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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sheena hugging Bihaan. Thapki gets jealous. She stops him shouting no. Bihaan asks what no. She says I forgot I also want to learn to use Gulel. He says you just shot well. She says that was hit by mistake, see I don’t know aiming right. Sheena smiles. Thapki misses the shot intentionally and says why are you arguing, I said I forgot. He says but… Sheena says teach her if she is saying. He says Ghazab, come…. He holds Thapki and teaches her. Thapki gives a look to Sheena…..

Thapki and Bihaan fall down. Ranjhana…..plays…… Kaka comes there. Bihaan takes Thapki and asks her to run. They run away to hide from Kaka. Kaka asks them to wait and calls out asking them to stop. Shraddha sees her face and says what happened to my face by reading Ramayan, I will go

and sit with Bau ji. Sanjay and Ashwin make Bau ji walk. Dadi tells Bau ji that Sheena and Bihaan’s marriage is just an acting, so that Thapki gets jealous. Sanjay and Ashwin say its our plan to make Thapki say I love you to Bihaan. Bau ji likes the plan. Shraddha hears all this and says I was getting glad seeing Sheena here, I will expose this plan and stop them from uniting, I will say truth to Thapki, then Thapki would create a drama.

Sheena hides with Bihaan, while Thapki hides away. Sheena sees Thapki looking at them, and says Bihaan I m feeling much scared. She hugs Bihaan. Thapki gets angry seeing this. Sheena smiles. Thapki sees Kaka there and shouts Bihaan, Sheena run. They all run. Kaka says I won’t leave you. Bihaan asks them to sit fast. Thapki asks him to give 500rs note. He asks but why. She says just give. She keeps the note and says its for Ramu kaka, we can’t take mangoes for free. He says fine, great soul, sit now. She says wait, I sat in between. He says fine. Thapki sits in between Sheena and Bihaan. They leave. Kaka says I will not leave you, and comes there. He gets the 500rs note, and says why did they steal mangoes if they have to give money.

Shraddha sees Bihaan, Thapki and Sheena coming home. She says Thapki has come back, I will tell her truth now. Suman and Preeti stop Shraddha asking her to clean the house. Shraddha says I m pregnant, I need rest, I will go and call Dadi. They smile. Dadi comes and says no need to call me Shraddha, they both asked me and came here, you have to clean the house. Shraddha says but I m pregnant. Dadi says yes, but cleaning floor is good exercise for pregnant ladies. Dadi goes. Shraddha says I know Suman and Preeti are doing this intentionally. Suman says we will think about you. Preeti says bungalow is already clean, just clean this place only. They smile making Shraddha do the work. Suman tells Preeti that its good you told me what Shraddha was going to do. Preeti says yes, I kept an eye on her, when I went to call her for reading Ramayan, I heard her saying she will say truth to Thapki. Preeti asks Suman to manage others, I will see Shraddha.

Thapki asks Bihaan to listen. He asks what was the need for you to come out infront of Kaka. She says something was hurting me. He asks why did you argue to sit in between, when Ramu Kaka was coming with a stick to beat us. She says we went that way that’s why. Sheena smiles and says leave it. Vasundara comes and talks to them. She asks Thapki to make mango shake, and asks Sheena to go and freshen up in the guest room. Bihaan says I will show your room. They both run away. Vasundara and Dadi smile.

Vasundara asks Thapki how did she go, when she was not going. Thapki says I was not going, but then I thought… She recalls Bihaan and Thapki…. Vasundara asks how did you go. Dadi says Thapki has to go to bring Bihaan and Sheen closer. Vasundara says oh yes, Thapki did good work, bring them more closer, make mango shake, I will send Suman to help you. Vasundara asks Dadi who broke those papad, when Thapki went with Bihaan. Thapki recalls she broke papads in her anger, and goes. Vasundara and Dadi smile.

Thapki makes mango shake. Suman says Bihaan and Sheena look the best, I think there can’t be between relation for Bihaan, they should just get married now, are you fine. Thapki says yes, and gets upset. Sheena’s mum comes and asks for Vasundara. Suman says she is not here. The lady says I had to thank Vasundara for talking about Bihaan and Sheena’s relation, I got a son in law like diamond, lucky people get such husband and son in law, right Thapki? Thapki says yes, he is very nice, but he does not control his anger. Suman says yes, he has one weakness, he gets much angry, he becomes coal in anger, he goes to beat people in anger, and sometimes take gun too. Thapki looks on.

Thapki gets angry and defends Bihaan’s anger. She says Bihaan’s anger gets calm down very soon when someone explains him by love, he is very good at heart. Sheena’s mum and Suman smile. Thapki takes mango shake and goes. Suman laughs and says I said bad about Bihaan, she felt bad and got angry. Sheena’s mum says Thapki loves Bihaan a lot, don’t know when will she realize it. Thapki gives mango shake to Bihaan and says I added extra sugar and dry fruits for you. He says sshhh….. you say everything even when you stammer, but why can’t you say that which I want to hear…. They have an eyelock.

Sheena wears a short dress and asks Bihaan how do I look. He says Katrina…. Thapki too wears a short dress. Bihaan smiles seeing her. Thapki pulls down the dress to cover her knees, and feels uncomfortable.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hi guys…, wht an awesomme episode…njoyed..loving it is roshini ., thapki.., kana..sryy frndzz i m late today to claas……

    1. ohh it’s ok but thapki n roshni was absent

  2. thapki lookng so cute yaarrr in short a little angle..

  3. for those friends who are jealous like thapki from sheena 😀 😛 😛 😛

    sorry guys but I can’t control myself from sharing this link 😛 😉 😛

    1. Kuch jalne ki bhoo aa rahi hai….hehehe. ..I don’t like yaar….for me only manyasa. ….thahaan. ..

    2. yaar iss chipkali kuch zyada kar rahi hai!samajthi kya hai woh apne aap ko.she came just 2 episodes back and just for few episodes.she posting more of pics and naming them BiNa ,ManNan and whatever rubbish
      FYI,ManNan is manik and nandini of KY2.
      for me its only ThaHaan.thats it!

      1. meri asli naam kuch aur hai.i have kept this as my user name bcoz i luv shraddha frm piya rangrezz

  4. ohh it’s ok but thapki n roshni was absent

  5. todays episode was soooo……………….. awesomeee………… she not opens his feelings to the bihaan. it’s was boring…………. sheena was too irritating…. how many times was sheena hugs bihaan. i am also so…. jealous to sheena [chudelllllllllllll…………] i hate so………. much u………. sheena. like sag i also hate sheena i can’t control my feelings . bihan u r rocking. i love it.

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