Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara and Dadi going to kitchen to talk to Thapki. Vasundara says we came to say something. She says your marriage with Bihaan happened in different situation, we know about it, I know its unbearable for you. Dadi says just end this relation now. Vasundara says we want to make you separated from Bihaan, so we want to get Bihaan married to Sheena. Thapki gets shocked. Shraddha hears this and thinks family is doing my work, Thapki and Bihaan will get separated, Thapki will be gone from here. Thapki gets tensed and was dropping snacks plate. Vasundara holds it and asks are you fine, what happened. Vasundara, Suman and Dadi smile.

Suman says we called Sheena and her mum to talk about marriage. Dadi says we spoke to Sheena, she agreed for marriage. Thapki recalls Sheena’s

words. Vasundara smiles seeingThapki’s pale face and asks did we do right, we want your happiness, once Bihaan gets married to Sheena, you can stay anywhere, we will always support you, you will always be same for us, you did a lot for us, just get Bihaan and Sheena married, will you do it. Thapki says ji…

Vasundara says great, Thapki is ready. Vasundara says its your responsibility to convince Bihaan and bring him closer to Sheena, you did a lot for this house, do anything for yourself also, get them married and then live your life like you want. They all smile. Suman says we will take breakfast outside now. Vasundara and Dadi leave. Suman pushes Thapki a bit and asks her to get breakfast. She goes. Thapki recalls Vasundara’s words. Her hands get shaken up by this shock and tension.

Suman tells Vasundara that Thapki got jealous hearing about Sheena. Vasundara says I feel bad for Thapki. Sanjay says we are doing this for Thapki, else she will not say yes to Bihaan. Sheena asks how will she not say yes, she will confess her feelings, Bihaan is my best friend, I m glad to help him in setting his life. Her mum says yes Vasundara, its big thing you called us for your son and bahu’s help. They say Thapki and Bihaan should not know our plan. Vasundara gets shocked seeing Thapki and says Thapki has come. Sheena helps Thapki and says I want to become like you Thapki, I promise no one will be troubled, I will take care of everyone, especially Bihaan. Everyone smile.

Suman and Preeti say Sheena and Bihaan are same since childhood. Sheena asks Thapki dies she eat less chilli. Bihaan comes and says no, she eats lots of spicy food, I had spicy food once…. FB shows that moment. Sheena asks Bihaan to come for bike riding, drive bike fast, else it won’t be fun, right Thapki. Bihaan asks what are you asking her, she is a coward, she starts shouting when I drive fast. Sheena says you show me how fast you can drive. She holds Bihaan’s hand and goes. Thapki looks on. Everyone smile. Vasundara asks Thapki to get the papads from terrace.

Thapki goes to terrace and sees Bihaan and Sheena feeding the cow. Bihaan says Gulabo liked you soon. Sheena says you also liked me since childhood and used to say you will marry me when you grow up. He says you also used to take my name always. They talk about childhood. Thapki hears them and was gets jealous. Sheena says don’t worry, now I have come, Katrina out, Sheena in, lets go for the ride. She sits behind Bihaan and asks Thapki to come along. Bihaan says leave it, she won’t come. Thapki rushes and stops them.

Bihaan asks what are you doing. Thapki says I will also com with you both. Bihaan asks what. Sheena says let her come, Thapki sit behind. Thapki asks can I sit in between you two, my balance goes out and I fall down. Sheena says fine, sit in between. Thapki sits behind Bihaan. Sheena sits behind Thapki and holds Bihaan. Thapki says no, don’t hold him. Sheena says I will fall down. Thapki says hold me. They leave. Dadi and Vasundara look on and laugh that Thapki got jealous, now her hidden love will come out. Thapki stops Sheena from holding Bihaan and holds Bihaan. Bihaan asks Sheena did she sit well, don’t fall. Thapki gets angry. Bihaan asks Thapki not to move. Sheena will fall down. Sheena says anyways, teddy bear where are we going. He says we are going to mango farm, we will pluck mangoes. Sheena says wow. He drives fast. Thaoki gets tensed and holds him. Sheena laughs. Bihaan sees Thapki in mirror, how she closing eyes with fear and holding him. Thapki opens eyes and sees him in mirror. He smiles.

