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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha getting annoyed. Thapki goes to her room. Shraddha asks her to give water. Thapki makes water fall on Shraddha. Shraddha scolds her and goes to clean. Thapki takes her phone and calls that chipku, saying she wants to talk something imp. She fixes meeting with him. Bihaan says we will see him. Aditi asks Diwakar to open the room door. Diwakar says wait, I m planning a surprise for you.

Bihaan and Thapki wait for that guy. The guy comes and greets them. He says he is Rithvik. Bihaan asks why do you call Shraddha often. Rithvik asks did she send you to threaten me. Thapki says no, she does not know we called you. Bihaan asks who are you. Rithvik says I m her BF, I had business loss and came on road, she left me, when I came to know she is getting married,

I could not bear it, I love her a lot. A balloon bursts and the guy gets tensed. He sits down and is scared. Thapki sees the little boy with balloon. She asks Rithvik to tell this truth to her family. Bihaan says Shraddha is marrying my brother, I don’t know she comes in our house by breaking someone’s heart. Thapki asks Rithvik will he say. Bihaan says he can’t say, the man who gets scared by balloon sound, he can’t tell everyone, if he has no courage, then don’t love, he won’t get Shraddha, forget her. Rithvik says no, I can’t forget her, I will do as you say. Bihaan smiles and sees Thapki.

Diwakar shows the surprise to Aditi. She gets shocked seeing decorations in the room. She asks why did he decorate the room. He says if you can take step to keep relation, I can do this, we got married and can have to consummate our marriage. Aditi gets tensed. He says we will celebrate our suhaagraat today.

He asks her to come and sit here well, he will get fresh and come. He thinks Aditi thought he is fool, he will not believe her acting, she will either celebrate suhaagraat or show her truth. He goes. Vasundara is done with arrangements and wishes no hurdles come in mehendi. Shraddha says nothing will happen, I will come here as your bahu soon. Vasundara smiles and says she will see work in kitchen, you wait for mehendi, keep looking beautiful. She goes. Shraddha gets shocked seeing Rithvik there.

He says Shraddha you can’t marry, I have come to take you, come with me. She asks how dare you come here, who got you here. Bihaan and Thapki together say we…… Thapki says we got him here. She says Rithvik will tell your truth to everyone that he loves you a lot. Bihaan says then you won’t be able to stand here. Thapki asks Shraddha to break this relation and leave, when people know your truth, they will be hurt. Shraddha gets shocked.

Shraddha goes to room, and says Thapki is smart, how did she reach Rithvik. Vasundara comes and asks Shraddha is she fine. Shraddha says yes. Vasundara asks her to come, everyone is waiting. Shraddha says I will come, I have to make imp phone call. Vasundara asks her to come soon and leaves. Shraddha thinks what to do, and sees mehendi bowl there. She spoiled mehendi and says I will see Thapki, I never lose, Rithvik and Thapki can’t prove anything.

Thapki gets mehendi down and thinks what will Shraddha do now. She slips and Bihaan holds her hand. They have an eyelock. Music plays………. Kiran calls Thapki to come and dance. Shraddha also gets a mehendi bowl. Mehendi gets on Thapki and Bihaan’s hand. She stares at him. He says I saved you and you are looking like this, come with me I have to say something. They leave. Shraddha changes the mehendi bowls. Bihaan asks Thapki did Shraddha say anything, that she will not marry. She says no. He says I think she has run away till now.

Thapki thinks where is Shraddha and Rithvik. Shraddha burns something and says she knows what Rithvik can do.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Smart bihaan to bring ritivik on home. Super idea bihan. I hope duruv don’t getting married to that evil shradha. Thahaan saves to duruv from shradha.

  2. This Shraddda is too dangerous. I think Druv -Shraddha marriage will happen. She is better match with Vasudara in planning.. remember how vasu mixed acid in Thapki’s mehendi same thing Shraddha doing here. And Ritvik is a coward if someone threaten him he will runaway. And he cannot stand against if situation comes worst. So things will go as Shraddha’s wish. Anyway someone should teach a good lesson to vasu. That may Shraddha or anyone .

    1. Today Bihaan said Ritvik he don’t want shraddha comes in their home by breaking someone ‘s heart and looking at Thapki.. nice??? he is regretting for what he has done before.
      Love Thahaan scenes Today. ???

  3. Faltu.. serial is degrading day by day. And plz stop thahan eyelock scenes. Its really irritation now to watch same thing again n again

  4. What did she burnt? Hope very soon this shradha drama get over.thahaan scene acha laga,

    1. I think she mixed something in mehendi that may make mehendi colourless or spoiled one and she burnt wood in forest to disturb honeybee s… her plan may be send Thapki to collect mehendi leaves so that honeybees will attack her. It’s my thought only

  5. Every romantic scene of Thahaan is so cute!!

  6. nyc epi……thahan u need upgrade ur ideas……..present ideas wont wrk with shradda

    1. Yes…. ?
      They need to search brilliant idea;otherwise they will lose.

  7. bihan has no brains atall.if it is about seperating thp nd druv he wll av a plan. Bt nw he is actin dumb. They should have bring d guy in time of mariage when every wl b present. So dat shdra will not be able to defend her self, nd besides they should not have let shdra know they were involve

  8. Thahaan rocks.?

  9. Thahaan forever
    Thahaan rocks.?

  10. Thapki plz expose that evil shrddhas real face .waiting for nice moments.the thahaan scene is boring to see,THARUV is better than that.The only thing that Bihaan do for Thapki is stop the marriage&unite Dhruv&Thapki……….THARUV I miss you……….?‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍??‍❤️‍?

