Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone coming back home from Police station. They see house is decorated with diyas and crackers are bursted. Preeti says is it for our welcome. They are about to get inside the house. Thapki stops them and says today is Diwali, and you people are returning from jail. I need to welcome you. She tells that she will do their grah pravesh. Kosi tells that time has changed and bahu is doing their grah pravesh. Vasu stares her. Kosi asks her to change with time, and asks Vani to do their grah pravesh. Thapki does their aarti and signs at Dhruv. She touches elders’ feet, but nobody bless her. She is teary eyes. Kosi says they have just come from jail and will take time. She says I will bless you. She blesses her and asks others to bless her else they will have jail pravesh.

Thapki asks them to come inside and says I have brought gifts for you as you all have come to stay in my house.

Thapki says everyone’s name is written on the gifts and asks them to take their respective gifts, but before that come to Lakshmi pujan. She tells them that elders only do puja at her house and asks Dadi to do puja. Bihaan asks Dadi to do puja. Dadi takes aarti and do puja. She recalls Dadi saying that all accusations on Kosi was false..

A fb is shown. Thapki recalls Bihaan slapping her and breaking his relation with her. She recalls her accident. She tells everyone that she wants to make this house, as her home and want to give responsibility to someone. Kosi thinks Thapki will give keys to her, but Thapki goes to Vasu and keep keys in her hand. She says this home is your responsibility now. Bihaan stops her and says you have welcome us, and got Lakshmi pujan done. He says now it is my turn. He tells that they have a ritual and says to be groom lifts his to be wife and take her to room. Preeti says there is no such rasam. Kosi says it happens in our village. Dhruv nods no to Thapki. Bihaan lifts her and takes her to room. Everyone looks on. Thapki looks at him. Hum Tum Me Ji Tha song plays………………..He recalls all the good moments spent with Thapki. He takes her to room and makes her sit on bed. He is about to go.

Thapki asks if drama is not over. Bihaan stops and closes the door shocking her. He turns to her angrily and says drama? He says drama will S for Start now….Thapki asks what do you want? Bihaan says shall I tell? He gets close to her. Thapki gets tensed. Bihaan asks why you are scared after putting the condition of marriage. He says I have right to get close to you being your to be husband. Thapki pushes him and removes her dupatta asking him to get close to her. Bihaan is stunned and walks back. Thapki says you are my to be husband, have right on me, come close to me….He is shocked. Thapki says no problem, I will come close to you and keeps her hand around his shoulder. Bihaan says I will show you my inhuman avatar, and will give you pain. You will refuse for this marriage. He says I won’t let you succeed in your mission. Thapki says I will succeed and says just see what I have thought for you. Shraddha asks Aditi, if you are leaving. Aditi says she is leaving as this house don’t belong to Pandey family. Shraddha scolds her and says you should go. She says I will make you leave. Dhruv and Thapki comes there. Thapki asks her to stop.

Sankara burns Thapki’s gift. Kosi scolds her. Sankara plans to kill her with fire crackers tonight.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. seriously Sankara u r making so angry.and get out from house.who r u to kill thapki.ur just a guest only.not bahu.

  2. Nice episode.
    sankar new vilan banegi kya?

  3. Seriously ? Are they going to last it for ever ?
    I think everything is happening all over again in this serial . Sankara is trying to kill Vaani just like Shardha used to try to kill Thapki and Vaani marrying Bihaan by cheating him just like Bihaan married Thapki by cheating , just the baby drama is new .
    If any of film makers seeing these please finish it faster and get to the point .
    I have never seen a movie or a serial that the main characters being soooo dumb and stupid that they doing anything without knowing what or why they’re doing it .
    The serial is getting seriously boring , I don’t know why they think that they have to last it for 2 or 3 years !

  4. Hmmmm….new nagin….

  5. i love my thhaan


    this track is not ending??. because, TRP increased. ????

    TPK TRP 1.4 (0.2 increase ?)

    1. Really??? Thanks santhosh bhai to rhis information. I love it… bihan and thapki had their works hard. Hats of bihan and thapki…and cvs thanks because of kosi’s track have over…thahan scenes is the best… I hope tpk more increases trp more and more…

  7. OMG, this will be never ended 🙁 🙁 🙁

  8. oh seriously SANTHOSH.
    and hello pooja and Manish ki divani and die for manayasa where are you fatarajo Anu I miss you.

  9. Nice episode….Shankar really really you are a disturbing character.I think Sankara attempt to kill Thapki ,which will give lot of cute Thahaans All Thahaanians be cool.
    Happy Diwali for all my dear friends…entire TPK team specially for Manish…

  10. Yeh Shankar ko problem kyaa hain Thapki se .Besharam kahi ki.Pehle toh bhigi billi ki tarha rahti thi!Aur yeh thapki bhi kit a time laga rahi haan badla line mein.oh!god pata nhi yeh badle wala track kab khatm hoga.But my cutie BIHAAN is always good…

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