Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 28th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shraddha intentionally breaking Dhruv’s shirt button so that she can stitch it. Dhruv comes and wears the shirt. He says I m getting late, thanks for tea, but I have drink black coffee. He sees the button broken and Shraddha smiles. She says I will stitch it, it will take just few mins. He says I will wear another shirt. She insists. She stitches the button and gets close. He gets away and says I actually don’t like pink color. He wears a blue shirt and leaves.

Bihaan goes for interview. The man asks his resume. Bihaan tells about himself, and says I studied till 8th, and don’t know English well, I m fluent in hindi, and his conditions of work timings. He asks for 10000rs advance. The man asks him to get out and never come back in this office. He scolds Bihaan

and asks did you come to ask for job, or booking a hotel room. Bihaan says Ghazab, what did I say. He leaves.

Suman and Thapki get the stitching machine in cowshed. Thapki thanks her. Suman says this machine was not in use, I told neighbor ladies about tailoring work, many will come as there is no ladies tailor around, I will leave, if Vasundara sees me helping you, she will not spare me. She goes. Vasundara and Shraddha see Thapki with the stitching machine.

The ladies give tailoring orders to Thapki. Thapki says she will give the suits till evening. Vasundara says whats this now. Shraddha says Thapki will do anything to stay in cowshed, she is mistaken, she does not know what I will do, you don’t worry and do my small work, send family out by any excuse. Vasundara says Sanjay and Ashwin are at home, other are going to temple, I will see.

Diwakar says once I see any lovers, I will show them. He smiles seeing a girl waiting and greets her. He asks where is your partner, did he go to get rose for you or a diamond ring. He takes her pic and says I will show this pic to your parents. A tall guy comes and scolds Diwakar for troubling his cousin. Diwakar says I was not teasing this girl and calls Aditi there. He asks Adiit to tell them that she is his wife. Aditi denies to know Diwakar. Diwakar gets beaten by the men. Aditi looks on and stops them. She says Diwakar is my husband. The man says you got saved because of your wife, and leaves with his cousin.

Bihaan gives another interview and the man asks him to leave and not waste his time. Bihaan goes many places and does not get job. Diwakar tells his parents that I wish to thank Aditi, she saved me from that men, I got much beaten up. His parents get shocked and discuss about Diwakar. His mum says we have to make Diwakar against Aditi so that we can stay here. Mishra agrees.

Shraddha and Vasundara see Thapki. Servant asks Thapki to move her clothes from backyard, as Vasundara said she will dry family member’s clothes there. Thapki goes. Shraddha goes and ties a yellow cloth to Ram pyaari. She asks Ram Pyaari to ruin Thapki’s plan this time. Vasundara asks what are you doing. Shraddha keeps many rat catchers and puts grass all over the place. She hides. Thapki comes there. She thinks where did cloth go. She sees the yellow cloth with Ram pyaari, and walks to her. She goes to Ram pyaari and takes cloth. Shraddha says she never gets caught in our plans. Thapki gets hurt and cries. Her feet get stuck in rat catching meshes. Shraddha gets glad. Vasundara asks Shraddha did she wish to hurt Thapki, this is not right. Shraddha says sometimes wrong ways have to be adapted, its small wound. Vasundara says we can take some other way too. Shraddha says I did what I thought, your heart is good that’s why you can’t bear Thapki’s pain, what about the pain Thapki gave to your son Dhruv, he is not able to move on in life, he is alone even after marrying me, he is not happy because of Thapki, now Thapki can’t do this tailoring work.

Suman sees Thapki and asks how did you feet get caught in rat catching mesh. She frees Thapki’s feet and says its big wound.

Aditi tells Krishnakant about what happened. She says I don’t know why I supported Diwakar today, why did I save him. He says because its your values, you can’t see anyone in pain, Diwakar can be much bad, but you are good, that’s why you saved him, you should be happy to do a good thing and save someone’s life, don’t worry now.

Bihaan requests a man to hire him, he has no conditions, help me, give me 10000rs advance. The man says you have no education and experience, you won’t get job anywhere, go from here. Bihaan gets sad. Thapki stitches clothes, peddling by her wounded feet.

Bihaan tells Thapki that you said right, Lord will support us, I got a job. Thapki gets a call and lady asks her to come to some restaurant. Thapki goes there and waiter brings water for her. Waiter turns out to be Bihaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg bihan has accepted to be a waiter

  2. Lol…pairing diwakar n aditi….ohh God one more drama is gng to b strt…nooo……plz don’t pair them….can’t digest diwakar acting..dono why ths ajeeb character is dragging… Plz stop showing diwakar…so boring

  3. Good going ….
    I wish to THAHAAN you win the challenge….

  4. I think Shraddha informed Thapki to come to restaurant for insulting her and Bihaan.

  5. Oh god!don’t pair aditi and diwakar.
    I saw a news aditi quits the show.
    Please end this dreadful track……
    Start a lovely track…..

  6. The Housemates are so dumb…
    Shraddha does wrong but nobody sees and cares…Strange

  7. will thahaan will fight
    no its cant happen

  8. Oh my god..r these stupids going to pair up aditi and diwakar

  9. Oh my god..r these stupids going to pair up aditi and diwakar??!!??

  10. challenges make a man perfect….you are a perfect man BIHAAN.shraddha,oneday you willbe punished for your utter stupidity.

  11. You do realize that this is a drama serial…

  12. Omg bihaan accept to be a waiter.

  13. First I thought, he becomes boxer. Then I fell they fight each other. What is right?

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