Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki receiving the photo. Vasundara spoils the floor with chilli powder, and shouts on Suman and Preeti to clean it. Thapki comes there. Suman and Preeti pick up the mat and throw the chilli powder on Thapki. Thapki coughs and says my eyes are burning. Vasundara asks her to go and wash her face. Suman and Preeti take the mat outside. Vasundara takes the pic envelop. Thapki goes to washroom and washes her face. Bihaan sees her and asks what happened. She says chilli powder went in my eyes. Bihaan opens the shower tap and makes her stand. She asks what is he doing, and holds his. He looks at her. She opens her eyes and sees him. Music plays………..

He gives her the towel to clean her face. She asks why did he start shower. He says he wanted to have rain dance

with her. She says stop nonsense. He says he did this to calm her eyes from chilli effect. She says fine, you go, I have to change. He says no sorry, no thanks, don’t know why I come to help her always. He leaves.

The guy and his family come to see Aditi. The guy says he would like if his wife helps him in his firm. The family is good, and Krishnakant gets glad. Poonam says I will call Aditi. Aditi comes behaving strange and acts like she is drunk. She greets them. The guy’s family is shocked seeing her. The guy’s dad says we will leave, we don’t want such modern girl. Manage her, else she will spoil your name. They leave. Krishnakant, Poonam and Varun get sad and look at Aditi. Krishnakant slaps Aditi. He scolds her. Aditi says I don’t even know that guy, how would I marry him. Poonam cries and stops her. Aditi says I m going to meet Raghav and leaves.

Vasundara asks Thapki about the pic, its their family picture. Thapki asks how can this happen, I have given some other pic in studio. She goes. Vasundara tells Bihaan that he is really her son, he has done this. He asks what did I do. Vasundara says you changed the pic before it reached home. He says I did not change any pic. She asks what, then who changed it, where did the real pic go. The pic is at the studio. Its same pic with Bihaan, Vasundara and Dhruv in the pic. The man says its strange pic and its framed too, we have to complete order. He gets it packed and sends it to Pandey Nivaas. The boss asks about Balwinder sending the pic and Thapki’s pic order. He says you have changed the pics, we have to call Thapki and give her details. The man says Thapki would have called us after seeing the pic. Thapki sees the pic and says how can this happen. She calls the man when he is calling her, and get number engaged. Suman asks Thapki to come. Bau ji tells Dadi about family pic he gave for enlarging, and it will come soon. Preeti comes and says the family pic has come. He says I will just come, keep it in hall.

Vasundara and Bihaan come there and ask whats this. Suman says Bau ji gave family pic to enlarge. Preeti says I want to see how I look. Thapki comes there. Bihaan asks them to open the pic and see. Vasundara says yes, lets see who looks the best. Suman opens the ribbon.

Dhruv comes there and they all get shocked seeing the pic. Thapki asks Vasundara was it she who has supported Bihaan. Bau ji and Dadi scold Vasundara. Dhruv ends ties with Vasundara.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. aloke

    Yes yes yes its awesome now Thapki knows the truth .I am so happy.Thanks for the super fast update Amena.LOVE YOU BIHAAN

  2. aloke

    Yes yes yes its awesome now Thapki knows the truth .I am so happy.Thanks for the super fast update Amena.

  3. lifna

    omg..i Can’t w8ng tmarw epi… .

    Bihaan and tapki ka romance sean waz awzm so sweet….
    I love u bihaaaan…. Tapki……
    Bihaan nd tapki ka rmace sean me any song ad karo..

  4. Brity

    Woahoooo…. Truth is revealed…And I wanna say something…. Some of guys over here always says that Bihaan is innocent,he has been blackmailed by Vasu… And many more… To make them understand some Dhruvki fans also said that if Dhruv had there instead of Bihaan then he won’t support Vasu as he know that it’s wrong… And yes… Dhruv never supported His dad to get his love as he had faith on his mom… But Bihaan had his dad’s love and Vasu doesn’t even behave like That which dad behave with Dhruv… I agree Vasu always neglect Bihaan but not this way that Balwander I mean dad does with Dhruv,, his own son…. Then why Bihaan did so???? To get love from that mom who is wrong!!!!!! He took such dangerous step….Because of that the concept of this show has weaken…. He always think about Vasu from heart not mind… Then why didn’t he thought about his dad who made him the son of Pandy family?????

  5. thahaan

    Guys guess like u r not true fans if u were u would know that its vasudara’s fear n imagination not real becoz real photo will be burned n as for bihaan little show of love fake or real he will get trap by emotion becoz he is an ORPHAN whereas dhruv is not

      • thahaan

        R u orphan if not how do u know how bihaan must be feeling n his pain can be seen n felt with emotion not mind when people r in pain mind has nothing to do with it trust me I know

      • Brity

        Ok…Dude… But his emotion has hurt Thapki…. Do you know the meaning of marriage??? For a girl it’s a dream… Whatever Bihaan did …In our society It hold a reason of badmouthing to the girl…So try to think it…. Don’t get angry or blind in your opinion… DON’T TAKE ME WRONG..

