Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan blaming himself for their condition and tells that they are in lock up because of him. Sankara asks Inspector to free Bihaan. Inspector asks Constable to free Bihaan. Bihaan says surely Kosi must have bailed me out. He sees Kosi and asks if you have bailed me. Kosi says no, as she doesn’t have money. Thapki comes and says she has bailed him out and tells that she has a condition. Kosi asks Bihaan to accept her condition and says they can become rich again if he agrees. Bihaan says new drama and asks what is the condition. Thapki says condition is that you have to marry me. Everyone is shocked. Thapki says if you want to save your family and house, then marry me. Bihaan says it would have been good if I had stabbed you and not me. Thapki asks what is your answer.

Bihaan says no…I prefer to die rather than marrying cheap girl like you. He is about to go. Thapki stops him and says 1 min Bihaan pandey. She says your punishment is to die every day with me….she asks him to save his family or become selfish and save himself. She asks him to either save his ego or agree to her demand. Dhruv asks what you are doing? Thapki says this is my decision and I have never gave authority to others to decide. She asks what is your decision. Bihaan tells that he will not marry her and don’t want to see her face. Thapki asks Inspector to cancel Bihaan’s bail and get him inside the jail. She says you call me egoistic, but you have proved who is egoistic. She says you can tell me if you decide to change your decision, then I will bail you and your family out. She shows him bail papers and says she will wait for his yes.

Kosi tries talking to Thapki and says he will say yes. Kosi asks Bihaan to agree and asks him to decide wisely. She asks him to agree for everyone’s sake. Sankara asks Kosi what you are saying and says Bihaan is engaged to me. Kosi asks her to think that she has sacrificed her love and returns the ring. Vasu asks Bihaan not to agree and says they prefer to stay in jail than see his life getting ruined. Kosi argues with her. Balwinder also asks him not to agree. Thapki cries and says Bihaan why did you do this with me and snatched my baby. She says I can’t give pain to everyone and thinks to bail everyone out. She turns and sees Bihaan standing.

Bihaan tells her that he accepts her condition and will marry her. Thapki smiles and says you have taken a right decision at right time and gives him bail papers. Bihaan says he has taken this decision for his family and says only my decision is changed, but not me. I will never change. Bihaan comes inside and asks Constable to free everyone. Dhruv comes to Thapki and asks why she wants to marry Bihaan and asks what is her plan. She shares her plan with him and says she will give a fitting reply to Bihaan. Dhruv agrees with her. Thapki says my revenge will start now from Bihaan and his family. Dhruv nods.

Everyone come out from police station. Sankara snatches gun from Inspector and says she will kill Vani today and will sacrifice her. Kosi asks her to give the gun. Vasu slaps her and snatches gun from her. She returns gun to Inspector. Vasu scolds her and says Bihaan is not marrying with his wish. Kosi taunts Sankara and says you will go to jail after killing Vani. She asks her to come. Vasu looks on tensed.

Sankara burns the gift given to Bihaan by Thapki. Kosi scolds her and asks her not to do this mistake again. Later Sankara plans to kill Thapki and smirks looking at the crackers.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why hasn’t thapki found out if the family knew she was pregnant and bihaan found her note or not,instead of going after revenge from them. Surely this would be the first thing to do and then plan revenge on kosi. Dragging a track for no reason.

  2. I hate this current track in tpk

  3. Take too long time to expose the real face of Kosi,Shradha,sankara… Please make the truth come out soon so Bihaan realise what thapki has done at the past just for him and family.

  4. ok im out, stop watching this serial, i think vani oberoi’s plan will great but now? Ew, i think that it will like back to old episode when shradda wants to kill thapki to get dhruv. OMG i love drama but it seems the plot is boring, the director surely needs a help for getting more idea for this serial’s plot

  5. Interesting episode.Thahaans third marriage is finally happening…its actually a good news for all Thahaanians.
    Thapki takes such a decision without any consent of Dhruv,which is clearly shows that our Thapki doesnot want to leave her Bihaan.
    Kosiji,today I really like you because you has snatch the engagement ring from sankara.That part is super.she is a mentally a idiotic character,I think Sankar tries to harm vaani…asusal Bihaan will save her.Thahaan forever….hi…Garima,reshal,Jo,anu,santhosh Bhai,sruti and all dear are you???

  6. Thapki and bihaan must have a heartly talk

  7. I hate this.thapki stop this non sense.bihaan didn’t do any mistake. if u want to take revenge do anything for kosi and Sankara.leave him.he is very innocence. and he don’t know about ur baby and that truth.I am getting angry seeing Sankara.