They reach the mango farm. Bihaan asks them not to make noise. Thapki says if we get caught then, we will ask Kaka for mangoes and make milkshake. Bihaan says no, Kaka is an angry man. Sheena says don’t worry, we were not caught in childhood, come Bihaan. He says I think Ramu Kaka went to have lunch, come we will pluck mangoes and leave. He takes a Gulel and aims to hit down mangoes. Many mangoes fall by one shot. Sheena says amazing and hugs him. He asks Sheena do you want to aim and hit to get mangoes. Thapki hurriedly says I know aiming. He says fine. She aims and hits the bunch of mangoes, recalling how Bihaan taught her once. A mango falls. Sheena says Thapki is a star. Bihaan says I taught her. Sheena says I want to learn too. Bihaan holds Sheena and teaches her aiming the Gulel. Thapki gets jealous seeing them.

Kaka asks where are you all, I will not leave you. Sheena says I m scared and hugs Bihaan. Thapki gets shocked and angry.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. anu

    very nice and the new LOGO Of TPK
    very nice
    thapki u love bihaan very much realise it dear

    precap is also awesome
    i think tomorrow thapki will tell bihaan to teach her too how to use catapult
    ha ha too funny

    how lovely thapki is looking in anger

    bt want sheena to be in positive character not in negative

    no twists
    only thahaan
    love u thahaan
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Ally

    Thank you Amena for update……
    Your updates are like Rajdhani express? so fast……

    Today Thapki is so jealous with Sheena Today’s episode I really enjoyed especially Thapki ‘s expression when sheena hugged Bihaan and sat in Bike with Bihaan. And it’s very funny to see that Thapki sat middle of Bihaan& Sheena and stopped sheena to hold Bihaan’s shoulder and hold her hands on her own shoulder. ???
    And in precap…
    I think Thapki will come out seeing Bihaan and Sheena’s closeness. I don’t think she will not mind Ramu kaka standing there to catch mango thieves. ???

  3. Superb episode….oh!Thapki,she is totally disturbed.I think Sheena makes Thahaan relation smooth.writerji don’t tried to make any rift between Thahaans life.its just going on a good way.

  4. Adithi

    Nice episode.. Very funny reactions by thapki.. Cool track.. Sheena is not really so bad..

  5. santhosh

    Wow. ….wow. ….ha ha ha ha ha. …
    Superb episode. ….

    Muje darr ki baath…..

    a jealous track thapki ke liye DOSE tho sahi hai yahi aage jaakar OVER DOSE na banjaye. …!!!!!!!!

    thahaan love track ka FUSE na hudjaye……!!!!

    THAHAAN unite kar ne ka drama separate na banjaye. ….!!!
    a shena positive thahaan ke liye hai poison negative na banjaye. …..!!!!

    Agar aisa huva tho bauji abi abi coma se bahaar aha raha hai uske jage per thahaan COMA mai chala jayega. …..

    cvs ka kohi barosa nahi…a mental nahi off mental hai……

    • sag

      hi santhosh….

      tumhara darna lajmi hai….
      hamare cv s rift me PhD kari hai….

      or agar aisa kuch huva to before bauji I will be coma peaceant 😉

      • Roshni

        Hmm mujhe nahi lagta ki ye log aise karenge. I think theyl keep the track light to keep thahaan fans relaxd….. esp aftr the way evrybdy reacted to the previous plots…. saare fans garam hogaye dhe…ab thoda romance ki barish laakar sabko cool down karne ke baad koi naya
        hangama khada kar dega. After all… if leads are happy then how wil the story move.hai na? Hey…one doubt.. wat hapnd to bihaans daddy?
        Vo news rumor dha kya?
        I thnk aftr 1-2wks they wil bring in burkhamans boss. Also….. wat abt fake pregnancy.
        ?Mujhe lagta hai bahut sara
        dramasbaki hai. Til then enjoy
        current track. Personally i find this jealousy track borin…. such a cliche. I fast forwrded thru last couple of episodes.Har hindi serial mein yeh jealously track zaroory hai kya?.at least they r nt fightin. ?

      • sag

        right this track is only for regain lost TRP n then again drama Will back….

        I hope before any other drama our thahaan relation complete 🙂

  6. azka episode very aswm …………….. thapki ka jelouse very cute…………………
    mainly vasu is super……………………… acting aswm wala episode bihaan was too………..gazzabbbbb…………………………….. i love this episode

  7. Thapki

    How many times this sheena will hug bihaan
    Its more than thapki huged him…why writer whyy..

    • Afnaz

      Bcz she is trying to re unite thahan so she has to do so to make thapki jlous..thats y she s intentionelly huggng and holdng him many tyms

    • sag

      I don’t mind that hugs if it will
      resulted in more n more jealous
      expression on thapki’s face

    • Thapki

      Guys i doubt sheena will fall for bihaan..and this hug is making me jealous i dnt want anyone between our thahaan ???

