Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhruv saying I won’t let Thapki wear the ring, I will stop this engagement Thapki. Sinha calls Shraddha and asks her to leave that home, and come back. Shraddha says what are you saying, I can bear their annoyance to live such lifestyle, I m happy here, don’t think I will come back. She says how can dad think I will leave this house, where can I get such lifestyle, I want that ring, I deserve that ring, not Thapki.

Dhruv heats the heating rod and says its impossible to hold this, think Bihaan what will happen when you hold this, your hand will get burnt and you can’t wear the ring. He goes out and asks Bihaan to find the heating rod, Bau ji needs it to heat water for bath. Bihaan looks for the rod. Shraddha goes to house temple and sees the rings. She says its

same ring like Thapki’s, but this is fake diamond, its good I got this from market in time, I will change this with Thapki’s ring. She changes the rings and takes diamond ring.

Vasundara comes and Shraddha drops the ring in shock. The ring falls under the table. Vasundara asks what were you doing here. Shraddha says I came to pray and goes. Vasundara sees the rings kept and goes. Bihaan sees the rod and goes to pick it. Thapki stops him and says its hot, your hand would have got burnt. He asks how do you know. She says see the carpet, its burning, see that smoke. Bihaan says I did not see it. Dhruv looks on and goes. She asks who did this. He says don’t know. She holds his hand and worries. He says you are always with me now, don’t be scared, be happy, show me your big smile. They smile. He says Ghazab…..

Suman and Preeti also go to swap ring so that they can wear it before Thapki does. Preeti changes the ring with the fallen one, and real ring gets placed in the box, while the fake one falls. Shraddha goes there and asks what are they doing. They leave. Shraddha thinks to find the ring, it fell down here. She finds the ring there and gets it. She smiles.

Dhruv races the bike in anger. Bihaan comes and Dhruv stops. Bihaan asks Dhruv where is he going with bike. Dhruv says I have imp work, I have to do arrangements for your marriage, can I take your bike, but I felt there is some problem in your bike, do you know any mechanic. Bihaan says I m mechanic myself and checks the tyre, while Dhruv is racing. Bihaan’s hand gets cut, and he screams. Dhruv says so sorry, I did not see, is it hurting a lot.

Bihaan says its aching a lot. Dhruv does the aid to his hand and says I think its small fracture, we will visit doctor, health is imp. Bihaan says there is something more imp than myself, Thapki and her happiness. Bihaan asks him not to say anyone. Dadi comes with Thapki and gives Bihaan his clothes to wear in engagement. He hides his wound and has pain. He says its good. Thapki asks what happened, are you fine. Bihaan says yes, its my engagement today. Dhruv tries to say, and Bihaan stops him. Thapki asks why did you keep kerchief on hand. Bihaan makes excuse and lies to them. They leave.

Later, Bihaan sees Thapki and everyone happy. Dhruv tells Bihaan to cancel engagement, as he is unable to bear the pain. Bihaan removes the bandage and asks Dhruv to see Thapki’s smile, this engagement will happen today. Dhruv gets angry.

Everyone wait for the groom Bihaan. Bihaan comes there. Dadi asks Bihaan to make Thapki wear the ring. Shraddha thinks Thapki’s fate is bad, she got fake ring. The jeweler comes there. Bau ji says you are our family jeweler, you made Bihaan and Thapki’s rings. The jeweler sees the rings. He stops them and says I think this ring diamond has some problem, I want to check it. Bau ji says why not, and gives the ring. Shraddha, Suman and Preeti worry. The jeweler checks ring. Shraddha thinks how she swapped the ring. Preeti checks how she changed the ring. The man says sorry, I did mistake, its real diamond. Shraddha and Preeti get shocked. Thapki takes ring to make Bihaan wear it. She asks Bihaan why is his hand shaking and worries.

Dhruv thinks I will make Thapki wear the ring. The power goes. Dhruv makes Thapki wear the ring.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. juggu

    Come on guys let’s start a tharuv , thahaan debate…..first type for whom u r supporting and ur POV of them….others could …..say their opinion ……BT no bashing of any characters…. Please kind req from ur frnd juggu…..

