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The Episode starts with Bihaan making arrangements done. Sankara decorates the house. Naman asks whats festival today. Bihaan says your Grah Pravesh will happen today, I kept a puja as well. Kosi and Naman get glad. Sankara says my grah pravesh and slips from the stool. Bihaan holds her. Thapki looks at them. Bihaan asks Sankara to be careful and goes. Sankara recalls how Bihaan held her hand. Bihaan does aarti of Kosi, Naman and Sankara. He welcomes them and does their grah pravesh. Bihaan asks them to do puja.

Preeti says I feel we are not part of this family. Bihaan tells pandit that he has to do some imp work and goes out. Thapki goes after him. She gets shocked seeing Bihaan fixing Jaiswal Nivaas board, and removing Pandey Nivaas board. Bihaan keeps the name board inside the house.

Everyone get shocked seeing this. Kosi and Naman smile.

Bihaan sits in puja with Kosi and says it was necessary to make things fine outside before entering the house, now start pandit ji. pandit chants mantras and starts puja.

Thapki asks Lord to do something, Bihaan is doing this with his parents, show me some way to know Kosi’s real motives, please help me. She prays. Winds blow. She sees a guy riding the bike in high speed and entering the house. The guy goes inside the house on his bike and everyone get shocked. Kosi, Naman and Sankara smile. Vasundara asks whats all this. The guy removes his helmet and everyone see him. Kosi rushes to her guy and says what an entry. The guy is Naman’s son. Kosi says they are staring at you, I will do your introduction. She says he is Janardhan, everyone calls him John. She tells Bihaan that he is Naman’s son, he likes to ride bike. Bihaan says just like me and shakes hands. Kosi asks them to hug. They hug. Kosi asks them to sit in puja first.

John tells Kosi that you are Dabanngg, you got Pandey Nivaas turn to Jaiswal Nivaas. Kosi says yes, they kept my son since long. Naman says all we want is Bihaan, but he wanted to stay here. John says I was joking, I m fine. He gives smartphone to Naman and something to Kosi. He says Lord is not giving me long life, you all know one off my organ is not fine. Naman cries and asks him not to say this. John says sorry, I will hear 100 years fine, smile now. He goes.

Thapki gives the bike keys to John and says I got this outside. He thanks her and asks who are you. She says I m Bihaan’s wife Thapki. He asks her does she have any stammering problem. She says I have this problem since childhood. He says you can talk like normal people, I came from abroad and met many big doctors. She says no thanks, I have many problems to deal in this house first. She goes. He says she is dealing with problems of home than her own problems…..

Thapki hears Kosi telling Naman about adding some powder in Bihaan’s breakfast. She worries and thinks whats that powder. She asks Bihaan to listen once, your Kosi Maa…. Bihaan asks her not to say anything, you don’t understand my pain and thinking, I was an orphan, I had no one, those who loved me, I regarded them Lord, now then they are not right, what will I do seeing their fake love. He goes. She says I understand your sorrow, maybe you are thinking wrong, I won’t let wrong happen with you.

Its morning, Sankara serves food to John and asks him to have it. John says I missed such food. Bihaan says Thapki cooks well. Pandey family dines separately. Dadi asks Shraddha to go and get sauce, if Thapki goes, Bihaan can get annoyed. Shraddha asks about the perfume. John says I did, you like it. Shraddha says I love it, I used this brand a lot. Suman and Preeti stare at her. Shraddha says I liked it before, not now.

Bihaan coughs and asks for water. Kosi asks him to call her Maa now, and gives water. Bihaan says I did not say Maa to anyone else, I have lived a lie all these years, so it will take time to accept truth, sorry. Kosi says its fine, take your time, we are not getting separated. Kosi tells about some Bhabhuti and shows that powder to Bihaan. Thapki looks on and recalls Kosi’s words. Kosi asks Bihaan to add that bhabhuti, its auspicious. Thapki comes running and stops Bihaan. She asks Bihaan not to have this, leave it. He asks why. She says I just said, its not Bhabhuti, I know its something else. Bihaan says leave my hand. Thapki eats the bhabhuti/powder. Kosi gets shocked.

Bihaan asks whats all this. Kosi asks Thapki how did she eat this. Thapki says Kosi mixed something in this. Kosi asks do you think I added poison, am I murderer like some people here, will I kill my own son. Thapki says don’t listen to her. Bihaan asks are you feeling unwell or dizzy, your pulse is running fine, you are fine as they are right, your thinking is wrong, you blamed Kosi, don’t do this again, apologize to her. Thapki apologizes to Kosi.

Kosi calls pandit and says John has come from abroad, I want to keep puja. pandit asks her to do arrangements. Preeti says we will make awesome Prasad. Bihaan says no, its my family’s puja, we will make Prasad. Preeti says this is not fair. Bihaan says relations changed, then what are rules. Dadi says but Lord did not change. Bihaan says fine, make Prasad, whoever makes Prasad first, their Prasad will be kept in puja.

Kosi tells Thapki that you think you are smart and you have sharp ears, but my eyes are also sharp, I have seen you yesterday and changed the powder, you have eaten bhabuti and you looked a liar infront of everyone, I will do what I want, no one can stop me, Bihaan did a puja for us, we will do puja for his exit from here, he will exit from this world. Thapki gets shocked. Kosi asks her to go and make Prasad.

