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Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki and Bihaan hugging each other emotionally after Vasu gets injured. Sankara sees them and thinks she wants to throw other pot on Thapki’s head, but she will do this after killing Vasu. She thinks nobody will come to know that I tried to kill Thapki and killed her baby. Thapki and Bihaan looks at each other. Sankara is angry and comes to her room. She takes out mosquito repellent bottle and opens it. She takes the liquid in the injection syringe. She then thinks mosquito repellent poison will be inside you, and the trouble on me will end. She sees Nurse taking care of Vasu. She comes there and asks Nurse to drink water and get water in the jug. Nurse goes. Sankara is about to inject poisonous repellent in the glucose bottle, but just the mosquito flies near the

bottle. Sankara thinks to kill mosquito after killing Vasu. Thapki comes and calls her. Sankara is tensed and drops injection syringe on floor.

Thapki asks what you are doing here? Sankara says I was worried about Maa ji and that’s why came. I am Bihaan’s wife and bahu, and says you came here even though you are not her bahu. Thapki asks about nurse and the injection. Sankara gets tensed and says may be Nurse dropped it on floor. She takes the injection which Nurse kept in the bowl. Nurse comes. Thapki asks her if she kept this injection. Nurse takes injection. Sankara thinks it is good that life saver will be killing her. Thapki sees dead mosquitoes on floor and asks Nurse to check the injection properly. Sankara gets angry.

Dhruv cries and says Maa. Shraddha comes and keeps hand on his shoulder. Dhruv doesn’t see her face and tells that his Maa didn’t gain consciousness till now. He calls her Aditi and hugs her. Just then he sees Aditi coming there and breaks the hug. Shraddha smiles. Dhruv looks on tensed.

Dhruv tries telling Aditi…Shraddha says you can hug me too, as I am pregnant with your child too. She tells Aditi that Dhruv likes her very much now, and tells that husband likes baharwali more than wives. Aditi is shocked and angry. She asks her to stay away from her Dhruv and says what do you think that you will separate dhruv and me doing this cheap conspiracy. She says I am his love and wife, both. I am sporting Sindoor of his name and wearing mangalsutra. She says you have become bahar wali, but will not become his wife, and calls her illegitimate relation woman. Dhruv smiles and holds her hand. He thanks her for supporting him and standing with him. Aditi says you have forgotten your duties as a husband, but I will not and will always support you. She says I can forgive you, but your child’s mum will never forgive you.

Doctor checks Vasu after 5 hours and asks Nurse if she gained consciousness even once. Nurse says okay. Doctor checks her and says there is no hope. She slipped into coma because of heavy injury. Everyone is shocked, while Sankara smirks. Bihaan asks Doctor to check again. Dhruv says nothing can happen to our Maa and tells Bihaan. He asks Vasu to wake up. Bihaan asks Thapki to ask Vasu to wake up, as she is her ladli. Preeti and Suman cries asking her to wake up.

Later Thapki comes to the inhouse temple and prays to God asking him how can he do this with them. She says we are nothing without Maa and asks him to return their Maa. She asks God to make Vasu return back to life….Vasu gains consciousness….Shri ganesha deva plays…………

Vasu gains consciousness and holds her head while recalling about the letter…Thapki cries and continues to pray for her. Vasu gets up from bed holding her head. She steps down and walks out of room with much difficulty. Bhajan continues to play. Thapki says my heart is saying that Maa is fine, she will call me and hug me now itself. Just then she hears Vasu calling her…Thapki beta…Thapki turns and sees Vasu standing holding door. She thanks God and runs to her. Thapki hugs her and asks are you fine? Vasu couldn’t stand on her feet. Thapki makes her sit and says Doctor said that you was in coma. Vasu says I was not in coma and tells that whatever happened with me was not an accident and says that person who doesn’t want me to tell the truth to you have done this. Thapki asks what is the truth? Vasu tells her that Bihaan never got the letter which she had written for him. Thapki is shocked and emotional.

