Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha asking Thapki and Bani to get lost, and says I mean you can go. Bani cries and tells Tina that she don’t want to leave her and go. Shraddha says this is not your house, so hold your mumma’s hand and go. Bani says no. Thapki asks her to come. Bani asks her to stop and says she don’t want to leave Tina. Bani and Tina cry, while Thapki takes Bani with her. Thapki recalls Shraddha telling Doctor that they have been fooling Pandey family that whatever happened to Bihaan is because of Thapki and the truth is that he can be fine because of Thapki. Thapki also cries and looks at Bihaan. She leaves Bani’s hand and falls down from the stairs….Balwinder shouts Thapki. Bihaan also shouts Thapki and runs to her. He asks if you are fine. Thapki tells him that her

leg… sprained and shouts. Bihaan lifts Thapki in his arms and make her rest on sofa. He asks are you fine? Thapki writhes in pain. Preeti says Thapki is hurt. Suman says she has sprained her leg. Balwinder calls Doctor.

Doctor checks Thapki’s leg and says she is deeply hurt and her leg is also swollen, prescribes the medicine. He leaves. Bani gets angry and stamps on the stairs…asking why did you hurt my mum. Tina asks her not to get angry. Anu asks her not to strain her foot else she can get fracture. Thapki asks who said you this? Anu says teacher. Thapki says you are just like your mum. Shraddha gets angry. Veer says now you can’t go from here. Shraddha says she will call ambulance to drop her home. Bihaan says Thapki will not go from here and that’s final, no arguments. Shraddha looks on. Balwinder says she will not go anywhere, don’t worry.

Suman and Preeti take Thapki to her room. Thapki says I am fine, don’t worry. Suman says we are happy that you are with us. Dhruv comes and says nobody is happy. He says wound gets deeper if the person giving round is around. Shraddha says specially Bihaan and reminds what Doctor had said. She blames Thapki and asks Suman and Preeti to let her go. Suman says Bihaan asked her to stay. Dhruv says just because Bihaan said, I agreed, but she have to stay here on a condition. He looks at the moon and says you and Bihaan can’t stay together, you have to stay away from him for forever. Shraddha smiles.

Dhruv says my life, my love and my Aditi is snatched by you, and I won’t let you snatch my brother. He asks her never to come infront of Bihaan again. Suman and Preeti go after Dhruv asking him to listen. Shraddha asks Thapki, did you listen what he said. She asks her to leave once she gets fine with her daughter, and reminds her of the letter which will make Bihaan to death. Thapki says I remember everything. Shraddha says Dhruv is against you today and goes. Thapki says I am sad that Dhruv is holding me responsible for whatever happened with Aditi and Bihaan and thinks how to make him fine and take him out from Sankara and Shraddha’s trap.

Later in the night, Thapki gets up and walks in the house with the help of a supporting stick. She recalls all the happy moments in the family….Sad song of Thapki plays………..She goes to Bihaan’s room and see Bihaan and Tina sleeping. She smiles….Thapki Pyaar ki plays………….she closes the door. Bihaan gets up hearing the door sound. Thapki tries to go. Bihaan comes out of his room and looks out. Thapki goes to the storeroom and sees Binoculars. She recalls Bihaan gifting it to her to show her stars. Sankara comes there and says you are crying, I thought you will be happy to stay here because of leg sprain. She says you will not get your old life as Bihaan will be away from you, and asks her to stay at a corner and not to come infront of him if she wants his life. She goes. Thapki says even if I don’t come infront of him, but I will stay with him. She says Bihaan will not have those wrong medicines, I will stop him from eating that, then he will become like old Bihaan for his kids, me and family.

In the morning. Thapki comes out of bathroom and tries to tie her dress dori. Bihaan is going from there and looks at her. He thinks it is a bad thing to look like this at Bani’s mum. He closes her eyes, but then sees her admiring her. Thapki also sees him. Bihaan walks inside the room and ties her dress dori. Bani comes and says ghajab…you both have become friends. Tina says you people look good together, really. Sankara comes there and looks angrily. Thapki thanks him. Bihaan says sorry and goes. Sankara also goes. Thapki thinks even though you have a memory loss, but your heart still beats for me and I know this feeling is my strength to defeat Sankara and Shraddha.

Sankara asks Bihaan to have breakfast and medicine. Thapki sees Sankara keeping his medicine on the dining table and panics. Bihaan is about to take the medicine, but Thapki makes the medicine fall from Bihaan’s hand through slingshot.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow…CVS you just prove it even now you have the capacity to execute the track well…good job.i was amazed after watching today’s episode…we are blessed to see such a nice episode.Thahaan is Back…hiding lot of surpries for us.let’s see.Manish…nothing more to say you are Unique.
    Hi…my buddies reshu,anu,garima,sandy,navami
    ,sruti,rinku,santhosh Bhai,kudrat…
    Did you read the new spoiler which is completely make us enthusiastic.
    Once again congrats TPK for 600:)
    Friends specially to Thahaanians pls watch TPK on colors @6.30pm…

    1. Manish ki deewani

      hi poo .i think after leap cvs start using thier brain very well hope so they remain suah as that .
      Mani we can’t define him. .he is rock star super star more ana more ………………………………
      poo i read new spoiler .its interesting or just say wow
      i am so exiting 4 bihu fighting with goons
      u saw the videao where tpk team celebratre the celebration for the completion of 600 episode .take care

  2. Really enjoying the episodes at the moment, love the way even though Bihaan doesn’t fully remember her, he feels the connection and is gravitating towards her.

