Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sankara coming to Thapki and asks if she wants to kill her Bihaan ji. She says I have done jaap, vrat and everything and have risked my life and saved Bihaan(a big lie) and you wants to kill him and get him hanged. She asks what shall I do? Shall I hold your legs…and falls on her feet. She angrily asks her to leave. Shraddha likes her acting. Sankara reminds Thapki of the letter/bond paper. Thapki is shocked. Bihaan tells Tina that Bani and her mum will leave in sometime. Bani and Tina get sad. Bani says we will not go, mamma said that we will stay here. She cries.

Tina also cries. Bani asks why you are crying and asks her not to cry. Tina says if you go then I will not feel good, don’t go. Bihaan hugs them and says something which is muted. Tina and Bani smiles.

Bani says ghajab….says it is a good idea. Tina says you are best papa of this world. Bihaan smiles and hugs them again.

Thapki recalls what Dhruv said to her and is sad. Bihaan comes to her. He tells her that he didn’t thank her till now. He says Thapki that you got this thing back to me and says he thinks that he has an strong relation with this thing. He shows the Tajmahal miniature/show piece.

A fb is shown, Thapki comes to Bihaan calling him. Bihaan asks her for a kiss. Thapki kisses on his cheek. Bihaan says only this much love. Thapki says she loves him immensely and that’s why brought the monument of love. She shows the tajmahal and asks him to keep it with him so that whenever she is not with him, he will feel her presence. Bihaan promises her that he will keep Tajmahal with him and will never forget it even he forgets everything. Fb ends. Thapki gets sad and goes. Tina and Bani say that she left without saying anything. Bihaan says I have read her eyes and she will come. Thapki thinks even though Bihaan forgot everything, but haven’t forget our love memory. She thinks how to stay back.

Shraddha comes and asks Thapki if she is leaving. She asks her to take family pic in which she is not there and asks her to keep till her last breathe. She accuses Thapki for Aditi’s death, Bihaan’s condition and Dhruv’s behavior. She asks her to get out from her house. Thapki gets sad. She comes to inhouse temple and asks God to give her right. She says you have to make Bihaan fine. I didn’t tell anything when you snatched my babies, and Bihaan also. She asks God to show the way. Pic falls down from Thapki’s hand. She bends down to pick the pic and hears Shraddha talking to Doctor and appreciates him for his good acting. She says we have been fooling Pandey family and giving him wrong medicine so that he don’t get well. She says actually Thapki can treat Bihaan, but we said that she is a threat to his family. Thapki hears everything and is shocked.

Shraddha gives money to Doctor and says Thapki will leave her Shiv today on mahashivratri. Thapki thanks God to showing the way and says I will stay with my Bihaan and promises to stay in the house.

Thapki is leaving the house with Bani, but falls down from the stairs and shouts. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Manish ki deewani

    bihaan tina and baani trio r so sweet and innocent. wow Bihaan was playing giutar and tina and baani dance there i loved this .thahaan fb was so cute .both looking so cute.thapki madam know the truth .and precap i am sure thapki done this intentionally .hope sothis time thapki use her brain and this time she have to became more clever this time not like a stupid women again and became puppet . just hope 4 best .today episode is a phor awsome or a phor amazing.
    hello guys

    1. Hi Reshal…yeah, hope thapki will fight this time for her family

    2. Vajra-SG29

      ek achha episode mein sach bahar nikla….
      patha nahi vasu maa thapki ki saath degi ya nahi agar nahi diya toh serial mein bahuth torture hone wala hain thapki saath(hamare saat bhi)..???… phir se rona dona shuru. sab fans haath mein tissue paper sath serial dekhiye 6:30 only at colors…..

      Rani mukharji & saif ali khan….
      tara ram pam film mein jis tarah se hero race jeetha hain na husi tarh aye dono apni pyaar aur zindagi jeethe….

  2. Manish ki deewani

    santhosh bhai thanku so much bhai mai try krti hoo agar na hua toh complain b kr doo ghi .bhai promlem naam mai hai.wo nichay likhtay hai invalid chracter yehi problem hai .
    temater tm kaha gyab ho yaar studies mai busy ho kya

    1. Vajra-SG29

      main jab vaaps aatha hoo tab tumhari register hona chahiye.yeh tumhari bhai ka order hain…???patha nahi kab vaapas aatha hoo iss forum par. minimum 2 ya 3 din toh lagtha hain….????…
      congratulations TPK team…?✨????✨? aaj TPK ki 600 episode complete hone wala hain….lekin main 420 nikla.????? kyon ki yeh mera 420 va episode..?……isi kushi aur dukh ki baath se short time ke liye bye… bye…

    2. Vajra-SG29

      hmmmm… main bhi wahi soch raha hoo….
      K for KUDRAT K for KIDNAP toh nahi hui hai na….❓

      1. Manish ki deewani

        OKkkayOK Kay bhai ap ka hukam srhankon pr .Bhai I try my best na .bhai chalay see u after two three days .Bhai ap jis kaam k liay b ja rahay hai .may God help u .
        Bhai an nahi kl he tpk he 600 complete kia that.
        Congrats to tpk team.
        Bhai ap ka 420 mwra 443 wow .waisay ap be December mai tpk join kia tha.
        Good luck bhaiya
        bhai i think vasu maa help thapki

  3. I’m glad Thapki heard what Shrada said about Bihan’s condition..
    It’s turn of duo evils to get punishment..
    should happen right away..! ??

