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Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sakshi insulting Thapki. Dhruv calls Vivek and asks where is Sakshi, I m calling her. He hears her and asks Vivek whats Sakshi doing with Thapki. Vivek says I will ask her to call you. Dhruv says don’t dare to cut the call. Sakshi asks Thapki to say the tongue twister for the audience. Thapki tries to say and people laugh on her. Sakshi humiliates her and Dhruv hears all this on phone. He gets angry hearing Sakshi insulting Thapki. Krishnakant, Poonam, Aditi and Shubh cry seeing people laugh on Thapki. Sakshi jokes on Thapki and says I feel so bad on you, you did not say any line without one hour rehearsal, this is the weakness, no one can do anything about it.

She says she will ask people about it, as she can’t judge about this weakness, as she is beautiful, does

job and is educated. A man says he will give 10 on 10. Thapki and her family smile. All the men say 10 on 10 and clap for her. Sakshi says great Thapki, they all gave her 10 on 10 but one question is will they marry Thapki. The man says how can he marry her, his parents will not agree. Another man says sorry, its difficult to spend life with such girl. The third man says giving marks is different, am I mad to marry this stammering girl, till she finishes talking, I will get old. Thapki recalls Diwakar’s same words and cries.

Sakshi asks Thapki to see her truth, her parents are also here. She asks them when guys refuse to marry Thapki, and leave mandap, how do they feel. Krishnakant recalls Diwakar leaving the mandap. Sakshi asks Poonam whats Thapki’s real name. Poonam says Vaani and Sakshi laughs on her tensed shaken voice. She says its beautiful name Vaani, what did you think, that she will have Saraswati in her throat, but she has speed breakers in her throat. Thapki asks what is she saying.

Sakshi says you are zero and will always be zero. Dhruv gets angry. Sakshi says I came to know now that her groom has run away from the mandap, and it created a joke of her. Krishnakant asks whats happening here. The man says we will talk later, its live show. Dhruv gets teary eye and gets angry. Sakshi says Thapki’s weakness has ruined her family and asks Thapki to tell them. She says her family came on road, she is so unlucky. She says she will never progress in her life. Thapki cries. Sakshi asks her not to dream to move on, else she will lose everything. She says pack up and leaves. Dhruv ends the call and gets angry. Everyone leave and Thapki cries. Her family hugs her and takes her home. Thapki………….plays………………

Thapki cries at home. Krishnakant asks her not to work where she does not have respect. Dhruv comes to their home and they get shocked. Poonam greets him and asks him to come inside. Shubh wipes his eyes to believe. Thapki holds Dhruv and asks him to come. Dhruv walks with the help of the stick and sits. Thapki asks how did he come, he would have called her. He asks them to sit. He asks her to introduce her to family. She says this is my dad, mum, sister Aditi and younger brother Shubh. Dhruv greets everyone and says hello Shubh. Shubh asks is he really here.

Krishnakant asks Poonam to bring anything for Dhruv. Shubh says give him my Aampanna. Thapki says Shubh is your big fan. Dhruv asks him to sit near him. Shubh asks really and sits with him. Poonam gives Aampanna. Shubh asks Thapki to give phone and takes pic with Dhruv. He says he will send the pic to his friends and leaves.
Thapki asks how did he come here. Dhruv says he has to do a work and it was imp for him to come. He says whatever happened in office today was very bad, I m channel head and its my duty to apologize to you all for my staff’s wrong deed, forgive me. They get stunned. Dhruv says I m sorry. Thapki says why is he saying this. He apologizes to them and requests Krishnakant that he wants to take Thapki to office for some time, its some incomplete work which just Thapki can complete. Krishnakant agrees.

