Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv saying I won’t let Thapki wear the ring, I will stop this engagement Thapki. Sinha calls Shraddha and asks her to leave that home, and come back. Shraddha says what are you saying, I can bear their annoyance to live such lifestyle, I m happy here, don’t think I will come back. She says how can dad think I will leave this house, where can I get such lifestyle, I want that ring, I deserve that ring, not Thapki.

Dhruv heats the heating rod and says its impossible to hold this, think Bihaan what will happen when you hold this, your hand will get burnt and you can’t wear the ring. He goes out and asks Bihaan to find the heating rod, Bau ji needs it to heat water for bath. Bihaan looks for the rod. Shraddha goes to house temple and sees the rings. She says its

same ring like Thapki’s, but this is fake diamond, its good I got this from market in time, I will change this with Thapki’s ring. She changes the rings and takes diamond ring.

Vasundara comes and Shraddha drops the ring in shock. The ring falls under the table. Vasundara asks what were you doing here. Shraddha says I came to pray and goes. Vasundara sees the rings kept and goes. Bihaan sees the rod and goes to pick it. Thapki stops him and says its hot, your hand would have got burnt. He asks how do you know. She says see the carpet, its burning, see that smoke. Bihaan says I did not see it. Dhruv looks on and goes. She asks who did this. He says don’t know. She holds his hand and worries. He says you are always with me now, don’t be scared, be happy, show me your big smile. They smile. He says Ghazab…..

Suman and Preeti also go to swap ring so that they can wear it before Thapki does. Preeti changes the ring with the fallen one, and real ring gets placed in the box, while the fake one falls. Shraddha goes there and asks what are they doing. They leave. Shraddha thinks to find the ring, it fell down here. She finds the ring there and gets it. She smiles.

Dhruv races the bike in anger. Bihaan comes and Dhruv stops. Bihaan asks Dhruv where is he going with bike. Dhruv says I have imp work, I have to do arrangements for your marriage, can I take your bike, but I felt there is some problem in your bike, do you know any mechanic. Bihaan says I m mechanic myself and checks the tyre, while Dhruv is racing. Bihaan’s hand gets cut, and he screams. Dhruv says so sorry, I did not see, is it hurting a lot.

Bihaan says its aching a lot. Dhruv does the aid to his hand and says I think its small fracture, we will visit doctor, health is imp. Bihaan says there is something more imp than myself, Thapki and her happiness. Bihaan asks him not to say anyone. Dadi comes with Thapki and gives Bihaan his clothes to wear in engagement. He hides his wound and has pain. He says its good. Thapki asks what happened, are you fine. Bihaan says yes, its my engagement today. Dhruv tries to say, and Bihaan stops him. Thapki asks why did you keep kerchief on hand. Bihaan makes excuse and lies to them. They leave.

Later, Bihaan sees Thapki and everyone happy. Dhruv tells Bihaan to cancel engagement, as he is unable to bear the pain. Bihaan removes the bandage and asks Dhruv to see Thapki’s smile, this engagement will happen today. Dhruv gets angry.

Everyone wait for the groom Bihaan. Bihaan comes there. Dadi asks Bihaan to make Thapki wear the ring. Shraddha thinks Thapki’s fate is bad, she got fake ring. The jeweler comes there. Bau ji says you are our family jeweler, you made Bihaan and Thapki’s rings. The jeweler sees the rings. He stops them and says I think this ring diamond has some problem, I want to check it. Bau ji says why not, and gives the ring. Shraddha, Suman and Preeti worry. The jeweler checks ring. Shraddha thinks how she swapped the ring. Preeti checks how she changed the ring. The man says sorry, I did mistake, its real diamond. Shraddha and Preeti get shocked. Thapki takes ring to make Bihaan wear it. She asks Bihaan why is his hand shaking and worries.

Dhruv thinks I will make Thapki wear the ring. The power goes. Dhruv makes Thapki wear the ring.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. juggu

    Kana ash ellaru ennoda final comment padichitu inga reply pannunga……someone noticed dhruv still wears the ring which thapki put on their engagement……edhuku pa thirupiyu oru engagement Sheena vandhapaiye adha mudinjuruchula stop dragging the story …..

      • Samyukta

        Hi hello bihaan thapki oda engagement nadaku.dhruv plan vapis SE fail aaido.bihaan thapki ki ring na Kovil light le putu viduvan shayad se

    • Kana

      Juggu ankyasa marupadiyum serntha athu rendukume uchchakadda avamanama poirum,so no chance 🙂
      Full adichum bothai illai,full beer adichum kick illai kanna moodina kanavila manish thane vera yaarr varuva!!!
      Ash-naan sonnatha implement panna paaru athan yellarum nallathu
      Juggu-unnaiyellem epdi nampurathu athuku than ash ah warn pannan 🙂 ash nee onnum kavala padatha ivalunga poora moosamanavainga enna epdiyachum kapathumma !!!

