Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kosi talking to Shraddha about Thapki’s plan. Thapki comes there. Kosi asks Shraddha to leave. Kosi tells Thapki that I flopped your plan, if you act smart, your Bihaan will make you leave this house. Thapki says whatever Bihaan does with me, I won’t let you harm him, this time you won because of Shraddha, but I did not lose, I will make you out of Bihaan’s life. Kosi laughs and says you will slip such that you will stumble in walk, Bihaan is my son and he will do what I tell him, you have entered his life forcibly, if you want to be alive, leave from this house, else I will kick you out.

Thapki goes to Dadi and cries, asking her to get up for Bihaan, you know they are wrong people. Dadi recalls Naman’s words of killing Bihaan, and holds Thapki’s hand.

Thapki asks her to get up, give me your hand. Dadi tries to lift her hand. Kosi beats a plate and calls everyone. Thapki hears sound and says something can happen with Bihaan. She rushes. Kosi asks them to come here. Bihaan sees decorations and asks whats all this. Kosi says Thapki does not regard me mum, but I regard her as daughter, you both spend time and clear the misunderstandings, annoyances. Preeti says Kosi booked movie tickets for us, we all are going, Kosi arranged this dinner for you.

Kosi asks Bihaan to talk to Thapki, and be happy. She goes with everyone. Bihaan asks Thapki to see, she is my mum, with whom you did so much wrong, anyways, I don’t want to do all this, I promised Maa that I will not break her heart, I won’t let you do this, you have to support me even if you don’t want. She says I will get ready and come. She goes away and says I will support you, I have to say truth and make you belief that Kosi is wrong.

A candle is seen. Naman says I have kept this candle on the dining table, it had bomb. Kosi smiles and says when candle melts… Naman says there will be blast, none can doubt on us, they know we have gone to watch movie. Kosi says none can save Bihaan and Thapki. Dadi tries to get up. She falls in the bed and tries again. Dai manages to sit and calls out Thapki.

She says Thapki I m with you, I won’t let anything happen with you and Bihaan. She cries. She holds the table and stands on her feet. Thapki comes there and gets surprised seeing Dadi. Dadi walks to her. Thapki cries happily and says Dadi maa, you are able to walk. Dadi says yes, now I m able to speak too, take me to Bihaan, I will tell him Kosi’s truth. Thapki says come, everything will get fine. Dadi gets dizzy. Thapki asks what happened and makes her sit on the bed.

Thapki comes to Bihaan and says Bihaan…. He says don’t say anything, we got much distance between us, just listen to your heart. She says but…. He lifts her and takes her to table. She asks him to listen. He says don’t say anything, just hear your heart and feel our togetherness, maybe it will get us together and end this distance. She says but…. He keeps finger at her lips and signs her not to say. Kosi says picture got over, we will go home and see live picture there. Naman says don’t worry. She says worry will end when everything is as per our plan. Bihaan serves the juice to Thapki. Thapki says Bihaan, I….. He smiles and asks for her dance.

Thapki holds his hand. Bihaan kisses her hand and they dance on the song Ae dil hai mushkil… They have an eyelock. He gets close and stops her holding her dupatta. The candle is shown. They dance romantically. He holds her close. The candle melts down.

Kosi tells Thapki about the candle kept on dining table, there is bomb in it. Thapki asks Bihaan to get away, this candle will blow. Bihaan says I will know the truth, if Kosi wants to kill me or you are doing bad with her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Still hoping dadi saves thapki from leaving. Stupid track, earlier it was reported that bihaan is acting to be with kosi, now they’ve changed the track again. When is it going to end?

  2. complete it fast

  3. Hi friend sruthi mera…if you can pls comment yaar.Thahaan looking really cute and their scenes are good to see.In my view point is, Dhruvs entry is a conformed news then he could tried to help Thapki for reveal the truth.Thats it there is no Tharuv only Thahaan…Hi…Garima where are you dear?

