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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki asking Bau ji to come in puja. She shows the laddoos for bhog and he refuses to come. She leaves the box there. She goes to Dhruv and recalls his words. He says he won’t come. She says she came to take her phone and leaves incense sticks there. Dhruv goes to give her and Bau ji brings the laddoo box to give her. They both come to her and give it as she forgot it. They look at each other. She takes it and asks them to come in puja as they are too close to the temple. She asks them to come and not show back to temple.

Suman says we should start the puja as Dhruv and Bau ji won’t come. Rachna shows her to see and gets shocked. She says its miracle. Vasundara turns and sees Bau ji and Dhruv coming together with Thapki. She smiles and gets teary eyed.


thinks its first time that they are in puja together, Thapki has done this. Thapki also does the aarti with them. Dhruv and Thapki see each other and smile. Vasundara is glad as all family does aarti together. Thapki and Dhruv take elder’s blessings. Bau ji and Vasundara bless them. Suman and Rachna get jealous. Mishra argues with Nimmi. Aditi says now they will show their greediness. The kids remove the bricks and the car starts going ahead. Mishras doubt that Nimmi as stolen the car and they start leaving. The car comes back. Nimmi says how did car come back on its own. Diwakar says its good car came back. Aditi and Shubh get shocked as their plan flopped. Thapki tells Dhruv that she will give files to Sakshi. He asks her to take care. She leaves.

Thapki comes office and gives the files to Sakshi. Sakshi asks her to get ready and the show is on her today. Thapki asks what. Sakshi says its on stammering people and she can share about her life and inspire people. She asks her to say the sentences well so that she can become example for them. Thapki says she is ready if she can help people. Sakshi says she is serious for her work, so she scolded her, and acts sweet. Thapki says you are my senior and will always say good for me. Sakshi asks her to get ready and call your parents too, they should know about your talent, shall I send car to them. Thapki smiles and thanks her. Sakshi smiles.

Thapki practices the tough lines and her makeup is done. Krishnakant and family come to see Thapki and wishes her all the best. Krishnakant praises Thapki. Vivek asks the man not to record, its not show but an acting. Sakshi tells about weakness and some people make it strength. She welcomes Thapki and asks her how does she feel coming her. Thapki stammers and says she is feeling good, she did not think she will give interview. Sakshi starts insulting her and asks when does she realize this weakness. Thapki says when anyone calls it her weakness. Sakshi asks her about her dad, who lost everything, and he is an estate agent. Sakshi insults her more.

Dhruv calls Vivek and asks about Sakshi. He hears Sakshi and asks Vivek not to end the call. He gets angry seeing Sakshi scolding Thapki. Krishnakant asks Thapki not to work there. Dhruv comes to meet her at her home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    . when vasundhara know about Thapki stammering so exciting that…

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  13. i knew that Thapki would unite dhruv and bau ji nd she did so…….
    shakshi insultes her again…I hate Sakshi from depth of mah heart…..

  14. good night all

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  16. before dhruv goes to meet thapki at home,dhruv should teach sakshi a very good lesson, so tat she will not do anything wrong with thapki again…

    n directors pls make sakshi even more jealous by seeimg dhrupki!!!
    i wish soon dhruv feels something for thapki!!!

  17. I am the first time commenting a Hindi serial . lam a malayali . l like the serial.dhruv and thapki ssooo sweet.

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  22. Bahut acha h….
    Zindagi m hr hal m age badna chahiye

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