Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Vasundara that I know you are very annoyed, I did not complete promise, I could not give you the price, but Maa, I can’t say the way Bihaan apologized to me and asked for chance by true heart… Vasundara stops her and says you are going to start a new life with Bihaan…. Shraddha comes there…. Vasundara makes Thapki wear bangle… Thapki says It means you are not… Vasundara says I m not annoyed, go and start a new relation with Bihaan, we can talk later, you are in this house as Bihaan’s wife and my bahu, go and rest. Thapki goes.

Shraddha tells Vasundara that I did not expect this, I know its your plan to kick her out. Vasundara says no, I m not going to do anything. Shraddha asks did you accept failure. Vasundara laughs and says no. Shraddha

says I trust you, don’t you want Dhruv and I get together, did you leave thinking about us. Vasundara says yes, Thapki is giving chance to Bihaan and her relation, it means she is away from Dhruv, she will not become a hurdle now, why should we care if she stays here or not. You should be happy, Thapki has given you a chance to make a good start with Dhruv, forget Thapki and focus on Dhruv.

Bihaan is really happy and says I can’t believe Thapki has forgiven me and gave me one chance, I will not give her any chance to complain, I will clean these sheets, I forgot the main thing, if she stays here, where will her luggage be. He empties cupboard to arrange her clothes. Thapki comes there and sees the bangle. Bihaan looks at her and thinks to thank her, but how, what to do.

He says Thapki, I wanted to say something. She asks him to say. He says one min, and draws. She asks whats this guitar and two loud speakers. He says no, its you and me, two speakers fight like us, we used to fight before, but we will not fight now, we will be like this guitar, the strings are together and when they play, music turns sweet. Na na na na….plays….. he asks her to arrange her clothes, its her room, you can sleep on bed, I will arrange mosquito coil. He goes and thinks what happened to me. He sees the men playing dhol. Everyone come out by the sound. Bihaan smiles. Thapki goes to him. Suman asks who called them. Bau ji says I called the dhol players. Bihaan asks why, holi passed. Bau ji says Thapki will stay here forever now, this is not less than festival, I called someone. Krishnakant and Poonam come there and greet Vasundara and Dadi. Thapki greets her parents. Krishnakant asks Bau ji why did he call them. Bau ji says we called you to tell Thapki’s decision, she will never come to your house, she will always stay here with us being our bahu.

He says Thapki wants to give a chance to her marriage with Bihaan. Krishnakant and Poonam get shocked. Bau ji says you had to be with us in our big happiness. Bihaan smiles. Poonam asks Thapki is this…. Krishnakant asks Poonam not to say anything. He asks Thapki not to say, I have always taught you differentiating between right and wrong, and let you choose your path, I know you can’t do anything wrong. He looks at Bihaan and family…. He says we are afraid for you, as when you think of other’s happiness, you forget thinking for yourself, just once tell me this is not the matter this time, say once that you are not helpless to do this, that this decision is just yours. Thapki……..plays…………… Thapki hugs Krishnakant. Poonam says we are with you like always, what can be more than your happiness for us. She hugs Thapki. Dadi asks Bihaan to get blessings from Krishnakant and Poonam.

Bihaan smiles and goes to touch feet. Suman asks him to stop, and touch feet as pairing. Bihaan and Thapki take blessing. Bihaan apologizes and asks them to give him a chance. Krishnakant says whatever happened and what will happen, we have no control on it, I just request, my daughter’s eyes should not get tears from now on.

Bau ji says we will take care of Thapki’s happiness. He says I got Rakshasutra from temple. Dhruv comes there and gets shocked hearing Bau ji, saying Thapki and Bihaan decided to give their relation a chance, and for this, Lord’s blessing is needed, support each other with true heart. Dhruv gets angry. Bihaan smiles and sees Thapki.

