Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with doctor announcing Thapki dead. Bihaan gets shocked. Doctor asks nurse to make death certificate and signs on the form. Doctor covers Thapki’s face. Bihaan asks what happened, why are you doing this. Doctor says I m sorry, her heart beat stopped. Bihaan sits in shock. He recalls Thapki and cries. He asks what does she think to leave him anytime. He says I told you I will not let anything happen, how can you leave me like this, no, I won’t let this happen, get up, open your eyes, I know I did wrong but why to blame yourself. He starts giving CPR again and says doctor, I won’t let her do as she wants. He asks Thapki to get up and promises he will do as she says, she can’t leave him like this.

He asks her not to hurt anyone by leaving like this, atleast wake

up for your family. Thapki starts getting her consciousness. Bihaan gets glad. Doctor asks Bihaan to move to side. Bihaan prays. Doctor says I have seen such case for the first time in my career, its miracle, she failed her death and came back for you and family, but I don’t know how can she be so careless to consume rat poison. Bihaan takes the form and says Shraddha….

Bihaan goes home. Shraddha comes to him and asks why did you call me here, what is your problem. Bihaan says I have to give you some news which will make you very happy, your biggest enemy Thapki is no more. Shraddha gets shocked. She asks are you mad, how can Thapki die. He says anyone can die by poison. She says no, its not possible. He cries and says I know you won’t believe my tears, see this proof, Thapki’s death certificate. She checks it and gets shocked.

She says how this happened, she was fine when she had drunk milk. He says she was not fine, she acted to be fine so that no one knows that milk had poison, she did not wish the house to break, so she had hidden this pain, I took her to hospital, it was very late till then, its all because of you, my wife is…. My wife is not in this world. She gets shocked. He says she came here to spread happiness, you have added poison in her milk. She says no Bihaan, I did not… he says enough, I could not stop what happened, but you can’t stop what will happen now. She asks what. He says jail, police will catch you and murder case will be on you, then death, you will meet Thapki then. She says no, why will I be hanged. He says there is one way to get saved, accept the truth, write everything what all you did with Thapki, else Thapki’s death will become your death. He gives her 30mins to decide, either confession or death. She panics. He asks her to say truth and goes.

Shraddha worries over Thapki and asks Vasundara if Thapki really drank poison and died then… Vasundara says we both would have been blamed of her murder and hanged, but Thapki is fine, go and sleep now. She goes. Shraddha says Vasundara added poison, why should I take blame on me, I will write what Bihaan told me, so that I get saved.

Bihaan goes to hospital and asks doctor about Thapki. Doctor says she is better and will get conscious in some time. Shraddha calls Bihaan. He goes out to talk. Thapki gets conscious and looks around. She says how did I come in hospital and recalls Bihaan rushing her to hospital.

Thapki says if everyone knows this, Maa’s truth will come out, I have to go out. She removes the bandage. Nurse stops Thapki and Thapki comes out. Bihaan asks Shradda will you say everything. Shraddha says I will say. He asks her to write everything she did against Thapki. She agrees. Thapki passes by. Shraddha says I will write Vasundara’s doings. Bihaan hears that Thapki left for home. Doctor asks Bihaan to check Thapki, she did not get well. Bihaan says Shraddha is writing her mistakes/crimes, she should not see Thapki, I have to stop Thapki.

Shraddha says I want to tell something about Thapki. Bau ji asks what. Shraddha says Thapki is no more. Dhruv asks what. They all get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Non sense thapki. Hiding som1s blak shade is a big crime wat thapki is doing.
    Unrealistic too.

    1. Absolutely correct Muskan…..

  2. Shraddha should go out of the pandey house now.It’s too much now.I think writer will give another shocking twist.But please don’t hurt thapki.But still she acts as a great soul.I’m clueless about what will happen in future.Any news?????????

  3. Next spi dhruv will cry I love his emotions and thapki superb acting and bihaan also and I hate vasundra a nd sharadhha

  4. neeraj mishra

    superb thinking by b for bihaan

  5. Ufffff stupid Thapki,,,,mahaan aathma,,,,fed up with ur idiotic deeds…Don’t spoil Bihan’s efforts,,,he z trying hard to bring truth out

  6. why is thapki saving the one who tried to kill her blame her. WHY!!!!…..
    God when will this stupid thapki will come to her sences.

    I think Shraddha will see thapki n will flop bihaan’s plan of getting the proof against who is behind the conspiracy n she won’t write but still I want that this conspiracy’s truth will come out in front of everyone and everything will be fine then
    n THAHAAN track will move on.

  7. Stupid Thapki don’t spoil Bihaan’s plans at least let him knoknow his so called mother’s truth. ????

  8. Tapki why the hell did you have to go out of hospital her character is so stupid whres behaan trying to help tapki and she is causing him more trouble for him. The rat poison should be in shradda’s milk gosh I sound so mean but these serial are getting on my nerves. It takes years to expose the evil and the main heroin character act dumb. But I love behaan, his acting is so good and love the way he talks.

  9. Thapki I hate u more than shraddha and vasu for hiding their truth.. u r the one who is giving them more chance to commit crime.. thapki u r doing wrong.. I hate u…

  10. Thapki…kabhi kabhi na mujhe tum par bahut gussa aata hai.they dnt deserve ur humdard.then y r u being so innocent.they r playing with ur emotions ? .u just cooperate with bihaan

  11. Thapki and Bihan poore din ghar se bahar the aur kisi ne notice bhi nahi kiya? Bihan thapki ko din me hi hospital le jaata hai aur dr. kuch karta bhi nahi fir bhi thapki 11:30 pm ko kaise mar jaati hai, I mean poora din aur shaam nikal jaata hai n no one notice? How fake it seems… and Thapki ko hosh aate hi sabse pahle ghar ki hi fikar hoti hai…

    1. Wow RS what a notice….hahaha.. Very well

  12. its better u might hv killed thapkis character …this is like tooo muchhhh….will anyone be dumb like this in this present world..she knows bihaan is in d hospital waiting for her and how can she leave so abruptly like a blunt person…somehow this seems meaningless n i wish atleast someone will know the actual truth…pls editor dont flop this chance

  13. Omg!!! I really cried when Bihaan said “Hamari Thapki…Meri dharam pathni….” I even know what is going to happen next but couldn’t stop feeling and crying for Bihaan , sirf and sirf B for Bihaan and B for bechara ke liye…..

