Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Bihaan that there is no one wrong in this house, misunderstandings will get cleared soon. Thapki asks Bihaan to come. Shraddha stops Thapki. She says you said the right reason that we made you work, the question is what will you both do now, we don’t want you to leave from cowshed, Bihaan will not stay there as his self esteem will get hurt. Shraddha says we don’t want you both to go, you can earn any amount and give, its tough to give actual cowshed rent 10000rs in just 2 days. Bihaan fumes. Everyone get shocked. Shraddha asks Vasundara did I say right. Vasundara nods. Shraddha says we will let them stay in cowshed, we will happily take 100 or 200rs whatever you give, afterall you are our loved ones.

She says I have said what I had to. Bihaan

gets angry. She asks Bihaan and Thapki to decide. Bihaan leaves. Shraddha says Bihaan got angry again, I did not say wrong, go and see him Thapki, convince him. Thapki leaves. Shraddha tells Bau ji and Dadi to take rest, party is over and its late. They all go.

Bihaan gets the bags outside. Thapki stops Bihaan. He says we are leaving from this cowshed today and right now, come with me. He says I m useless and I have no value, I can’t earn even 100rs, I can’t give rent for cowshed. He says I have no right to stay here, you go home, I will stay on any footpath. He says I know you will call me wrong again, I m always wrong, I did wrong and everyone believe I m wrong, but I m not doing wrong today, I m being angry on myself, Bihaan is bekaar/useless. He gets angry on himself and gets teary eyed. Thapki cries.

She asks him to stop and shuts the gate by locking it. He asks her to open the gate lock. She says no, and reminds the day when he stopped her from leaving the house. She says you said you does not want to leave being wrong, I will not let you go as wrong, who said you are useless, the man who can give his life for family, how can you say this, the man who can keep his meaningless marriage. She says we are tied in just a namesake relation, I know you are true at heart, you have one problem that you get angry, you have a quality that you speak what you have at heart, its tough to understand people who don’t get angry, the people who get angry are good at heart, like you, you have a clean heart, I know this, if you want to go, you can go, I will go to my Papa’s house, if you leave, you will prove yourself wrong and prove Shraddha right that you can’t earn that 10000rs. I know Bihaan can be angry, but he can’t be useless.

Vasundara holds her head and hears Bihaan shouting. Bihaan calls out Bau ji, Vasundara, Dadi, Dhruv and Shraddha. He asks them to come outside. Everyone come in the balcony. Bau ji asks Bihaan why did you call us here. Bihaan says I took decision for first time in life, I have to tell you. Shraddha says we know you will decide to leave from here. Bihaan says its not easy to cut my roots, I decided to stay here in this cowshed by giving the total rent. He shouts that we accept your challenge. I will earn 10000rs in 2 days. Shraddha says its not big thing, you will scare someone or take loan from friend, you are great in doing such things. Bihaan says you are mistaken, wrong thinking people have misunderstandings, don’t worry, I will earn money by honest ways, I will end this difference between me and my family, you all will find me very small seeing me from the top, I will prove I will not that small, as everyone thought and made me.

Bihaan says tomorrow’s sun will get a new Bihaan Pandey. He asks all of them to go and sleep, and its time to me to wake up. He shouts good night. They all leave. Thapki looks at Bihaan.

Later, Bihaan gets thinking. Thapki asks him what is he thinking. He says I told them, but how will I do this. She says when thinking is good, ways will be mad. Bau ji gets money to give to Bihaan and says I will tell her not to leave from here and not tell anyone about money. Bihaan asks Thapki why did she agree to become maid, I want to know truth. Bau ji looks on. Thapki says for your sake, if I did not become maid, we would have not been able to give rent of cowshed, I know you can’t stay away from your family, and even your family can’t stay away from you, that’s why. Bihaan looks at her.

She asks what is he seeing her like this. He asks how did you think all this. She says its not imp, we have to think how will you get money in 2 days. Bau ji says if I give money to Bihaan, it will be wrong way, I can’t show my son wrong way, Lord show him right path. He leaves. Bihaan says we will think tomorrow, lets sleep now. He lies to sleep and recalls Thapki as teddy trying to kiss him. He asks Thapki to get up. He asks her why did she try to kiss him when she became teddy in party. She recalls Shraddha’s words. He asks her to say, why did you try to kiss me. She says I m getting much sleep, sleep now. She turns and sleeps. He asks her to say, why did you do this. She does not answer.