      • Juggu


        |Registered Member

        Oiii kana either ankyasa r manyasa mothathula jigyasa safe . …..manish r ankit will b devdas namakenna…..ava vennanu sonnalu namaka thara poranga n enaku used productssla venam nee vena vachiko…..ava tha ankitha verupetha katti pudikranu ivanu ilipana…..gta awrds red carpetku gold awards red carpetku evlo diff chai….veraedhachu sollirapora…

      • Kana

        Juggu devdas aakura alavuku inga yarum illa,trisha illana nayantharanu poitte irupanunga,sight adikirathunu aanathuku aprom enna yosanai we r free bird pidichavana sight adichu tholaika vendiyathu thane namakunu oruthan vara varaikum,naan 1st sight adichathu shaheer sheikh (arjunan-mahabaratham) ippa manish,nee sollu papom yara 1st sight adicha?

      • Juggu

        Hey appa nee krpkab paru sooper awesome shaheer is handsome yaa ipa tha proposal mudinjiruku seekiram paru illa varuthapaduva…….nangalum arjunanai site adichavunga tha….adhuku munnadi yarumilla pinnadi neraya per irukeenga…..

  2. Princess

    Thahaan r looking great….If tomorrow instead of bihaan dhruv makes thapki wear d ring then the makers of d show r seriously making fun of all d thahaanians feelings….lets hope for d good….

    • Malika

      Don’t worry dear Bihaan only will wear the ring in thapki’s finger…Ds plan fails again))

  3. pihoo

    Very frustrated with todays episode and tommorows episode precap was like I wanted to……. I cant express my anger 🙁 ((;;#:();

  4. ub

    I’m getting angry… if dhruv comes between thahaan then no use to watch this shit show… I hate it just hate it…

  5. Adithi

    Ada ponga pa.. Ipdi ilukuranga.. Inniku no tahaan scenes so no need to watch tomorrow.. Na 1 written update padichutu nalla irunda next day papen??

  6. Soni

    Guys do anyone know about Ankit and jigyasa real life? Whether they are together or not.. In jigyasa’s bday video she was ignoring Ankit and having so much closeness with Manish. I was so irked by her behavior towards Ankit. How could she do this. Now that she has got so much fame how can she ignore Ankit like this..

    • truelove

      I think they were never together. It was just a trick to increase trp of TPK. It’s just my thinking. What is truth only jigyasa knows. I think jigyasa is still single.

      • Soni

        I don’t think so it was a trick. Ankit seemed to be so much in love with jigyasa but I think jigyasa was only using her. Now that Manish is more popular than Ankit, she is having closeness with Manish. She also posted a pic with Manish and other costars of tpk where they were partying on her birthday but Ankit wasn’t there

      • Soni

        I don’t think so it was a trick. Ankit seemed to be so much in love with jigyasa but I think jigyasa was only using him. Now that Manish is more popular than Ankit, she is having closeness with Manish. She also posted a pic with Manish and other costars of tpk where they were partying on her birthday but Ankit wasn’t there

    • Lightsabre


      |Registered Member

      I noticed tht birthday video too. I felt bad for ankit.i dont care abt jigs personal lyf… but aftr publicising abt her relationshp with ankit… now she dosnt seem to consider him much in public eyes. Poor ankit gets trolled for bein druv (writers ruined his charactr)… he gets compared ro his gfs best fren … and nw theres a video whch wil prompt ppl to say “manyasa seem to hav a bette chemistry “. Thnk god comntin was disabld. He ws bein really sweet to her…she didnt even make proper eye contact. I thnk ankit n druv… both of them need to move on.

    • Loveleen

      Personally I didn’t see any issues between them…I think manish himself his cheeky and over friendly type of person so anyone will be more attracted to that sort of personality type.

  7. sweety

    oh…noooooooo…if dhuruv make thapki to wear that ring i’ll sure stop watching this drama….plz writer ji unite our lovely thahan…..

  8. Ally

    What’s wrong with Druv he is going to dangerous day by day….. He knows Thahaan love each other. Then also don’t spare them their own way. Old Druv is dead after Vasu’s truth revelation.
    And precap is really bad…. Druv is doing same thing by wearing ring to Thapki in darkness.

    And I think shraddha is concentrating diamond ring and Thapki… not Druv If she focus on Him she will know his darkside.

    I think new twist is coming on june 30 .

