not the are meant to cheer up the show like how u did in the beginning and not going around like this with your pity face and your unbearable tantrums..I’m a diehard thahaan fan and dying to see them reunite but why is that u got to twist the storyline like this..u are thinking that twisting your story like this can help to drag your drama more but aren’t you aware that all thabir and thahaan fans are pissed off because of their non sensable plot..either let kabir get to know the actual truth and later decide on whether to take revenge or not..are u trying to drag the show just by one f*****g you think your trp is going to increase by doing so or are you on new ideas of stretching the plot when you realise there are quite a number of thabir fans here too ? Even if u want to aware that stretching too much will do no good..better take up a decision ..letting bihaan marrying sankar is your new idea right..then fine just make them like dhruv and aditi..additional.supporting characters and concentrate on thabir..don’t just twist your story among them…

  26. episode 539-541 (sad story)…..

  27. Beautiful song for lovely couple.., Bihan & Thapki..
    I’m really hope this song will be representing again on TPK to express their special bond..

  28. Thapki actually let Kabrnkiss her forehead and comfort her, Im surprised to see that! I do want to see more of Thabir though. Perhaps Thapki can now move on, now that she’s seen that Bihan doesn’t trust her at all and constantly needs proofs and justication

  29. Thabir for ever! They’re the only reason I watch this show, let Thapki move ok with Kabir….why stay with Bihan when he doesn’t trust her, anyone, any stranger can come and say she’s wrong or give “proofs” and he believes it!! How can he claim love without any trust?!

  30. From the comments here a lot of people here seem to be Bihan fans than Bihan-Thapki fans. I’m so disappointed to see people’s thinking that it’s again the woman that’s wrong. People are blaming her for her ex-husband defaming her in public? Why did she feel the need to justify herself to her ex husband anyway? Why did her current husband not stand up for her? What a ridicoulus show!

    1. Why thapki must playing with marriage for revenge even she don’t know the letter true or not ? She ask bihan to marrying sankar, and she is with kabir? How come a woman can do this? And after that feeling so sorry, but it’s too late. Bihan is emotional man but didn’t want to marry sankar that he didn’t love, he only loves thapki in his life,but how about thapki?
      She can revenge with so many ways, not playing marriage. This is just drama but no morality can learn from this

      1. So Thapki forced a grown man to marry someone? Im not preachign morality here, I’m commenting on peoples mentality.

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