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The Episode starts with Suman opening the ribbon to reveal the family pic. Bau ji comes there and stops Suman. Suman says I was just seeing this pic. Bau ji says Dadi wanted to have such huge family pic, I want mum to see this first. Preeti says I will call Dadi. Bau ji says Dadi will see it tomorrow morning, keep this as it is till then. Aditi calls Raghav and cries. She says her mood is off, she will meet him in hotel. Thapki comes in drawing room, and tells Kiran that her eyes are burning. Kiran asks her to put eye drops, she will send it to her room. Kiran’s hand touches the ribbon and it opens. Thapki gets Krishnakant’s call and turns. She does not see the pic. Dhruv comes there and hears her. Vasundara asks Dhruv is he fine. He nods. Dhruv leaves. Vasundara sees the pic and gets shocked.

She sends Thapki to her room to rest. Bihaan comes and asks what happened. Vasundara says which should not happen, this pic is when you stopped Dhruv from coming in mandap, I m also there with you two, see here. He gets shocked seeing the pic. She says this pic will be seen by the family, we have just one night time. He asks how did this pic come here, I know what to do of this. He rushes.

Thapki says eye drops will add more eye burning sensation, but she has to put drops. She lies down and puts eye drops. Bihaan comes and sees her. Thapki is unable to put drops. Bihaan asks her not to be scared, its just medicine. He takes the bottle and says open eyes, I will put. She says I will put myself. He puts the drops in her eyes. She gets up and sees him.

She asks why did he do. He says I have seen how you were applying. She gets the photo studio guy call. The man says I m sorry, your family pic came for enlarging, so there was confusion, your pic went to your house getting framed. She asks what…She rushes to see the pic in the hall. She sees the pic, and gets shocked seeing Vasundara with Bihaan. She cries seeing Dhruv fallen on the ground, Bihaan crying and talking to Vasundara. She says Maa….. no, this can’t happen.

She calls out Vasundara and asks whats this. Bau ji asks what happened., The entire family come there and see the pic. They all get shocked. Bihaan and Dhruv come there and see the pic. Dhruv gets super shocked seeing the pic and cries. Thapki says so Maa, it was you, who supported Bihaan. She cries and asks Vasundara did she not wish her marriage to happen with Dhruv. She says Dhruv was unconscious infront of you, you have let Bihaan come in mandap.

She holds Vasundara’s hand and asks why did you do this, you have chosen me for Dhruv, then how did you go this, it means your love was all fake, just an acting, Bihaan has told me the truth atleast, but you broke my trust. Dhruv says Maa, Thapki is stranger for you, but I m your own son, how could you do this with me. He says I trust you more than myself, you knew everything, and did this. He asks what type of mum is she. Bau ji sas you ruined Dhruv’s happiness and put blame on Bihaan. Dadi asks how can she punish both her sons like this. ‘

Bau ji says mum gives life to kids, you are first mum, who has snatched their lives, you have cheated all of us, our relation ends here. Dhruv says I don’t have relation with mum from today, you have killed me, I m dead for you. Vasundara shouts no… this all turns out to be her imagination. She says I can’t lose my Dhruv and my family, I have to do something. Thapki goes out of her room to see the pic. Vasundara goes to the pic and takes it. She takes the pic and goes. Thapki gets shocked seeing the pic missing.

Thapki runs to see who has taken the pic. She goes to storeroom.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Sugam.. Thanik sugano..
    Evda veedu

  2. Tapki b 4 bihaan ka
    b4 beevi:-*
    or tapki d 4 druv ka
    d 4 deedi:-P

    1. Well said yaar…

  3. totally a dragging episode

  4. Pinneyum Pinneyum dragging. ….eppozhanavo Vasundara yude satyam porathu varunathe. .
    Thahaan inde scenes othiri ishtamayi

  5. deepu..ktm enu udheshichath etha im frm calicut..

  6. Ivdea malayalis anallo kooduthal

  7. would it not be great that since Bihaan and is mother are working together to keep this secret that thapiki and Dhruv work together to uncover it.

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