Dhruv is angry and throws things out of cupboard. Shraddha asks why are you reacting this way, are you angry on something else, is it for Thapki and Bihaan… He asks her not to take Thapki’s name, just go and leave me alone. She cries and goes away. She says I know why is your state like this, Thapki will always be here, till she stays infront of you, you can’t make her leave from your life, what to do…..

Bihaan prays and says I will make everything fine and not let this relation break, which is joined by thread. He tightens the thread and prays. Thapki goes to her room. She apologizes to Lord for lying to everyone that she wants to give another chance to Bihaan and her relation, you know truth is something else.

Thapki says Bihaan has hit Dhruv and made him faint, its half truth, there was someone in this plan to cheat me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. i know thapki had done it to know the truth of marriage
    she had surely read that msg which bihaan had save as draft
    thats why she took.that decision
    hope thapki realise her love

    1. Same she might have read the message….hope she realises vasu’s nature and try to change her…

  2. Nice episode but bihaan will be hurt to know why thapki is doing this…i think bihaan will tell the truth about marriage to thapki n then thapki will realize that bihaan is innocent and she will fall in love with bihaan.Waiting eagerly for Trishakti episode.

    1. In tommorow episode thapki will read that message which bihaan was about send to vasu about marriage truth but by mistake he save as draft nd the thapki will try find out the truth.

  3. I feel quite bad for Bihaan but it’s clear that Bihaan is in love with Thapki 🙂 I hope in pretext of Thapki’s mission to find out the truth she also falls in love with Bihaan and really gives their relation a second chance
    The charm in TPK is back 🙂

    1. Hi there fatarajo How are you? ?

      1. Hey Anjum Apu I m fine, how’s life? 🙂

      2. Hi fatarajo I’m all good but the weather is bad here in UK.

    2. Hi fatarajo
      How are you? At last TPK is getting interesting now.?

  4. love u bihaan……

  5. Wow Bihaan was awsome.. although i didnt see the episode..:p
    Thahaan love you..♥♥♥

  6. Plz… thapki dont leave Bihaan Now,he realise his feeling for u..If u leave him he will be brokendown

  7. I have this sick feeling in my stomach that Thahaanians everywhere will be crying copiously in the not too distant future. Poor poor Bihaan.

  8. OMG…. What’s wrong with Thapki. She is cheating all of her family just to know the truth.It means after knowing reality she…. will go from Pandey family breaking all relations with Bihaan so sad…… ??

    1. no.. maybe she won’t go from d family.. she can’t as she loves them

  9. I totally hate thapki in today’s episode..
    She is playing with bihaan’s feelings..this is totally unfair..
    From today’s episode I can say that thapki is not in love with bihaan..she has just not realised it..
    Just hope that she will realise it soon..otherwise it eill be too late..
    Anywayz bihaan rocked as usual..!!
    Sorry if I hurt anyone..but its only my frustration..

  10. Hey ,if thapki breaks the promise now then she could do it before …..leave it…..but now thapki had lied to all the family member even to her family…what is gonna happen….i think after knowing thapki’s truth all family member will be upset with her and maybe bihaan again support her

  11. I know…felt the same..but its not that she doesn’t have feelings ..didn’t realize it yet….and maybe after knowing the whole truth she might forgive him. The best part is when Dhruv reacted to this…now he might try to separate Tahaan along with Shradha trying to get rid of Thapki…

  12. I can never forget of what happened to Dhruv and Thapki. Such deceit is uuforgivable,

  13. Oh please. …I don’t want Bhiaan hurt by Thapki. She should know the poor guy was almost killed because of her..why hurt him now. He is the only one that has supported her from his evil sister in law,mother and family.

    I don’t like her messing bhiaan’s feelings. Heck she should have gotten the divorce and spare the poor dude.

    She better fall in love with him..cause I can’t handle a almost splitting up episodes again. Manish great acting..

  14. I think Thapki’s love for Bihaan (which she is unaware of now) will only strengthen after the marriage truth. Bihaan was amazing today. I honestly find Dhruv so irritating.

