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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan coming to his room. He sees Thapki troubled by mosquitoes and burns the coil. He coughs by the smoke and covers himself. Thapki sees this and sleeps. Its morning, She goes to take water and it falls on him. He wakes up in shock and scolds her. She says sorry, I did not do this intentionally. He says I m not a fool, I know everything. She says she will go bathroom. He says I will go first. She says I woke up first, let me go. He says fine, and shouts cockroach. She jumps and gets on the bed. He says wait, till I come.

Vasundara sees Dhruv’s show and praises him. Suman looks on and gets an idea. She takes the remote and switches it off. Vasundara asks how dare you. Suman says sorry, I got an idea to bring Bihaan and Thapki closer. Vasundara says forgive

me. Suman says Thapki fell in love as Dhruv looks hero, and Bihaan looks a goon, if Bihaan turns hero, she will like him. She thinks she will get the diamond ring. Preeti hears this plan and says she came to keep the ring back, but now I won’t give this back.

Diwakar waits excited to meet his lover. Aditi meets him in disguise of a foreigner. She says she is Kiara, she is from US. Diwakar gets glad thinking his life will get set. His mum calls him asking him to come and meet Nimmi’s relatives. Diwakar says I won’t come, I have urgent work. His mum says we want Nimi’s property, come soon. Diwakar says fine. He tells Aditi that it was business call, he has to go, he will meet soon. He leaves. Raghav comes to Aditi and laughs. He says good job, Diwakar could not identify you. She says now his real face will be exposed.

Dadi reads about Maharishi Valmiki, who did wrong work, when he realized he did wrong, he became a very good saint. Vasundara says yes, everyone has good and bad things, we have to see goodness too, everyone see badness in Bihaan, but he is good at heart, Bihaan saved Bau ji. Dadi says yes, he saved Bau ji from many goons, he was more bad than the goons in such small age. Vasundara says he was not bad, he was courageous and fought for Bau ji, we are not scared of anyone as we have Bihaan. Dadi says yes, he is father of all goons, everyone is scared of him.

Thapki says Valmiki did repentance for his mistakes and did tough Tapasya, everyone can’t do this. She goes. Preeti tells Suman she won’t get the ring. Dadi asks about Dhruv. Vasundara says I m doing his for him. Vasundara meets Dhruv in office and asks him to move on in life. He says time is not passing. She serves his fav food to him. Suman takes newspaper from servant and sends him to give medicines to Dadi. She asks Bihaan to read paper for Bau ji and goes to get Thapki. Bihaan gets stuck and reads paper. Suman asks Thapki to ask Bau ji whether he needs tea. Suman says Thapki likes Dhruv as he needs news, now she will like Bihaan seeing him read news. Thapki sees Bihaan reading by stammering and gets sad. She asks Bau ji will he take more tea. Bau ji says no. She leaves.

Bihaan hears music and hits the punching bag. Thapki comes there and stops music. He looks at her. She plays music again and stops. He asks whats her problem. She asks how can he joke on her stammering, why did he stammer while reading newspaper. He says I did not make fun of you.

She says you do wrong and never accept it, you can make fun of me, I will not leave my practice. He says he was just acting, he could not read well, he failed in 5th. She says you maybe lying. He says yes, lying and making fun of you, you will always think I m wrong, whatever, I don’t care. He leaves. Suman looks on and says her plan to make Bihaan hero failed, now she has to do something big.

Few goons tease Thapki. Bihaan says she will stammer, then you will be running from here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ok…
    Now it i dragging…

  2. Aaj be meri gar me powercut hogaya. Thank you telly updates.
    Episode muje achilagi.
    Love thapiki and bihaan.

    1. What about yesterday Ammu??
      Tellyupdates didn’t provide yesterday’s update…
      That’s mean you missed it…

      1. No Brity I didn’t misded it.
        I saw the episode on retellycast at 4.30.
        O dhonom Koil ko leke fight kiya & bihaan thapiki health ko lekar thoda care be kiyana muje achilagi. bihaan rudehe lekin achehe. Love thapiki and bihaan.

  3. Ohh no day by day it’s going to SaaS bahu drama,please try to change the track and make it interesting like romantic…

  4. feel so sorry for bihann he is alway misunderstood by people they dont see his pure heart shame on those people who sees his goodness yet ignore it and say badmouth about him

  5. Dhruv and Thapki perfect Jodi. Please don’t make Thapki fall for Bihaan ;(

  6. Bihaan and thapki pair was super !!!
    Peoples dont see their outer look, see their hearts in this character….
    bipki ROCKssssss….
    i just want them to get unite writters dont separate them…
    Take dhruv out of thapki life as he failed her trust…

  7. So boring

  8. nice episode well doing

  9. It is really disgusting. Always dhruv itself helped thapki he gave her respect . But bihaan is not like that may be he is good or looking handsome but thapki likes dhruv i just feel bored seeing this same old methods of marrying others in place of hero. Even dhruv was not in position on that day of marriage to save her but he tried his level. Plzzzz bring dhruvki married after thapki divorce……if u think bihaan is handsome but actually dhruv is so much than bihaan ….. Plz stop this drama of bihaan thapki soon

  10. I lve..bihaaaan….
    Bihaaan was hero…:-Dlvu

  11. This is sooooo boring if any body who makes this drama sees this comment than please change it bring it thapki marrying shrub after thapki a divorce please it is dragging and on the same this too boring to watch any more

  12. And if u guys don not change it than i can tell u no one is going to watch thapki pyar ki every one will get bored under stood toooo boring I will wish on a star that thapki marries shrub and u guys stop dragging this drama

  13. Can u guys make it more interesting I mean it’s the same thapki and bihaan fighting know what I will stop commenting do what u want fail ur super hit drama

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