Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kosi and Naman going to take auto. Kosi sees Shraddha’s name on auto and shows Naman. Naman says we won’t hire this auto. They go to bus stand. Preeti comes to stable room and says its stinking, I can’t stay here for one min. She leaves. Shraddha hides from Preeti and says how can I stay here, I m doing this on Thapki’s saying, if I have to hide from Kosi, I can go anywhere, I will go to parlor and freshen up, I will get good looks and relax. Sankara sees Shraddha and tells Kosi that she has seen Shraddha going there. Naman asks Kosi how is Sankara see Shraddha. Kosi asks Sankara are you sure. Sankara says yes. Kosi says we will go and see, if Shraddha is not there, I will not leave you.

Kosi goes to parlor. Shraddha is also there and gets facial done.

Kosi thinks Sankara is mad. Her phone falls and she bends to take it. She sees Shraddha there and gets shocked. She goes to Shraddha. Shraddha sees Kosi and is shocked.

Thapki does puja and tells Vasundara that she has a good news, and wanted to tell everyone infront of Lord. Vasundara asks her to say. Kosi says I will say what good news Thapki wants to give. Thapki gets shocked seeing Kosi, Naman and Sankara back. Naman and Kosi say they have left money and business, and came back for Bihaan. She says I will give good news, and calls Shraddha inside. Thapki gets super shocked.

Kosi says the good news is Shraddha is alive, Shraddha will tell everything, where did she go. Vasundara says you said she went to meet her dad. Shraddha says no, I was hiding in this house. Naman says she was doing big things in this house. Kosi says Shraddha was acting as ghost and scaring us to make us leave this house, she was threatening to kill us. Vasundara asks Shraddha is this true, tell me, you will leave the house. Shraddha says yes, its true. Suman and Preeti ask Shraddha why did you do this, what enmity do you have with them. Shraddha says no, Thapki has enmity with them, Thapki told me to scare them as ghost so that they leave this house.

Vasundara and Bihaan get shocked. Shraddha says Thapki did this drama to control Bihaan, she blackmailed me to support her. Kosi smiles. Thapki asks when did I blackmail you. Shraddha says try to remember, you blackmailed me. Vasundara says Thapki can’t do this, you can do such cheap thing. Bau ji says Shraddha is saying truth, I have seen Thapki doing this with Thapki.

Bihaan takes Thapki aside and asks her to say is this true, say it. Thapki says yes Bihaan. They all get shocked. Thapki asks Bihaan to believe her, she did not blackmail Shraddha. Bihaan says I will not believe you now, I was happy that you called my Maa as Maa, it was a cheat, you went against my Maa, and you can do anything against me too. He warns her not to do this, else she may have to leave the house. He goes. Thapki says I just wanted to save Bihaan’s life. Bau ji says this misunderstanding can be harmful for your relation. Thapki asks Bau ji to listen. Everyone leave. Suman and Preeti say Kosi changed, why did you break everyone’s trust, you did wrong. Vasundara looks at Thapki. Thapki cries.

Thapki tells Kosi that she will make her away from Bihaan’s life. Kosi asks Thapki to leave from the house. Thapki cries and asks Dadi to tell Kosi’s truth to everyone. Dadi holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What a saad episode ….in tpk the directors can not show happiness ??they also make saad to their viewers

    1. Yeah ,:'(

  2. Upcoming is so so bad guys but i had to share this. ????
    Thapki mischariage..
    Thapki memory loss
    Shankar will live with bihaan
    Thapola track…
    Dhruv lives with thapki..

    Camera man tells me.. Its written on the script.
    2 yr leap…

    I m quitting
    Cant tolerate thapola…

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      What ???? are you for real in that case bye bye Tpk. That’s why i was thinking how did manyasa agree so easily to play parents? That’s worse than ikrs. IKRS Kam se Kam it was alright and also they had a kid, but Tpk. Yeh Toh l TEI ka copy paste hain ab. Can’t they think of something else now ?
      Uff i m hating Indian to so much now first Ek Duje Ke Vaaste ending second Ishana quit so no ishkara and now wow thahaan seperation and that too with problems ??? after EDKV won’t watch any Indian show for a pair will only watch when I really have nothing to do but I m busy i can’t waste time for dramas ???

      1. SANTHOSH

        “INDIAN nahi Indian SERIAL WRITER ”

        i am also indian yaarrrr??
        indian ko hate math karo JO…?

        dekha na sab…?? kisi ek ne galathi kiya aur badle mai mila sabko JO ki nafrat….

        wo writer kisi paagal kane ka security lagtha hai muje…???

        gaali dena hai,chappal maarna hai, totally jo bhi karna hai tho tum seeda CVs pass jaa…???

