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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Dhruv to check script once, she made it ready. He says I don’t need to see it then, thanks. She asks shall I go if there is no work. He says work is there, but you go, Bihaan would be waiting for you. She says no, tell me. He says visuals have to be prepared in edit, but you did not have food since morning, Bihaan is also waiting, go. She says no, I will end work in sometime and go. She asks for her phone which she may have left here. He says I don’t see it here, wait I will call. He sees the phone in the bin and says its ringing, I think its on silent, if I find it here, I will give you. Bihaan reaches office and says bike also stopped today, anyways I reached here, I will sit in AC and have food with Thapki. Guard does not allow Bihaan to enter the office.

Dhruv looks on. guard says no one can go without ID. Bihaan says my ID is my brother Dhruv Pandey, I m his younger brother, I will call him. He says I forgot my phone. Guard stops him. Bihaan recalls Thapki’s words and says fine, I won’t go, you go and ask. Guard goes to Dhruv and says someone came to meet Thapki. Dhruv says tell him that Thapki can’t meet him and I m busy. Guard tells Bihaan that madam is busy, she can’t meet him. Bihaan asks did you ask Thapki or not. Guard scolds him and asks him to leave. The staff looks on. Bihaan says go and tell Dhruv that his brother came. Guard asks him to see his face, clothes and tiffin, you look a cook, get lost. He pushes Bihaan. Bihaan does not let the tiffin fall. Dhruv looks on from his cabin.

Bihaan gets angry and says I think not to get angry and you…. Move away. Guard says I will lose my job, I won’t let you enter without ID, you are so ill mannered. Bihaan gets into a fight with him. a man asks Dhruv to come, fight is going on outside. Dhruv says side, Thapki is in edit, ask her to stay there, I will come there myself. He says Bihaan Pandey and goes there.

Bihaan scolds the guard. Dhruv comes and asks Bihaan to leave him, why are you fighting. Bihaan says I told guard that I m your brother, he is not allowing me. Dhruv says you should have called me. Bihaan says I messaged Thapki that I m coming. Dhruv tells the guard that he is my brother, why did you not believe if he said. Guard says how does he look your brother, look at him. Dhruv scolds him and asks him to get lost. He asks the staff to get back to work. He apologizes to Bihaan and asks him to have food with Thapki. Bihaan says no, I will go, I don’t want to have food now, you tell Thapki to end her work soon and come home, I will wait for her. He cleans the tiffin and goes. Dhruv smiles.

Thapki tells Dhruv that its her mistake, I should have read his message. He says but Bihaan should have waited. She says I ended the work, shall I leave now. He says yes, thanks. He asks her about the story. She asks is there any problem. He says its yesterday’s episode. She gets shocked. He says anyways, I will manage something, go home.

She says I will write another story. He says no, I think you should go home. She says I will call Bihaan and tell him, he will understand. He says fine, I will call him and inform, he said he left his mobile at home, he will reach home in some time, till then your work will end. She goes. Everyone at home talk about Bihaan dancing in the party. Bihaan comes there and gets shocked seeing his Naagin dance. He recalls everyone’s words and gets angry.

He switches off the tv. Vasundara asks how did you come so soon, where is Thapki. Bihaan says Thapki is there, and goes. Vasundara and Dadi leave. Shraddha says Thapki is there, and Bihaan angrily came back home alone, something happened, I will find out, I will call Dhruv. She calls Dhruv. He does not answer. She calls at reception and asks for Dhruv. The lady says Dhruv refused to answer any call, Thapki has come and they both are working on some project. Shraddha asks did Bihaan come here. The lady says yes, there was big incident here and tells everything. Shraddha thanks her and ends call. She says so that’s why Bihaan is so angry, its good, he will get his anger out on Thapki, you see Thapki, how I make you and your love Bihaan fight like dogs.

Dhruv takes the cake for Thapki. She says I m getting late and came here to work, as no one will disturb me here. He says I will help you, till then have something. She says no, I can’t eat this cake, Bihaan will be waiting, I will have food with him, we will end work and go home. They end the work. She asks him to come. He asks her to go, he will come. She sees the door stuck. Dhruv smiles. She tells Dhruv the door is not opening, did it get locked.

He says I think someone locked it from outside. She asks what will we do now. He says don’t worry, someone will open. She says its already late, Bihaan will be waiting, I have to go home. They knock the door. He says its soundproof room, no one can hear this, and it can just open by keys, wait, I will call, but I forgot phone in my cabin, now we have to wait. She asks how did it get locked, I did not lock it. he recalls how he locked the door when he entered. He looks at her.