  9. Manyasa29

    Bichara bihaan…..plz thapki should not wear the ring from dhruv….and hey 1 hr maha episode on 1st july ….thapki is going to be inside the tree…and some people are cutting the tree (shraddha’s plan i guess)….waiting eagerly to see how thapki got inside the tree,?
    Btw…..hello joyee roshni vinlora sumera vani thapki j loveleen maham mridula and everyone else…
    @sujoy…i think we are debating too much ?….this discussion can go on and on… i think we should stop arguing now ….u be jigan fan and me.. manyasa fan…….lets be frnds now ?? Agree ??

  10. Kana

    Ethu epdiyo avanavan edukira mudivu namaku sathagama than mudiyuthu athuvaraikum santhosam 🙂 🙂

  11. Nisi

    Not bad, Nice episode….. I like Bihaan’s dialogues today.

    Hi Juggu, Kana , thalaivi, nega ellarum Enniya niyabagam vachurukiganu nenaikum pothu happy ah irukku, next time kandipa leave letter kuduken, intha vatti plz forgive me.
    Munnadi mathiri ippalam Tamil comments varatha mathiri enaku thonuthu, enaku than apdi thonutha illa unmailaye comments koranjuducha…?
    Plz friends eppavum pola comments la chat panni touch late irunga, munna pinna theriyama, pathu peasi palagama friendship varathugrathu satharanamana visayam illa, athu yarukum amaiyathu, but inga amanjuruchu, plz continue pannuga friends…..
    Tamil ponnuga avalo perukum ennoda periya hi………

    • juggu

      Leave letter keta reason sollama kadha solitruka……

      Inime sangathula yarume solama leave poda koodathu vara mudiyadhuna munnadi naale leave letter tharanum…..

      Idhu thalaiviyin kattalai…….
      Tension avadheenga na illa nasreen akka tha….

      Nasreen akka unga sarba name solte ……

    • Kana

      Nisi oruvaddi nee enga sangathila serthuddana aprom neeye pona kooda nanga marakka maddom 🙂 🙂
      Nee ava pecha ellam kekatha,ava apdi than 🙂

  12. salwaaa

    Thahaan ko engage hone do dgruv…kyo beech me math aana?!!
    Dhoke se ya revenj se pyaar vaapass nahi ayegaa…so…keep distans frm thahaaann…??

  13. pooja prabha

    Dhruv….I will smash you dare you to do like this?you had to harm our Bihaan.writerji pls stop this hilarious way of track.I can’t bear this.I never want to see Bihaan in a painful situation.while,I feel better to see Thapkis concerned about her love….precap is just shocking one.Dhruv….I HATE YOU.

    • pihoo

      Dhruv is like a kabab me haddi always come between in thahaan’s personal life!!! hate dhruv!!!

      • Critic

        Dear pihoo and others who want to see Bihaan with Thapki…and want them to marry again…. please read it carefully… don’t judge a work of art as you love a man or woman in the acting field…

        Could you please tell me when Thapki loved Dhruv and they wanted to marry, Bihaan hit his brother, Dhruv and took his wife by cheating… knowing very clearly how much his brother, Dhruv, loved and loves Thapki????

        If Bihaan did like that, why can’t Dhruv????

        I want Dhruv to put ring and then marry her, but Dhruv should not live with her….

        For Bihaan, he should not get Thapki by any means because thapki is her brother’s lover… ..

        For Thapki, the most immoral woman (according to me, if a girl changes her love often with other men is immoral…) does not have the quality to live a happy married life….(if you people are angry with me for this, please re-watch all the episodes once again when she showed her care and love with Dhruv and what and all she talked to him as her dad said like that…. if that is true, she might have not changed her love from Dhruv to Bihaan… Bihaan is his younger brother-in-law… (he only tied the knot.. all the other rituals were done by Dhruv)… how can a woman live with his lover’s younger brother?

        For Dhruv, since he married Shraddha for his mother’s same, although he loves/d Thapki, he also does not have the right to live a happy married life ….

        Director, please end the play in tragedy since no one is morally good in this play…..

        If you want to achieve success in your writing, your work should tell some moral values…

