Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vasundara looking for Shraddha. She goes to old room, and opens the door partly. Bau ji stops her and asks what are you doing here. She says I m looking for Shraddha. He says what will Shraddha do there, this is old room, come. They leave. Shraddha lies in water pot. Bihaan walks on the road crying and sad, recalling Dhruv’s words.

Shraddha gets conscious and says how did I come here. She recalls how Dhruv has put her inside, and shouts for help. Dhruv comes and asks her to relax, give me your hand. She says you wanted to kill me, how dare you. He says like this and leaves her hand. She asks him to help. He pulls her out. He says I m sorry, I did not wish to kill you, my aim was to get my life, not your death, and my life is Thapki, I got her today. She gets shocked.

He asks are you fine, come.

Thapki comes home and tells Vasundara about Bihaan. Vasundara says we looked for them, and see Bihaan and Dhruv came back. Dadi asks her to do rasam. Suman asks Thapki to come. Bihaan looks at Thapki. Dhruv comes there with Shraddha.

Thapki gets shocked seeing Shraddha’s state. Vasundara asks Shraddha where was she. Dadi asks how did she get drenched. Dhruv says it was raining outside, she fell down and her clothes got spoiled. He asks Shraddha to go and change, else she will catch cold. Dadi asks Thapki to complete rasam. Pandit asks Thapki to lift pots and touch her husband’s feet. Thapki keeps pots on her head. Suman asks Thapki not to lose. Thapki completes rasam with Bihaan’s help. Everyone clap and compliment their love.

Vasundara asks Thapki to manage all relations like this. They all leave. Thapki stops Bihaan and says fate gave me much sorrows, now I don’t have any complains, as fate gave me a husband like you, you call me good, but you are better, you take care of me like a true life partner, you made me do this rasam well and proved our relation is strong, you did not bless me, its fine, bless me now. She cries and touches his feet. He moves back.

He says now I can’t give you anything, because I have nothing to give you, no blessings, no love and not even my name. She gets shocked. Dhruv looks on smiling. Bihaan says I came here and completed rasam, just for my family, not you, I don’t want to get my family insulted infront of the world. She asks him to stop. He moves her away and asks is there anything to explain, you saved Dhruv, not me, you chose friendship and rejected me and my love, you left me to die, as if I m nothing to you. She says its not like that. He asks why did you save your friend Dhruv.

She says no, he is not my friend, he has made you against me. He says he saved me, he showed me truth. She asks how to explain you, its nothing like that, I m saying truth. She gives him Dhruv’s letter and asks him to read this once, you will believe me, it has all truth, check this once. Bihaan checks letter. Dhruv recalls how he wrote the letter. She asks Bihaan do you believe now. He asks what do you want to prove and shows her the blank paper. Dhruv smiles. Thapki gets shocked checking the paper.

She says everything was written in it. Dhruv says it disappeared, I wrote that confession with special pen, where ink disappears in some time, similarly, your relation will disappear now. Bihaan tells Thapki that I have seen your truth, all faith and love got over, everything got over, I end my relation with you infront of Lord, I will not marry you now. Thapki gets shocked and cries. He gives her two days to say truth to family, else he will tell them the truth. Dhruv smiles. Bihaan leaves. Thapki recalls Bihaan’s words. Thapki pyaar ki…………..plays………. She sits down and cries.

Thapki says you made Bihaan away by filling poison in his heart, you can’t win. Dhruv asks do you think Bihaan and family will believe you, never. Dadi comes and says Dhruv. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aami123

    Thnx 4 update

  2. Aami123

    Yeeeeeeeey finally truth came out

  3. Thanks for superfast update. Loved today’s episode alot except precap. Dhruv u r superb brilliant hats off, finally its time to get Dhruvki back instead of Thahaan.

  4. how worst this serial is moving so cheap serial

  5. Yea ….yea…yea…sapola will get cUght…jolly..jolly..podhum da dhruv trackuh mudinga kalyanam mudichitu pudhu villaina irakumadhi pannikla….but bihaan nambikka illama no relation….yaru enna sonnalu namburviya chiii….

