Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha writing the letter, that Vasundara has given rat poison to Thapki, she added the poison in milk. Thapki comes home. Shraddha says I m not involved in all this. Thapki says I came home, but no one should know Maa added poison in milk. Shraddha sees Thapki and says ghost, Thapki will kill me. The letter falls. Bihaan pulls Thapki and asks how did you come home, you will ruin my plan, Shraddha believes you are dead, and she will accept that she added poison. Thapki asks what did you do, I told you not to do this. He says I know Shraddha added poison. She says no, it will be big problem if anyone knows truth. He looks at her.

Everyone come out and ask Shraddha why is she scared, did she see any ghost. Dhruv asks whats wrong, are you fine. Shraddha says I have

to say something about Thapki. Bau ji asks what. Shraddha says Thapki is no more. Dhruv says what and they all get shocked. Thapki comes there and asks Shraddha what are you telling everyone, I m here. Shraddha gets shocked seeing her fine. Bau ji asks Bihaan and Thapki from where are they coming at this time. Bihaan says Thapki wanted to have fresh air, so I took her out. Bau ji asks Shraddha what were you saying. Shraddha says yes, I was saying that Thapki is not in our world, that she went from Pandey Nivaas, I saw this bad dream, so I got scared and came here, I m sorry. Thapki goes to her room. Bihaan angrily sees Shraddha and goes.

Thapki rests and Bihaan comes to room. He asks where are your feet, I will touch your feet, why did you come from hospital, you were dying there. Thapki says everyone would have known it then about the poison, I did not wish anyone to know. He asks why are you saving Shraddha, you wanted us to have big proof against Shraddha, when I was getting proof, you did not let me get proof. She says let me rest. He says I came here to hit my head, sleep now, be careful. She rests. He says I m even saying you are not doing right by saving Shraddha he goes. She cries and says how to tell you Bihaan, I m saving Maa from falling in everyone’s eyes, if everyone know the truth, her respect will be ruined in their eyes, I won’t let this happen, I don’t know why Maa added poison in milk.

Bihaan goes out. Shraddha asks how dare you lie to me, you wanted to make me fall in everyone’s eyes, I did not see such cheap man in my life, you lied to show your wife dead, where are you going. He gets angry and gets fire… He says I will burn you to ashes, you failed to kill Thapki, but I will not fail. She gets shocked. He says yes, I lied that Thapki died, but I did not lie that she was really dying, she was dying because of that poison, you are alive because of Thapki, she is great and forgiven you, if I did not promise Thapki, you would have not been alive, if I was in her place, I would have exposed you, and then make you drink poison by my hand, but Thapki has forgiven you. She thinks it means Thapki understood Vasundara added poison and did not tell Bihaan, so he is blaming me, idiot Bihaan, Thapki saved your Maa, not me. Bihaan scolds her and says I have forgiven you today on Thapki’s saying, if you do anything, I will burn you to ashes.

She says one minute Bihaan Pandey… and gets angry. She asks you want to scare me with this fire… She goes and gets kerosene. She puts kerosene around them, and takes fire torch from his hand. She opens her hair loose and looks dangerous…. She ignites fire around both of them to show her dare. They both stand in the fire circle. She asks him to burn her with this fire, she did not get her husband’s love after marriage. She says I burn daily when I see Dhruv’s love for Thapki, Thapki is still in his heart, I m dying every day, burn me, kill me. Your wife has planned this, giving me her Jhutan. He asks her to shut up. She asks him to shut up and shouts on him.

Shraddha says you will listen today, a woman’s insult wrote Mahabharat, Kauravas were enemy of Draupadi and Thapki is my enemy. He shouts Shraddha. She says don’t shout, I hate her, I did not give her poison to kill her, I wanted to scare her and make her leave from Dhruv’s life, I regret, why did she not die, you kill her every moment, you gave her a life full of poison, you are biggest cheater, who cheated and married Thapki, this is difference between you and me, I m doing this to get my love, you snatched Thapki’s happiness and love. He looks on. She asks him did he get speechless now. She says see your truth first, we would have not been here if you did not marry Thapki by cheat.

She says be B for Bihaan, don’t try to become B for Bhagwan. He gets stunned. She leaves and he gets thinking.

Bihaan comes to his room and sees Thapki. He gets sad and recalls Shraddha’s and Diwakar’s words. He says I did wrong, but it does not mean I will leave her to die, I did big mistake, but I will not do bigger mistake, till I m with Thapki, I won’t let anything happen to Thapki, and I won’t let Shraddha get around Thapki, there is one way to keep Shraddha away, that’s getting Shraddha’s truth out.