Thapki helps Suman and Preeti in making Prasad. Bihaan makes Prasad on his own. Thapki says I want to keep an eye on Bihaan, so that nothing wrong happens. Sankara says I can have Prasad from both teams. Sankara gets water to clean place. Kosi calls Sankara, and Sankara drops water bucket. Bihaan comes in between and saves Thapki. He scolds Sankara and says if I did not come in between, water would have gone in kadai and oil would have fallen on Thapki’s face. Sankara apologizes. Thapki says you did not do this intentionally. Kosi gets lemon water for Bihaan and gives him. Thapki worries and collides with them to make glass fall. Thapki says sorry, it happened by mistake. Bihaan says I wish it happened by mistake, your mind is running a lot and you don’t do mistakes so often.

Kosi indirectly tells Thapki about the game and one hour left. She asks Bihaan to make Prasad soon. They all start making laddoos with hot boondi. Preeti says hurry up, we have to become winner. Sankara tells Bihaan that his laddoos are breaking before forming, its fine, make it of any space. Kosi helps Bihaan. Everyone look on. Kosi finishes first and says its done. She sees her hands turned red. Bihaan says you burnt your hands for my victory. Kosi says its just hands, I can burn myself for your victory, I m your mother. Bihaan says you are really Maa, I will also call you Maa from today. Kosi hugs Bihaan. Naman and John smile. Kosi looks at Thapki. Kosi says now there will be real puja in this house. Kosi plays shank. Thapki also gets Prasad and pandit takes that too. Thapki tells Bihaan that she wants to give Prasad to him first. Bihaan eats Prasad.

Pandit does aarti. Bihaan also does the aarti. Thapki sees the time and prays for Bihaan. Kosi does aarti. Bihaan starts getting dizzy. Its exact 6 o clock. Bihaan falls down. Everyone get shocked and worry for him.

Kosi asks Thapki what did she feed Bihaan, you blamed me and now you gave him something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I think they came to take some organ from bihaan body treat john…

    1. superb ahhahahahahahh

  2. Swati_bhardwaj

    Very bad episode

  3. The new family seems to be pretty interesting and enetertaining particularly kosi and chacha and with one more new introduction the things are now surely spicing up.

  4. Desperating episode…kosi tried to make a strong havoc between Thahaan.I think the new guy will help her.Sankara…your disgusting.I really MISS your innocent SMILE BIHAAN…I hope it will be seen soon. I read one of telly news that the MLAs goons will kidnap Thapki,Bihaan get shocked then he will save much of enthusiasm for knowing coming turns and twist in their life.Manish…..You did a fabulous job yaar.

  5. Guys…the new entry Janardhan will make new problems in Thahaans life.I am sure they will recover all the problems together.Thahaan forever…Sankara,janardhan go to hell…

  6. If CVS wants thapki bihaan separate then do it yaar then we can easily left the show why they are showing stupid things kosi only wants bihaan heart for his second son.from where they get stupid ideas. And why bihaan is ignoring thapki I now she isn’t supporting bihaan but he forget their love. And precap is worst ..if bihaana believe kosi then what will thapki do.. But my inner soul is saying bihaan is pretending with kosi to take her truth out.

  7. Your absolutely right Noori…CVS has to playing with our feelings.I am also thinking this same way kosi tried to get Bihaans heart for janardhan…

  8. sooooooo boring and very worst episode.

  9. Boring episode. trip decreased day by day because of CVS and writer stupid ideas . they can show us something like bihaan running channel 360 good more then dhruv and thapki become ideal among new generation if you have any kind of weakness in you. You can fight and get successful in your life something like that but CVS only so they stupidity

  10. Janardhan is kosi’s second son or Naman’s son..pls someone tell me….?

  11. Jahnabi…Janardhan is Naman’s son.

  12. The episodes are still not in sub titles. Many of us are losing interest because of there a problem?

  13. Alister La Frenais

    Another episode without English sub-titles. I am now switching to watching &TV where all their programs have English sub-titles and their serials have good plots and the script writers have a good grasp on reality. I watched tonight’s episode although I could not understand the dialogue, but from what was on display I found the episode lacking entertainment and unbelievable. Thapki as usual got on my nerves with her constant goody two shoes display and Bihaan displayed total disloyalty to the Pandey family. Also, it is unconceivable that the head of the Pandey family (namely Baoji) is accepting the nonsense of the intruders and Bihaan. This serial is destined for cancellation in its present format, if the producers do not come with better storylines.

  14. Bye. Stopped watching after druvturned bad. This us liad of crap. HGooff air. Time for somthing new and Iinteresting. Ektha ji learnsomfin from pakistan keep drams simple sweet sour and short. Without adding too much crap and to the point. 

  15. i feel very bad for vasu. Both her sons r nt der wit her. Plz brng back druv

  16. Garima

    Ya prooja prabha I know that you confused on bihaan acting first time I also confused. Yo watch meri sasu ma if you don’t watch so I tell you that in meri sasu ma satu is also acting like bihaan in this serial his father sad that bavna is not his real mom he is the murderer of his mom and than like bihaan satu is said that he doesn’t live with his mother murderer and he said to pari that he is also come with him but pari said she is with sasu ma satu is about to live in this time bavna said satu you don’t live I kill you mom so I live pari said no my sasu ma don’t do this And he don’t live oh I don’t have capacity to write full episodes so in short it mean that satu is behaving too rood to his masa but in end when sasu was crying in his masa leg when she sleep pari watch this and satu tell him that he is only acting to prove his masa inocant. So according to This I tell bihaan is acting like satu please don’t worry bihaan is my favourite an he don’t turn negative .I think read this or no I write this two time in this and next episode bye

  17. Thanks dear…i feel very happy because of you,i mean you considered my feelings…i wish it wouldbe his acting but Garima…Janardhan will make new rift in their life….anyway lets see….GARIMA is your real name….?iam POOJA….

  18. damn shit

  19. what a crap programme

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