        All the best…

      • Lightsabre


        |Registered Member

        Hey critic gud to see u here. And i like ur red pattern (though its random pick from tu).
        Ok… my analysis and interpretation.
        1) thapki isnt morally incorrect. “Changing lover” isnt the same as changing a pair of socks. Its not use and throw. Sometyms ppl fallin love… bad things happen. U move on. And u may fall in love again. Its not lust or treasury to fall in love with some1 els aftr u hav lost ur prev lover ( be it due to death or brekup or watevr)
        2) i hav a theory tht thapki was only an admirer of druv. She repected him and thot he wud make a gud hubby. Y? Pls read my reply to sindali on yestrdys posts pls. There r some 5-6 points to support this view point.
        3) a lot of ppl r furious tht bihaan stole druvs fiance…so druv can steal bihaans “wife” bak… coz wel… thapki is just a barbie doll ryt??
        Here the equation in my eyes.
        Druvs motive for tryin to marry thapki now: “he” was “his” lover bak. “He” wants to get even with others. ” he ” thinks its fair coz same was done to him. “He ” wants to be happy coz “he ” deserves it.
        Bihaans motives: Maa wil suicide. Have to prevent that even if (a) i wil bcom a cheat in evrybdys eyes (b) bauji wil think he did a mistake bu adoptin me. (C) druv wil never forgiv me or consider me as brother. (D) i dont wana marry thapki.shes not my type. And aftr this she wil despise me. (E) i can get arrested for this.
        ➡ so equation: selfish motive vs selfless motive. Bihaan was walkin into the gallows by doin this for vasu. Druvs situation is avoidable. And its entirely “his choice ” ryt now. He isnt even wondrin if thapki likes him or not now.
        4) i hav a feeling tht druv want to marry thapki now simply coz he wants paybak. Y? Points again-???
        4a) up until now he didnt try to win bak thapki. Sudenly now tht shradda is no gud.. he wants a swap.
        4b) Married shradda( vasu didnt blakmail druv with suicide atempts. Thapki warned him of shraddas charactr…. he walkd straighr into the trap.nw he cant blame nybdy els for it)
        4c) nevr suportd thapki wen she got kiked outa the house. Wrs the mad luv bak then
        4d) wen thapki got kikd out fr acusin vasu of theft… he blivd his mom. Nw wen the same mom hs turnd out to b a liar… he wants paybak. Hes not worried abt whom thapki wants to b with.
        Hmmmm i thnk thts the answrs to wat u hav said.i dont recal if u said nyothr point.
        I usually list out “facts” as points to make sure i dont offend anyone with any seemingly personal remarks. I like evidence based arguments. I totally respect ur POV as well. So this aint a quarel ( need to keep mentionin tht to make sure no angry debate breks frens here??.)
        Hv a niz day?

      • Mandal

        @Critic: Exactly.
        It was Bihaan who became the kabaab mein haddi in Thapki and Dhruv’s life.
        Hate Bihaan to the core. Feel like slapping him. Now he is trying to be good after destroying his brother’s life.

  14. truelove

    No no no no…..what the hell is happening……. i will stop watching show if you unite thadhruv…..we want thahaan thahaan and only thahaan…… don’t play with relations and emotions.

  15. Kana

    Episode – 367
    When Vasu shows the family the engagement ring, a jealous Dhruv says that his ring for Thapki was better. Later, Dhruv sulks as he was his and Thapki’s engagement video.

    Episode – 368
    Shraddha tries to replace the original solitaire ring with a fake one. Bihaan injures himself and Dhruv tries to convince him to cancel the engagement, but he refuses.

    Episode – 369
    Bihaan overcomes the pain of the injury and wears the ring. When he is about to make Thapki wear the ring, Dhruv cuts the electricity. But Bihaan goes ahead with the help of the diyas.

    Episode – 370
    Dhruv is ready with decorations and arrangements for Thapki’s birthday. Bihaan is upset as he forgot it was her birthday. Later, Dhruv buys an expensive necklace for her.

    Episode – 371
    Thapki is excited and happy as Bihaan gifts her a handmade necklace. They both share an emotional moment together, which makes Dhruv extremely jealous.

    Episode – 372
    Vasu prepares Thapki for the mehndi ceremony. Shraddha tries to get Thapki trapped by her hired goons, but instead they end up trapping her.

    • pihoo

      @kana very very very thank you for the updates. I was worring about thahaan you solved it thanx

      • Kana

        U all r welcme guys 🙂 🙂
        When i started to comment here,everybody felt sad abt the precap that’s why i shared the spoiler here and i think now u all feel relief 🙂 🙂
        Vinlora,pihoo,ally,loveleen,manyasa,pooja prabha,truelove and princess
        I always read your comments and i know you all are thahaan fans like me.
        There is always a debate going on abt tharuv and thahaan in this forum,but i don’t want any arguements,whether dhruv is better or bihaan is better.
        I watch this serial only bcz of thahaan and i’m a 100% pure thahaanian and i’m proud to be as a thahaanian 🙂 🙂

        And this week is going to be a awsome wala week for thahaanians,so come on guys hip hip hooray 🙂 🙂

    • Juggu


      |Registered Member

      Hey shobi namma rumour kaatu thee madhiri paraviruchi d korangu……ff eludhura ponnungala teenssion ayitanga d????

  16. pooja prabha

    Thank you dear friend kana for TPK news.hi…true love,Faterjo,Thapki and all my TPK friends….vanakam chennai friends.THAHAAN FOREVER.