The light goes. Dhruv says Thapki, I m very scared and hugs her. Thapki says Bihaan is waiting for me and gets dizzy. Dhruv says I think you are falling weak as you did not eat anything since morning.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mridula

    Like seriously..?? What the hell is wrong with TPK writers..???? This show has already so much fiction..reality toh kam hi hai..! Ok, Tharuv ka tha pure love ka example..but why do they have to repeat it when thapki has moved on..? Ab agar woh bihaan se pyaar karti hai..toh why can’t they just stick to thahaan now.? waise bhi TPK is only bcoz of thahaan now..! I myself watch for them and jigyasa..but now-a-days I don’t..bcoz of this crap going on.?
    15 days, so will they take it seriously 15 days? Pehle toh kabhi bhi serious nahi liye dates..???? now they should start exposing dhruv in froby of bihaan..tabhi interesting hoga.! Otherwise it’s trp is gonna drop more..already bahut log dekhna chod diye.?? Anyways, it’s just a sometimes I think entertainment point of view se it’s ok..! Reality se match karne lage toh hum log hi faltu ka apna BP high karenge..??????? Don’t know why I am commenting also..????

    1. Mridula


    2. Yeh. Esp wen there r soo many channels n serials… i thnk they shud bring in som bettr intelligent script to keep up with the competition. Shish… ppl r gona get jobles soon with such trps?

      1. Mridula


  2. No one can see their love suffer…especially Dhruv knows she has not ate but yet he makes her weak from hunger and over worked. So what he is doing is just purely selfish to please himself not his so call Love Thaapki.

    Dhruv has lost all dignity…hopefully the writers know what they are doing.

    1. Lightsabre

      Did thapki get dizzy tht fast?!

      1. lol yeah I guess we will know soon…hehe

    2. He is taking revenge nd i think now this love is not love

  3. Hello my love thapki aka n.v

  4. Ek dum shit stiity episode. Director and writers abb khud hee daiknay baitay gah. We all quit the show

  5. I think dhruv is the perfect match for thapki because bihaan would even have killed thapki when vasundhara was emotionally blackmailing him to marry thapki if vasundhara told bihaan yo kill thapki so she won’t marry dhruv he would also do it because he’s maa is God to him but dhruv is much much matured and knows what is right and wrong and it’s his right to fight for his true love

    1. tamil ponnunga(bala chitra)

      Ya it’s true. Dhruv and thapki should unite

      1. Hell No!
        Guys they are married common.

    2. Yaa he is mature that’s why he is not allowing Thapki to eat food from Bihaan even though he knew Thapki didn’t eat anything from morning. He is mature bcoz of this maturity he locked brother’s wife,making differences between them and intentionally hugged her….. ???

      1. Now he is a victim nd his love has no values bcoz no one undrstood him till this one year….
        Dhruv’s condition is now psychological bcoz he is not anymore a normal person….

      2. He isn’t mature yet hate dhruv but this is just a drama not reality ……….well last episode ma jo bhi hoga acha hoga so agar hum is drama ko enjoy kar k dekhen ge to maza aye otherwise nhi!!!!!!!!!”! Am i right?

    3. Lightsabre

      hi sandali. ‘bihaan wud kill thapki on maas orders’….. lol… i wanted to ask the writers the same thing initially. tpk script is all rubbish. still… analysin watevr they hav put forth… i have a feeling that they r turnign druvs character negative on purpose to even out druv n bihaans records. U said druv is matured and knws wats right and wrong…. but now its WAS. hes lost tht quality now. evry criminal or sinner would hav an xcuse of ‘this happnd to me so its only fair i do the same’ story.
      Also .. ur point on ‘fightin for his true love’… hmm… dosnt it matter if ‘his’ love luvs him bak? thapki neva luved druv…. as per the script atleast. why?
      1) obvious – she nevr said so. bt she did confess to bihaan
      2) shes more obsesd with druvs show being canceld etc…. maks me think shes just a fan n admirer.but she nevr onz considered his plight when the groom swap hapnd. she said ‘ u told me nothin wrong wil hapn to me with u arnd’. but poor druv…he ws knockd unconscious.wat was he to do?!!
      3) on realisin abt groom swap – she ddnt want to marrydruv again. her priority was her pride and self respect…. if she wr in luv she wud hav sacrificed tht to be bak with druv. im not blamin it jus shows she ddnt luv him .
      4) she helpd fix his marriage to shradda. she even said ‘ im happy to see druv sir move on in life’.
      5) wen bihaan was with sheena…she felt jealous. wen druv got married to shradda… she thanked God tht he ws movin on.
      6)calls him druv SIR.. ehem… hu cals her lover sir?!
      7) wen vasu ws temporarily deaf… she asks her if shes ok with her stammerin. thapki wud hav refused the marriage if her mom in law had a prob. hmm.. now dos tht sound like a luv marriage or arrangd marriage? she has nevr fought to b with druv… she wantd it to b almost ‘arranged’ n hassle free.
      Thse r some of the points i recal and i thot il jus say it out sinz im havin a free day today. sandali…i appreciate ur POV.this aint an argument.
      To me they r ruinin druvs awesome charactr… he bettr b with someone hu luvs him. no justificatn in losin ur honour n principles to fight dirty for a girl hu dosnt luv him. wthr or nt bihaan is perfect…. thapki considers him perfect fr her.isnt tht wt luv is abt… mutual feelings.?!
      hv a gud day buddy

      1. Vote Lightsabre for president. She makes a lot of sense.

      2. Lightsabre

        Haha… bea tht ws hilarious!???