      • sag

        good idea roshni 😛

        @ thapki

        ohh but I m enjoying that hugs n don’t worry in yesterday’s episode sheena said that she doing this for thahaan unity…

    • Thapki

      Hi everyone(srimanages,sag santosh,roshni) …these hugs should do something positive for thahaan till then im enjoying..if it will separate them i will kill cvs?

  8. SriRanjani

    paah aswme epi ever………………….plz let it be as it is and don’t make the story hell

  9. Shobi

    Devudaaa… Hey Allu’s fan has the right to use his words…of course me too & that’s Y I used MLA to mention Thapki(My Lucky Angel). It’s from sarrainodu. Ponnunga kitta edhu work out aagudho illiyo pidicha paiyan kooda vera ponna paatha poeraama pongi valiyudhu paa…..ssssss.

  10. sag


    I like the current track… This is something like that What I want to see.
    Aakhir cvs ko akkal aa hi gai…
    Panday zoo ke log bhi pehli bar kuch sahi kar rahe hai…

    Nd I love you sheena, friend ho to aysi, actually I realized that our Bihaan unlucky in love but he have good friends like sheena and pan…

    And I love to see jealous thapki
    Ab to thapki confession pakka….

    friends now I m Fully satisfied

    As par my opinion sheena n dhruv is also nice pair na ??? what u say Dhruv fans ??

    • Santhosh

      Hai sag abb subha huva……..!!!???

      Muje lagrahatha ki thahaan love track dekh ke BEVOSH hogaye honge…….!!!

      Thum tho come back kiya lekin ROSHNI abi bi ANDHERE mai baiti hai……..!!!!!!

      • sag

        hahahe santhosh actually I don’t seen any episode of last few days to behosh hone ka koi sawal hi nai banta

        to pehle mu current track ko starting se enjoy karna hai. …

    • Thapki

      Yar track is good but i dont trust cvs they always try their best to kill or thinking same thapki ki jaga shradha out hoto ktna maza ayega..?

  11. Srimanages

    Kana, Fatarajoo, Siva, Vinlora, Nasreen n Sag where r u yar….missing all ur comments….

    • Daily kana tha ellarayum vethala pakku vachu kupuduvanga rendu naala aala kanum . enna kana vethala pakku gali ayircha.

      • Srimanages

        U r right….2day’s our turn to invite her …. since trisakthi missing in action….

      • Kana

        Dei suuna paana,unnaiyum thedurathuku aakkal irukangada nee avlo famous aayitada,supreme courtehhh vanthalum unnaya asaichuka mudiyathuda thairiyama irra thairiyama irra 🙂
        Ethana naaluku than naane ungala ellam invite panrathu pathiluku nengalum invite pannanumla athuku than 2 naal leavuuu eduthan 🙂

      • Kana

        It’s sooooo nice to see mahan aathma’s angry and jealousy face,she is soooo cute in her angry expression for the first time thapki over take bihaan in expression 🙂 luv u thapki 🙂
        Oh god when she destroy papadas,when she avoid sheena frm holding bihaan,when she hurriedly say i knw aiming,when sheena invite her to go and bihaan avoid her,thapki’s possessiveness burst out unconditionally 🙂
        And when thapki hold bihaan in fear and their bike mirror eye lock made me flying 🙂

      • Srimanages

        I’m fine yar…. I’m quite worry 2c this coming track….hopefully 2day Tapki express her love to Bihann….

    • sag

      hiii Sri….

      I also miss all of you guys n specialy Roahni…..

      my thos day was incomplete when I don’t visit this forum…..

      • Roshni

        Hey sag… miss u guys too.glad to c u again. Hw ws the weddin ?Actually i watchd last 3-4 episodes just today. Wasnt readin updates but thot of visitin n chekin wat u guys r up to n saw ur msg n was ???????.santosh thapki nimisha nages sumera kana n al…hw r u all.

      • Srimanages

        Hi…nice to c u back in action…quite sometime no news from u so wondering what happen to u…

      • sag

        roshni weddin was fantastic.
        nd sad thing is I missed some episode but now I m watching previous episodes.

        sri I was busy in cousin sister’s marriage…

        guys any buddy know how to download tpk full episode from voot ?

