Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 27th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bau ji asking the men not to allow Bihaan inside. Suman and Preeti think why did Bihaan do this. Bihaan sees some men taking some items inside and gets an idea. Bau ji plays the dhol and asks the men to play, as its his daughter’s marriage. Shubh dances on dhol. Bihaan comes inside with the men hiding his face. Vasundara is tensed. Bihaan hides from Sanjay. Dhruv smiles seeing Thapki and they get together for Jaimala. Vasundara takes a kerosene container and goes to mandap. Poonam and Aditi ask Thapki to make Dhruv wear the Jaimala. Dhruv smiles.

Bau ji asks Dadi about Vasundara and says she should be here, as Jaimala is imp. Dadi says she maybe seeing guests. Dhruv and Thapki stand to exchange the garlands. Vasundara thinks she won’t let this marriage happen

at any cost, she will burn the mandap and stop the marriage. She starts putting kerosene on the mandap. Bihaan comes there and sees the Jaimala happening. Vasundara looks at them angrily. Bihaan says he has to find mum, as she can do anything wrong in her anger.

Vasundara is about to light the match, while Thapki and Dhruv’s jaimala is going on. She lights the matchstick and recalls Thapki’s words. Bihaan comes and stops her, asking what is she doing. She says leave me. He asks her to come with her. Everyone clap for Dhruv and Thapki. Kiran asks Dhruv to make Thapki wear Jaimala. Vasundara says Thapki can’t become my bahu, and cries. She gets a glass piece there. She sees Dhruv and cuts her hand. Bihaan asks what did she do. She says leave me, let me die. Bihaan cries and promises he will stop the marriage.

Vasundara asks Bihaan to do anything. She sends him. Bau ji says congrats to Dhruv and Thapki. The elders ask them to go in mandap. Bihaan bribes the waiter and sends the drink to Dhruv. The waiter makes the drink fall on Dhruv. Sanjay takes Dhruv to clean his clothes. Bihaan thinks what to do now, and calls Sanjay. Dhruv gets to know this. Sanjay asks Dhruv to change and he will see Bihaan. He takes the call. Bihaan says there is no guard here, I m coming there and meet you. Sanjau says Bau ji stopped you from coming and goes out to stop Bihaan.

Sanjay asks the guards to stop Bihaan from coming inside. Bihaan comes to Dhruv’s room. Dhruv says Bihaan…. Bihaan says I came as… Dhruv says I was missing you, its good you came, He wears the pagdi and asks him to come. Bihaan stops him and says you won’t go in mandap, I came here to stop the marriage, not attend it. Dhruv gets shocked.

Dhruv says leave me, you can’t stop this marriage. Bihaan beats on Dhruv’s head and Dhruv faints. Vasundara says Dhruv will wake up in some time, we have just one way to stop the marriage. Bihaan is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sab bakwass hai

  2. I think Bihaan will marry thapki…

  3. more watching this serial..I don’t want bihaan and thapki together..

    1. U are correct dhruv is going to marry poonam?????

  4. Now it is clear that it is not going to be druvki. Time to stop watching this bakwass..

    1. Exactly..why show all romance and spoil it like this..

  5. Very interesting…. story.

  6. Manish and jigyasa played lead role in “chore tere gav bade pyara ” serial in zee marudhara

  7. Opps! I’m late today.Whatever is going on,I really hate it.Bihaan stop it…

  8. yaaaa guys loving story ko buri trh spoil kr di.. I know bad m interesting hone wali h bt ab boring kr di sb ki wish tut gyi apni…. no romance ….wese abhi tk isme romence aya hi kha h. o nooooooo…….. ab hm sb kr b kya skte h yrrr.. bs ab dekhna dhurv devdas bn jayega thpki k pyar m or vshu dekhegi apne bete ko tdpte… mughe sbse jyada dhurv k liye bura lg rha h … sad…

  9. I will stop watching if Bihaan marry Thapki. Vasundara character is too much

  10. Mojisola aya Bamtefa

    I sincerely hope that Bihan does not end up marrying Thapki. If such practices used to happen before, there is no need to celebrate this in these present times. A lesson should be taught all parties involved also it should be seen that such practices cannot go unnoticed and unpunished. If there becomes a union between Bihan and Thapki. I will stop watching the Asian series full stop. It will mean that the whole story is watered down and it will continue to drag on with these senseless plots and sub plots

  11. Looks like i’m the only one who wants bihaan to get married to thapki
    But if thapki gets married to druv I am going to stop watching the show cuz it will become boring for me

  12. Pagal writers

    1. Nonsense story writter druki are best iam feeling too much bad

  13. Pagal jo gye hai writers kuch bi

  14. I am sure bihan and thapki will get married.I like their Jodi.let’s see what happen next?

  15. vasu so cheap and selfish…

  16. i just hope that bihaan is not going to marry thapki kyunki druki is the best

  17. If vasundra will say to bihaan to marry thapki it is clear that vasu not considering bihaan as her son. because no mother doing partiality between her sons.

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