Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki and Bihaan arguing over the false swear he made. He says what can happen, I can just die, our relation is fake, nothing will happen, if anything happens to me, what will happen to you, you just know to hurt everyone. She gets sad. Darmiyaan…..plays…………

Its morning, Preeti hears music. Dadi makes her note some address. Preeti notes wrong address. Dadi sees the address and asks her to call Bihaan and Thapki. Preeti goes. Thapki comes there. Dadi asks about Bihaan. Thapki says Bihaan…… Bihaan comes with Bau ji and says I went for imp work. Dadi asks her to go to imp work again, and gives her address, asking him to go to Singh’s house and get some farm mangoes. She asks him to take Thapki. He says I will go alone, no need to take Thapki. Dadi insists

and says Singh wanted to meet Thapki. They leave. Dadi says Singh does not know Thapki and tells Bau ji that she has sent Thapki and Bihaan together so that they come close. She smiles.

Thapki and Bihaan come to wrong address and see cold storage. Thapki says Dadi said about mangoes, this is cold storage, we will call Dadi and ask. Bihaan says no need to trouble Dadi, maybe Singh work here, we will go inside and see. He knocks the door. They get inside cold storage, wherein temp is very low. He calls Singh uncle. Thapki feels cold. She says there is no one to answer, its ice formed everywhere here, if we wait here, we will get frozen, will Singh sit in this cold temp, we will call Dadi, why are you not listening. He says I heard you once and has bear the result, I m not old Bihaan, I will not listen to you again. She says if I m right then… he says it will be wrong for me.

She says there is no use to argue with you, there is no mobile network here. The man locks the cold storage. Thapki tries opening the door and finds it locked. She knocks for help. She tells Bihaan. He checks the door and says its locked, its not opening. She says that’s what I was telling you. He shouts for help. They argue. She says I told you we came on wrong address, is it my mistake now. He says I came here because of you. She says this is your problem. They feel cold. He says I fought with world for you, what did I get in return. She asks him to do something and shivers with cold. He tries hitting the door with box. He sees Thapki shivering….

He sees the temperature 2 degrees and gets shocked. He removes his coat and covers her. He holds her close. Hamari adhuri kahani…..plays…………….. Bihaan rubs his hand for warming. Thapki rubs his back and hands. He hugs Thapki. She looks at him and recalls their moments where he always supported her. Thapki says Bihaan …. And is unable to bear the cold. She says before I die, I want to tell you something. He thinks I should also express my feelings before I die. He says if I m not alive…… I want to tell you…. I lov….. He gets unconscious and falls there. She shouts Bihaan.

Inna sona yara heeriye…. Ranjha mera ranjha…………. Plays……….. Thapki recalls his words and covers him with his jacket. She cries and asks him to get up. She warms his hands and hugs him. She rubs his hands and legs. She worries and shivers with cold. She too gets unconscious as temperature falls to – 9 degrees. She falls over Bihaan and closes eyes…………

Bau ji holds his chest and falls down. Everyone get shocked seeing Bihaan with the knife. Dhruv asks Bihaan what did you do. They all rush Bau ji to hospital.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Murtaza

    Thanks for the update.. Good episode. I don’t need bihan to die…bihaaan please express to thapki that you love her so much. I feel thapki will save him and he realize that he made a mistake to get angry on her….

  2. sag

    slightly disappointed because
    confusion reh gya A 4 aaddha n A 4 adhoora….

    But still what a fabulous episode…

  3. anu

    i love thahaan and cant see them like this in cold storage
    after 306 epi thahaan track is starting
    love it
    precap ????

    • sag

      I think confession come after
      realization nd tpki still not realize it. or
      she will realize it after this cold storage
      maybe that’s why she dreaming like

  4. Shocking precap. ………!!!!!!!!
    What’s going on ……..??????

    Wo yes iv mai manyasa ne yahi twist ke baare mai kahatha………!!!!!!!!
    I am really exciting to watch next few episodes. …….

  5. Ally

    Good episode……
    I feel that both of them want to confess their love ??

    Horrible precap…..
    What happened to Bauji….
    All are looking at Bihaan who is with a knife…. ????

