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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara scolding Thapki for blaming Shraddha. She says I could not bear your stammering, I was shocked seeing your problem, I was quiet for Dhruv’s happiness, Dhruv is moving on now and you have problem now, I was lucky that Lord did not let your marriage happen with Dhruv, I accepted you as Bihaan’s wife, then you were adamant that you will not let Dhruv move on, you can’t see perfect Shraddha becoming my bahu and Dhruv’s wife, Shraddha is good valued, so you are provoking me against Shraddha, you don’t want Dhruv to become Shraddha’s.

She says Shraddha talks so sweetly, don’t say anything to her. Thapki cries and says you are misunderstanding me. Vasundara says those who stammer are bad hearted, you proved this, you showed you are selfish. Thapki

says I did not do anything. Vasundara says if you say any word against my Shraddha, I will not leave you, I m Dhruv’s mother and fight with world for him, I will not bear you. She says she will kick her out from her house and not wait until 3 months. She scolds Thapki a lot. Thapki cries. Shraddha comes there and asks what is aunty doing here.

Vasundara asks is she fine now. Shraddha says yes, don’t worry, what happened to Thapki, why is she crying. Vasundara taunts Thapki and goes with Shraddha. Shraddha asks Thapki to come. Preeti goes to Ashwin. He asks did she drink wine. She says you fulfilled my wish giving me wine, so I had this drink for you. She makes him drink. He spits and asks what did she add in this. She says she added salt, as he did not get wine for her.

Dadi asks where is Vasundara, its engagement mahurat. Dhruv thinks this engagement won’t happen. Thapki loves me. Bihaan thinks Maa has seen Shraddha’s truth, Thapki would have told her everything, and Maa will break this engagement. Vasundara brings Shraddha there. Bihaan is shocked. Dhruv looks at Thapki and is sad.

Bihaan sees Thapki crying. Vasundara gives rings to Dhruv and Shraddha. Suman and Preeti joke on Shraddha. Preeti praises Thapki. Suman says we have to do something of her. Everyone ask Dhruv to make Shraddha wear the ring. Dhruv cries and looks at Thapki. Vasundara holds his hand and makes Shraddha wear ring by his hands. Everyone clap. Dhruv keeps his hand back and is tensed. Vasundara asks him to forward his hand. She holds his hand and asks Shraddha to make him wear ring. Dhruv wishes Thapki stops this engagement. Shraddha makes him wear the ring. Everyone clap. Vasundara hugs them. Dhruv thinks Thapki did not stop engagement, but she will surely stop marriage.

Thapki cries recalling Vasundara’s words. Shraddha comes to her and warns her not to come in her way, she knows Thapki has made her drink wine, but Vasundara did not get her truth, her dad and I have turned the game in last min. FB shows Sinha making Shraddha vomit. He opens the door and shows ill Shraddha to Vasundara. Vasundara worries for Shraddha. Shraddha says I m fine. Sinha says she kept fast for your health yesterday, so she got unwell, I brought her here for rest. Vasundara asks Shraddha to take care, she will call doctor. Shraddha says no need of doctor. Vasundara asks her to come down for engagement. FB ends.

Shraddha scolds Thapki and warns her to be away. Bihaan comes there. Shraddha says come, I m sure you and Thapki are happy for my engagement with Dhruv. She goes. Bihaan asks Thapki how did this happen, Maa did not know Shraddha’s truth. Thapki cries and says because of me, I lost.

Bihaan tells Thapki that they have to show truth to Maa, don’t lose, shake hands if you understood. She shakes hands and says she will not let Dhruv and this family face problems, she will bring Shraddha’s truth out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Atlast Vasus truth out infront of thapki but dragging story line atleast druv or bihaan too know the truth of Vasu .also expose shraddha
    today also no thahaan scenes so boring..
    I think thapki hug bihaan but not..

  2. Such a crying episode superb vasundra true face is out

  3. Vry sad for thapki she cried a lot today but at the same time am happy too becoz vasus venom came out against thapki,finally druv engaged shradha,thahaan always rocks

  4. what the hell yr!!i will kill evil vasu and sraddha and will go 2 gail.i cant bear them now.stupid

  5. disgunting episode

  6. Thapki idiot….. Stupid….first think for your life..then that devil family.. Y you care for that selfish…
    I thought she will doubt that vasu…but instead she is crying…stupid…!!!! Bakvas bandh karo anf soon reveal the trith………..