  6. Someone please tell the writer that people want to see bihaan and thapki achieve something great in life with each other’s support and not this household non sense!! All that they can think of is someone being jealous.!

    1. Lightsabre

      So true

  7. waise bhi ajkal TPK bshuth boar lag raha hai. pahale jaisa nahi hai. please take note that the writers are not only playing with relations in shows but also playing with viewers hearts oo bhi asi bakwas dikake. jara dyan rakna please tha ki hum log TPK miss nahi karna chahte hai. krupaya kuch interesting turn lekar aviyiye please….

    1. Bina villian ki story me kuchh maza hi nhi ha isliye I like the track which is going on

      1. Yeah pihoo ………. I also like this ineresting track……….well can someone please tell me th8 which one of you people had been a fAn of tharuv i just want to say tht tharuv k fans ko kesa lag raha ha hmm??

  8. Did not watch this episode. Usually I never miss a single episode. And don’t want to watch till they start showing some sweet moments of Thahaan. Very disappointed with this track as this is the only show I watch with great interest.

  9. But thapki should get hiccups when she feels hungry ?? right ??

    1. yes dear…
      Cvs forgot it because of their memory loss….. ??

    2. Hey divya….yeh toh hum ne socha hi nahi !!! Even i am wondering why thapki is not getting hiccups now?

    3. Lightsabre

      Real qns is WhyDoes she get hiccups wen hungry…most ppl get heartburn! Lol… she must b an alien!? writers n their “science fiction”

  10. Druv keep quiet when thaypi throughtout for pandey family..bihaan accompanied her stay in cowsheded..bihaan really love thaypki not druv

  11. The episodes of TPK after changing of Dhruv’s character sahi nahi ho rha hein jo ho raha hein i think TPK writers ko kuch aur tarike se episode banana chayie ta and vaise bi jo hua soo hua jaise tapki ne moov on kiya lyf ko vaise hi dhruv ki bi moov on karna chayie ta agar story mein villan chayie ta to kisi aur tarike se karte na kyun ek love jodi ko todne mein lage ho ???? and tapki ke maayke valon ki story to dikhna hi chodh diya what about that diwakar and aditi???????

  12. @lightsabre Yeah total agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no inspiration in tpk only they make fun of each other

  13. Yeah divya this is very ridiculous that thapki is not getting hiccupds mra to dil chah raha k kaash ma tpk ki writer hoti or itne thahaan scene le kar ati k tpk k sare fans apnaa saara kaam chor k harwakt tpk hi dekhte rehta and i am missing the music nananana…………………… Yaaaarr i just want thahaan scene ……….well koi mujhe bataega k what does thrive means????????????????????????

  14. this track is not good

  15. ShinyGeorge

    What nonsense going on
    Stupid director
    Always the story is going in a negative way
    90% negative 10% positive
    Again do not pair thapki with dhuruv it is nonsense
    Bihaan only loves thapki , thapki too loves bihaan only not that idiot
    If dhuruv loves thapki , then y that idiot marries shradha
    Is it a true love ? pannada., naye dhruv

  16. thapki and dhruv pair is too good it is very very good i go in our society yesterday and i ask people that what you like dhruv and thapki or bihan or thapki from 94 ,93 said dhruv and thapki . TPK is intresting from 5 or 4 days

    1. Wow you actually went out n researched! Hats off ???

  17. hey roshini.. fatarajo..thapki urf (javeria) ..santhosh hai guys..where r u santhosh gayab hgye…ya apni thapki ko dhoodne me bsyy ho..yaa nd i was jst kidding.. nd at the same time hi maham nd all tamil girls..

  18. Ipsita Bhattacharyya

    We want thahaan’s love story.. What the hell is dhruv doing… Why don’t he understand ? It’s a request to the writer and director of thapki pyaar ki, plz let thapki and bihaan marry again soon.. Plz stop this Dhruv drama.. _/\_

  19. wat a superb episode ….hope so that druv n thapki ek bar fir mil jye…..first episode seh both r made for each other….or reality pe v they r couple …..vihan ko.side kr do yr writter sahab …..

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