  4. Vah ji vah, kiya baat hai~! So let me get this straight… You’re telling me that Bihaan a man who was always very rude and rough suddenly meets his biological mother and all of a sudden he has complete and utter faith in her… shouldn’t he try to ask why they didn’t come looking for him earlier…? Why didn’t Kosi care for his existence until John needed a kidney!? Why isn’t Bihaan the least bit suspicious. Also I understand that Sankar is a village girl, but don’t tell me that she doesn’t have the common sense to straight up tell Bihaan that they were supposed to get married as kids… Why is it so impossible to have common sense in the fictional world… I know sometimes emotions can take over our better judgement, but seriously, as much as I like to watch the show for the actors, honestly the plot line is stretching too much and I’m getting a feeling that we’re gonna have an incomplete series finale!!

  5. Dadi pleeeeese speak up fast.

  6. I dont understand w the writer jii..
    The story doesn.t make sense.. N i dont like t next epi.. So sad ?

  7. Nice episode …jst becz of thahaan part..was .so adorable today love it…hope jald hi ye bura,waqt khatam hoga n we will see some good tracks…in future

  8. Stupid drama now needs this story line to
    Finish and the saanskar is an idiot she needs to use some common

  9. O good when will this end up. Precap is interseting. Hope kosi kand ends up soon. Dadi tell the truth. Now Bihaan will gone through the truth. Thapki apni pregnancy ki baat kab batogi, jaldi bata do isse phle tum or Bihaan alag ho jaye. Thahaan scene was ossom. Waiting for precap.


      miscarriage hone ke baadh bathayegi….??

  10. How long this shit going to be shown??

  11. Anu r u right and sure about Thapki and Bihaan’s separation. To serial walo ne kya bache ko maar dala. If this happen then i will stop watching this show. Bihaan listen to Thapki first, very angry on u but your act was amazing. Ye shraddha kabhi nahi sudhregi. He guys i am new here ,would anyone be my friend pls. Anu spcly u. Pls


      hai dosth….
      most welcome…
      we are all u r friends….

  12. RANdomfANCreationz

    Last part of the epi is good. Maybe that’s the last good scene we can see for thahaan before leap. Would have been happier if Thapki would have told Bihaan about her pregnancy would have been so nice and cute if not Bihaan someone should know about this but Not someone like kosi naman sankara or shraddha :/
    But cvs won’t let that happen


      hai JO….

      aaj CVS ki final over(6 MINUTES ) mai 6 ke 6 wicket(6 minutes THAHAAN BEAUTIFUL SCENE ) wo bhi clean bowled out hum thahaan fans …????

      hun logo ne tho bowled out kiya lekin NO BALL pe…?????
      kall NO BALL scene ayega….??saath mai 440 volts ka jatka bhi milega humko….??


      almost 90% serial mai COMBO offer hain..(i am talking about pregnancy )

      tum ko patha hain(do u know )….. ❗❓??
      nahi tho kall batha hoonga(i will answer tomorrow )…..????

    3. RANdomfANCreationz

      Haha right sare no balls par ??? areh Wah Santosh Kya commentary karte Ho Paar this time Cricket match me mera sar aur garam kiya ???
      Leap Ke bath sirf one epi dekhunga then final decision out or not out ? Most probably out ? And after 7 oct EDKV off air Ke Baath won’t watch any Indian drama ? Will let Mom watch what she wants Mom Also used to watch Tpk like me she thought show end ?

      1. SANTHOSH

        hi Jo…..
        TOI yet not confirmed any bad news, i still hope??
        …. ???
        u see the link…. ❗❓
        u must watch this video…..


    4. RANdomfANCreationz

      Good to see change in thapki character. Chalo hope she won’t be a Mahaan atma this time her Mahaan atma always creates problem
      Want thapki to be a Strong independent lady and if leap then hope she won’t forgive Bihaan easily sorry to say par Bihaan me bohot galat liya and he deserves a punishment for that and also hope she gives birth to the baby also instead of miscarriage

  13. Itni tension aaj tak nahi hui..Paagal Cv’s ke paagal spoilers dekhar dimag kharab ho gaya hai….Aur woh ankit ka return and leap me bihaan-sankar ka marriage..Yeh sab dikayenge na..Toh poora Thahaan fans personally set visit karke Cv’s pe chappalo ki baarish karenge..Serial stress relieve karne ke liye hota hain,naa ki dil bar ke tensions ke list aur ek add karne ke liye..

