Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki recalling how she has read that message in Bihaan’s phone. She says that night Bihaan made Dhruv faint by hitting with the stick, there was someone else too, who did not wish that I marry Dhruv. The scene is replayed infront of her. Bihaan says it was not Paan, then who was it. She thinks whats the truth, whoch I could not know till now. She says Lord, I stayed in this house to know that secret, I will know it anyhow. She looks at the thread.

Later, Bihaan asks Thapki to sleep on the bed. He tells how he did arrangements for her comforts and asks her to sleep. He asks where did that thread go, which Bau ji has tied. She says it was very tight, so I kept it in drawer. He talks to her and goes to sleep. She apologizes to lie to him and stay in this house. She

cries and says I have to find out what happened on my marriage night, who wanted to stop my and Dhruv’s marriage.

Its morning, Bihaan wakes up and sees Thapki sleeping. He looks at her smiling. Dhol Music plays………………… Vasundara plays dhol and he gets shocked. Vasundara smiles cheerfully. He shakes head and sees vasundara giving aarti dhoop and goes. He says what am I seeing, my mind has gone nuts. Thapki wakes up and asks what happened. He says nothing, I was dreaming. She says you were looking outside. He says yes, I was dreaming seeing that side and goes.

Suman and Preeti talk about the new album. Thapki thinks how to find out. She goes to Suman and Preeti, and hears them. They tell about a girl who lied that she is Dhruv’s wife. Thapki says yes, I remember well, but why did she lie, why did she try to stop my marriage. She recalls girl held Bihaan’s hand. She thinks to meet that girl, then she may know that truth. Suman and Preeti fix the pics. Thapki says I will help.

Suman says no, it will be done, come sit, we are just shifting pics from old to new album. Thapki says I will give pics and you fix them. She sees that girl’s pic and hides it. Vasundara comes and asks them to fix all pics properly. Thapki says I will finish kitchen work. Vasundara stops Thapki and asks which pic is she taking, show it….. Thapki shows the girl’s pic. Vasundara asks why this. Thapki says I was throwing this in bin, her pic should not be in our family album.

Thapki takes the pic in her phone and sends to news channel colleague Pooja and asks her to find out about this girl. Pooja says I will inform you. Thapki tells the food menu to servant. Shraddha says I will decide menu and sends servant. She taunts Thapki and scolds her. Vasundara comes there and hears them. Shraddha says Thapki you gave Bihaan a second chance knowing he cheated you and married, you will get hurt again, he will cheat you again, it would be better if you gave him divorce and went from this house. Thapki goes.

Vasundara asks Sharddha whats happening, I told you this won’t matter, she is going away from Dhruv’s life by giving chance to Bihaan. Shraddha says no, Dhruv is not bearing this. Vasundara says its good sign, don’t do anything, if Dhruv does not come close to you, you will be responsible. She goes. Shraddha gets angry and says Thapki……

Thapki gets details from Pooja and calls that girl. She asks her to meet her quickly to the temple near her. Bihaan looks at Thapki and smiles. He hears dhol music and sees Bau ji playing dhol happily. Bau ji comes to him and asks what are you doing. Bihaan says dhol. Bau ji asks what. Bihaan says I m washing bike. Bau ji asks are you calling ram pyaari as bike. Bihaan sees Ram pyaari and says I told bike my mistake. Bau ji asks by this bad water. Bihaan sees bad water and says I was going to use clean water later. Bau ji asks what happened to you…. Thapki is rushing out, and Vasundara asks her why is she in hurry, is she going somewhere. Thapki says I m going to buy vegs, I will take auto. She goes. Vasundara says why is she lying to me, is she hiding anything….

Thapki gives money to the girl and asks her who made her do that work. The girl says Paan. Thapki says Paan would not tell me, did he take anyone’s name. The girl says Paan was drunk and saying things, that Bihaan is in Dharm Sankat, he has seen something. Thapki gets shocked seeing Vasundara coming and hides behind the idol. She thinks where did Thapki go. Thapki’s purse falls and Vasundara stops hearing the sound. Thapki gets tensed.