    • sag

      I think confession come after
      realization nd tpki still not realize it.
      she will realize it after this cold
      maybe that’s why she dreaming like

  6. Thahaan,very happy to see you together….but,at the same time,feeling sad to see their in critical situation.anyways,as a thahaan fan I am really satisfied .Guys…did you see the precap,totally a confusing one!!!! I think the every members of the pandey family except Thapki will become suspect Bihaan…Thapki…don’t make him alone.plssss.

    • Princess

      I think it is a plan made by family members to sort out things between thahaan….thapki’s dream sequence will take place at pn in absence of family members… I think the precap is for same.

  7. panchi

    Aj ka episode ultimate tha… thahaan hugged each other.. They will be saved nai to sTory aage kaise badhegi.. but I m very confused with the precap..

    • vinlora

      Hmm I’m 100 percent sure santhosh. ..Hey shraddha ka hi plan hai….lekin jo hoga sab achche ke liye hoga…dekhna ….is pure drama ke end mein thahaan ek honge hi ….

  8. nasreen

    Ha anu.. this is the first thahaan hug scene.. idha than namma romba naala expect pannom.. illa. im happy to see this.. i cant wait to watch next episode.

    Yes murtaza.. thapki will save bihaan. we already knew that.
    And frnds …pls help me .. how to see colors live streaming.

  9. Fatarajo

    Wow what an episode loved it wanted Bihaan to confess his love for Thapki but that’s didn’t happen :/ but anyways nice episode wow thahaan wala cute scene made me happy today if not I was so disappointed yesterday cold storage scene was good but creepy so sad they both fainted in the end but shocking precap :O what is going on

  10. Rinka

    I almost cried while watching the episode.. awesome just loved it.. hope thapki realize her love soon.. but precap what happened?? I think in the spoiler they said bauji slapping bihaan.. May b bauji saved thapki as bihaan pushed her?? something happened?? just guessing.. don’t know.. even thapki not there in the precap..

  11. Fatarajo

    I don’t know what to watch at 7pm Thapki Pyaar ki or Kaala Teeka both the shows had awesome episode today and both also have shocking precap luckily I was free today both thahaan and KaYu love these pairs a lot

  12. vinlora

    Totally loved today’s episode….manyasa u both are too good … awesome expression….tired of watching after so many eyelocks I’m very glad to see thahaan first proper hug…..chahe kuch bhi ho jaye ab tharuv kabhi ek nahi honge …kyunki thahaan are made for each other..perfect couple. .aaj meine un dono ke aankho mein ek duje ke liye beintheha mohabbath dekhhi. …love u manyasa. …
    Aaj pura episode ek jagaha se hile bina dekh rahthi mein. .thahaan emotions mein kho gayi thi thabhi …ek jatka. .. Precap……Hey CV’S bhi na. ..patha nahi kaisa kaisa shock dethe hai….
    Lekin phir bhi I’m thinking positive. ..
    Lagta hai cold storage scene ke baad wo thapki dream sequence hoga phir bihaan thapki ko giratha hai phir ballu ji se bihaan ko thappad padega. ..uske baad koi theesra ballu ji ko chaku marta hai phir bihaan wo chaku nikaaltha hai , sab log bihaan ko blame karthe hai lekin thapki bihaan ka saath dethi hai….jaise bihaan ne thapki ka saath diya shayad iss baar thapki ki baari. …shayad is baar bihaan ke saath thapki gar se baahar ja sakthi hai. ….

    • Hai dosth…..I am late thinking. ..
      you clear my doubt. …..!!!!?????

      Precap mai bihaan ne itni nervous kyo thi hunhone bauji ko dekh ke ek words bi nahi bola ….. Why..?
      Bill kull ek moorthi ki thara kade rahatha…..!!!! Hain na…?

      I think bihaan ke gusse ki vajayse anjaane mai bauji ka a haalath huva ……!!!!!!!?????
      Share your opinion. …. waiting for your comment.

    • sag

      actually vinlora n santosh both situation can possible…

      but santosh bihaan ko bauji ne pehale bhi to thappad mare hai na..
      bihaan ko ma or bauji pr gussa aahi nahi sakta…
      or precap me bauji niche hall me or bihaan sidio se niche aata hai….

      but kya pta accident bhi ho sakta hai jese tum ne kaha

      • I am talking about OLV ……
        I think bihaan is serious health problem. ….!!!!!!
        He is acting …..!!!!!

        Wo kabibi bauji ke saamne iss thara baath nahi karthe…..