    2. silent reader

      omgggggggg….!!!!!!!!!!!!do u know whise the reason for miscarriage….?????plz say me na

    3. Jacqueline Nicole

      Omg !! Omg !!!……..???? Whaaaaaat!.? Is that true…?


      kya main mama ban ne se pehele hi maardiya cvs ne bachche ko…..??? tumhari news sunke muje bhuth achcha laga….???

      chodo mazha ki baathe
      tum tho aaj kall badi badi shocking news de rahe ho yaarrrr,kya aye sach hai, joot hai patha nahi…??

      kahi wo cameraman sab IG walo ko hullu tho nahi bana rahe hai na..❗❗❓❓???
      kyoun ki tab tak TOI news confirm nahi hotha na tab tak aye sab news accept karna muskil hai….

      chalo tumare baath sach hua tho hum sab thahaan fans ke liye TPK ka KAAM KATHAM aur DUKAAN bandh

      1. RANdomfANCreationz

        Mujhe Toh man Kar Raha hain ishqbaaz show Ke ishkara fans Ke jaise Tpk makers Koh Tan karne ka don’t separate thahaan or don’t Bring leap
        Tpk fans have been too cooperative with Tpk makers ???
        Tpk fans the most cooperative fans ever ???
        Even tharuv fans r very cooperative when there was hope of tharuv even they saw the show
        Well done Tpk fans ??

    5. RANdomfANCreationz

      OMG that is due to autotype I m so sorry I didn’t mean by Indian I mean by Indian show pata nahi how show became to. Areh I hate Indian shows not Indian I have so many Indian friends if they see this all will kill me and my Best Friend also Indian
      Sorry yaar ???

      1. SANTHOSH

        aaj tum bahuth tension mai thi na iss liye aisa hogaya….??
        patha nahi kis tension ko sar pe lekar yaha agayi thi tum…❗❓


        nayi news tho sach honeka chance jyaada dikh raha hain…??
        maine tho iss track end hone tak rukne ka faisla kiya hai …?

  3. blo*dy hell sorry for swearing but this is the last time in watching the show

  4. So many spoilers out, don’t know which to believe. Same with other serials. Why can’t the writers stick to one spoiler. Still hoping dadi saves thapki from leaving PN.

  5. @anu
    are you sure about that?
    So sad to heard that

  6. Disappointing episode…Anu…this is untolerable track yaar…writerji ENOUGH pls.

  7. Thnx fr the news anu. Im quitting the show ,anywy writers hv no idea hw to attract the audience. Evn i think its better thahaan to act in another serial. Gd bye friends. I like to see thahaan as a couple nt alone in the serial.

  8. Dadi please help thapki. she needs you. Please this is a time to tell the truth to bihaan that his mother is wrong and wanted to kill you . plz CVS take it as humble request please don’t separate thahaan and no more twist plz


    hai ANU sister.. ✋
    mai mama hua lekin tum AUNTY(choti maa) hui na…..???
    patha nahi tumara jiju B for bihaan B for bullet train kaise banadiya tumhari behan t for thapki ko t for teek se…… ???

    CHUK CHUK GAADI??? bangayi BULLET TRAIN …?????
    3 din mai 3 months..❗❓. ?????
    a sab kaise hua ANU… ❗❓

    1. Hmm ????????? bullet train h gayi thapki…

      U all thinks guys how can jigs.. Perform mom role in. 22 and mani father in 24. I just hate it…….. Now i will study… No more Tpk…
      My frnds and i are bashing tpk crew members on insta so that they. End this kosi track….. U can join us….. @avnipandit3. Is my account halla bol ????

  10. Firda bihaan pandey

    I hate so much this episode. ????? very bad…

  11. what a rubbish serial …..too much stories in a single track even that director could not able to handle it ……so thats why he is making nonsense…….

  12. I wish Dadima get well soon and she has to expose the true nature of devil kosiji…after that every one of the pandey family will regret for their doings…I think the writers are playing fun with our patience…I just hope everything will reveal soon…because,I like it this serial that much.My buddies..
    Anu,Garima,Jo,Santhosh and all Thahaan fans…Hope for the Best…

  13. Oke good bye tpk. If the writers did’t have idea…pliss stopp the tracks with happy ending thapki and bihan…make the new serial

  14. Uhhhhh must be patient…patient…and patient watch yhis serial. Leave the house thapki,let them know all about kosi’s truth themselves. They will regret forever because kicked out you from the house. You are too kind for people like them!