Vasundara goes to see behind the idol. Thapki hides.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. HA HA HA POOR BIHAAN P 4 pyar mai P 4 pura pagal ho gaya
    DHINA DHIN DA song wah
    dhol baj rha gajabbb
    vasu play dhol than bauji
    thapki succeed in ur plan soon

  2. Today episode is very funy… Sach ma bihaan ki halat kharab hogaihai pyar mai ????#tina din tah……. sach mai bihaan ki character type dhol hahaa??? if there is other hero hota toh voilent yah gitar ki dun sunai aati” really today episode is awosome..” tina din tah???

  3. They are stretching so much..? It becomes so boring..! Bihaan’s scene was the only thing which was good in today’s episode..????

  4. Is the writer indicating Tharuv unification…..??? ?
    By Shraddha’s words to vasu I feel something is going to happen in that direction….

  5. Bihaan u looks so funny while seeing thapki with bgm dhol …..still I m laughing by thinking that scene….bihaan u completely gone to another world while seeing thapki….but if he comes to know d truth of thapki he will become very sad I can’t c him in that situation….

  6. Wowww

    maja aa gaya aaj to….bihaan u r awsm like ur dhol…. N plzzz vasu ko sach pata mt chalne do…

  7. I need dhruv & thapki together

    1. No way…!! Dhruv never takes thapki’s side. He believes everything wrong about her. Even when she is thrown out of the house. It has always been Bihaan who has believed and helped Thapki. Always. Dhruv just stands there and makes faces…! He made her so many promises and never fulfilled them..!! He married another girl(even if it is that b*t*h shraddha) to spite Thapki..! He doesn’t deserve her.. Only Bihaan does…!!!

      1. Why Bihan he cheated Tapki to Marry even Vasundara told or any body else. He cheated the girl who suppose to marry his brother. Dhruv still loves Tapki and he is waiting her to get divorce and too marry to Shradda first Tapki only forced him. How can Tapki love Bihan when Dhruv loves Tapki now also.

  8. Today’s episode seemed to be funny lol Bihaan , nowadays it’s fun to watch TPK but not liking the fact that Thapki is lying to Bihaan, this mahaan atma is always deactivated at the wrong time

    1. Hi fatarajo what’s up.
      How are you. I haven’t watched today’s epi yet but read the update. So how is the weather like in Singapore? Up here in UK the weather is so bad. Anyways take care.?

      1. I didn’t see today’s episode as I was watching cricket match singapore weather is always very hot but now I am in Bangladesh for holidays
        And some of my relatives stay in London so I have some idea

    2. Hey fatarajo where about do you live in Bangladesh?? I hope you don’t mind me asking. Both of my parents from sylhet.

      1. Wow! Nice to see bangladeshi here. ?

      2. Hi there what’s your name?

  9. Poor bihaan..XD awsome episod.. i couldnt see it..:(

  10. Waiting…. waiting…. waiting….. for truth. ……
    BIHAAN itna kush oneke jaroorath nahi ……..!!!! your maahan aatma kab kya karegi patha nahi …….!!!!!!!
    you take care BHIHAAN ….
    writer ji jaldse jald unite karo MANYASA jodi ko…..
    Ab dhrvu ka jindagi bi teek karna baaki hai……

  11. today ep was very funny,bihaan has gone made in love.i hope thahaan realises their love for each other.waiting for trishakti ep.

  12. I don’t see the episode but I read update the story is so interesting

  13. Bihaan you are in a imaginary world……….you are looking so cute.Our Mahanathma dont tried to play with his feelings.eagerly waiting for THRISHAKTHI.HAPPY EASTER DEAR MANISH AND ALL MY TPK FRIENDS(anu,moni,fatarajo,payal,mineey and all………)

    1. same to u dear.

  14. i hope bihaan dont realise that he is in love with thapki till thapki’s truth does not revealed to him or else he will fall from high in love….thapki find the truth soon , cant wait

  15. Fed up of this chewing gum story line.l mean too much dragging. Unite Thahaan soon.Honestly I was a Tharuv fan earlier. But now I am a Thahaan fan.And waiting for Thahaan love.