    1. Ennachu ivaluku!!!!! Nee solrathila ethuvume nadantha mathiriyo,nadakira mathiriyo illa nadakka pora mathiriyo therilaye,nee paaduku ethetho olarikidu irukka!!
      Intha bihaan payapulla iruke,athu vaicha kudumi adicha motta apdinkira mathiriyana aalu,loveuuna loveu loveuu ahh panran veruppuna veruppu veruppa kodduran 🙁 new olv la intha thapkiya evlo harsh ah deal panran 🙁 kovathuke poranthavan pola loosu paya 🙁

      1. Ash unakaka than nanga inga vanthom,ingaiyum nee varama pona enna chellam artham??

  6. Hi gugs This is my first comment .l am abig fan of thahaan.
    thanks for fast update. Can l join here

    1. Manyasa29

      Yes sure…no need to ask !!!
      U can surely join…hello aliya ?
      Even I m big THAHAAN n MANYASA fan !!?


      welcome to thahaan family…

  7. I love druve and hate bihan because thapki should be his brothers wife!! He and vasundra cheated with druve and get thapki by betraying !! Writer can’t make the story perfect!!

  8. You said right, what a indian culture!! Druv’s love and brother’s wife!! Shame for writer!!

  9. Seriously , this serial is getting worse day by day. Nw evn i hate to see dhruv , earlier it didnt matter, bt hw cn a person stoop so low? Only hp left ws tht test thapki doing to mk bihaan understand. I hate to see misunderstanding btwn thahaan. Thnx fr update.hp to see thahaan epi ahead

  10. Sherry

    Now the serial will be coming back to its original track i.e., the love track of Thahaan as Thapki will prove her innocence with the help of Shraddha and Thahaan will be reuniting…..waiting for the U turn track where Dhruv will be defeated…..Shraddha rocks and Thahaan always rocks…..Love you Thahaan….. : )


    shock laaa.. laga…shock laga…???

    aaj ke episode mai cvs ka 440 volts ???jatka laggaya hai sabi thahaan fans ko…..????? 4 din aur hai drama dekhna padega..???

    mein tho mere haath mai rubber gloves lagake type kar raha hoo iss cmt ko?????

    forum activity ek hafthe se itni neeche girgaya hai ki 80% kum huva hai..???sab chodke jaa raha hai..

    mein tho chodkar jaane ka baath kartha hoo lekin phir bhi muje a forum fevi quick ki tharah hogaya hai…????….patha nahi muje kab chutkara milega iss forum se…???

    hai dhosto…….
    mein tho akela hogaya..??? mann kyun itni patthar kardiya aap sab ne….

    B+ve …..achcha track ayega…???????


      Saturday 29th July 1 hour maha episode promo link…

      1. SANTHOSH

        ***30th july Saturday

    2. Manyasa29

      Achcha huva maine aaj show nahi dekha….nahi toh mujhe bhi shock lag jaata??
      Areee yeh kya….phir se mahaepisode !!!
      Tpk ki mahaepisodes ki frequency kitni zyada hai????
      Waise mahaepisode 30 ko hai??
      And yeh kya…mujhe laga fire drama kal hoga…par yeh toh chaar din baad hai??????
      Chalo koi baat nahi….achcha hua pehle bol diya ab sidha mahaepisode hi dekhungi ????
      Sach me Bhai… activity toh kitni kam ho gayi hai….kaha gaye sab ???
      Roshni vinlo pihoo luvleen mridula sumera vani….hello guys !!! Plz start commenting again !
      @ mridula….ur thahaan background music video was superb??..well done ??
      My favourite was the first music ….bihaan’s one !?? And even ranjhana one ?

      1. Mridula

        Hey..thankyou..???? I just combined them..thanks to the CVs for the good music at least.. ???
        Haan..I don’t feel like commenting now-a-days actually. I have already left everything related to the serial now. I don’t care whatever happens in it..?????? I have lost all my interest in it. I read the updates also by skipping See u sometime later here.????