  4. you said it dear RESHU…it was amazing.i think cvs going on a good track,they will realized the pulse of the audience…anyway it is good for TPK ,otherwise channel willbe forced to OFF AIR.good move cvs.MANISH……..EXACTLY YOU JUST NAILED IT, THE GUITAR SCENE AND FB.SUPERB MAN.precap is good……childrens are too good.happy to say and see TPK ON THEIR OLD COLORFULNESS…HI MY FRIENDS……I HOPE ALL OF YOU ENJOYED IT.

    1. Vajra-SG29

      hiiiii pooja…..
      u r busy member in IF….???

    2. Manish ki deewani

      Hello poo now CVs execute this track very well .hope their trp increase
      R u on iista or not

  5. today epi awesome ? superb ? fantastic ?.I really want to appreciate Tina ?and Bani? what a acting there crying scene make me emotional . and I am sure there is lot of funny ? cute ? scene awaiting for us in TPK . because our thahaan get united very soon

  6. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    hahaha…nice episode….i very happy to see bihan and daughters dancing for mummi.thapki….in precap, i think thapki fall because want to stay in PN….good idea thapki….

  7. Today’s episode is amazing.

  8. hi pooja reshal nanad ji santy bhai vinlo and others today epi is very nice the tara rum pam dance of mani and kids is very cute and fb scene is also so roMantic and madam thapki ke 3sre kiss ki lakh lakh bdhayia lol too good epi hi guys miss u all and love u all sorry guys I can’t talk to everyone busy schedule and poOja and santy bhai very very sorry can’t talk to u so much I want bt I m helpless any way thahaAn forever guys and if anyone want to contact with me just follow me on IG @manish_goplanifp ok love u all guys and I promise after my xams I will post my fFs and hope u all will like it . I really missing old members badly Fatarajo SUHANA DI Roshni aur bki member miss u guys

    1. Vajra-SG29

      hiiiii anu sister…. it’s okkkkkk…
      pehle apni kaam poora karo aur phir baadh mein time milega baath karne ke liye….TC..

    2. Manish ki deewani

      Hello g ap. B aa gay .studies achaay Ae kana .kabhi kabhi yeah b aa jaya karna apni studies k badh

  9. Now comes the real maza ghazab, thapki u heard everything now all will be fine

  10. Once again Nc episode…actually i m regular viewer of tpk even when kosi torture track was going on …bt nw i m feeling after leap wale episode me mujje uska achha faal mil raha hai ? love thahaan happy n cute family…nw its more interesting to watck tpk

  11. ?‍?‍?‍?Cute family song and dance I love this. Good for thapki heard about doctor and shraddara . I hope thakpi make Bihaan remember his past and himself. She can take him stay away from bad Sanker and shraddara .

  12. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    I am sure, Thapki accidentally fell down the stairs, so she had the reason to remain in PN

  13. I can’t wait when Bihan gets back his memory.. & reveal Shrada n Shankar’s evilness.. The truth that Bani & Tina are his daugthers..
    Starting new story of Thahaan’s happy family.. ?

  14. Lavanya A/P Prabakaran

    After this thapki pyar ki will be best story….I’m waiting for it. How she will gonna fight for the family again and be together better if aditi did not die and kidnapped by sharadha and Sankara will story more interested …..

  15. Its OK dear anu…concentrate your exams and study wishes.
    Good morning guys…

  16. Congrats TPK for the success of 600episodes…santhosh Bhai…no yaar,I just post my comments thats it….I wish my friends have to create an account in IF…

  17. Woww now thapki will bring back bihaan’s memory…
    I feel very happy to see bihaan and his two daughters’ bonding.
    Only bihaan can reveal the truth for aditi’s death. It would be nice if both the sisters too help their mumma bring back their papa’s memories.
    Eagerly waiting for vasu maa’s come back 😉

  18. Hi everyone
    How are you all? So finally thaapki knows the truth. I just hope that this time she uses her knowledge wisely and doesn’t become a puppet of those 2 psycos, shraadha and that fat bum Sankara. So that he storyline is going quite OK now. So where is vasu? I’m not liking the current dhruv, I preferred the old dhruv. No offence but this dhruv looks ill.

  19. Is there ANYBODY on these soaps you cannot bribe ?
    Doctors,Police,Lawyers,Flm directors the list is endless.
    I vaguely remember Bihaan being charged with the murder of Sankara a few weeks ago ?
    If Sankar is still alive ,How can she have any hold over Thapki ?
    7 years later ?
    Or is this where I am supposed to suspend any belief in the real world and enter the Soap world where stories dont have to make any sense at all ?
    Credit your viewers with a bit more sense and give them stories that make people think ?

    1. I agree wit u my dear friend Sultan> 1000%

  20. I am very happy now onwards tahaan revenge starts.I think so aditi should not be dead and that is some other girl.and if bihaan gains his memory then no one can separate tahaan even thapki.and bani and Tina are so good

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