  16. Today’s episode was awesome…Bihaan’s part was so cute and funny…love thahaan couple ? ? ?

  17. i want dhruv & thapki together..

  18. Why Vasu became so calm in one moment? It’s so strange, isn’t it?

    1. Isn’t it be issue she thinks if thapki is giving her marriage to Bihan one more chance that means she’s over dhruv and that she isn’t going to go after him therefore she is no longer a threat. Until now, it’s been dhruv who has been pining for thapki, but vasu and shraddha think thapki is after him still.

  19. I have just now watched this episode and I am a bit intrigued if not confused. What did Paan see that Bihaan isn’t aware of? Are they trying to imply that there is someone else other than or in cahoots with Vasu over the marriage betrayal? Somebody please clear this up for me because myHindi leaves a lot to be desired and I might have misunderstood.

    1. Nakchadi kuriya Dhani (Nimisha ?)

      Hi Bea, you raise some interesting questions.

      Pan was drunk when he approached the girl to pretend to be shrubs wife. Pan was also a good character because he knew the the truth about Bihan and that he often allows himself to be seen negatively to protect his mother. Pan was often seen telling Bihan to tell the truth. So basically pan was the one Bihan confided in about most things, including the fact that vasu didn’t want thapki to marry dhruv.

      So I think when pan goes to hire that woman, he mumbles something about having seen something that was hidden behind the cupboard in the store room. My Hindi is also not great but that was the gist of it. What it is, I’m not sure. I thought at one point they hid the blown up photo behind there but thatw Oils have been after the even that this woman mentions.

      It’s a shame they got rid of pan as he was a good friend to Bihan.

      1. Thanks Nimisha, for trying to clarify things for me. Appreciate it.

      2. Nakchadi kuriya Dhani (Nimisha)

        Sorry Bea. Just read that back and sorry if it was more confusing than helpful.

        Your point below about Mrs bihan pander, also a very good question.

  20. Very cute episode. .bhiaan was hysterical. My Dad nor myself watch a lot of mom got us into this one..

    My dad laughed so hard during the scenes with Bhiaan. .now he is a Manish fan

    Please again someone slap Sharradha and Don’t let thapki hurt Bhiaan. .poor guy.

  21. The good news is that at least Thapki acknowledged her marriage to Bihaan by identifying herself as Mrs Bihaan Pandey to the girl who tried to break up the wedding The question though is wouldn’t the girl have remembered a Mrs Dhruv Pandey and not Mrs Bihaan Pandey considering that’s whose wedding she tried to break up.

  22. This Vasundhara should turn to positive

  23. What a rubbish story is this?pehle to thapki hr kaam sahi raste PR chal kr karti thi in fact bihaam ko bhi sahi raasta batati thi ab kya ho gya is mahan aatma ko khud pure family members se jhoot bol rahi hai ! Pagal ladki !zaban ke tarah dimaag bhi ruk ruk kr chalta hai

  24. During the flash ack scene where Thapki sees Bihan hit dhruv on the head, Dhruvs hands were again bright red. I think the production team must have been in a hurry that day. ?

    Also, why doesn’t thapki go back to the photography shop to see if they can do another blow up of the picture that got blown up but that dhruv destroyed? Or why doesn’t she request another set of the photos from the printers… Actually, maybe she can’t do that as Vasu has the negatives/original and she destroyed that didn’t she??

    Thapki could also simply ask Bihan tell her the truth otherwise she,Ll leave. That would also work.

    1. no she cant ask bihaan…remember she read the message before going to the court , then she thought that bihaan will stop her by telling her the truth about marriage….but bihaan goes to the court and also sighned the divorce which shocked her ( see the epi again , she really got shocked as she was not expecting that)..then she believes that bihaan will not tell her the truth

      1. Nakchadi kuriya Dhani (Nimisha)

        Oh yes,Bihan. You are right. So she thinks he won’t tell her?

        But in the message he,says he thinks they should tell her…

        Good idea! I’ll watch it again.

      2. Nakchadi kuriya Dhani (Nimisha)

        Thanks Bihaan.

    2. Nakchadi kuriya Dhani (Nimisha)

      Oops.i meant that bihan destroyed.

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