Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

First Part of Trishakti Episode.

Siddhant asks Chandramani how did she get these marks on her face. Chandramani says because of that fly, I was troubled and I scratched my face. They smile. Siddhant says even flies were troubling me. Mata ji says yes, even I m seeing many flies at home since few days. Chandramani asks them not to worry, she called someone who will make them free of the flies. Simar/fly hears them.

Chandramai goes to open the door and sees some men. The man says we have come for pest control. Chandramani says yes, come, I called you. She tells everyone that they will kill all of them now, I mean all of insects and flies. Siddhant says you did this good. The man asks them to go to terrace, he will spread poisonous gas in the house. They all

leave. Chandramani asks them to spread gas in every corner of the house. Simar worries and thinks what to do now. Simar flies away seeing the gas and asks Mata Rani to help.

Balika Vadhu:

Nandini slips and falls in Krish’s arms. He flirts with her. She asks him to stay at that corner. He asks can you feel it. She asks what. He says magnetic attraction. She says no, I m a doctor, I won’t be impressed by these cheap things, you are forgetting I m 7 years elder to me. He says I hate maths, age is a number too, don’t give it importance, life is to live full and enjoy, don’t bound yourself. Kaise bataye…..plays…………… He gives her water and says cheers for a new morning and new start. He smiles seeing her.

Thapki sees Bihaan and asks him why is he doing exercise at night, he does this in mornings. He does not answer her. She gives him towel. She says you did not eat anything well today. He does not take towel from her and gets another one himself. She asks why are you not answering me, whats the matter. He asks why, are you answering, no right? Then why should I answer, now I will talk to you when you answer me. She says I don’t understand, you are troubling me more, this does not happen such. He asks why, I had crush on Katrina before I fell in love with you. She asks what crush. He says Katrina always answers me, I will talk to you when you have answer for me. He goes to sleep.

Its morning, Thapki wakes up and sees Bihaan sleeping. She goes to cover him with blanket. He takes Katrina’s name. She gets shocked and recalls his words. She gets angry and leaves the blanket. She leaves. Bihaan says Katrina, forgive me, because I don’t love you, I love Thapki.

Balika Vadhu:
Its morning, Krish and Nandini wake up. He stops her and says the door will open now, I would wish to spend some special moments, we spent the night together in a locked room, the new day will bring something new in our story. Everyone talk about Nandini gone missing, and wonder where did she go at night. Nandini comes and asks what happened Babusa. He says nothing, I told Maasa not to create any issue. Krish comes of the room and they all get shocked seeing him. Maasa shouts on Nandini and says we have checked all the area to find you, you are sitting in room with this man. Amit comes and hears everything. Maasa says Nandini has spent the night with Krish, how will you make people quiet now. Maasa taunts Nandini. Amit and Krish look on.

Next part in Sasural Simar Ka update

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh God I hate these trishakthi episodes.. Still I loved thapki pyaarki.. Oh God.. I was laughing on seeing thapki… How jealous.. I like this track.. But only until this new entry doesn’t make any problems between tahaan…

  2. Plz update d rest part of tpk here …. thy take too long to update d other serials…. y thy doing tis to tpk fans

  3. I hate this tri shakti ??????

  4. Thahaan confusion love is amazing nd hope that thapki realize soon that she also fallen in love with our hero bihaan and say i….i…i… l..l..l..l ove….y..y..ou

  5. nyce and what a quick update

  6. wow thapki jealousy start

    sheena will make thapki jealous by coming close to bihaan

    bihaan muttered katrina katrina too cute he is looking….
    MA become angry ha ha throw the blanket in anger oho..
    Jealous track very nice…..
    now its fun to watch TPK

    whether i have to bear trishakti bt i fully enjoyed tpk today

    thapki Asking suman Bihaan never tell about sheena ….
    its mean she is jealous
    Bihaan when hug sheena …. thapki expressions seems that she dont like anyone to hug his husband…… ha ha bt she gave fake smile .
    when sheena ask bihaan for a bike ride and she ask thapki too.
    thapki want to go with them bt she say what will i do by going with u friends.
    bihan said Yes what wil she do she afraid to ride on bike…ha ha ha ha too good.:-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    family members planned to unite thahaan

    love u thahaan

    precap Omg what was thapki reaction when vasu said she want bihaan & sheena to get married aha …..
    totally shocked

  7. Pandey families planning is super for uniting Thahaan..poor Thapki,she feels so sad.Don’t worry yaar Bihaan is always yours.You are made for each other.anyways,its going on a very interesting way…writerji don’t make so much of dragging to the part of Thapkis realization.B for Bihaan B for Best.