      2. SANTHOSH

        hmmmm 30th july, muje bhi shock laga hai.??????…

        thum ko patha hai khoun sa serial jyaada time chalraha hai colours mai…❗❗❓❓


        shock laga…❗❗❓❓

  12. dhruv now you are at the tip of woning . finally won. thanks you showed the power of real love . you sucess in you command that jo chiz apni hoti hai who jaha bhi ho apni hi hoti hoti hai . how i thanks you dhruv i cant understood .but now also you didn’t reach to that point where you have to reach . we 15 girls and 15 boys group is with you .

    i love TPK

    1. That’s not real love since Thapki didn’t reply his love.

  13. Thapki and bihaan true love will win

  14. Nice comments and enjoying by reading.

  15. Hey guys thapki ne mere upar jaadoo hi kar diya…..i dont how??? Aaj ma mam ko ek answere bata rhi thi toh pata nhi kyu meri awaz atakne lagi……yaar thapki has become a viral desease bachke rehna isse …..i am warning u??nhi toh tumhe bhi yeh bimari lag jae gi and fir thodi der ke baad khud hi theek ho jaye gi

  16. Wow Ankit you are a brilliant and fantastic actor. I lllikeeeee your acting.
    I want to see you in positive character again and hopefully soon that track is going to begin.
    Love your acting and you are a futures super hero.
    Stay blessed.

  17. Hey guys todays episode was just awsome

    1. Manyasa29

      Hi pihoo…
      Achcha toh tum hi deewani ho….new name ha ????
      Yes u are saying correct ….mujhe toh yeh bimaari lag chuki hai pehle ?? and theek bhi ho gayi baad me ??sach me mere saath bhi hua tha aisa ek do baar… jab mai ekdum start me tpk dekhti thi tab ???
      ….even I thought the same that is it a viral disease!! ?

      1. Are nhi yaar manyasa meri ek behan ha usko bhi tpk dekhna kaafi pasand ha toh mane use telly updates dikhaya toh usne kaha ki use bhi kuchh likhna ha toh mane uska naam deewani dal diya

      2. SANTHOSH

        sisters ki jugal bandhi… …
        ???? tpk tho kamaal kardiya hai pihoo…. register karo na….

    2. Manyasa29

      Achcha phir thik hai….
      Par tumhari behen ki baat sahi hai….thapki sach me viral disease ho gayi hai????
      I have experienced this !!…lol ??

  18. Mridula

    Ok..I know I commented abt this in the previous update..
    Then too..if u like to hear thahaan background music you can here



      my favorite tune is bauji and bihaan emotional moments (that tune last time played in holi) and another one mangalam tune (last time played in divorce court scene)

      1. Manyasa29

        Kya memory hai bhaii tumhari !!??
        Waise maine toh yeh episodes dekhe hi nahi hai ab tak…missed 5 month tpk from Dec to april end exams ke wajah se ??sirf march me 15 days dekha tha woh bhi YouTube pe!fir may me updates padha and dhund dhund ke thahaan scenes dekh hi liye saare???
        I am till now unaware of that vasu mukut drama??sirf itna pata hai ki use jaan bhooj ke ilzaam ma pe lagaya chori ka…..can u plz tell me in a bit detail !! Thapki maid Bani woh sab bhi nahi dekha ab tak…..
        May me jab TV ka connection laga waapis tab bauji stabbing drama chalu tha….mujhe laga ki thahaan remarriage bhi ho chuki hogi ???????

  19. Thank u manyasa for wellcoming

    1. Manyasa29

      No need of thanks….aliya ??
      Feel free to comment ??

  20. Hi frns. Am also new here


      welcome to thahaan family

  21. Good episode

    1. Shraddha tell the truth of dhruv whn thapki is in danger she save the relationship of bihan and thapki .
      Btw ap log is serial ko dill pr kyun lete ho?