    • Dhruvki

      Even after knowing what bihaan did with thapki, his family is with him. His bauji didn’t let him stay in the jail even for a day. Wat more does he expect now? Even being an orphan and committing such a sin, he is staying with the family with such huge supports from fans.. hats off to all bihan fans.

  6. Nice episode….as usual thahaaan romance is awesome …..bihaan I l u….precap is interesting but I think it may be a dream of vasu…guys its my guess only…let’s see…..

  7. neetu

    Awesome episode n luvd d romance btw thapki n Bihaan
    And waiting eagerly for tomorrows episode..doesnt look like a dream Hopefully….

    • thahaan

      Its dream watch on utube on location video or watch on thahaan fan post or bihaan thapki post there are clear video of up coming scene

  8. sweety

    yaaa ur right brity
    bihaan did wrng wt thapki & dhruv alwys spprts thapki
    soo plzz reunite dhruv & thapki
    eagrly wtng fr tharuv
    lv u

  9. moni

    See with due respect to all druvki fans i know u love druv but if u had watch bihaan as first hero of thapki than nobody wud hv objections but we all saw dhruv so some r used to them…but as a viewer i wud like to say dat dhruv n thapki made qa nice couple but at d time it was becoming boring…but after bihaans entry on her life it became more interesting n d trp chart is also raised as their jodi was so perfect n all…may because they r same age..n they bring life to d character..they r making d show awsome…n i think it is vasu’s dream becoz than we will not be able to see more thaan scenes so i think they’l dragg it…but for thahaan romance its worth it…tpk rock thahaan

  10. Deepu

    Ya s it was vasus dream not real one.
    in utube there was an video shows bihaan burned the proof against vasu.
    Vasu emotionaly black mailed bihaan.
    todays thahaans shower scene was awesome

  11. Deepu

    Wt a rubbish u saying.
    even tapki not start likes him same as bihaan
    how will gappend?
    there tashan wali ishq is best as now

  12. Fairy

    I dont think so bihaan did any thing wrong he dosen’t know that dhruv love thapki as he told by his mother that dhruv is marrying with thapki just bcauz of sampathy! If he know the truth he never did that with thapki! Bihaan act can be justified! And i dont think its vasu dream or imagination i think its real:->

  13. Anu

    Thahaan rocks?????
    totaly mad with those chemistry wow…..every night I was thought upcoming romance btwn them..

  14. Me M.

    Litl’e dragging now but thahaans romance is hook up the fans .realy vsu is a vamp how was moms like do such as her sons.
    bihaan is the show stealer now in this soap become bihaan pyar ki

  15. jansi

    Finally thapki get vasu truth…..bihaan thapki awesome romance..,………suprr epi im waiting 2marrow

  16. Swathi

    Nice episode nice precap.plz unite Thapki&Dhruv.god all of them realise vasus real face superb……..THARUV…… Plz come back…

  17. Ritz

    Girls, would you be happy if the groom you are marrying is not the one? You may love Thapki and Bihaan moments but in reality what Bihaan did is a huge betrayal. And if that happens in reality what would you do? if the groom you are married is not as good as bihaan? No one force Thapki to marry Dhruv. She was happy to be with him. And who suffers? Have you ever thought about that? And why the girls should always accept the betrayal happen to them?

  18. ttvijaya

    One of the hero is good looking than the other,viewers always love him. They dont care about their mistakes even it is crime

  19. i am failing to see the chemistry that you have all found with Bihaan and thapiki i mean seriously give me a brake with this bihaan and thapiki crap. he as lied cheated and manipulated the people that he is suppose to care about all because he wants to please one person. you cant please everyone and by trying to do that what he has end up doing is hurting everyone. What all of you Thapiki and Bihaan fans are looking for is unrealistic, thapiki loves Dhruv and there is no denying that. so please writers give us back Dhruv and thapiki

    • fahmida

      actually i think u have some eye or mind problem thatswhy tumhe ek great couple najar nehi aa raha.aur tum kiya break mang rahe ho. We all thahaan fan want to say that give us a break

    • Dhruvki

      Ruthie you r right.. bihan fans are all fools.. they can only see his looks and style. They can’t see what he did with dhruv.. really pathetic fans they are.

      • Deepa

        Oh shut ur mouth u dnt like thahaan jodi dnt saw the soap ok…
        yes we r hrdcre fan of bihaan because of her attractive acting not glamour or not .
        druv is tooo far him as her acting skill .wt a borng act is druv!!

    • Dhruvki

      Miss or mr deepa first u make clear what u r trying to say. I can’t understand your english miss hardcore fan

  20. Dhruvki

    Stupid bihaan.. again doing a mistake by burning proof. But his fans must be happy as this is all what they want..

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