    • Adithi

      Hahaha juggu.. If this discussion starts it definitely leads to a fight.. But still im excited to watch the discussion.. But I’m not going to be included as I like both pairs…

      • Juggu


        |Registered Member

        Neenga dhana interestinga oru topicu kedaiklanu sonneenga ipa paru ash varu epdi sooper ah pesudhu paru…….ashuh kutty enga poita inga ellaru nimmadhiya irukanga prachnai panla odiva…….?????

        Ashuh ma neenga enga irukeeengaaaaaa……

      • ash..2

        Hai, hai, hai. Naan ippo veliye poren. Today my one and only comment.
        Idhu periya world war. Adichikiradhukku. Almost elarum thahaan. Thahaan illadha 1 serial, ean bhihaan illadha serial…chance.ea illa. Unakku pattimandran kekudha. My vote …to THAHAAN. POV.of them… Vittu koduthu vaazhara vaazhkai 2 per kiteyum irukku. Enaku romba romba pidicha point. Adhuku mela nadakira insident ellame adukkule adangidum. Ennoda POV idhu mattum thaan. bye

      • Kana

        Nisi enna nee mariyathai theriyatha ponna irukiye vanga ponganukidu irukka,olungu mariyathaiya vaa poonu koopidu illa unna sangatha vidu thallo vaichiruvom 🙂

        Ash ivalukellam nee pathil solikidu irukatha,aval college pora varaikum nammala time passkune vaichirukal 🙂 🙂

  2. Cassandra

    I hope that dhruv and thapki get back ? together… I mean bihaan got so much time ⌚ with thapki… And dhruv he was supposed to get married to thapki but bihaan got married in dhoke.. If u go to see dhruv didn’t get to be with thapki after marriage… And thapki how could she forget dhruv… He was her first lover…. Dhruv yet didn’t forget his ? love for thapki….if I mentioned anything wrong please forgive ? me…

  3. pooja prabha

    Hi….kana,I am not from chennai.but,I regularly read your comments.which was a interesting one.OK dear take care and have a nice dear for you….

  4. Nisi

    Hi Juggu, ungaluku reason thana venum solren….

    Enga village la thiruvila anga than poirunthom anga network kadaikathu pa, then kutralam, pavanasam,kanniyakumari nu nalla ooru suththitu ipathan Chennai vanthom, athan ennala comments panna mudiyala…..

  5. pooja prabha

    Juggu…I am always supports Thahaan and I am a great fan of Manish.Their relationship is genuine,strong,divineful.When we check her relation with Dhruv is not at all love but its a kind of respect .Bihaan is the perfect partner of Thapki because he has to support and caring her with all crucial situations which she faced in her life…anyways,whatever happends I never change my fans hip with Thahaan and Manish.its only my own opinion…..

  6. Komal

    How ureal it is dhruv do the engagement in darkness n thapki will think engmt…is done and accept it without seeing that special moment.then what is d point of doing it in frnt of family n guest.n how it possible richest pd family dont have a inverter!as it start automatically with the power cut.
    In promo thapki is inside d tree ,how she got into that n d men who r cutting it could not even hear her voice.this type of idea also giving bad ideas to culprit mind people.

  7. Nasreen-Thalaivi


    |Registered Member

    Hai sangam girls, epdi irukinga ma… ipelam neraiya tamil ponnunga comment panranga ,adha paaka bodhu romba santhosama iruku…
    But kana and juggu neenga rendu perum thaaruv and thahaan pathi pesi ellaraiyum oda vachiradhinga. Aana onnu ponnungala ennaku onnu nalla theriyudhu indha thapki ponnu irunkaaley romba nalla game adura…
    Real life laiyum ssari reel life laiyum sari nallavey aala madhura … unmaiya solanumna dhruv(n)ankit romba paavam pa… nejamavey kasta patutan …

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