Vasu tells Bihaan that Thapki wants to say him something. Bihaan asks her to say. Thapki is about to tell him. Sankara and Kabir come there and looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thahaan forever… finally thapki knows that bihan is innocent..
    Based on the spoiler : Bihan aplies sindoor to sangkar & make her wear mangalsutra… that is dissapoint & not acceptable !!!! After they can prove that Thahaan divorce paper is fake, I think normally Bin-Kar or Tha- Bir marriage isn’t legal , but They don’t a normal people so anything can happen here… Drama’s marriage is the worse part this track..
    “Kabir blames himself for harming Thapki?? ” maybe he is a good guy & smarter than bihaan, but he don’t think before to used thapki in his revenge & joins hand with a killer, where is his gut to faces bihaan alone??? Just to make bihaan more suffer??? maybe he can fullfill his revenge, but He had sacrificed a woman who is suffering (he know about thapki’s pain) & inderectly He have supported a criminal.. Hope he get’s a lesson about revenge from thapki case, so he can help thahaan unite..

    1. people called bihaan abusive, physical harrassment, coward, betrayer marriage he did, ok I assume it for the time being, but now let me think the other way round.. is there any difference between Kabir and bihaan? kabir too did dhoka marriage, is using thapki as a coward, trying to be physical in front of bihaan and mentally harrasing her to stay on his side… he preferred to take revenge first and then treat his sister.. why? he is a family man right? bihaan too believed half truth and threw thapki out, kabir also knows half truth and is out to kill bihaan, joined hands with sankar oh my god with a murderer.. ok about thapki now…how come is she on a higher pedestal? she too slapped a pregnant woman shraddha..even bihaan slapped her..both didn’t know the other one is pregnant. they were throwing shraddha out but shraddha was clever enough to reveal she is pregnant but thapki is foolish, she hid each and everything from her husband… Then why bihaan is only bad just because a man slapped a woman and a woman slapped a woman? But we talk of equality between man and woman then why not in this also?? now about bihaan’s golden heart….he was tortured by vasu to marry thapki or else she will kill herself, and after that not only thapki but also bihaan suffered along with her.. he was beaten heavily by dhruv, bauji but he never uttered a single word against his mother, he suffered along with her, he was the only one to trust her when the full family went against her, they were throwing her out and he too went out with her stayed in the tabela and tried every means to prove that she is innocent, stepping into a teddy bear uniform just to be on her side, faked a death to unite thapki dhruv then also thapki slapped bihaan but bihaan wasn’t wrong why thapki slapped him?, to earn money he risked himself in a life risky game, took a bullet to save her from stammering humiliation, kept on asking forgiveness for his dhoka marriage, he got angry when thapki lied him about the divorce, who said he wasn’t by her side? he even took a bullet for dhruv who tried to kill bihaan himself.. till today he is asking for forgiveness in everything.. it is now thapki’s turn to ask forgiveness from him so this is the new track..why is vasu not blamed much more than bihaan for the dhoka marriage just because she is a woman or a mother? lastly, bihaan has some qualities in him definitely otherwise an educated girl like thapki shouldn’t have loved him.. So whatever I assumed at the beginning of my speech is definitely incorrect.. I don’t have a hatred for kabir but his ways are not any way better than bihaan in fact no one is can fit into tpk’s lead in context of the show other than bihaan himself.. bahut long speech ho gaya.. thanks for reading…


  3. Dear Miss Santhosh, Please as a big favor , tel us know the TRP of kasam. I am unable to read and writ in Indian, so I don’t know any kind of Indian media, that is why I am asking you or anyone else who can help , about kasam TRP.
    We are sick and tired of nonsense and dra………………….gging , But the experiences has shown us :
    the only language , that psycho ekta can understand; would be : BADLY DROPPED TRP. you can even kindly give us the answer on kasam page, but up to you. THANKS

  4. i am very happy bihan and hugged thapki. very romantic.

  5. Pooja2109

    there will be a bride swap on the way and kankar will get married eventually
    Mr.Bihaan Pandey And Mrs. Thapki Bihaan Pandey will be together forever and ever because they are eternally bonded together
    whatever may be the circumstances the end was is and will be always Thahaan

  6. I hope Bihaan will receive letter at garden with strong wind. Come on !

  7. Dear friends whether you’re bihaan fans or kabir fans you must know one thing the CVS is trying to show us from the beginning of the story these two met in Ramer temple. Tapki was asking not get marry but bihaan want his brother get marry and God knows what was going to happen to this poor girl and boy. Tapki was loved by her family members but she suffered a lot from society because of stammering and in the case of bihaan he was loved by babuji and dadimma his stepmother and real mother were hating him and he is craving for love of mother or woman when this two met in that Ramer temple God Ramer planned for bihaan tapki is best partner for him. And we know after the insident the marriage between tapki and bihaan and after that Matha Kali wants to united them always and she did so many insident in their life and God Ganesh also tried to united them and he did. Here the CVS wants to tell the people that what God has united man should not divide or separate as we se in bible what God united and no man have authority to separate. So to show this moral values they are bringing so many story inside. I think they want show that God is more important in family life so before to face problems let us go to God and ask his advice so please do not go your own views