      • sag

        After watching this OLV I think u r right it something like that accidentally stabbing drama as accidently bauji stabbed but still questions is by whom ??

        by bihaan ???

        No no not by bihaan …

        i cant wait to watch it

    • sag


      I think precap create suspense not ruined today’s episode’s pleasure….

      m I right or m I right

      • Thapki

        Yaar For me it ruined and new upcoming videos im feeling sick after watching them they are so instense i cant even watch the upcomimg track

  13. sag

    friends in cold storage bihaan want to confess his love but what thapki want to say ? I don’t think she also want to confess her love. because she is not realize her love…

    nd I like to suggest to all
    “precap chhodo aaj ke episode ka recap dekho ;)”

    kyoki aaj k episode ka ek hi baar retelecast hoga

  14. What’s happening in tomw episode I don’t think I’m going to like this, it’s confusing as to why behaan got nife on him.

  15. plzzz…cntinue bihaan nd thapki love like ths only…i dont like seeing bihaan alone…plzzzzz…bt,pecap was horrible…actually whats the mattr,i wnt to know it… i m so excited to watch nxt few more episodes….

  16. moni

    Guys coming episode…thapki sees bihaan dancing wid her holding her tight but its only her imagination….n she smiles..later on she tries to appologise to bihaan by decorating whole pandey nivaas…she writes a big I AM SORRY note wid flower decoration…n even a moving toy train which is holding a chit saying “I AM SORRY BIHAAN…yours CHUK CHUK GADI”…when bihaan comes, he sees all the arrangements n is really angry…thapki tells him dat even maa n my relation is ok now so why cant our relationship be ok…bihaan says which relationship r u talking about which was never between them n in his anger he pushes thapki on floor..just dan bauji comes n scolds bihaan for doing dis….thapki is all set to win over his love bihaan n i m sure we will soon c thahaan love confession n romance…thahaan rocks…

  17. ishu

    oh….its first hug…..thahaan…i like u alot yar….intha sceen ku tha ithana nal kathukitu irunthom…thahaan sceens make me very emotional… eyes r ful of tears…i cant cntl my emotions..iits mindblowing…..
    i saw utube…..thapki try to convice bihaan bt he didnt agree… they r still fighting…..
    and what the helll the precap……its so annoying….what they upto….the cvs wat try to say us????!!!!?
    we want only thahaan sceens….
    thahaan forever………..thahaan rockzzzzzzz….

  18. Thank you so much Moni for upcoming stunning news about Thahaan….but,precap which makes confusion.what ever it is Thapki will soon realize her feeling.Then,Thahaans mesmerising moments only….oh!I am super excited.Manish… are perfectly Gajab.

  19. Sam

    Yaarr plzzz let be tahaan together. O want more romantic scene. Yes its true it was soo emotional. I saw this episode twice already. Plz bihaan maaf kardoo tapki koo and start your life with her. Druve u crazy maan told blame poor thing. Please. I m getting butyerflies in my tummy. So see the next episode. And writer if u plan to separate then i m not gonna watch it. Thaaannnnn u guys are the best.

  20. Nages

    Today’s episode is the best …. touch my heart so much…really superb and mindblowing… Thahaan is best…Hoping for better episode tomorrow…. change the precap into positive story… a bit worried….Always there will something happen to drag Thahaan’s love track…let see what happen tomorrow…✌

  21. Rachana

    A speechless episode i admit i really cried…but precap was just horrible…really dumbstruck…

  22. sag

    I think confession come after realization nd tpki still not realize it. or she will realize it after this cold storage scenes…

    maybe that’s why she dreaming like bhihaan…

  23. abi

    Happy for today episode…its awesome….romantic too…always bihaan u bihaan…….precap s disturbed…bihaan having problem ah

  24. Mridula

    What we expect is actually what the writers don’t expect and what the writers expect we don’t expect. This is what the serial is all abt…????Lol..???
    But thahaan scenes are life of tpk..?their relation should be improved ASAP. ??

    • Parvini

      I episode was good..but come on how long does it take to finish a confession.???.. And the cold storage secen in krishidashi was better. I mean they are again rehashing the reason why they are mad at each Bhiaan.. But again repeating he is not the same.we get it.. And they drag on..

      Bottom line Thapki needs to fall in love with Bhiaan.. I don’t think she ever loved druv.