  15. Disgusting track….writerji aap ko aise ajeebogareeb ideas kaha se aate hai….?

  16. I hate pandey family.including bihaan.thapki did a lot for family.but they didn’t trust her.they kick out from house.I hate many times she saves u.but always u hate her and not believing. hate bihaan and Sankara.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Ya i also hate the way they spoil Bihaan character. Like he already did a mistake by marrying thapki instead of dhruv that time. One mistake is fine . But not trusting thapki and throwing her out of the house is a very big mistake he is doing. Whereas thapki did a lot for his family she even consumed poison what else he want.
      And dhruv well he did a mistake when he become psycho.
      And i don’t want thapki to forgive Bihaan easily. Bihaan is gonna be damm hurt when he gets to know the truth and even more when he will get to know about thapki’s pregnancy

  17. they forgot everything.very sad thapki.don’t save him then only he realize about kosi.

  18. To be honest its the first time Thapki came up with a stupid plan, even if they had left the house Bihaan would still want to stay in touch with his mum and sooner or later they would find out that Shraddha is alive. We as viewers can see all perspective but obviously each character can only see it from their point of view and Thapki admitted to scaring them and the family knows how much she hates Kosi but the others apart from Shraddha don’t know the truth. dadima can help her but not in a position to do so and John has left so she’s stuck.
    It’s funny in Indian dramas when the bad guy’s do so much bad no one ever notices but the good ones do it once and get caught straight away and everyone turns against them.

  19. Divyasri SivaKumar

    Is it true..will thapki and dhruv get united and no more thahaan ?!! Hmm I better read the ff which makes me feel better…and those who dont know..there is a new ff on read it ppl..really such an heartbreaking news..hope the camera man gave the wrong information

  20. That Shankar is a big headache on this show, she is really annoying and it looks like she will trap behaan away from tapki and poor tapki left on her own. That behaan needs big kick


    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Correct they r making it bad worse worst
      What these cvs think of themselves
      They will TOP the chart as if
      Utter nonsense ???

  22. No need of thahaan separation (leap)track. We thahaan fans need happy moments of thahaan not separation.If it happens, I will definitely quit the show forever.

  23. New news. After memory loss track thapki will fall for. Dhruv….????????
    Tharuv reunite….????
    Bihaan turn gunda

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      ????? areh yeh Toh pura repeat hain no way gonna watch i hate this track a lot if thapki had a kid then it would still have been better


      good joke….???

  24. Hey i am great fan of thahaan i read your comment guys i think thapki met with an accident after leaving pandey niwas when she opens her eyes she saw dhruv she tells everything about this kosi and sankara to dhruv she get shock about her miscarriage she lives with dhruv dhruv become positive he unite thahaan kaash aisa ho sapola aisa hi kare thahaan unite karke punya kama le bohot bure karam kiye hai usne fir vapas ayega thahaan track shankar ko lat marke ghar se bahar nikal denge do choti wali gawar bihaan ki patni banegi thanks guys bye my name is shruti

  25. Die for manyasa

    Hey i am great fan of thahaan i read your comment guys i think thapki met with an accident after leaving pandey niwas when she opens her eyes she saw dhruv she tells everything about this kosi and sankara to dhruv she get shock about her miscarriage she lives with dhruv dhruv become positive he unite thahaan kaash aisa ho sapola aisa hi kare thahaan unite karke punya kama le bohot bure karam kiye hai usne fir vapas ayega thahaan track shankar ko lat marke ghar se bahar nikal denge do choti wali gawar bihaan ki patni banegi thanks guys bye my name is shruti

  26. Die for manyasa

    Hey guys my real name is shruti mera comment do bar post ho gaya from die for manyasa and shruti kuch bhi samjho hey santosh fatarajo pooja prabha anu and all my thahaanians bye


      hai shruti….
      sirf 1 cmt karke bye kehana boori baath hain ????
      humse hamesha jude raho….

  27. time to pull up stumps. No direction to this story. No one questioned how shradha became bhoot, Why Were they afraid off Shradha???

  28. Divyasri SivaKumar

    Its somewhere written that even Bihaan will fall for means he too forgot his thapki and happy with other woman while thapki with her memory lost is with partners has changed..just like uttaran.I hope thapki doesn’t forgive bihaan easily .let him suffer a little

    1. I’m realy sad it will be happen,,why this story will be cruel?i don’t like this!

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