    • Kana

      U all r welcome guys 🙂 🙂
      And guys if u want to know abt new tpk twists,spoilers and gossips you can visit india forum website and i also got this spoiler frm there 🙂
      Pooja-vanakkam vanakkam 🙂 r u frm chennai??

  17. Nasreen-Thalaivi


    |Registered Member

    Ada ennapa nadakudhu inga…. epdiyo nalavey serial ah otranunga…Dhruv una paaratrudha illa thitradhanu ennaku theriyala.. una paatha paavamavum iruku… kovamavum iruku…. Unnala than indha serial paaka arambichen.. ippo unaiya thalakeela mathitanunglaey..

    Sangam ponnungaley .. enga irukinga… vaanga nama pesalam… tpk la ippa nadakra situation ah pathi pesuna sathiyama ennaku paithiyam pudichirum… vera edhachum pesalama…

  18. salwaaa

    Already ek engagmnt hua hei…ab doosri…:(
    Directlyy. Shaadi karo yaar…ytng 4 thahaans shaadii:)..

  19. Kiran

    Is dhruv stupid? You’re married, you can’t get engaged to someone, especially without their consent


    hai, hello mere dostho …..

    mai forum per comment karneke liye PUPPY ne muje motivate kiyatha …per achanak wo forum chod diya…..!!!!reason kya hai patha nahi…..!!!!!I really miss puppy …

    @vinlora… roshni….vani…sumera…

    ufffffffffff kya bathahoo yaarrrrrr…
    mere dostho ki shaadi tha isliye Mai bahuth busy tha….
    sirf 1,2 nahi 5 shaadi thi ……..

    • Lightsabre


      |Registered Member

      Acha? Sure? Dost ki shadi dhi? Ya bhir khud shadi karke aya kai. Itne din keliye gaye dhe… mujhe to lagtha hai ki tum 5 biwiya khud keliye leke ayeho. I was startin to womder if sumthn was wrong. Im not talkin to u until u registr. ?

      • SANTHOSH

        Mera 1 thapki ka atha patha nahi………???aur thum bol rahi ho ki 5 thapki’s?????………!!!????hare bagavaan sri krishna Mai tho ROSHNI ki baath sunke sacch kushi se margaye…….???…

        Phele 1 shaadi hone dho phir sochthe a 5ke baare mai???…….

  21. Sonya

    I don’t get it – engagement taking place in the dark. You don’t know who is placing the ring on your finger. If it is that dark then hold on the engagement till the lights come on or have some candle light. Don’t make fun of marriage, its a Holy event.

    • Lightsabre


      |Registered Member

      Hmmm… i want to make my own version of tpk. Inspired by ur comment.

      Scene: PN . Amidst beautiful decorations and a petal arrangement sayin “Bihaan Thapki”. Music plays inthe background. Soundtracks from movie : Shandaar.
      ? Engagement begins.
      Druvs sister ( who left the show coz her only role in the serial was to be an anchor fr al the games and progrms they conducted???) announces: ladys and gentleman… now bhaiya and bhabi wil xchang rings.
      Cunningly druv luks on. Bihaan and thapki stand facin opposite eachother…. bauji and the cousins smiling behind him… and vasu dadi …preety and suman beamin behind thapki. Shrdda n.druv stand togthr and stair on. Gulabo n rampyari wr also brought inside as per Mahan atma thapkis request ( aftral “they r family membrs too)-they r wonderin “meeeh meeh…. we need to poop.y the hell r v watchin an engagemnt!”
      Bihaan luks lovingly at thapki and extends his hands to put the ring on thapki

      ⛤⛤thunder…lightnin…(for dramatic effext)
      Light goes off (thnks to devious druv)
      Druv cunningly takes bihaans position and puts the ring on thapki. He smiles slyly.
      (Viewers : Ohh nooo… wat will thahaan do now????)
      Light comes bak on…
      Evrybdy includin thahaan luks on ,stunned!
      Bihaan is speechless.
      Thapki ki bolti ruk ruk ke…ruk hi gayi.
      Eldest membr dadi ma speaks first : Druvvvv…. ye tune kya kiya. Mujhe engagement ring pehanaya??????!!!!???
      Druv horrified: Andhere mein dhikayi nahi diya dadi maaa?????
      Stereo gets bak on. Music plays : gulaboooooo…. zara itr girado….
      ?????? and rampyari n gulabo oblige to the lyrics of the song.
      Druvs phobia of darkness now has bcom fear × infinity!

      • Lightsabre


        |Registered Member

        *stare (not stair). Forgv if any typin erors.
        Wenevr i hear the song “gulabo… zara itr girado” …i think of the cow gulabo n gobar..thnks to tpk?????. Try listenng to tht song with tpk gulabo in ur mind!!!

