Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki seeing someone going. She goes there and sees Bihaan burning that photo. She asks what is he doing and blows off the fire. She asks why did he do this, he can’t tell truth, when she is trying to find truth, he has done this. He says he does not want family to hate that person, as family hates him. she says she will know the truth. He says he will say the truth, it was Paan with him, who helped him. She says no, this can’t happen, else he would have not gave me album. He says Paan could not see me acting of death and going jail, he had pity on me. She says no, I don’t believe you.

He asks will she agree if Paan tells the same to her. He calls Paan and asks him to tell Thapki the truth. Paan accepts it was him with Bihaan. Thapki cries and says she is

feeling very lonely today. She hugs her family pic. Thapki pyaar ki……….plays………..Bihaan tells Vasundara that Thapki will never know the truth, and promises her. She says I don’t care for Thapki, its fine if she knows truth, but I can’t let Dhruv know truth and I fell in his eyes, I can’t bear to lose my only son and stops…. She turns to Bihaan and says I can’t bear my elder son misunderstands me. Bihaan says your younger son will not let Dhruv know, I will keep an eye on Thapki, that she never does this, take rest now, I will leave.

Its morning, Aditi waits in hotel room and asks Raghav to come soon, this place is strange. She says she should have not come here, without telling family, she will meet Raghav and leave soon. The water comes and gives her water. He adds something in it. She drinks the water and gets dizzy. Diwakar comes there and says surprise. Aditi asks why did he come. He shuts the door and says he came to do which he was waiting for long. She asks him to go and he holds her. He says you have much attitude. He pushes her on the bed and tears her sleeve.

He says you broke my marriage, see what I do now. She says let me go and asks for help. He takes a selfie with her and she cries. He says now you will know what I do with you. He leaves. Dhruv takes his shirt from cupboard and calls out servant to iron it. He says I will do it myself and sees the colored plaster. He recalls Thapki and cries. He irons his shirt. He holds the iron while looking at the plaster. Vasundara shouts Dhruv and he leaves the iron. She asks where is his focus, what was he thinking. Dhruv says I did not see. He goes to change. She says she has to get him rid of Thapki’s memories.

Suman asks Dadi to see the photo frame burnt. Everyone look on shocked. Dadi asks how did this burn. Bau ji asks who did this. Bihaan looks at Thapki. Suman says I don’t know, I found this in store room, I did not do this. Bihaan says I have burnt this.

The inspector arrests Thapki and holds her hand. Bihaan says Thapki is my wife, if anyone touches my wife, I will break his hand. Thapki looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why they are arresting thapki??stupid track pls bring vasundra true spoilers they shown that dhruv will marry someone no I want dhruvki back

  2. Awsome tomorrow.:-) .just waiting for d episode….i can wait for vasu’s truth to be revealed only if they show thahaan scenes like this..they r perfect together..TPK I LOVE U…FOR B 4 BIHAAN N T 4 THAPKI….THAPKI BIHAAN KI……muaaaahhhh….

  3. I hate bihan even more now. Bcoz of him dhruv is crying. And now he burnt the photo frame also.. till when dhruv wil suffer like this. I am quitting to watch this serial now.. good bye TPK

  4. Ugh….. Writers please… Focus on the track which we are waiting to….. Vasu… I must say …..What an evil brain you got ……

  5. B for bihan, b for bakwas, b for bewkoof, b for behuda

  6. Sad!!!!………After dragging this pic from 10 days at the end burned this!!! Disguzting………,.NT GOOD EPI AT ALL!

  7. nice epi…..
    I am watching this serial from two weeks ago …bihaan and thapki rock together…waiting 4 tmrrw epi *_*
    though I feel sad for dhruv 🙁

  8. Wow super precap
    todays episode also dragging

  9. Pls writer ki reveal d truth….I saw in utube dhruv going to marry a new girl for to make thapki to get jealous on him…..if it is happened what abt bihaan….bcz of vasu only alll these happened pls show her face.she doesn’t care both bihaan and thapki…

  10. woow.. Paracap waz suprb and exciting….so sweet…bihaaaan…. W8ng tmarw……..
    I love u b 4 bihaaan….
    Agane druv mrg cheyyan tpaki the lyf n druv out….bye bye druv…
    Hai..deepu hwu.. Ktm etha enik manasilayila..