      1. Is this in the spoiler?

  22. Thapki won’t end up with evil Dhruv. Shame on some people who still support Dhruv character after he became a manipulative psycho. At least Bihan cheated Thapki’s wedding because of his mother and thinking that his brother is married Thapki out of pity while Dhruv knew Thahaan is true love but still want to ruined it because he’s still pissed for getting cheated. People is not a toy, Dhruv.

  23. jo be hoo. i dont like bihaan getting hurt.

    thapki kay saat sahee howa, kafi apnay app ko smart samajtee hain nah. Mahaan Aurat.

    Humara poor bihaan.

    CV, maat doo itni takleef bihaano koo, hum say nahin sahee jahtee.
    and Druve i dont like you at all.

    Yaar,sharddha is changed now please stay with her.

    Leave our thahaan alone.

    love you thhaan.from pakistan.

    1. Manyasa29

      Hey are u that sam who is writer of thahaan -game of fate fanfiction ???

  24. Dhurv is playing negative here, he tries to harm his brother, his wife, not only harm he even tries to kill them. Shame on those people who still supports dhurv character here, who is falling very low & playing evil & dirty tricks.

    Now again these people are thinking that thapki will reunite with dhurv, thapki or CVs has not become that mad that they will make reuinte with said sapola.
    thapki jitna bihaan se pyaar karti he usse se ziyada woh dhurv se nafrat karti hai. So it is out of question that they will reunite.

    I dont know what message these people are giving to their chidren or their siblings, they may be saying that “see dhurv he is good person he is doing everything right”, Even such situation occurs with you, you also do the same thing like dhurv is doing”.

    Kya soch rakte he log yahapar..chi…..?

    1. I really agree with you. By the way what is sapola? I just gotten into india soap opera series so many new things to learn. 🙂

    2. Also, I want to add that fighting for love shouldn’t involve murder attempt especially if the girl/guy already said “No, thank you. I already loved someone else.”

      I want the Thahaan couple to have their sweet moments again and please directors, don’t make Bihaan to be that stupid, he used to be so smart and dependable especially when he clashed with Shradda to protect Thapki.

      I know that Bihaan character’s can’t easily accept Dhruv to be evil but still the last episodes has been painful to watch. I think I’ll only check the written updates until Thahaan sweet moments are back again.

  25. I am also Tamil ponnu

    1. Vankkam vani 🙂 🙂 enga sangathuku ungalaiyum varavetkirom 🙂
      R u frm TN??
      Namma herogein peru athan thapkiyoda peru kooda vani thane 🙂

  26. Pls reunite thapki and dhruv

  27. Thapki doesn’t have any good values or any morals how could she say that she Bihan took good care of her and protected her by everything have she forgotten the good values dhruv had dhruv was the person when people like sakshi and even Bihaan made fun of her stammering dhruv was the one who brought happiness and joy to her life if dhruv hadn’t been here would she became a family member of Pandey family she is so proud of herself and doesn’t know the roots she came from anyways it’s just serial

    1. True that Bihaan made fun of her and Thapki did hate him at first because Bihaan wrongdoings, but he sacrificed a lot for her, even when Dhruv turned away from Thapki when she got kicked out from the house, it was Bihaan who believed in her and got out from the house to be with her. Besides the current Dhruv doesn’t deserve anyone especially a good girl like Thapki. Maybe he should be with Shradda since both love making scheme to get rid people to get what they want.

  28. Some people are considering past of dhurvs character & taking his side. Okay then if any one kills another person then we will tell them pls set this killer free because he was a good person in the past or before he committed murder.

    Dhurvs is an example of the same killer who was good in past but he become evil or murderer in the present…

  29. Just wants to see tahan doubt bihan cheated dhruv but time is changed…thapki loves bihan….and the true lover never do like dhruv has deed…..because jo pyar krta hai wo sirf samne vale ki khushi dekhna chahta hai…asli pyarka matlab hasil krna nhi hota

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