      • Manyasa29

        Hey roshni…its superb….i am still laughing??? i wish this could be the story….and from now onwards whenever i will hear the gulabo song… will remind me of ur this idea !!!

      • SANTHOSH

        Ha Ha Ha……
        Dadi maa nikli duruv Ke nahi dhulan……?????

        Waise bi CVS ne is scene Mai tho power bachaliya…… (paise bachaliya…..phele cast ko kum kiya abb power cut kiya next……!!!!????)

        CVS KI jai ho……

      • pihoo

        So funny lightsabre you can be a good writter you should make the script for tpk welldone 😛

      • Lightsabre


        |Registered Member

        thanxxxxxxxx guys for the compliments.
        btw… wat r u guys talkin abt??? thapki in a tree???? wat is she a woodpecker bird/ a termite now?!! i havnt seen the visuals so i hav nooooo clue wat ‘thapki in a tree means’. lol! and to think gorilla was odd! i thnk PN wil turn into a rain forest!

      • Lightsabre


        |Registered Member

        btw… wr thapkis parents n siblings present for the function? lol.. i thnk gulabo n rampyari r indeed the real family!atleast they may b in the vicinity

  22. Gayathri

    OMG what is this? Definitely somebody stop dhruv to do this stupid work. May be Shradha comes to know dhruv’s realty. Yaar pyar karnevalo ko jeene dho na???

  23. Juggu


    |Registered Member

    Nethu paadhi per enaku replye panla seri inniku solluunga

    neenga tpk forumla first yaarta pesunnenga your comment n their comment…

    • Kana

      Nethu padichathe innaiku maranthu poirum intha latchanathila itha kekuriye arivu illa!! Sari etho mandaila irukiratha vaichu solran naan 1st ah yar koodayum pesala,enaku intha manish acting ah paraddiye aakanumnu oru veri nammakida than fb,instrgram ethuvume illaiye appo than ithila paradalamnu arampichan athuvum englishhuuu la,i’m frm SL big fan of manish apdi ipdinu athoda niruthikanumnu than sathyama nenaichan aana intha nasreen pillai tamilla comment panirunthichu atha pathu apdiye nan shock aayitan,aanalum avaloda pesa enaku oru payam sari naama pesuratha vida avalave vanthu pesadumenu wait pannan,athukaka ayyayoo,achachoonu sila varathaigala comment la serthan naanum tamil thannu kaddikka,naan ethir patha mathiriye nasreenum nenga tamilaaaa??? Enga irukinganu oru kelviya keddala athu pothume anga arampichathu than namma friendship ippa sangam amaikira alavuku vanthirukku,ithu than juggu nadanthichu!! Flash back end 🙂 ella pugazhum namma nasreenuke!!!!
      Aprom juggunaan unaku panna 1st reply ah nee innamum gnabagam vaichirukiya!!! Chaa unna poi ipdi thidditane!!! Apdi maddum solluvenu nenaikatha,athu ennavo therila juugu un kooda sanda podama thookkam vara madenguthu 🙂 🙂

      • Juggu


        |Registered Member

        Crctuh nanu tha oru naal unaku enaku wwf vacha kooda indha sandai mudiyadhu enaku lyf bore adikudhula colg pora varaikum sanda poda aal venumla…..

  24. Aazhi

    Duruv oda unmayana face thapki ku innaikku theriyanum. Duruv ring poda koodath. Power vanthidanum. Orukka thapkikku ipdi nadanthaachu. Aagain same think this is too stupid. I hate this…

  25. neha

    well i think only bihaan will put the ring in thapki’s finger coz i heard in SBS that dhruv try to stop the engagement but he fails, he try to engaged with thapki in darkness but bihaan notice thapki presence in diya which was in mandir and from that light he goes towards thapki and put the ring on her finger…. at last thahaan gets engaged and dhruv’s plan failed….

  26. neha

    I’m sure god will also help thahaan from evil eyes….if is it so.!!! then I’m glad… hope finally atlast thahaan marriage will take place without any hurdles


    I saw the new promo…
    I think in cvs mind….thapki divided into two piece… one piece taken to bihaan and another one dhruv????….

    • Vinlora


      |Registered Member

      ????? hi santhosh mein sirf iss joke ke liye has rahi hun….
      Lekin mein tho tumse bahuth naraaz hun…? bina bataye gayab ???? kopaaaaaa????

    • Lightsabre


      |Registered Member

      Dont cry santosh. U know… theres no much debate over thahaan vs tharuv n i keep typin so many points tht sometyms i fear tharuvian fans may wana kill me. Its tym for TRUCE. Frens no matter thahaanian or tharuvian. I propose a new twist. From nw on its THARILLA ki jai ho jai ho. Ye jodi zaroor rab ne hi banaya hai???????