    1. Me also
      Dhruv was very annoying

  15. oh poor bihaan…i feel so sad for him…nw thapki also fool bihaan….(first vasu)
    oh god…when bihan knw all drama about thapki…he will heartbroken…and i think bihaan never forget and forgive thapki…so he decide to leaver her forever….some drame willbe occur in tpk…then thapki realize her love for bihaan…i hope that sceen come soon…

  16. Nimisha (prev Nim

    Good episode.

    I don’t blame thapki for wanting to know the truth. I don’t agree with her leading Bihaan on though. But if she gets to the truth, she will realise that what Bihaan did he did for his mother. I think she will respect that as she has also done the same for Vasu, by drinking the poison etc.

    So if she gets to the truth, then I think the real love story between them, and the triangle including Dhruv will start.

    I feel sorry for Bihaan, and wish thapki would just ask him outright as he even wants to tell the truth, hence his text message yesterday. Thapki has obviously seen it, but it wasn’t addressed to anyone. I think I assumed it was started with Maa as the recipient but it didn’t say who it was to, so thapki wants to know now, and who can blame her.

    Looking forward to seeing what happens next.

    Bihaan very sweet in this episode. Very sweet!

  17. Iam soooooooo confused,Thapki,i know you are tried to find the real truth but on that way you dont hurt him….because,the first part of this episode we can see that Bihaan in a dream world ,his mind is filled with the memories of their new life.whenever,he knows her real intention iam damn sure he cant bear that,your Bihaan willbe distracted.WE ARE ALWAYS NEED THAHAANS HAPPINESS ONLY……

  18. Nimisha (prev Nim

    By the way, why was Dhruv SO red/pink. His hands, back of his neck hairline. Did he forgo get to wash after the Holi episode???

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. ….. I am also thinking same yaar. ………yes, that is holi colour …….
      Dhrvu apko wash karneko soap nahi mila kya…..?

      1. Nimisha (prev Nim

        Even adjusted the settings on my laptop as I was watching online thinking it was something wrong with that. Lol! I can’t believe he didn’t wash his hands at least! Lol!

    2. Yes, my dear friend
      had you seen in precap Dhruv dressed like a groom also has pink hands)
      and I’m sure these scene was made few days ago
      so I think poor Ankit simply couldn’t wash it))

  19. What’s going in TPK ……?
    Change dhrvu character ………he still feeling for thapki this is not fair ……
    Thapki playing with bihaan emotions….. but ok ,ofter the truth change your decision please……

  20. Pls change the story .don’t finish the dhruv &thapki love story

    1. Nandhini, I am afraid that producers can make a new antagonist from Dhruv…

      1. Too Funny yaarrr….Ha

  21. I enjoyed seeing Dhruv losing his cool today. In the past Shrew-dda has deliberately provoked him without getting a rise from him but today he lost his temper and how. I hope he goes totally negative and makes Shrew-dda’s life so miserable she regrets the day she ever thought of marrying him.

  22. Nimisha (prev Nim

    It was good to see Dhruv actually showing some emotion other than what he,s due for a long while which is feel sorry for himself. Anger is good and hopefully helps move his character on. His poor almari though. ?

  23. akeli thapki ko vasu ka truth pata chalne se kch nai hoga…she won’t expose her…agar poore parivar ko pata chalega tbi to kch accha hoga…

  24. Waiting for thapki’s love towards bihaan..I am sure writers won’t separate thahaan. Bcoz of thahaan only they got so much trp.! Anyways it would be interesting to watch what all happens with bihaan when he sees will add a fun factor to this.! Just saw an iv related to bihaan’s love towards thapki..but he has still not realized it! Kuch bhi ho..thahaan should not separate.??