  14. anyway that writers won’t change the track for viewers they wants to confuse viewers.that’s only their goal.I hate Sankara,kosi.

  15. Brain eating track ,thapki needs to be quiet in front of him n his mother but she always announce her bad plans in front of whole family .. she have to play double role , in front of family she has to support kisi but in back she has to confront her in front of family.

  16. Itni tension sapola track mein bhi nahi huva tha jo ab is pagalpanthi mmein ho rahi hai. ..CV’S kitne sadist hogaye hai yaar ?….hum Thahaan fans ko tension diye bina rehe nahi jaata un logo ko ?hamesha thahaan ko separate karne mein yi lage rahete hai ???
    Waise TPK dekhna chod diya hai maine. .aaj mann thoda shaanth hai????

  17. Rubbish it’s about time this went off air. As the story is now dragging. The girl boy got married they got together and now kid happy ever after and end. As seriously the writers are going off track they could explore how his dad died but no they are playing silly games. Thank god I did waste time watching. Thanks for the up date. Now go off air tapki it’s lost its attraction.

  18. Guys jigs going on a leave. Thats why this track is dragging….
    She is going with AB to europe.. ??? uff
    Hate him….

    Its turn bad

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Oh so after leap thapki go Europe acha chalo something good happened ? Tpk Ke saath Europe ka safar bhi Ho jayega ?
      Chalo nothing is serious between ankit and jigysa

  19. Hiii…guys I m new here



  20. i read it sumwer … daadi will not support thapki as sum1 forces her to say against thapki… bihaan gets angry and sends her out of pandey nivas…. rubbish track…. tiered of all this but jus watching for thahaan… day by day dey are spoiling bihaans character also….dumb cvs

  21. Hi anu.. How do u know that jig is going to europe? Going to it part of track? Or just take vocation or she quits from tpk? It wont be good anymore if thapki’s new avatar is not jig. I just read rumor that bihaan will marry sankar.. anyone knows about that rumor?

    1. Its not a part of tpk….. ???
      She is going on a leave….

      Bt ha. Now after memory loss we will see a new modern thapki.. ??

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Memory loss so boring and typical track
        But good that thapki will change

  22. RANdomfANCreationz

    TPk this week trp is 1.4 wow increase in trp in other shows when they show cosy romance trp usually dip but for the first time seeing a show trp increase clear indictation fans watching show only for thahaan romance and nothing else even i m surprised
    And Maha epi trp is 1.9 that’s quite good and also Maha epi was quality epi deserving epi ka deserving trp (one of the only two and only Maha epi of Tpk i liked other one is daandiya wala)
    I hope makers will now open their eyes and hope they understand why trp increase ans is thahaan so don’t seperate thahaan

  23. RANdomfANCreationz

    Tpk makers r very bad in Maths that’s for sure they were suppose to show divorce track 3 months after thahaan marriage but they show after almost a year and thapki pregnancy they suppose to show after 2 months at least they show after 3 days
    Kya Maths hain ???

  24. so, thapki is not worried about dadi’s wellbeing at all….stupid stuff. She has a very good chance to expose kosi but, what the hack, let’s eat. This is like modern movies, let’s put a song here for no reason.

  25. I hate this serial because the director hurt thapki and her life

  26. Hating this Serial now……..
    And again tomorrows episode would be the worst…….
    Bomb blast will happen and Kosi will die. In pressure Dadi will Blame Thapki and Bihaan will SLAP her And ask her to LEAVE the house, being unald be the leapware of her pregnancy and then would be the leap but before that there would be Only TORTURE

  27. Thank u guys…

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