Bau ji sees Dadi’s room light on. He goes to Dadi and sees her awake. Dadi asks him to sit. He says you know why Thapki is doing maid work, she did that for Bihaan, so that Bihaan does not go away from us and this family, I heard her saying this to Bihaan, she was giving Bihaan right advice to earn honestly. Dadi tells about Thapki’s mistakes, maybe Thapki is right today, but she is getting punished for her mistakes. He says yes, maybe you are right.

Its morning, Thapki asks Bihaan to get ready fast. She helps him. He says I m going and will get atleast 4-5 jobs. She says fine and gets aarti plate, with curd, saying Maa would have done the same if we were staying in Pandey Nivaas. She does his aarti and feeds the curd. She asks him to go, and wishes him best of luck. He takes the aarti plate. He does her aarti and feeds curd, saying I know you won’t sit idle after I go, you will do anything to work, that’s why, no need to hide anything from me now. He leaves.

Thapki thanks Suman. She stitches clothes. Bihaan gets not get work. Thapki’s feet bleeds while peddling the machine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Bihaan’s & Thapki’s scenes in the cow shed were lovely!

  2. Hai upparwale mujhe uthale, aisi mahanatmai iss duniyamai rehte Hua mujh kaise middle class ghar k loog kaise zinda rehsakte. Hai Allah mujhe apne jannat Mai shameel karlo. Jab thapki jasi Mahan atma is duniya Mai hai to phir koi khush kaise rehsakta hai.

    1. Hahaha. Lol Kavya sahib kahan iss mahan aatma ka kuch nahi Ho sakta

  3. Today’s episode was boring thank god didn’t miss much due to the cricket match 😛 but got to saw the part somehow when Bihaan said why did u try to kiss to Thapki 😛

  4. Emotional episode…

    LoveThahaan scene.
    Why did Thapki hide the truth thst she is forced to kiss Bihaan by chudails .???
    Poor Bihaan he will be confused here after.

  5. I really like it…..thank you Thapki for convince him in a right way,you are the real partner of BIHAAN.I think the next episodes wouldbe much of excitement for THAHAANS scenes.Actually,shraddha will deserve my thanks for giving such a challenge to them which will made a great change in their life and they realized their love for eachother.THAHAAN FOR EVER.

  6. Hi friends !!!!!! Iam new hear, today episode awesome , b for bhihaan rockzzz..zz today, thapki no words to say she support him, pls start more more thahaan secenes….

  7. thahaan rocked!!!….
    well was interesting when bihaan asked thapki why she wanna kiss him
    they looks so cute..
    I love u manish

  8. Super episode…I like thapki today instead of giving lecture she motivated bihaan in right words…

  9. thahaan rocked!!…
    it was interesting when bihaan asked thapki why she wanna kiss him
    god! they looks so cute
    I love u manish

  10. Love thahaan act today it was excellent

  11. I miss this episode yaarr

  12. thaahan scenes was too good thapki’s motivation was nice

  13. wow….ty epi awesome…..first time thapki said +ve think of bihaan…i really love ty thahaan sceens……i c sbb bihaan help thapki in dress strecting…its amazing….i hope very soon realize their feelings….

  14. Thahaan,manyasa rockzzzz…show everyone bihaan dat u r d b for best not b for bekaar in everything….manish u killed it today…love u both bihaan n thapki…support like dis one another….one day u both will fall in love n dat day is not far….when u both will confess ur love

  15. Writer ji.. When do shraddha is gng to b expose…only suman changed ….wht abt rest……

  16. How come Dadi n Bauji do not utter a word when Shraddha n Vasundhara bully Thapki?
    In these serials Man of the house is just a show piece ?

  17. those men need to grow backbones,why do they allow Shraddha so much control she is a bully and a thug who needs to be cut down to size someone please put a stop to this nonsense and speak out time for a plot twist.

  18. Ok…I was hard on thapki on yesterday’s episode. .today she redeem herself. Giving bhian full support and finally showing him she has been paying attention to him.

    They are soooo…adorable. .

  19. Superb episode b for Bihaan Pandey rock the show

  20. Thahaan teddy s episode was soo FUNNYyy!

  21. Thahaan or manyasa rockss today splendid performance by Manish
    nailed it…
    thapki become strength of bihaan beside like the wife duty applaud..

  22. Nice epi.
    Fndz I saw a news that aditi quit the show.
    Wht do u think ?????

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