Bau ji keeps money and Vasundara talks to him. She says she is very happy that Thapki has done what did not happen in years. He says yes, she is good. She asks does he like Thapki. He says he has all qualities of a nice girl. She smiles. Dhruv takes Thapki and her family to office. Thapki cries. Dhruv asks her to come, he is with her, no one will say anything. He holds her hand and takes her. He makes her sit for the real interview. Sakshi comes with Vivek. Dhruv gets ready in his special show with a special guest, who has converted all her failures into victory, she is very talented. He welcomes Thapki and says she is very unique. Everyone clap.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks Amena 🙂

  2. Suprb epd aree yaa….dhruv what a performs ya i like you dhruv.thapki you are lucky bcoz dhruv such handsome guy oh!really nice.

  3. First!!!!

  4. Oh idiot shakshi how can U do this to thapki,see soon dhurv is going to marry her

  5. Wow…….nice..dhruv will show the nice and real side of thapki…

  6. Gud nose cut to shakshi. I hate her

  7. Richa (titli)

    Lol nyc epi druvki rokd nd shub was cute

  8. Richa (titli)

    Here precap frnds

  9. sakshi i wish someone strike a hammer against ur head

  10. Oh i missed 2days epi. But it seems to be good.. Idiot shakshi.. Like what duruv did 2day..

  11. Dhruv gets teary eyed & angry…awww. mind it dhruv u’ve started caring for your vaani…luv this serial 🙂

  12. That Sakshi is a total jerk!!!!!!!!

  13. And thnx for the precap Richa!!!!!

  14. Really nice ep

  15. love u dhruv u r soooooooooooooo good and ap har samai chand ki tarahchaak thehe rahna hai , love u with from the bottom of my heart

  16. Wow today it was really interesting to watch this serial.. Wow dhruv this is wat luv nd care

  17. Richa (titli)

    🙂 u r wlcm dr

  18. Thanku richa for the precap!!!

  19. Dhruv u r just awesome… Just teach this sakshi a very good lesson…

  20. Sakshi is an idiot

  21. to day episode very very nice and dhruv Ur nice person .. u allways suppoting tapiki dis is very nice
    l love dis serial

  22. I love this druvki jodi

  23. Richa (titli)

    Gm thapki’s 😉

  24. This ep. Is superb. Just waiting for next episode……and hate u shakshi……

  25. Love you Druvki

  26. I love you Thap Thap Thapki. druvki rocks . story is really great. congrats the all crew.

  27. Richa (titli)

    Hey amena y u dont post pre in ur updates?

  28. Really superb episode.I luv this sooooo……… Much.luv u dhruvki.

  29. Good job dhruv i like the serial so much nice

  30. Im eager to know Wat drhuv will do tomorrow!!!!!!

    Just waiting for Monday!!!

  31. thapki pyaar ki

    I was so waiting for the episode taday but they didn’t upload the updates until 4 …………i than try to watch online but the link was not uploaded i was eagerly waiting for today’s episode “i am waiting for monday’s episode” dhruv should teach that sakshi witch a good lesson so she don’t ever look at thapki with bad eye …………….we love you dhruvki you rock …..eager for monday’s episode

    1. Me too waiting..!! Sakshi gonna apologize today!!

  32. I just luv u dhruv.

  33. As per the current track, Baoji and Dhruv come out of the rooms carrying the items left by Thapki, who asks them to attend the puja. Elsewhere, Nimmi and her husband tries to calm Divakar and his family over the stolen car. In the meantime, Sakshi informs Thapki that she is a special guest on her show about people who stammer. Elsewhere, Krishnakanth shares his happiness about Thapki with Poonam.

    Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Sakshi will take the fake interview and Thapki will be humiliated in front of all. Dhruv who was on phone with Vivek will overhear the entire thing. Thapki will break down at her home and while the family will try to console her.

    Dhruv will reach there and will take her to the office and will do a real motivating interview with her. He will ask Sakshi to apologize to Thapki. Thapki will get emotional and will be touched by Dhruv’s gesture..

  34. Guys sakshi gonna apologize to thapki!!! N this gr8 work is done by drhuv!!!

    1. Oh.. That’s gonna be gr8…

  35. i am enjoying this serial..gud job…i luv dhruv and thapki..


  37. where’s today’s episode…….i’m not getting it….damn

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