  8. hate this trishakti

  9. Suman is funny…. ???Chudail Shraddha scared of snake thank God atleast she fears something…. ??
    And this sheena will make Thapki to confess love… ??

  10. Awesome episode. Thapki’s jealous started on seeing Sheena and bihaan’s closeness. Too good to watch her jealously. Excited to see the next episode. However Thapki is the only MLA of Bihaan(MLA-My Lucky Angel).luv U Thahaan.

    1. Do u know the movie sarrainodu?

  11. Thapki pyar ki is going so good! Nice to see Thapki getting jealous. ..but this trisakti episode is killing me. …happy if sheena will not join with shradha and creates trouble for thahaan. ..

    1. Hello frnd my name is trisha… i like to watch Tpk nd I am from Nepal

  12. I think sheena serius fll in love with bihaan. As usual we wtch in evry soaps..sheena bcme enmy of thapki. She ‘ll Separte thahaan with the help pf shradha. This is actually whats goin to happen. 100% sure! :/

    1. I dont think that in some serials also show that to make unite couple all family member plan nd that girls also together with his /her family nd make heroins realise by making her jaleous i think sheena will positive charecter ..sometime she will show she want bihaan but later she make thapki realise her love for bihaan tells that this is all her nd ur family member plan to realise ur feeling for bihaan

      1. I hope the same yar….no more twists….tired waiting for thahaan unites….hope Sheena entry for a while only….no dragging….plz CVs dont dispoint us….

  13. Someone complete tis update guys

    1. Yeah what happened during ssk timings, anyone knows?

    2. Thavi thavi padichalum tpk 1/2 update thaan irukku. Veruthupoi padhiya muzhungittangannu ninaikiren. Bhihaan…sheena dialogue update illai.

      1. Plz look at Balika n SsK updates….it continue there yar…

  14. sheena will separate thahaan with shradda.what is what is going to happen.100% guarantee

  15. All familly member plan to unite thaan..
    Tommorow episode bihaan nd has plan to go for ride bike but then thapki come in between bihaan nd sheena….

    1. Really……
      Nice Thapki……….
      It’s good to know that she is doing something to for herself. ??

  16. I luved da precap……..hop so thapki realize her feelingzz for bihan soon

  17. I think this new chick will be a much as its the family game plan. She may turn out to separate the way. thapki is much prettier..

    Come on who wouldn’t fall in love with our…

  18. Yeah! MLA is from sarrainodu. Do U know I’m a great grand fan of stylish star Allu and that’s Y I used his words to mention Thapki as MLA. MLA ante My Lucky Angel.

  19. I don’t like Trishakti episodes. Thapki and Bihaan are so very cute. Waiting for them to get united

  20. Hi guys! yaar trishaki to i always hate. but i am soo scared of sheena will actually fall in love with bihaan and with the help of shrddha she will try to separate them.

    Also, tapki jo ek maha athma hain. She will sacrifice her love. agara ahsah how nah. then i will be sooo pist off.

    infact mujay accha nahin lagra kay wo bihaan kee itnay pass haree hain. tapki belong ot only only bihaan.

    Bihaan tapki ko itnah maat jahlow.
    Tapki yaar apni ahkay koo looo warna bohaat bura hogah.;
    Please cv jaldi convince karway.

    Fan from Paksitan.

  21. Swechchha Sarojkar

    Again Trishakti!!! I really hate this. Btw #THAHAAN Scene was Superb

  22. Bihaan and Thapki ???? atlast after finishing my sem back to watch TPK….
    Happy to see Bihaan-Thapki scenes.. Bihaan-Thapki Jodi..?awesome..

  23. Latest episode was great line story . I’m waiting for next episode ! Too h feel the same?

  24. Now. Going track in tpk which is similar to someone’s ff bt I forgot whose

    1. It’s mineey’s one day ff…. whre tapki see bihaan hugging some grl n run to hide in a darkest corner of pn n is sad…. later thy patch up whn bihaan tells her d truth

    2. Not that simran another in which a girl was made to act as bihaan’s friend by shradha

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