    Muje thahaan ka engagement nahi hona chahiye ????…..
    Kyon ki Muje wo bihaan ka naya RING bill kill pasand nahi????…


    Hai roshni Mera register Nahi ho raha Hai ….kyo….kyo….kyo….???
    Actually Captcha problem ……

  30. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    Dhruv than thapki a unmaia love panran but yen ellarum bihaan ku support panranganae puriala enaku. Bihaan avala yemathi marriage pannikita thala thanae ava avalo kashta patta? Ithae ava dhruvah marriage pannirundha avaluku ivalo kastam ila! Atha yen yarumae yosika matenguringa? Bihaan thanae nadula vandhu keduthan apa avaloda kashtathappa avan than help pannanum. Athu than nyayamum kuda! Namma tamil girls evalo peru irukinga? Yosinga? Nama culture la yarady anni ah love pannuvangala? I really disappoint with the viewers! Ellarukum just romance panna pothum pola iruku, adhu yaroda panranganguradu mukiamae ilala guys? Ennakum manish oda acting pudikum. But story la partha avan thanae dhruv oda loverah avan kita irundhu pirichan? Dhruv pavam pa! avan thapkia romba luv pannan ovovoru thadavaiyum marriaga stop agum pola situation varum podhu avan epdi feel pannanu ellarukum therium sometimes he cried u all know that na? Then….. I dont know what to say and how to explain!

    Bihaan oru thadava avan sethuta madiri form panni vilaga nenaichan solladinga yarum pls # avan adhuku pathika divorce kudukurenu firstae solli irukalamla? I mean kalyanam anadhum thapki thalia avan munjila vitu erinjutu ponala apa divorce kudukren anna nenga thirumba thapkia marriage panmikonga nu solli irubdha unmailayae avan nallav as n! Yen apdi solrena…
    Dhruv marriage apram aluguranla na thapki love pannenu? Unmailayae avan vdhruv um thapki um seranum nu nenachurundha ada dhan senjurukanum. Bihaan just go to hell

    • juggu

      Omg kana un kooda sanda poda innoru ponnu vandhuruchu BT ivunga enna mari tharuvhaan fan illa tharuv fan sooooo saddd…..hey ishwarya on CVS POV no one will watch a happy life of leads if tharuv was married def there gona b lots of happiness so they separate the lovers …..idiots wat bihaan does was his duty to a mom,n dad who gv everything to a orphan …..on my POV he did his duty of fulfilling his moms wish ……adhuvu appa anbu neraya thevapatadhu bihaanuku that just ammaoda anbu illama 20 years nammalala vala mudiyuma…..BT seriela avan valndha….so he got thapki and her love as a gift from god thapki din love dhruv….she jzt wana marry a celebrity to enjoy jzt like shradha…..but edhayume edhir pakkama bihaana ava love pannadhu dha true love …

      • Kana

        Juggu ampudu santhosam!!! Ippa paaru!!!
        Hi ishwarya wecme to our sangam 🙂 🙂
        Nenga tharuv fan ah?? Sorry dr naan thahaan fan nenga adichu keddalum uthaichu keddalum epdi keddalum naan thahaan fan nu than solluven athu apdiye mind la fix aayirichu.already juggunu oruthi kooda ipdi sanda poddu neraya sattaiya kilichittan.ipdiye avanga avanga POV solla pona mudive irukathu anumar vaalu mathiri neendukide pokum.
        Anyway avanavan kaasuku nadichitu poirran naama ethuku sandaiya
        pidipan?? Let’s be friends forever 🙂 🙂

  31. Aazhi

    Duruv a annaikku thapki marriage panniruntha vasu vaala vitukka matta. Ith god a serthu vachath thaanae. Bihaan thappanavan illa. Thappu seya vachaanga. Ippo kadavul kudutha vaalkkaia avanga vaala aarambichutaanga. Duruv kum marriage aayiduchu. Ippo poi thapki a marriage panna ninaikkuraan. Sraddhava enna pannuvaan. Ippothaan culture ku mosamaana time. Thapki suruv ku second wife ava vaalanum. Whatever u told. Now the serial become too idiot. Thapki want to know about duruv. And leave from his relationship fully. Then bihaan and thapki achive something. Bihaan want to fight with duruv with there profession. That is right think. Otherwise this serial…………?

    • juggu

      Tension avadheengapa….seriela villians LA thirundhitanga….villian illana bore adikumnu summa kedandha dhruv ah oru varushathuku munnadi senja dhrogathuku pali vaanga vututainga…….namma enna panradhu Ella serielu pakra namakagava edukrainga yaarukagavo edukrainga…..pavam dhruv n ankit….aaga motham thapki n jigyasa kaatla that malai….