      • hey roshini fine yaarrr..nd wht about u..??????n d sag..,santhosh..,thapki hyy guys..hey sag wht about wddng..hv u njoyed..??/

    • Fatarajo

      I m back I was busy the last two days. Due to quizzes and projects and co curricular activities. And also I write that’s why but today I m back I m so happy someone remembered about me here as I m a big fan of thahaan

      • Kana

        Hiii roshni,i’m fine 🙂 h r u?
        Welcme back to our thahaan world
        Yah roshni as nages said really we missed your bullet speed comments 🙂
        However now u r back nah,and our thahaan track also have started so we r expecting super dooper comments frm u 🙂

    • sag

      @Sri, Roshni,Kana, Fatarajo, Vinlora,

      it’s sounds like RAM-BHARAT milaap 😛 😛 😛

  12. Ishi

    Gajab episode………..
    Jealous thapki was looking cute
    Hope Sheena unite thahaan soon……
    Can’t wait for thahaan love track 🙂

  13. Ishika

    Gajab episode………..
    Jealous thapki was looking cute:-p
    Hope Sheena unite thahaan soon……
    Family nd Sheena doing great job
    Can’t wait for thahaan love track 🙂

  14. tanvi

    i can’t see thapki like I am not going to watch tpk.please reunite thapki and bihaan

    • Parvini

      I agree I don’t like them messing with her emotions. After she is so good to them all..I mean atleast bauji explain to bihaan that he was in love
      .why couldn’t dadI or one of other family do that for her.

      Did anyone see the interview with manish and the new girl..what were they saying and the interview with manish,jigyasa and that girl..I just want to know what they are saying

    • Roshni

      Hey. ?Hmmm ur nickname iz “dark angle” n coincidentally the profile pattern is fulla dark angles too?

  15. Rachana

    Gajab….what a beautiful episode….there was a broad smile on my face while watching episode…for the first time I LOVE YOU THAHAAN…???hope Sheena won’t become an antagonist.

  16. vinlora

    Kal thrishakthi ka torture sehkar mera haal behaal huva tha….ek simar Makki aur ek videshi makki bhi thapki mein enter huyi hai…thapki ko jalane ke liye teek hai but I didn’t like sheena’s entry in between my thahaan. ..thapki ko jalane ke liye sheena kyun ?? Katrina hi kaafhi thi na….? Sheena kitni close hai yaar bihaan ke saath…aur tho aur wo bihaan bhi….hadh hai yaar…mere thahaan ya manyasa ke beech koi theesra aana muje bardash nahi hota…pata nahi kyun….
    Muje darr hai yahi jala ne ka natak ulta hokar sach na ban jaaye. …CV’S ka koi bharosa nahi uss chudail shraddha ke haatho se kuch bhi karwa sakthe hai. ..
    Kuch bhi ho jaye manyasa forever. ..

  17. Trisha

    This week me nd my whole familly very enjoying ,happy nd laughing nd exited to look what happen in next ..due to bihaan loveria ,sometime angry,nd sometime crazy beharious,nd thapki confusion ,jeliousness for katriana nd now by sheena..nd preeti who making fun of sharaddha …nd suman dadi nd vasu sheena nd her momto unite thapki nd bihaan nd now most imp sheena she is very sweet bindass nd good frnd who play main role to unite bihaan nd thapki she is real frnd who can do anything for her frnd today i will say lop u sheena nd whole family member..

  18. Goms

    I can’t stop laughing seeing Thapki’s jealous…
    Love you Thapki-Bihaan..
    Thanks for your fast update Amena..

  19. sag

    I don’t mind that hugs if it will resulted in more n more jealous expression on thapki’s face

  20. Anisha

    Enjoying the current track. Waiting when bihaan will call her chuk chuk gadi. It seems like ages. I really miss it.

    • Santhosh

      I think she is definitely turning to negative. …….join the hands with shraddha. …….

      • anu

        hey dear she will be positive as i chat with her and she said its only 10 day track and i m always positive

        so relax yar

      • Srimanages

        Oh no….not again…I hope not going to happen like that …if it happened then Thahaan unites will b dragging…I’m very tired waiting…

  21. Hey guys ye thapki 1 saal se sirf 3 hugs mila par ye Sheena 1 do she 4-5 hugs mila air uske swath kitna interact kart a he ye thapki ko dekho? and Sheena was keeping hands on bihan but thaps didn’t allow of but ye thapki also not keeping and not allowing those keep also itna kyu:-) 🙂 🙂

  22. neetu

    My god I just lvd today’s episode. ..It was very cute the way thapki getting jealous. ..oh my luving it……

  23. Sam

    Hay guys. Today episode was to good. Yaar tapki say zada i m jealous that why she hugging bihaan alot. Bihaan sirf aor sirf tapki ka hain.. writers bus jalde say unite karoo. I m scared that she will join hand with shraddha. Plzzzzzz keep in simple.





