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Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Krishnakant doing roka with many gifts. Vasundara stops him, and says give my son just shagun of 1.25rs, and a coconut. They all smile. Dhruv and Thapki get elder’s blessings. Thapki pyaar ki…………plays……….. Kiran makes them sit for the selfie, and the family poses together. Poonam talks to Vasundara about asking pandit for the mahurat. Vasundara looks at Suman. Suman says how to convey her, the phone battery got off. She signs Vasundara. Dadi asks Vasundara to tell Poonam. Vasundara misunderstands and answers about her bindi. Dadi says she is saying about baraat, listen well what Krishnakant is asking. Dhruv repeats and Vasundara answers about bindi.

They all get shocked. Dhruv asks her is she fine. Kiran asks her is she fine, does she need anything.

Dhruv asks is she understanding. PReeti says she will understand if she hears, she does not hear anything. They all ask what and are shocked. Suman takes Preeti’s phone and messages Vasundara, that everyone came to know she can’t hear. Vasundara says sorry, but I m not able to hear well since few days as insect has bitten me. Dhruv asks why did she not tell me. Bihaan says mum did not wish to make you worry. Suman says Vasundara stopped us. Dhruv says I should have called a doctor. Vasundara asks him not to worry, she is fine.

Suman asks Preeti why did she go there, she would have messaged Vasundara before. Preeti says so what, Vasundara does not know Thapki’s stammering. Krishnakant brings hearing aid, and says Thapki has got it for me, use this, you can hear well. Suman and Preeti think Thapki can’t be saved now. Thapki makes Vasundara wear the hearing aid, and asks her can she hear it well now, and stammers. Vasundara looks at her. Dhruv asks can she hear them.

Vasundara says she is not getting any sound, maybe doctor did not give me this, its fine, I m putting medicine, I will be fine in few days. She says we will leave now, you have to come to us and decide mahurat soon. Shubh takes Dhruv’s sign. Vasundara says she hates things which halts and works, why did you keep such pen Dhruv. Dhruv asks Shubh to get any other pen. Krishnakant gives him the pen. Dhruv signs and gives him. They all leave and come home. Bau ji asks Kiran did Roka happen, or did they come like this, maybe Maa did not like her. Dadi says she likes Thapki, she has won my heart, everything went fine. He takes her to the room.

Vasundara talks to Suman and Preeti. They see Thapki’s interview on Dhruv’s channel at 7pm, and they get shocked. Vasundara asks what are they seeing, and does not see news. She sees Thapki on tv and ask them why are they showing Thapki on tv. They message that the show will show Thapki is brave girl. Vasundara says she will see the show, when will it air. Suman says we will not tell her right time, she should not see it, and says 14th aug. Vasundara sees 13th aug on tv, and Preeti messages that Suman is illiterate and does not know. Vasundara says she will punish them after she gets well. She says she will see Thapki’s show and gets reminder in her phone.

Thapki sees the Taj mahal and smiles, saying she can always keep it with her, but she has not given any gift to Dhruv, what shall she give him, something that is like special and unique. She looks at the moon and smiles. Its morning, Vasundara talks to pandit and says bride’s kundli will be brought by her parents. Kiran says they have come, and welcomes Thapki and her family. Vasundara says you have both kundlis now, find some good mahurat. The pandit tells them about this poornima date. Krishnakant says so soon, how will we arrange. Vasundara says we will manage everything, we will keep all functions in our house, don’t worry, so is it sure from your side. Krishnakant and Poonam smile and nod.

Thapki tells Krishnakant that’s Dhruv’s Bau ji. Krishnakant and Poonam greet Balwinder and Vasundara asks Thapki to take blessings with Dhruv, and Bau ji will bless them together. She calls Dhruv. Dhruv comes and takes blessings from Bau ji, along Thapki. Bau ji blesses Thapki alone. Everyone look on.

Vasundara says she hates things which halts and works. Krishnakant messages Vasundara that Thapki stammers. Thapki says Dhruv that he will be special for her always and he smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I missed 2day’s episode. I can’t understand the precap. Is vasundara going to know about Thapki’s stammering

  2. Iam also donot understand day by day twist was continue when directer make full stop on the twist

  3. Same here
    Even i missed the episode
    mdoes precap show that vasundhra reads the message
    or it might be to fool us as may be instead of vasundhra suman reads the message and reply on vasundhra’s behalf

  4. I really like this serial and I love the acting of everyone in this serial and kaas karke jigyasa and ankit ka. I really love them and thapki pyaar ki mujhe har pal pyaar ki thapki dethe rehte hai aur main chahun ki thapki air dhruv ka shaadi ho jaaye and pls no negative scenes and I cannot see thapki crying pls pls so JAL se JAL dhruv air thapki ka shaadi hona chahiye pls pls plspls and pls

  5. Dhruv’s expressions superb he s amazing nd d serial also going well.i really liked d background score its amazing.

  6. Nice epi…Vasu don’t know about her prblm….nxt epi her father will message vsu about thpki bt she not to come know evrythng ..after some wedding fnction she will know….

  7. I dnt thnk thapki stammering talent s gng to gt reveald so soon… Suman r preethi wil do sumethng to stop vasundaraji readng d msg..

  8. Nice epi… Especially in the scene where thapki convince Dhruv to get aashirvaad from bauji !!! Love you Dhruv and your love and respect for thapki’s nod !!!
    Eagerly waiting for the next epi…

  9. It will be funny when marriage between bihaan and thapki will happen

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