  3. This will take other months before Thapki will reveal the truth to everyone… plz cv can’t Thapki just bring the doctor n the police at the house n reveal everything at once..!! I mean like Thapki and the police to put pressure on the doctor so he can go be up n say the truth at once!!!… I don’t wanna sit n watch this show for other months???? it makes me very angry, when it comes to do Good things it will take forever but when it Evil things y’all do it at once.? Am tired of this show….. plz let the pandey house have a happy home at for once plz!!!..let shardhha n shakara go to jail forever plz!!!… upon all the Evil shardhha has done C’me on, plz CV do something also make Thapki to became smart s*xy woman??..

  4. Yuhoo! Thapki fighting !! 😉
    Till thapki’s leg gets fine, i hope bihaan will be better and start remembering the past.

    So sweet episode for thahaan 🙂 I just loved to see bihaan tying the dori of thapki’s dress….
    In the upcoming episodes I wish Druv also changes into previous truthful and helpful person….

    And I’m still waiting eagerly for Vasu Maa. She’d very happy that her prayers are answered as Thapki has finally come back after 7 years for bihaan.

    Waiting eagerly for tomorrow’s episode 🙂

  5. Episode – 60006:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 28 Feb Set Alert
    More show timings
    Thapki falls off the stairs and Bihaan runs towards her. Later, the doctor says that she has sprained her leg and that she needs rest for a couple of days.
    Episode – 60106:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 01 Mar Set Alert
    More show timings
    Thapki receives the delivery of medicines, but Shankar snatches it and gives it to Bihaan. Later, Bani and Tina try to get Thapki and Bihaan closer.
    Episode – 60206:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 02 Mar Set Alert
    More show timings
    Thapki and Vasu talk about Bihaan’s past and his current condition. Later, they try to come up with an idea to help Bihaan.
    Episode – 60306:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 03 Mar Set Alert
    More show timings
    Thapki and Vasu hope that Bihaan regains his memory. Later, Bihaan makes a painting of how he had proposed to Thapki years ago, leaving everyone dazed.
    Episode – 60406:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 04 Mar Set Alert
    More show timings
    After making the painting, Bihaan begins to grow restless. Later, Thapki comes up with a plan to help Bihaan regain his memory

    Episode – 60506:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 05 Mar Set Alert
    More show timings
    Some goons attack Bihaan and Thapki. Later, Bihaan begins to remember fragments of his past and starts fighting with the goons.

  6. Awsome wala episode. Tnks to cv for giving thahaan back.

  7. Loving episode thahaan always rock

  8. Congrass tpk for completing 600. Wish it will reach more than 1000 with our gajaab thahaan. Also wish for high trp.

  9. Manish ki deewani

    today episode is again gajaaaaaaaaaaaaaaab .my angry bihu wow wow i loved it .in night bihu looking nice in white kurta .that dori scene uff hw bihu say nahii nahii gandi baat bihu she is ur wife man bihu looking sooooooooooooo cute .lol and that sankri face .
    hello guys
    conrats to tpk team for completion of 600 episode

  10. Thanks @pooja prabha for the show alerts. Woww finally Vasu maa will be back and help thapki… Yuhoo! 🙂

  11. Navami

    This is making me happy …want to see bihan get his memories back….evils got punished…truth behind aditis death revealed….eagerly waiting for 5th…..hai pooja darl…and all thahaniens keep watching the show….
    Thahan forever

  12. Its my pleasure Raveria…

  13. Nice episode tha. I really enjoying it.

  14. oh i read the update….and i m flying in the air after reading it…uffufff….i will definately watch this epi….if cvs realy do these things always then tpk must wiil b on top….

  15. I love this . I liked Bihaan and thapki with cute twin daughter. I hope Bihaan is slow remember himself . But I don’t like dhruv . He is different man. He did not notice veer and aun look like mother. They swap which shraddara is cheat, selfish and evil!

  16. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    horrrrreeeee….back to session 1,and song thapki sad, i hear again….love you so much thahaan. congrat for 600 episode……

  17. Interesting episode excited to see more of it

  18. I love this.i like bihaan and thapki with cute twin daughter❤️❤️????

  19. @ NATALIA hi my honest friend> d cvs playing wit emotions of viewers>every time d trp decreasing > by just showing a few romantic part between tahaan> which is like a portion of best meal for someone who is starving > then when they got them on their side >all of a sudden > shaddah shankar or even kosi will come stronger than ever &nd> make tahaan away from eachother as far as they could use it for dragging>
    I f we think > they r going 2 make shaddah nd> shankar red handed by d truth come out> then please think again> that will happens at the end of d show > bcoz> the se two killers criminals> are their only tools to stay on screen.
    It is really painful> they r treating us as fools> as>

    if shaddah nd> shakar keeping a signed letter by thapki > that> that is not shankar > but look alike > then> thapki who can be a lawyer TV presenter psychologist tailor……………….can be easily enable to ask for a shankar’s DNA test in case of they want 2 use d letter> or

    she can say the truth of bihaan’s problem at least 2 d father nd> police > asking d medicine being investigated > nd > bihaan being seen by police’s Dr>
    I sincerely hope I am wrong > but d logic are confirming my words>

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