  25. Parvini

    I just saw the episode fast forward..this chick needs to lay off after all he is a married man..even if it’s his best friend. Have some respect..this goes against the whole show up to now..remember when bhiaan didn’t let the teddy bear kiss him..

    I understand making thapki jealous but again he is married still..I feel bad for thapki..jigyasa is doing a great job..

  26. bihaan ki deewani

    wow fab sequence but scared about sheena hope she does not change love u bihaan n thapki cute as always like the jealous track enjoying

  27. Fatarajo

    I am also worried that this sheena may seperate thahaan. No way enough of this. Areh Thapki just confess your love to Bihaan Bihaan bhi relieved Tum bhi relieved and hum fans bhi relieved. Pleaseeeee

  28. abi

    Always bihaan Rockzz..but today thapki rocks…how cute while her angry face…today only i feel thapki should do her work properly without |Mahatma char…always do unacceptable…today only her char is acceptable…her angry face s marvellous

  29. sag

    vinlora,Parvini n tanvi

    r u serious ???
    just see how fast thapki realize her feeling for bhihaan only due to sheena….

    I m happy with intro of sheena…

    • Fatarajo

      I m fine with Sheena but I m afraid she may turn negative, if not its all good, Thapki looks so cute when she is jealous

  30. sag

    vinlora,Parvini n tanvi
    r u serious ???
    just see how fast thapki realize her feeling
    for bhihaan only due to sheena….
    I m happy with intro of sheena…

    • vinlora

      Hi sag …only to make jealous that’s ok dear but if that sheena turn negative and may create rift between my thahaan. …then…..I don’t want that yaar…

      • sag

        Fatarajo, vinlora n all of you who tensed about sheena turn in to negative…
        first Katreena is katreena nd sheena is sheena nd thapki is thapki

        Bhihaan love thapki not any “eena” fector…

        After watching jealous n angry thapki I m sure that If By chance she turns negative then our chuk chuk gaadi become tank nd Mahan Aatma become Bhatakti Aatma nd throw sheena back to abroad…..

  31. devi

    Hi nice episode..
    nice couples…hope not destroy by othera..
    hope Druv search for other when know shaddha not pregnant

  32. sag

    Manish n jigayasa where Giving interview…they were
    Thapki is jealous and she trying her best to keep sheena
    away from bihaan…

    Then jigs says…she stole mangos n then she made
    mangoshake for bihaan with extra sugar but still bihaan was giving so much attention to sheena

    Then few scenes clip…

    Sheena showing off bihaan her dress and bihaan is awestruck…
    Thapki background with glass of mangoshake she made for bihaab wittinessing all this and try to give Bihaan the shake but bihaan took other 2 glasses and bihaan n sheena have it together. …and thapki is background had the glass of mangoshake that she made for bihaan with angry n jealous look on her face..

    It was great. …

    • sag

      New OLVs-Vasu teasing

      Thapki-Bihaan and Sheena back home with the
      mangoes.While Bihaan-Sheena go upstairs in playfull
      mode,Vasu and Dadi start teasing Thapki.Vasu asks if
      she had no intention to go with them then why did she
      accompany them.Thapki at loss of words and hesitantly
      tries to reason.Dadi alerts Vasu and she says that she
      completely forgot that Thapki is trying to unite Bihaan-
      Sheena.Vasu then praises Thapki for her efforts. Thapki
      confused and Vasu asks her to make mangoshake.

    • sag

      Just saw a new promo of TPK where

      Thapki gets jealous when Bihaan is saying Gajab to Sheena who is wearings short dress.

      Then Thapki also wears a small dress and when Bihaan says Gajab so she tries to cover her legs.

      It was so so cuteee

  33. thahaan love track was so cute i hope sheena was getlost from the house . thapki jealous was too gud now she opens her love behind the family.

  34. yes, sag thapki is jealous and she trying her best to keep sheena away from bihaan. thapki face was so… cute…………….

  35. Princess

    This jealous look of thapki is very cute and entertaining….It clearly shows that she don’t want to lose bihaan at any cost ….not even in her dreams…..Eagerly waiting for bihaan’s reaction when thapki will accept his proposal…..

  36. Savi

    Hope Sheena isn’t doing it on her own to make Thapki jealous or is she enjoying the fun

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