  11. Want THARUV back………………. PlZ…….

  12. Nice episode except more from thahaan romance. But only eyelock thats not fair….
    shraddhas truth out after thapki goes to druv???
    then I will quit wtchng tpk
    only thahaan on tpk no tharuv
    thahaan rocksss
    I have doubt yesterday bihaan speak out heartly about Vasu y thapki realise Vasu is the real culprit of thahaan mrge??
    hate thapki she was senseless….
    in thahaan love scene bihaan acted naturly but thapkis eyes has no love seems but in tharuv scenes thapki has more loves seems…

  13. Nice episode except more from thahaan romance. But only eyelock thats not fair…. shraddhas truth out after thapki goes to druv??? then I will quit wtchng tpk only thahaan on tpk no tharuv thahaan rocksss I have doubt yesterday bihaan speak out heartly about Vasu y thapki realise Vasu is the real culprit of thahaan mrge?? hate thapki she was senseless…. in thahaan love scene bihaan acted naturly but thapkis eyes has no love seems but in tharuv scenes thapki has more loves seems…

  14. I think Dhruv will marry Shraddha……..she is soooooooo cunning and irritating nature.Bihaan you are superb.

    1. Yes even I think d same……. Then only Vasundhara will know thapki’s importance………..

  15. Why all are wanted tahhan jodi . in this show bihan want to unite true lovers and made their marriages at any cost he already told that his introduction episode and he also told he already make a 99 true lovers marriages and told that i dont know who is the 100 th couple.He only love maker of dhruv and thapki and he married thapki only to get his mother love . and he also help thapki by guilty or mercy that’ s it . this is my opinion.

  16. Thahaan should stay together forever 🙂

  17. 100 th couple is bihaan & thapki hoga. reason thokoe nahihe. Jolaga muje o boldhiya.

    Epi nice. Eyelock na jab dho ankom me pyaar dhikthetho achilagthihe lekin yaha…… dhekthe aage dhinoum me e pyaar dhikengi ya nahi.

    Shradhana bade chalak nikli. Thahaan acha plan banaeae usko bagnekelie.

    Precap tho interesting lagi. Dhekthe kese thahaan facekarege esko.

  18. Thahaan pair was decided by their mehendi ceremony is over

  19. Only thahaa…..
    no thahaan no tpk..
    thahaan is the show stealer because trp increase…
    when thahaan unite..
    u r right 100th jodi is none other than thahaan onlyyyyy…????????????????✌✌???

  20. Ok then bihan is the most selfish person

    1. Actually Vasundhara is d most selfish person…….. It was neither d fault of bihaan nor Dhruv………….but still thahaan is d best….. Better than tharuv…….. I just hate tharuv scenes ?? but love ❤ thahaan scenes…….

    2. In wat way is bihaan selfish???!! Kuch bhi………?

  21. .rachana gupta

    We want to see Thapki with her true love Dhruv not Bihaan
    This serial started very nicely but now don’t feeling like to watch.The sweetness of story is Thapki and her struggles then Dhruv came to her life and now soo much of twist .

  22. druve and thapki awesome Jodi think thapki comes to drives life ….

  23. Thapki bihan … only them,just them..♡

  24. Thahaan should be together 4ever nd come out of all d problems they face….
    Though bihaan came in between of tharuv …… feeling dat Dhruv is a problem 4 thahaan…….
    Dhruv is thapki’s past nd thapki should 4get him and move on wid bihaan……….???

  25. To be honest they are dragging this show.3 months he nhi hoye ab tk.want to know what will happen after that.just waiting for thahaan ..if they will unite tharuv i will stop watching this watching it only because of manish and thahaan

  26. Yess even i think dan he united 99 couple dan 100th couple will be he himsrlf with thapki…coz he did such a gr8 thing for others so he shud also deserve the same love n care…..he is a gr8 human being who is selfless n think for his family whereas his family is least bothered for him acept his father….thapki realize dis dat no one can give u love more dan bihaan…he is a rockstar….plzz show more thahaan scenes n not just eyelock but sumthing more romantic….luv thahaan…the show rockzzzz for them….shraddha”s truth soon will be out i hope…does’nt matter as long as thahaan r together i m happy.:-) tpk rock on.

  27. Hey guyzzz good news for all thahaan fans i just now saw on sbs dat shraddha burn the wood n becoz of dat bees r going to string thapki n she is gonna fall on daldal n as we all know our hero n thapki’s saviour bihaan will come their on time…he will also get string by the bees but still to save his love n wife he would struggle alot by thowing a long branch of a tree but it will ne useless as it will be out of reach of thapki dan bihaan will give it a go by running towards the daldal and hang on a swinging long branch of a tree n carry drowning thapki n hold her tight into his arms n both come out of the pit….so sweet…during the interview manyasa( manish n jigyasa) had a lot of fun sharing their this experience of the drowning sequence…jigyasa even said that manish(bihaan) is the hero so he is definately going to save me,the heroine(thapki)…wow they both were laughing together….so awsome they were looking with each other…waiting for the epi….so guyzz be ready to have more of thahaan scenes as it will be delight to wat h…n dat shraddha will be a big loser as her plan will backfire:-)

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