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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman asking some men to tease Thapki. She says she will send Bihaan there and then Bihaan will beat the men, and become hero in Thapki’s eyes. Preeti hears her plan. Thapki goes to market to buy vegetables. Bihaan scolds the veg vendor for giving bad vegs to Pandey Nivaas membet. He says he will beat him. Thapki stops him and says he has apologized. He says I can take care, I told you not to come to help me. He says world runs by seeing power. She holds his hand and says you won’t beat anyone for my sake and gives him Vasundara’s promise. Suman looks on. Bihaan says you won’t change and goes.

Suman says where are the menm I wanted to make Bihaan a hero. Chantu and Bantu see Thapki and think why is Suman making us do this, Thapki is from her home. Preeti

comes there and asks are they going to tease Thapki. Chantu says Suman told us. Preeti gives them city hospital slip and says she booked beds for them. They laugh saying they are fine. Preeti says look there and shows Bihaan sitting angry. She says Bihaan will break your bones. They run from there. Preeti says Suman’s plan failed. Thapki tells Suman that she will get fruits from there.

Diwakar washes the bike and sings. His mum comes and asks him to stop dreaming. He says he loves Kiara. Aditi laughs seeing him. She calls Raghav and says Diwakar ruined in my love, tell me what to do next. Preeti tells Suman that she has sent Chantu and Bantu. The goons come there and tease Thapki. Suman and Preeti look on. Bihaan gets angry seeing this. Suman says real goons have come to do my work, Bihaan will beat them and will become hero in Thapki’s eyes.

The goons stop Thapki’s way and laugh. Bihaan fumes and walks to them. Suman says now I will get diamond ring, Bihaan will become Thapki’s hero by beating the goons. Bihaan stops Thapki’s words. The goon says no one will come to help you. Bihaan comes in between and asks why are they wasting time by teasing this girl, she stammers and you both will run as if you saw a ghost. Preeti laughs. Bihaan says she will talk but by stammering, as she is Chuk Chuk Gaadi. The man asks is he saying truth. Bihaan swears on them and asks Thapki to say a line and show. Suman asks why is Bihaan doing drama.

Bihaan says Thapki has no courage, maybe her tongue can help her, she could not help herself, who will help her. The goon pushes Bihaan and says we will decide what to do with her. Bihaan gets angry. Aditi fools Diwakar in her love and asks him to meet him. He gets excited. Thapki scolds the goons and stammers. She says her hands does not stammer and she will beat them with her sandals. Other women come there and beat the goons. Bihaan smiles.

Preeti tells Suman that Thapki became heroine, Bihaan did not become a hero. The tea vendor asks Bihaan why did he not beat the men. Bihaan says he has beaten them by Thapki’s hands, his hands were tied by helplessness, so he has made other’s hands strong to protect herself. Suman and Preeti look for Thapki. The goons see Thapki and get angry as she got them beaten by public. They follow her. Bihaan holds the goons before they reach Thapki.

Thapki does not know about it and leaves. Bihaan holds their neck. The goons say Bihaan does not have strength, so he has made the girl beat them. They beat Bihaan and taunt him. Bihaan stops recalling Thapki’s words. They call him useless and beat him. Bihaan gets much beaten up. Thapki stops to get her purse and leaves. She sees Suman and Preeti in the auto and sits with them. They all leave while Bihaan gets beaten up. The goons scold him and leave. Bihaan holds his anger.

Bihaan comes home in beaten up state and slips. Thapki scolds him a lot. She says he is wrong always.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh God…
    Don’t make Hero Bihaan for Thapki…
    As Thapki has no feelings for him…
    I thought story will turn by when they will stay together..
    But What is it???
    Thapki leave Dhruv saying he failed to gain her trust…Silly girl Thapki…You don’t know how much Dhruv tried…
    And now Thapki is acting like she is the heroine…She scold Bihaan without knowing the whole fact…
    Precap is quite disappointed…Bihaan has been beaten by the goons so badly.Instead of curing him Thapki scold him like a dumboo…
    Now I hate your stupid ego Thapki…

