Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki stopping singing. Bau ji asks what happened. Thapki says I was thinking something while singing, then I realized I can’t even talk well, I don’t want to hide my weakness and fool everyone, forgive me. She says I can’t send aarti incomplete, so I will sing aarti complete like I sing since childhood, by stammering, I m like this only. She cries and sings aarti.

Shraddha and Vasundara smile evil way. Thapki stammers and finishes aarti. She asks why are they so silent. She apologizes if she has hurt anyone’s heart, she wants them to accept her with her weakness. Everyone clap for her. The lady says Thapki won our heart once again, and announces winners. Shraddha is announced winner of second round. She gets glad. The lady says Thapki lost in this round.

Shraddha and Vasundara laugh.

The lady says Thapki is not out of this competition, she will go in third round. Judges appreciate Thapki’s courage. The lady says our last round will be question and answer round, we will ask 3 questions to the bahus, we will start final round in 15mins.

Vasundara does Shraddha’s aarti and makes her have sweets. Shraddha says final round is still there. Vasundara says I m with you, you will win and blesses her. Shraddha hears the lady saying bahu should understand her saas, we will know which bahu knows saas’ likes and dislikes. Suman and Preeti have a talk and see Shraddha. Shraddha thinks this Sita Gita will know that old woman well, and asks them about help to get info about Vasundara by lying about giving surprise to Vasundara. She asks them to tell Vasundara’s likes and dislikes. Suman says we will not help, Vasundara scolds us. Shraddha acts good and says I will praise you both infront of Vasundara, she will be glad and maybe she can give you gold necklace or ring.

Suman and Preeti agree to help and tell what Vasundara likes and dislikes. Suman and Preeti tell her that Vasundara hates stammering people. Shraddha says just Thapki…. And praises Suman and Preeti. Preeti mistakenly tells her about Thapki and Dhruv’s marriage, which was about to happen. Shraddha gets shocked and asks what. Suman says Preeti means if Bihaan did not marry Thapki, Dhruv would have not married you, as Vasundara convinced Dhruv for marriage after Bihaan got married. The lady asks all bahus to come. Shraddha tells them that she will win and come. They wish her all the best. Suman reminds Preeti what Vasundara told, that Shraddha should not know about Dhruv and Shraddha. Diwakar hears this and laughs.

The lady tells the round rules. She says mum in law will answer our questions and we will ask bahus about it, then match the answers. The round starts. Bihaan asks Thapki not to worry, as she can answer anything with Vasundara, she knows Maa more than him. The lady calls Vasundara and Shraddha on stage. Vasundara says I know you love me, you will answer right. Shraddha recalls what Suman and Preeti told her and answers. She says Vasundara likes red color as its sign of love. The man asks what does your mum in law dislikes. Shraddha says the people or thing which stammer or gets stuck, Vasundara feels such people’s heart is not clean. Everyone get shocked. Shraddha says sorry, I did not point to Thapki, Thapki is very nice, her face shows her innocence. Thapki cries. The last question is whats Vasundara’s father’s name. Shraddha does not know it and looks at Vasundara.

The lady tells Thapki if she gives right answer, she will get 2 points, and asks with whom does Vasundara have an unique relation.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nothing important in today’s episode very boring cause no Thahaan scenes, tired of this typical saas Bahu drama
    -_- and it would have been better if barki-Chupki told Shraddha bout the truth and maybe shraaddha would have bring thahaan closer as she would get insecure of dhruv or do something which may indirectly bring thahaan closer

  2. So sad..
    …Thapki will not win… chudel shraddha will be super Bahu.
    And I think divakar will make more problems by revealing Druv -Thapki love and marriage truth.
    And this time shraddha may understand Vasu’s truth. Coz she knew vasu’s character well… After all she is not like Stupid Thapki..Not even suspecting vasu and full faith in her.

  3. This evil shradha n vasundara r so irritating how dare they insult thapki infront all the people, thapki y r u bearing all these plz don’t be so Mahan , they never change their nature.

  4. What a borring episode……..there is no interesting scenes of Thahaan only irritating scenes of shradha.Hopefully waiting for nice episodes of THAHAAN………GUYS…..IMMEDIATELY VOTE FOR THAHAAN,because they are in 3rd position……

  5. Years…thapki won’t win as I saw on SBS dat she will sacrifice for vasu….now new trailer guyzzzz DAT cruel shraddha will cross her all limit….she will try to kill her by hanging her on d fan….she will do something like she will stand in front of d exaust fan n shraddha will switch on d fan at DAT time n her dupatta will be stuck n she will be hanged n try to shout…..I know our hero bihaan will save her…..hope dis time bihaan catches her……bihaan give DAT shraddha a tight slap…..Ghanaian rockssssss

  6. Thapki u should be bold y r u adjusting these much of insulting frm shradha and vasu….dont be Mahan aatma it’s very irritating…..u know angry also d good one if u show for right reason…u don’t want this marriage relation with bihaan then y r u staying in pandey nivas…..dont wait for divorce and ur parents also wants u will be with them…

  7. I thnk thapki will answer abt bihaan having unique relatn with vasu n vasu will disagree hence showing her true colours infrnt of all n bihaan too…..n thapki will lose….

  8. what…..? thapki will not win the competition……..? writers are dragging the serial somewhere. it has changed the track itself. at first the serial focused on the career of thapki and the reality of the world but now ………..sab kuch teda meda hone laga hain…..asli zindagi mein toh aisa kabhi nahi ho sakta…….everything is bahwaas………..and the story would be boring if the truth is not exposed soon………

  9. I really really hate those 2 twins, vasu and sharda. They are the evil twin and mean.

  10. Boring epi……and day by day thapki character is becoming so dumb,idiot and real mahan atma????

  11. Boring epi… Omg just saw the new promo ??

  12. Please, please, please end this bahu competition immediately. I cannot stand Shraddha at all, but right now, I don’t even care if she wins. I just need this storyline to draw to an end. Dhruv has been sitting like a big idiot beside his mad wife for 2 episodes now! This is all too much for me! It’s enough to drive the most dedicated TPK fans insane. Mr. Script writer, we need ACTION, please!

  13. Thapki should win I bet vasu is goin to give the wrong answers for everything thapki knows about her

  14. oh…….once again thankyou friend MONI,for giving stunning news of THAHAAN….

  15. day by day boring epi…..i hate sharada nd vasu

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