    1. Kottayam

  11. Today I felt bad for dhruv…I like dhruv but I love thahaan….pls unite thahaan…bcz she only can give true love to bihaan…or pls show vasu’s fake love to bihaan…

  12. Precap is nice…eagerly waiting for tmrw….

  13. Wow I just love bihaan’s dialog Love u bihaan u r arrogant yet good hearted I just love u n this new girl will be the new villain

  14. Is dhruv is going to marry aditi???? Or any other girl???

    1. thapki in d end

  15. Dhruv is gng to marry shreya

  16. Thapki and bihaan&Aditi and dhurv

  17. Bihaan superb ..

  18. precap is so nice,iam so excited to watch tomorrows episode.Bihan you are rocking dear……

  19. such a worst serial it is ?i hate bihaan and i want thapki and dhruv bck bcz true love will not die

  20. i think Dhruv is going to marry adithi ,a new twist in THAPKI PYAR KI

  21. dhruv mom invite a new girl to home her name is shraddha .she is a retired army officer daughter .she come to dhruv home and meet a dhruv and impress him .vasudara so happy to see them the family members also like her .then vasu tell family members to marry dhruv to shraddha . thapki gets shocked . she tell dhruv to move on his life.after shraddha come home to select engement ring coincidently sje select same ring which thapki select the ring during her engement with dhruv .then dhruv how to reaction this situation?

  22. Dhruv is nice but bihaan is best…thahaan rocks together…n yes felt really bad for dhruv when he was crying but…he shud move on..n bihaan u r fantastic…tomorrow’s epi is going to be hit coz u not only took a stand for ur wife but for a lady’s dignity which is a gentleman’s step..gr8…u too just way beyond superb….just be with each other….tpk 😉

  23. Wow amazing precap thapki fall after tmrw episode….. thahaan forever

    1. No, again they fight each other. That is also interesting day by day

  24. @calicut
    thahaan rockzzz:-):-*

  25. Don’t like to watch Thapki pyaar ki anymore. I totally lost interest.
    It looks like there won’t be Thapki and Druve anymore.
    Good bye.

  26. B for Bihan and T for Tapki, they rock.
    They will make apps couple. And what’s wrong with dhruv, I mean his hair. I’m not liking his hair, it makes his head long. And that vasundara she is acting like a psyco, I can’t wait till her truth comes out soon. I’m not liking the way she is also using bihan, she is making him do her dirty work.

  27. thahaan:-)

  28. What must be Vasundra’s punishemnt for her crime? Thapki and Bihaan lead a happy blissful married life and Druve disheartned life, Looking at Druve, how unhappy with his new wife, Vasu should feel miserable and regret her decision to marry off Thapki to Bihaan and spoiled her only son’s life. Her truth should not come out. She alone must know she is the only reason for her son’s misery.

  29. Such a waste of time epi..wasted 30 mins of my life…

  30. M hating this serial. Dhruv should not get married to someone else except thapki. He loves her truly. Nw I have no hope left that they will be together. Flng so bad for dhruv. Luv u dhruv

  31. After 10 days of dragging the photograph scene finally they didn’t reveal the truth.. really pathetic episode. . Hate vasundhara bihaan paan

  32. Flop serial…

  33. I think we should say vah vah to Bihaan for what he did to Thapki and Dhruv. Bihaan is such a bechara becoz he cannot use his own mind and see what his actions did to others around him. Of course he should not suffer bcoz this is reserved only for Dhruv. Continue Bihaan.

  34. I agree with u happy…bcz of vasundra ‘s devil mind dhruvs life spoiled….

  35. b for “bihaan” b for “brilliant” b for “beloved” b for “baadsha” and b for “brave”؛…………

  36. well sorry to say but i think it should be b for “bihaan” b for “betrayer” b for “between”dhruv and thapki and b for bewakuf who does’t uses his own brain…
    only to get the fake love of his mum he seprated the love birds dhruvki …. poor dhruv got cheated just bcoz he love a stammering girl….

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