  2. OMG !!!!! Bihaan and Thapki you both were soo cute…love you both very much…Bipki pair was GREAT…..

  3. Episode tho goodhe. Lekin bihaan ko ese marpeet karna aur thapiki bihaan se esa bath karna muje bilkul achinahilagi. Bihaan rudehe lekin kithana achethe. Muje pathahe Thapiki ko epathanahihe fibe esabath karna muje bahuth buralagi. Bihaan be thapiki kesath esa bath karna nahichahie.
    Kisi ka behavier usiki environment me depends karthahe. Bihaan be asithe esiko mmabap nahithe aur asi envirinment me badehuvaki vaha hamesha fighting,setilments etc esub bihaan ko rude banaya aur achaeko chupaya. Esiki vaje achaeki pehale sabiko bihaan ki rude dhikthihe.(bihaan ) Ache ensan ko hamesha misunderstand karna muje achinahilagi. Bihaan thapiki ko dhiya vachan ke vaje ethana marpeetkanapada varna … lekin thapiki tho samajthinahina plz bihaan ko understand karo aur math danto thapiki.

  4. Bakwaasssssssssss……infinite tyms……plz stop waching thapki pyar ki…it’s going worst day by day….wt nonsense??????

  5. Stupid show
    Suru suru dhruv and thapki ki love story dikhaye baad mey vihaan ko bithaa diyaa
    Purey show mey thapki ablaa dhikhayi hay
    Ek voh middle class family belong karti hay dusara atak ataak kar bolti hay
    Dhokay say sadi sadi nahi hoti
    Asey koi bhi gunda mavali sadi kar lay baad sadi key naam gulami karo
    Sab gallat ho rahaa hay
    Jiskey saath mangni tuti usko sabaak sikhaney may padey ho
    Aur sisbey dhokey say saadi ki usko maaf kar diyaa
    Diwakar ko aab kyo dikha rahey ho
    Dhruv and thapki best pair

  6. I agree with you Brity. This is Thapki and Dhruv’s love story! They are like made for each other.
    We never see Dhruv anymore and Thapki’s cute hicupping scenes with Dhruv.
    It’s really frustrating.

  7. Love the show, but not liking Thapki, the character, right now. She becomes so high and mighty when it comes to Bihaan, but has no backbone in dealing with anyone else.

  8. Is thapki madd bihaan is doing soo much for her…

  9. wow….i like it….bihan&thapki is very cute yar….i wish both of join together…its so funny.really i njy that.

  10. thapki goes flop…disgusting!!

    negative mentality

  11. Praneet Samaiya

    Writer you spoiled the very good show, storyline too slow, senseless, Dhruv is now became just a character artist, if the pace will not increase I am sure audience will not have any interest in watching, I was watching this show from the beginning, first it was good but now its too senseless. Worst thing you made is Thapki married Bihaan, than its been more than a month, no clues what so far of Vasundhara’s being the mastermind behind it. Divakar since how long he and his family will stay in Pammi’s house without marriage? How is it possible? Don’t think audience are fool. Everything cannot be digested. Previously you made look Vasundhara character very strict against Suman and Badki, but now even though Suman burnt Thapki’s mouth, Vasundhara just warn. Come On. Moreover you are streching Bihaan and Thapki’s story in a very wrong path, I think you yourself got confused whether you want to keep their marriage or to make them separate. If want to keep that marriage than give Thapki some clues about why Bihaan married her, try to make them close, but now a days you make look Thapki stupid. If you seriously think what audience wants, then please do think what I commented.
    Good amount of auidence to whom I use to discuss regarding the show has already stopped watching the show because of baseless story.

  12. guys…………some of u said that thapki has no feeling for bihaan and all and all but I want to tell u guys that there used to be a show MERE RANG MEIN RANGNE WALI……the hero’s name was LD and female’s RADHA in the show…… the begaing they too fought like thapki and bihaan and RADHA had no feelings for LD but soon everything changed…….as this is INDIA and all shows over here are same…… it’s my advice to wait and see the story change 🙂

  13. but seriously they could have at least tried to change the plot and make Dhruv and Thapki stay together. T and D = best Jodi.

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