  7. Wat hpnd to this thapki. Even now she is not aware of vasundharas evil mind.I want shrafha to marry druv and teach a very good lesson to vasundhara. Bihaan be wwith thapki pls. Thapki pls understand bihaans lovely character.

  8. I just hope dhruv marries that witch sharda just to see that evil vasundhara’s face.

  9. oho..epi gud becz evil vasus.. True out.. Tnk god…
    Paracap gud..

  10. Finally the truth revealed,its fine but……… much of dragging is,pls unite Thahaan.poor Dhruv.

  11. Very sad thapki . Who is thapki pyaar ki ? Dragging episode. Waiting for good.

  12. Till today i dnt undrstnd either dhruv is main character or bihaan….plssss unite dhruv,thapki

  13. Very sad for thapki she cried a lot.I am sure that thapki will nt trust vasu anymore…I know bihaan will console thapki in a cute way and am sure thapki won’t hug bihaan..precap is nice its show thahaan made strong bond between them.I don’t like dhruv he always crying…I don’t like d way he has chosen to get thapki back….to make thapki jealousy he agreed to marry shradha.shradha is nt good..if she is good and innocent means wat will dhruv also selfish like his mother

  14. I hate vasundara she is such a heartless wicked woman….
    Before I was on Thapki Bihaan side: Druv should not marry a girl like shraddha but Now I changed that. He should marry evil shraddha. .and she will teach vasu a lesson that she cannot forget in her entire life….
    Sorry for Druv..?

  15. No doubt hero of d story is only bihaan.bcz he only bears everything and facing all d problems….entry may be late but he is d hero of tpk.

  16. Thapki ka aansu behna kab band hoga. Plz thapki stop crying and be bold.

  17. Oh I am missing the tender moments between Bihaan & Thapki in this story…nothing lovey dovey in today’s episode too 🙁 Bihaan is such a darling and a first class actor!!

  18. I imagine Shradha is matchmaker. Bcos shradha is the reason of bihan and thapki getting close to each other. Nice.

  19. I have one doubt. In this serial dhruv is a reporter right. Reporters are always analysing every event happen around him. But why dhruv is not know anything happen in his life.

  20. Good episode .Feeling bad for thapki

  21. Finaly vasus truth out..
    its precap bihaan said to thapki shraddhas truth will expose infront of mom thapki also said means thapki nothing to say to bihaan.
    no thahaans scenes today except tmrw.
    writers dragged the story
    if any chance thapki and bihaan unite after shraddha and vasus expose…

  22. Thahaan is best…
    plzzzzzzzz unite them

  23. Why dragging this shraddha drama..just unite thahaan and show there story we want to see them on our tv screens not shraddha and vasu ..and yes you can show dhruvs story as well with a dumb(because he is behaving like that) girl like him :p

  24. Even i thought dat in that week moment she will hug bihaan but she did’nt…no thahaan scenes….plz bring vasu thruth n shraddha’s in front of whole family n unite thahaan…show their romance which shud develop now between then in this journey as they shook hands to expose shraddha…love thahaan…tpk still rockzzzzzz

  25. Uff drama will not end any soap..
    I want only thahaan unity
    writers plz bring them close…
    now like shraddha because thahaan ws unite together for expose shraddha…
    wts only eyelock when try new type of romance ( krwachauth type )eyelock is bored now

  26. i want,thahaan romance lot……

  27. gand maraye thapki

  28. Thapki should accept bihan….

  29. Thapki should accept bihan….as she know his mother discriminate among dhruv and bihan

  30. Shivani Bongale

    I have now started hating Thapki…she isnt understanding dhruv’s love for her…plz unite tharuv and aditi ka bhi kuch karo otherwise ill stop watching the show

  31. Plz unite tharuv otherwise m not gonaa watch this show anymore. .

  32. Unite thahaan ,show some love between them plz. im watching this show only for them.

  33. nooo only yy thahaaan?

  34. nyz thahaaan sean ss
    and nyz thahaaan eyelock…????
    but full eyelock….
    plz show new type romance….?

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