      • Kana

        Juggu-yeppudi!! Kedduka kedduka nalla keddukka 🙂 🙂
        Azhai naanum itha thanma sollitu iruken 🙂 🙂

  32. Javeriathapkij


    |Registered Member

    For New promo a big lol from me..
    So called inspirational show ??
    Oh yeah inspirational as in torturing others, your brother ,son ,ex gf ,brothers wife/fiance,youe sister in law etc etc.
    Who does this in real life? writer please tell me.

    • pihoo

      I also agree with u what is the show!!!! Thapki in a tree aisa toh koi apni dushman ke liye bhi nhi karta hoga I like to see tpk but thapki ko tree ke andar jaana is not sensible

  33. juggu

    Come on guys let’s start a tharuv , thahaan debate…..first type for whom u r supporting and ur POV of them….others could …..say their opinion ……BT no bashing of any characters…. Please kind req from ur frnd juggu…..

    • Adithi

      Hahaha juggu.. If this discussion starts it definitely leads to a fight.. But still im excited to watch the discussion.. But I’m not going to be included as I like both pairs…

      • Juggu


        |Registered Member

        Neenga dhana interestinga oru topicu kedaiklanu sonneenga ipa paru ash varu epdi sooper ah pesudhu paru…….ashuh kutty enga poita inga ellaru nimmadhiya irukanga prachnai panla odiva…….?????

        Ashuh ma neenga enga irukeeengaaaaaa……

      • ash..2

        Hai, hai, hai. Naan ippo veliye poren. Today my one and only comment.
        Idhu periya world war. Adichikiradhukku. Almost elarum thahaan. Thahaan illadha 1 serial, ean bhihaan illadha serial…chance.ea illa. Unakku pattimandran kekudha. My vote …to THAHAAN. POV.of them… Vittu koduthu vaazhara vaazhkai 2 per kiteyum irukku. Enaku romba romba pidicha point. Adhuku mela nadakira insident ellame adukkule adangidum. Ennoda POV idhu mattum thaan. bye

      • Kana

        Nisi enna nee mariyathai theriyatha ponna irukiye vanga ponganukidu irukka,olungu mariyathaiya vaa poonu koopidu illa unna sangatha vidu thallo vaichiruvom 🙂

        Ash ivalukellam nee pathil solikidu irukatha,aval college pora varaikum nammala time passkune vaichirukal 🙂 🙂

  34. Cassandra

    I hope that dhruv and thapki get back ? together… I mean bihaan got so much time ⌚ with thapki… And dhruv he was supposed to get married to thapki but bihaan got married in dhoke.. If u go to see dhruv didn’t get to be with thapki after marriage… And thapki how could she forget dhruv… He was her first lover…. Dhruv yet didn’t forget his ? love for thapki….if I mentioned anything wrong please forgive ? me…

  35. pooja prabha

    Hi….kana,I am not from chennai.but,I regularly read your comments.which was a interesting one.OK dear take care and have a nice dear for you….

  36. Nisi

    Hi Juggu, ungaluku reason thana venum solren….

    Enga village la thiruvila anga than poirunthom anga network kadaikathu pa, then kutralam, pavanasam,kanniyakumari nu nalla ooru suththitu ipathan Chennai vanthom, athan ennala comments panna mudiyala…..

  37. pooja prabha

    Juggu…I am always supports Thahaan and I am a great fan of Manish.Their relationship is genuine,strong,divineful.When we check her relation with Dhruv is not at all love but its a kind of respect .Bihaan is the perfect partner of Thapki because he has to support and caring her with all crucial situations which she faced in her life…anyways,whatever happends I never change my fans hip with Thahaan and Manish.its only my own opinion…..

  38. Komal

    How ureal it is dhruv do the engagement in darkness n thapki will think engmt…is done and accept it without seeing that special moment.then what is d point of doing it in frnt of family n guest.n how it possible richest pd family dont have a inverter!as it start automatically with the power cut.
    In promo thapki is inside d tree ,how she got into that n d men who r cutting it could not even hear her voice.this type of idea also giving bad ideas to culprit mind people.

  39. Nasreen-Thalaivi


    |Registered Member

    Hai sangam girls, epdi irukinga ma… ipelam neraiya tamil ponnunga comment panranga ,adha paaka bodhu romba santhosama iruku…
    But kana and juggu neenga rendu perum thaaruv and thahaan pathi pesi ellaraiyum oda vachiradhinga. Aana onnu ponnungala ennaku onnu nalla theriyudhu indha thapki ponnu irunkaaley romba nalla game adura…
    Real life laiyum ssari reel life laiyum sari nallavey aala madhura … unmaiya solanumna dhruv(n)ankit romba paavam pa… nejamavey kasta patutan …

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.