  14. Thapki pls left pandey nivas and bihaan……I hate thapki no one support evil thing like her….she encourage vasu to do more evil things….thapki saves vasu in many situations were mehendi,honey bee,charcoal walk did vasu change no then y thapki do stupid things….

  15. Very bad serial.. and idiot thapki u just go to hell

  16. I knew nothing will happen to thapki I was enjoying today’s episode but thapki spoiled it she should have gain consciousness later 😛 so that Bihaan would have made Shraddha reveal all the truth I was enjoying when I read about how Shraddha was scared, Thapki please reach a little later let Bihaan reveal the truth I wanna enjoy it, maybe there maybe some chances of Dhruvki ??? no! I like thahaan more sorry Dhruvki fans 😛

  17. Seems thapki has forgotten why she came to the city n what challenge she had taken n Joined d job… her challenge seems lost in pandey parivaar

  18. Muje hindhi achhe tarikese nahi hata hai phir be ………..Stupid thapki yaar
    Vasu ne inke saath itna galath karneke bavajood bi usko vasu maa ka fikar hai
    Kya story aye yaar
    Please change the track
    And one more think amesha thapki ke saath hi boora hotaye bhihaan ke saath hi thoda physically kuch ho jaye
    Thapki kysa feel karege dekhnaye

  19. Thapki… what happened to you ‘never lie’ policy??
    If you try to protect a bad act..that means you are doing a bad bad thing too.. its about time to learn to be smart like before…

  20. nyzz bihaaan act..

  21. sad epi and stupid character of thapki

  22. Ufff….thapki is very dumb.She is encouraging evilness of Shraddha and vasundhara by covering their mistake and taking blame on herself.Ek do baar kiya theek hai but now it’s getting very irritating.You can only tell Diwakar scornful things..”itna ghatiya harkat karte howe tumhe sharam nahi aaye”..tomorrow episode will be as Shraddha is going confess she will see thapki and change the topic…and it will drag and drag and become Maha pakao.

  23. Plz thapki don’t spoil bihaan’s plan…..don’t b so mahaaaan,fed up with ur mahatma character…let him reveal the truth plz….don’t spoil ths interesting scene…want a fight between vasu n shraddha…so plz don’t support for evil characters

  24. and here i thought Thapki wanted to be a Journalist by profession.
    Lol its good she could not become one.
    Then she would make journalism a joke.

  25. most important Bihaan calls her his WIFE !!!!!.

  26. Lol who wakes up after diein bullshit hindi series …waste time…

  27. Why are all Indian DILs so self sacrificial? There’s an old age home waiting for witches like that. If I had a MIL like that I would leave and live my own life happily, joint family be damned.

  28. Daniel Sankar

    She who supports evil doers is evil Thapki case she is both stupid and evil.

  29. Hi guys!!new spoiler….
    Thapki out of PN accusing for a robbery….Bihaan also come out with her…actually It seems vasu planned this and put gold necklace from in house temple in thapki’s bag and accusing her……as she doesn’t want to hurt her physically……. But I don’t think thapki will change after this also….let us expect something only when marriage truth get exposes…….but anyhow I want thahaan to live alone without any such stupids and vamps around them………

    1. SO SAD

  30. Few Things;
    1. Thapki can very cleary see that Vasu is doing bad things with her. But why is she still trying to be very nice to her. Will it happen in real life?
    2. Bihaan seems to love Thapki a lot. But then why is he tolerating His mother troubling Thapki like this?
    3. Dadi seems to love Thapki a lot. But why they change their attitude towards Thapki always?
    I always thought Thapki Pyar ki is a different serial. But Noh..all are same

  31. Can somebody please tell the retelecast timings?

    1. In India it is retelecasting at 1.00pm and 5.00pm

  32. Thapki character is very stupid no one should be like this in real life she is a character who helps evil in every way

  33. thapki is getting on my nerves now

  34. ‘thahaan to live alone’ , nice. It happens then only thahaan love story starts. Our imagination is beautiful. But writer! They never go with audience and never give good scenes. They give memorable scene(s) once in a month. Nov..thahaan engagement. Dec..romantic dance. Jan..newyear outing. Feb..? So we will all wait for that day. Indha oru nalukkaga maasam 25 naal poruthukkanum. Ore oru sweet (thahaan) sapidaruthukku 25 kasapu (sha&vasu) sapidasolangale, Enna kodumada idhu

  35. instead of showing shraddha character more its better to show how bihaan started loving his wife thapki and how they both unite and become best pair in serial.
    Instead of pandey family hatting thapki its better to show love towards thapki from all family members with which vasundhara change her character and try to teach shraddha about gud manners

    This serial shows more how to disunite joint family rather than show love and affection towards each other.

  36. thapaki pagal hai iis jamane me koi itana pagal hota hai kya use please writer 1 strong women dikhao jo sab sabut dhund le aap iis serial se kya dikhana chahate hai ulta o apani kami ko kaise cover karake sabka man jeet leti hai ye dikhana chahiye….. aur ye to pagal dikhai hai please writter stop this other wise no one see this serial

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