      • Mridula

        I don’t see krishndasi so I don’t know…but ya I also think thapki would have started loving dhruv if she had married him…she had just started having some feeling but then bihaan married her..! But they are taking too long to show some understanding between thahaan??

  25. Ferdousi

    Great episode. I think it’d Shraddahs plan. After all Bihann found out that she is faking her pregnancy and nearly got her secret out. She probably wants to get her own back. After all she is crazy…

  26. Nimisha ?

    Really good episode.

    Loved that Thapki said that even Bihan was talking like a chuc chuc gaadi when they were both in the cold store.

    Bihan becoming unconscious was more like he,d been shot, but maybe it was his body going into shock.

    At the end I was like ??? Worrying about them both, but then the stupid Precap showed Bihan alive so took the whole cliffhanger moment away. I have no idea what that was about, Bihan thinks of Bauji as his Bhagwan, so he won’t have stabbed him and Bihan looked totally shocked so will have to wait and see,

  27. Rinka

    TPK is nowadays on track…. thank God they have stopped diwakar scenes atleast… 29th April’s episode was the best one… I loved it.. :$

  28. Fatarajo

    I agree. It was one of the best episode of TPK today. But I love the episode the most where thahaan got drunk and was full of masti I don’t remember the epsjode number this is my second fav episode because couldn’t see thahaan in this state . Lol after 306 episodes hahahha. TPK is dragging but not dragging like KKB, KKB also less dragging these days, looks like IPL gave TPK and KKB some sense not to drag the show? Btw anyone knows TPK trp I hope it gets great Trp more than SSK especially

  29. Kana

    After bauji slap bihaan,bauji totally upset and worrying about the incident
    Dadima- ballu i knw u r worring abt that incident, but how are u going to handle this situatiin?
    Bauji- we have to do something to unite thapki and bihaan and we need to clear misunderstaning between them
    Dadima -but how it is possible?
    Bauji- i have an idea
    Dadima- wat?
    Both of them plan something
    Nxt scene
    Bauji put some red paint and give the knife to bihaan and fall down and shouting (bcz without worrying and without running towards bauji,bihaan just watching surprisingly like why buaji doing like this)
    Hereafter everyone come and hold bauji and he point out towards bihaan
    At hospital
    Everyone blaming and scolding bihaan for this incident that time thapki’s entry will happen
    Thapki is the one who only know how much bihaan loves his bauji,so thapki will support bihaan and arguing with others that bihaan couln’t do this even he can’t think against bauji
    That time bauji and dadima end their acting and reveal their plan’s purpose
    Then our thahaan love track will start easily
    This is my point of view bcz everbody knows bihaan how much love his family speacially bauji,so i should be acting planned by bauji to unite thahaan
    Let’s wait and see 🙂

  30. For many days whenever I watch TPK I always forwarded the scene, after soo many days today I watched the entire episode without skipping a scene it was that much awesome thahaan rocks loved the episode a lot especially when thahaan hug an Thapki said to Bihaan even u starte stammering

  31. Thapki

    The upcoming track makes me feel sick no doubt manish did great job ….but why is bihan doing this …i dont want tharuv back ..watching this show because of thahaan…even i started watching it after thahaan marriage.
    Please reunite thapki and bihaan this.the height of dragging

  32. Tara

    actually in the upcoming episode bauji scolds bihaan for pushing thapki. In anger bihaan tells that he doesn’t want to stay with her.bauji tells that he is not his son and ask dhruv to throw him out. after a while bauji goes to talk to bihaan. But in anger he takes out a knife and ask bauji to stab him and accidently bihaan stabs bauji.

  33. Maira

    Nimisha i think Jo precap main dikhaya hai WO aaj ke episode main hoga hi nahi,bcz pehle bhi ek baar sharddah ko ek precap main nakle pait lagate huay dikhaya tha aur WO episode hua hi nahi,ye bhi ho Sakta hai leikn kiya pata thapki air bihaan Bach jain aur dono ek dusray se love ???????confess kar Lein aur WO celebrated kar rahe hon aur bihaan ke knife par blood me bajai cream late ho? Leikn phir bauji he us ki taraf kiun point kia? kuch pata nahi????????

  34. ankitha

    episode padkar bahut rona ayi mein aaj se tpk nahi dekthi hu
    jab bhihan se thapki ki shaadi hogaya i confirmed that 99 percent tharuv pair nahi hogi phir bhi 1 percent ko bhi miss karna nahi chahthi thi

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