  8. Lol at people saying bride swap, how will you justify your favourite character then? Pehli baar ma ke liye dhoka and doosri baar out of his own selfishness. So much for pure soul! Lol

  9. Muaaaah…..cvs thank u for showing THABIR, they are the only reason I watch this show…..pls unite them and show thapki falling for kabir

  10. THABIR rock!!!!! CV’s you have made us THABIR fans veryyyy veryyy happy!!!! Pls Thapki and Kabir just need to unite now!!

  11. THABIR are the best! I feel for Kabir, it’s said how his only family left is his sister and even she’s insane now. He deserves someone like thapki in his life. Writers pls show them get together. We love THABIR, they have sizzling chemistry!

  12. What a boring episode, no Kabir again. How can Vasu start walking again after a head injury? ? I’m hoping for for more Thabir tomorrow.

  13. Lol bride swap again, aur kitni baar girega Bihan? Pehli baar ma ke liye dhoka, dusri baar bhi dhoka itna bada coward hai ki dobara dhoka? Does he not love his ex wife or expect her to marry him? Then why swap again? Spineless and ghatiya character ?

  14. Unpadh, gavar gunda vasooli bhai, zindagi mein kuch kiya nahi, nah apni pehli biwi ko appreciate kar saka na apni doosri biwi ko. Sirf dhoka dena aata hai or samaan phenkna and auraton ko push around karna aur phir log pure soul pure soul large heart gaate hain rather than accepting his faults

  15. Garima

    hey chetna yashu you are talking about bihaan if you said all this to bihaan so it mean you are druv or kabir fan ma tumha ek demo deti hu first kabir stupid ek bar pata karna ki koshish bhi nahiki ki akhir usko badla lana kisssa ha confused person our thapki sa pyar ha tho akhir uske sath bura kyu kar raha ha.
    druv druv ka tho ab aditi ka sath pair ban chuka ha.
    so you like the demo I think not.
    and agar bihaan ki bat nahi kar raha tha tho very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very sorry for this but I am a fan of bihaan ma Pagal nahi hu ki asa hi kisi ki bhi fan ban jaugi he is the best.
    I don’t want fighting I only gave opinion because I am bihaan fan.

    1. If your brother in law is being threatened to vacate the house by a gunda or there will be consequences and you go to help them and you find the house on fire, your brother in law and nephew dead, your sister Inconsalable and lost mental stability what’s the logical conclusion? And who will you ask? Your mentally unstable sister? The dead nephew and brother in law or the goon who threatened consequences in the first place and why would anyone own upto murder?? And here I thought sirf Bihan ki moti buddhi thi ?

    2. And Dhruv kaisa bhi ho, he does something worthwhile in life and pyar ke liye hamesha khada hua hai, the same can’t be said for Bihan though ?

    3. I don’t want fighting, I only gave my opinion in response to yours because I’m not a Bihan fan ?

    It was just few hours back I asked Santhosh or any other member of this page , let us know, TRP of kasam, and ,here we are , you precious friend come back to me with the answer , on kasam page,
    I thanked you on kasam page , and doing again , in this page , that ,you are a regular member,
    Thank you s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,o very much, you are , A REMARKABLE ,MEMBER,FRIEND AND HUMAN BEING, THANKS

  17. I only watching this show for thahaan .they are the best jodi

  18. THABIR r da best!!!!

  19. Cvs please make thapki and Kabir unite….thapki fall in love with Kabir pls pls pls pls pls….Kabir is the best……..the only character on show making sense….he only wanting justic for sister….hes a good family man good brother

  20. THABIR are meant to be, Thapki’s marriage with Bihan would’ve never fallen apart if they were meant to be. THABIR are made by god. Writers please show them falling in love!!!

  21. He..he…please out from TPK….this is bad story, not educated…no morality….and no wise… quality story….I am sorry….

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