Shraddha looks for the letter she wrote. Bihaan looks on and thinks that proof can expose Shraddha. He gets the letter and gets shocked reading it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ranaji(narendran)

    Finally truth is out and I also thought bihaan was trying to unite thapki and dhruv it was stopped and many things photo but today epi was nice especially Sharaddha spoke today some good words becoz she told bihaan and reminded him to unite dhruv and thapki and it will bring thahaan closer

  2. Fast update. Stupid thapki. Hate vasundara and sharddha.

  3. stupid thapki..
    luv u Bihan

  4. Thapki spoiled everything

  5. Thapki’s character is becoming unrealistic day by day. How can she still think good for Vasundara after what she did to her? I hope after reading the paper on which Shraddha wrote the truth, Bihaan doesn’t think about his evil mother and her reputation. Honestly, I felt really bad for Bihaan today, when Shraddha was blaming him for what happened with Dhruvki. After Bihaan said “He will never leave Thapki alone.” I said “Yes! That’s the spirit, we love you! You are the best.”
    Did anyone see the 2 new promos? One for “Thapki Pyaar Ki” Television Blockbuster, in which Dadi asks Thapki to leave the house and suddenly Bihaan enters and says that Thapki won’t be leaving the house alone. The other was a promo for 3 serials “Swaragini”, “Thapki Pyaar Ki” and “Ishq Ka Rang Safed”, for the couples Swasan,Thahaan and Vidhaani. I think it was a Valentine Day spoiler or may be not.
    Well, I am really excited for this weekend! Can’t wait for Sunday!

  6. Can someone please tell Thapki to stop being so great, I have doubt she may be planing something, I don’t think so but one thing I m confused does she knows that vasu was the one who forced Bihaan to marry her, if no then I think only then Thapki may reveal all the true and I heard that this week Tv ka blockbuster is of Thapki, is it true?

    1. Yaar it’s true fatarajo…that too amazing promo….dadi maa slaps thapki , asks her to get out now itself…. Just then Bihaan comes opening their house door like a hero and says “thapki yahaan se akeli nahin chalungi” and takes her holding her hand….
      I didn’t believe it when i read the spoiler but was shocked to see this promo really in TV……i felt as of I was dreaming as usual but was true….
      I think suddenly CVS got some brain it seems……

      1. Really is it true???? Then it will be great 🙂 can’t wait for tv ka blockbuster this week, and I this Pandey family is just pathetic but hopefully at least thahaan can stay alone n get some peace I hope there is a track where Bihaan somehow gets his biological family and stay there I just hate Pandey family I never
        expected dadi Maa to do like this and I also read that Vasundhara may soften towards Thapki after she overhears that she almost died, I read several times Vasundhara will soften towards Thapki but it never happens

      2. Arae yaar, she will have soft corner but she will never change… is beyond the practical….she loves her so called son and daughter in law more than herself… she will do anything ,go to any extent……

  7. It’s good that Bihaan understood shraddha knows Druv Thapki relationship .Shraddha called Bihaan as cheater but she did same thing with her boyfriend Rithvik she left him when he was in financial crisis and tried to stick on rich celebrity Druv pandey above all tried to kill boyfriend…. how can she expect love from Druv…. disgusting shraddha….
    The real villain is Vasu. Thapki began to think why did vasu mix poison in milk. I wish she may get answer to her question soon ;and her marriage truth too.

  8. Superb acting by Manish and Monicca! Poor Bihaan…feel so sad for him. He gets insulted and scolded all the time.

  9. Nice episode….bihaan and shradha rocks today….shradha u just play ur role in a awesomeway….bihaan dialogue was fabulous….

  10. What a great work shradha and bihaan..
    Vry nyc it..u just nailed it..!!!!

    1. Chance to happen. But it happends, again heartbroken scene. Really fed up to think.

      1. This reply is for puppy. Sorry Astha

  11. Omg!!! Shraddha u really did a great job today by making Bihaan understand what his mom had done actually…….I think that’s y he will be leaving along with thapki as he has not yet realised his love completely….only when they live alone, they will have more space of freedom.., thahaan will unite…pl..don’t ever return back to pandey zoo….

    And u thapki, what only u know…u don’t know anything…. U can’t get to know anything…as u never think of what is happening…truly saying u don’t have self thinking and also don’t hear bihaan’s words….
    U just know how to insult Bihaan……..

    Finally thapki,at least……no atleast !! u should accept him when he supports u and be with him……
    U could see pain in ox leg but not in bihaan’s heart…what an ice-maiden u are….stop being mahan aathma….if u are really MA then y u are this much rude to Bihaan…OK!! I accept that u have changed a lot from before in handling him but u shouldn’t have hidden the truth from Bihaan as it might have brought ur marriage truth out…
    But then also tomorrow this thapki idiot will burn the letter….what to do????? B for Bihaan pandey…struggling hard with innocent stupid bibi B for Bechara…..feeling very bad for u…..watching it only 4u…love u..keep rocking…….