  8. Thapki think that she is smart,but she is fool.she blammed bhihan and the family without any investigate…

  9. I agree with you Jay. Tpk become boring. So sad to see Thahaan hurting each other

  10. I hate the dragging now. I think the serial should be stopped here. This is the time let Bihaan find out the letter that Thapki wrote before and everyone knows what kind of Kosi and get her out. Thapki come with the one she loves.

  11. Die for manyasa

    Hey guys me shruti thanks santosh bhai for spoilers and trp bhai aap to eid ke chand ho gaye ho jumme ke jumme ate ho roj aya karo commenti padkar acha lagta hai btw aaj to maja aa gaya sankara ko thapad pada ab sankara ne sapola ki jagah le li hai pls guys comments yaar


      hi SHRUTHI..?

      main toh ongoing track se kush nahi hoo?? issi liye form par aane ka mann nahi hai….??

      Cvs ??poore story ko karaab karke rakhdiya hain aur ooper se aaj kal dhruv ??ke saath thapki?? ko dekhthe hi mera blood boil?? hotha hain….?

      patha nahi Cvs ??ko lead pair? ko alag karke ⬅➡fans ko story dikhane mein kya maza aatha hai….

      this is the reason… ?
      achcha track aayega toh zarur daily forum par aah hoonga…..?


  12. Manish ki deewani

    Yes pooja I am happy 4 their third marriage bcz all thahaan fan didn’t enjoy their marriage even my mom is happy .she is also a big fan of thahaan
    Pooja I am fine how r u and garima hope u r fine bcz u didn’t comment in yesterday’s episode

  13. And it start all over like before again.. ?Shraddha tried to kill Thapki, Dhruv tried to kill Bihaan, now Sankara tries to kill Thapki.. ? Why don’t they focus on proving Kosi’s plan?? And for Sankara, Bihaan didn’t trust Thapki when she told him that Sankara regard Bihaan as her husband before. Why Bihaan didn’t feel bad at all for treating Thapki like that?? And why he didn’t have any doubts on Kosi and Sankara at all??? STUPID BIHAAN!! Too much dragging.. ?

  14. Tôi thấy fim kéo dài. HẢy kết thúc câu chuyện đi là vừa

  15. Alister La Frenais

    Who are all these people commenting on here. For goodness sake people this is fiction and not real life, there is no Thapki and no Bihaan, only two actors. As far as entertainment value goes the serial is just scraping by, with weak storylines and totally unbelievable coincidences. Some of the acting at the best can be rated as second class with just the odd glimpses of outstanding performances. The only way for this serial to achieve longevity is for the Director and Producers and script writers to introduce a bit of comedy, intrigue, suspense, and better storylines. Otherwise the serial is fast becoming boring and tiresome to watch.

    1. verry agree with u, i know this is just serial drama but this drama too much. dissapointing 🙁

  16. Very happy vani/ thapki want to marry bihaan. Maybe she doesn’t want bihaan marry with sankara, so she do this. Sankara go away from bihaan’s life. Please director, makes vani beautifull .

  17. Please director ?replacer drunv and thapki.The first episode the thapki pyar ki is wonderful when thapki meet drunv this couple is nice

  18. God how much I hate that Shankara she does not suit in this serial sorry to say. She does not suit bhihaan. Now it wil b Shankara after tapkis life and bhihaan hating her. I want thahaan to get together and Shankara out of the way she is just spoiling it. Tapki needs to find out if bihaan knows about she’s being pregnant before taking revenge.

  19. 3rd Marriage for Thahaan ..Gajaab..

  20. I Think Sankara Will Bring Up The Story Me Her Been Pregnant

  21. Hello friends… can anybody please tell me what was the letter thapki wrote and what happened then

  22. Honestly I never really liked Sankar’s character, she’s too idiotic, I mean, the others are no better, but come on woman, Bihaan isn’t even giving you any hope that he remotely likes you, he doesn’t even take care of you, yet you’re thinking that he will marry you… Why are you dumb, do you not have common sense, did the two years where Thapki was gone teach you nothing about common sense and when to understand that you’re just wasting your time holding onto something which isn’t even there to begin with…

    You claim to be in love with Bihaan, but you never once told him about who you truly are and why you’re so hell bent on marrying him, Bihaan is no better, but he’s always been iffy like that and we grew to love his quirks, you’re just plain stupid… This is no hate towards the actress, but come on…

  23. please sinoposis 27 october

  24. It’s good to c climax soon.

  25. It’s good to c climax soon. Please reveal her tapki character soon

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