  25. I hate dhruv actually what he wants….he got married then y he gets angry….he has to move on….he never try for that he still not even talk with shradha I think he is such a selfish…..I like shradha expression she portrayed her character very well…I don’t like thapki how dare to play with bihaans feelings….I think she doesn’t have brain bihaan Express his feelings in A different way that also very clearly….I can’t c heartbroken bihaan after knowing d truth of thapki…pls CVS better intro a new pair to bihaan I hate thapki bcz still she is not fall in love with bihaan…if it happens after knowing d truth of marriage its nt good….if she is a normal girl fall in love with bihaan before knowing d truth…I think her Harmones r nt working

  26. Its fair that thapki wants to know the truth but she could have give any other excuse to stay in PN…..i think thapki had read the message and she thought that bihaan will tell her to stop and she waited till the court room..and when bihaan signed the paper she got shocked(watch her reaction , she really got shocked, ) as she was expwcting bihaan will tell her the she decide she will not give divorce till she finds the truth

    1. That makes sense. .cause I am wondering why she didn’t sign ..but she is awful if she hurts bhiaanso true love

  27. Can anybody tell me wht was tht mag saved in draft n how cum thapki knows abt it?? I have not seen tht episode….

  28. Ok finally saw the episode. Manish draws you in her is the way he is enthusiastic about the new chapter with thapki. So innocent and loving.
    Again as I said before don’t want him hurt by Thapki. However seeing her reaction to everyones support might change her feelings

  29. Typo..he is amazing

  30. Hello friends ! Is there any episode of TPK today.(Sunday).I am in hostel so watch it online…pls someone tell me I am waiting ….pls?……☹ ….

    1. Yes ….same time 7pm
      Serial every Monday to Sunday friend…….

  31. Waiting for trishakti episode ……..
    Thapki behaviour totally confused. …..
    Writer Sir unite THAHAAN please. …..

  32. very interesting story of this drama

  33. of all the time … why thapki realizes suddenly again that she hasnt really found the truth of that night??? we were expecting some romance happening between thapki and bihaan from now…if bihaaan will know about this he will tell his mother and she is not going to let that happen … i think she will try to kill thapki or try to throw her out again blah blah…some twist thing happens in between and the serial will continue to protect the secret until the end…??? will that be all ???

  34. ? DIRECTOR ji !. play songs like “Sanam Re” ,”Soch Na Sake” in the scenes of thahaan it will make the episodes more heart touching.pls don’t mute the audio in online episode of songs!!☹

  35. i hate thapki lot…how can she hurt bihaan…she was dumb in lot of days..but still she got powers from somewhere and detective..poor bihaan…all r hurt him n use him…vasu use him n hurt him…now thapki use him n going to hurt him..she use love as weapon…after know the truth bihaan hurt lot…pls intro any gug pair to bihaan n make him happy

  36. bihan is superb he deserves thapki

    but they must had not aparted druv n thapki
    i love dhruv do much he is same as my boyfriend
    pls unite thapki n druv
    n make some1better than thapki to marry our hero bihan
    i just love pair of thapki n druv
    even she suits bihan too
    i just cant see dhruv sad or crying for thapkis love
    love you druv

    1. Morning dream …………….!!!!!!!!!!!?!????

  37. Critical viewer

    Hi I am back with my personal views about the serial. Sometime back, Bihaan and Thapki didn’t have 10k to pay for the cowshed, how come they managed to get the money required for the operation. Must have a mediclaim policy I am presuming.

    I am also keen on knowing what ointment did Bihaan apply as the doctor usually recommends to stay away from chemicals and water post a surgery to avoid any kind of infection. Bihaan boss playing holi right after surgery must have applied a super cool ointment.

    How come police not making any enquiries from Bihaan about who the culprit was who shot him. In real world the hospitals do not attend a patient if a patient has been shot at or is injured in a road accident as they qualify as a police case.

    Guess if this stupid serial needs to be seen, we got to ignore the realities of life……. Hahaha… Carry on writer sahab

    1. U r right Shardha ka hair kuch bhi nahi hua nd goli lagna ka badh bihaan should take rest for atleast 2- 3week ..these serial yaha pa kuch bhi ho sakta hai. (Par kay kare we take seriously )

  38. Indian soap opera mai kuch bi ho daktha hai

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