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Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara asking Bihaan to run away and let her die. She takes a rod and he stops her, recalling about Bau ji and Vasundara’s words. Bihaan says he will marry for her sake, for his family’s sake. She cries happily. Thapki recalls Dhruv’s words and smiles. Bihaan takes the sehra from Dhruv and cries. Bau ji asks Kiran to call Dhruv. Kiran says mum said she will get Dhruv. Bau ji asks Sanjay and Ashwin to go and see Dhruv. Bihaan gets dresses in Dhruv’s clothes and wears sehra. They ask Dhruv to come.

Bihaan goes with them. Aditi tells Thapki that Dhruv has come. Vasundara apologizes to Dhruv and says this was necessary to make Thapki’s name not linked with yours, I know you will be sad, but one day you will say mum did right, as I know your mum knows the

right things for you. She leaves him in the room in unconscious state and leaves.

Everyone smile seeing the groom. Bihaan sits in the mandap. Aditi brings Thapki there. Dhruv recalls Thapki in his unconscious state and moves his fingers in reaction. The pandit asks Poonam to do tilak. Poonam goes to Bihaan and Vasundara stops her, saying we have ritual that groom’s face can’t be seen after sehra. The pandit asks Krishnakant to do kanyadaan. Bihaan and Thapki do the rituals. Dhruv recalls Thapki’s hand and his promise of not leaving her hand ever. He gets up and holds his head.

He says Thapki will be waiting for me in mandap. Dhruv recalls Bihaan beating on his head to stop him. Dhruv comes to the door and asks someone to open the door. The door is closed from outside. He calls out everyone asking them to help him, and bangs the door. The pandit tells about the marriage vows and the wedding rounds begin. Vasundara thinks she won’t let Thapki become hurdle for Dhruv’s life. Bihaan recalls Thapki’s words and feels sad.

The first round completes and pandit tells about second promise. Vasundara thinks she will not let accept Thapki in her family. The pandit tells about more rounds and Vasundara promises to do everything for Dhruv’s happiness. Dhruv pulls the door and it opens. Dhruv comes out. Bihaan recalls his words to Thapki. Dhruv holds his head and walks with difficulty. The rounds continue.

The pandit says this is final round now, and then you will be husband and wife. Dhruv is still walking in the corridor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Fast dhruv stop thapki marriage.I want you to marry thapki not bihaan

  2. Hurry Up Dhruv!!!That’s like a hero…Bihaan you should fell shame on you…You are taking your brother’s love by cheating…

  3. Really vasundra was a blo*dy mom…
    Please Dhruv getup & go first..
    All the fans of TPK wants to Dhruv Tlapki pair not Bihan Thapki …

  4. Dhruv will stop the marriage… r not???

  5. here Bihaan is not cheating..
    Dhruv’s mom is playing with her 2 son’s life.

  6. Didn’t see today..thanks for such a fast update..dhruv please stop this cheating marriage..and marry thapki..

  7. I think everybody watching. Serials. For. Their own. Entertainment. And please keep a pleasure. For us thapki.

  8. I don’t think dhruv will reach in time. As per thapki interview in you tube, she completes the seven pheras with that bihaan. Spoilers also say that aditi will be paired with dhruv. Completely ekta type serial. Writer trying the usual serial formulas. No guts to think outside the box and show something different.

  9. It’s Dhruki’s marriage and not bihaan’s…
    Marriage will happen at any cost!!! Bcoz god is always with good people…

  10. Oh god….all the serial are same …elder son love an guy and have good time together …when it come to marriage the writer cant tolerate them to get they will make a twist like elder son will marry the sister of the girl he loved and gril will marry the younger son..
    wen serial start it was clear two son two daughter.great director/writer didnt change the the serial mandra…gud go …appericaiate your involment.carry …for you good TRP for last one week …as if the twist happen TRP will go down…bye…now…say you goodbye soon

  11. I will not watch this serial and not even read written update too irritating??????

  12. this is very bad episode …………|dhruv ko jald he mandap aana cchahiye ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

  13. ranuu uuuuuuuu”””””””””””””””””””””’ MAT DEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK



  16. Hawticiouxangel

    Dhruv ke aate hi pandit will be like aaj se aapdono pati patni huaY and stuff and here dhruv will be shocked and on the other side the families will be shocked to see dhruvv!!!? expected tpk to be a different and unique one but I was wrong ??

  17. Pls writers dhruv and thapki

  18. pleaswe dhruv stop this marriage we dose not see thapki and bihaan u stop first this marriage and u marry thapki. Pleas……………………………………… writers dhruv and thapki

  19. now its final I’ll not see it… worst show…. let see if happen something nice…. if bihaan and thpki’s pair brings some thing nice, rocking… then I’ll again start watching it… haha … but currently i’m very much angry….

  20. In Facebook, the profile pic changed from tharuv to thapki bihaan. Now the cvs are forcing their choice down our throats. Nonsense!!!!

  21. well bihann obedient and he will mend his ways and come in right mainstream of life with the help of thapki and twist is good. plz no more condemn. look it from another angel

  22. I had thought that great, finally there is a program that shows unconventional topics and deals with them unconventionally, but if bihaan marries thapki, it’ll be the same old crap..I wish it doesn’t happen like this..I’ll stop watching it if it happens..

  23. Oh and it is also very stupid that no one recognizes unnatural..

  24. so bad vasu is… hate her…

  25. now its turn to tell dhruvki –> bipki

  26. so bad vasu is… hate her…

  27. I think now it will be interesting… there will be many nokjhoks b/w bipki…. I’m sure bihaan will fall in love with thapki

  28. Vasu said that she can’t accept thanking as her son’s wife……….Bihan is also his son……….that means tpk is showing that only the biological mother is the real mother…….step mother can never love her step child

  29. such a f**king serial dis is.had started watching for dhruv n thapki more interested in
    serial all r super boring

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