  12. I hate you tapki for ruining bhihaans plan you think your so good but how can you? Wen someone does you wrong you have to b In their place but not fall so low stay within limits and then take action. I know why u doing it but that sharrada will kill you soon.

  13. Stopwatchingtv

    Such an unrealistic story n dumb characters. I don’t believe dhruv runs a news channel as he is so dumb not to understand what is happening in his own house. Vasu is a champion. Instead of making shradha take care of dhruv she let’s her waste her time in getting rid of thapki that too in such evil manner. Even if thapki goes dhruv will not come to shradha unless she wins his heart which she has never tried so far. Dumb useless characters. One day they trust thapki other day they don’t. How can they believe that she will add ashes to coffee! Are ashes nutritious or taste enhancer? Stupid. Stopped watching it long back but now it seems reading update is also not worthy.

    1. Your’S was the most facinating comment i read here.. Your words really cracked me up.. bt were so true!!

    2. Wow!!! nice comment!!! best comment i have seen so far:D

  14. no comments from my side today I m speechless by seeing thapki’s greatness. writers plz… don’t made her that dumb
    n bihaan really feeling sad for u
    but promo was great n I m excited for Sunday’s blockbuster episode
    love u manish goplani u r a great actor

  15. I think after leaving pandey house thapki and bihaan sure comes closer and I also hope that soon shraddha’s real face will reveal infront of vasu,,,coz vasu helping shraddha, coz she wants that thapki should be out of the house and when her(vasu) aim accomplished then vasu will give house hold work or house responsibility to shraddha…. Then, Shraddha will be irritated of being good and idol bahu she(shraddha) definitely shows her real face infront of vasu…then only vasu realises thapki’s good nature and feelings for the family.

  16. What is this bihaan can’t find what is vasundara & sraddtha is doing to thapki ?

  17. Waiting for television blockbuster
    Today episode super
    Dekhna na aye ki bihaan letter ko galath samjega yaa nahi …….!!!!!!!.?

  18. Oh god wt an acting BIDHA
    super simply nailed today.
    today is bidhas day her expression was awesome.
    dumb thapki again do foolishnes fire the paper oh stood slap that fool hate it .
    except smthng thahaan moments but cvs again bashed us.

  19. First everone appreciate Monica she steal everyone’s heart her outstanding performance.
    bihaan too.
    both expression and confrontation is highlighted today.

  20. Totally unrealistic how come they could show thapki giving money to auto from where did she get as she did not take purse to hospital

  21. Ohh not again,thapki has spoiled everything…. It would b interesting if vasu knows the real character of shraddha pandey….n then fight strt between two idiots(.vasu n shraddha)….now same track…poor thapki..

  22. This thapki is so irritating

  23. No one can be like Thapki – very unrealistic. Bihan is superb.

  24. I only used to watch this show for Ankit and they made his role a piece of garbage… I stopped watching this show when they made Bihaan the lead and he married Thapki but today when I clicked color’s channel by accident then I saw Shraddha yelling at Bihaan today Shraddha rocked for real she told him the truth…
    Plzzz unite Thapki and Dhruv
    I miss them so bad

  25. above all the things…at least there should be little realistic….as Thapki was almost dead and suddenly she walk out from the hospital….at least leave some real scenes….as it becomes boring…..
    It’s a serial but it impacts many lives in real…… please maintain reality to some extent at least 10%
    And every level have a end and truth always wins….so an waiting when shradda and vasu get exposed ……….

  26. I’m first-time writing this comment, actually I don’t speak hindi but i love hindi serials so much that i start learning hindi. So, i love tpk and other shows from colors tv and i start watching tpk because of b for bihaan pandey his acting was superb today keep rocking Bihaan…Love thahaan couple ???

  27. I have stopped watching this serial because of stupid thapki mahatma

  28. I love bihaan…so only watching ds serial…but now a days i stopped watching…bcoz of ds stupid dumb thapki…she irritates me lot…compare to her shraddha n vasu s better…past i want thaahaan scenes…now pls kill thapki…and introduce new pair to “B for Bihaan pandey”..he s charming n cute hero…dont pair thapki to bihaan and also dhruv….serial bad s THAPKI only…poor bihaan

  29. Thapki is very stupid mahatma Shradha can never expect love from Dhruv as she already cheated her boyfriend in financial crisis but one right thing which Shradha did was she made Bihaan realize his mistake of separating Dhruv from Thapki though it was not intentional but Shradha is evil only as she wants to get rid of Thapki in an evil way

  30. Great acting shard ha. .. u r really outstanding…..

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