Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suman asking where is Vasu? Balwinder says they shall start aarti. They begin doing aarti. Thapki calls Vasu and thinks why she is not picking call. Sankara smiles and thinks Vasu will die now. Vasu steps inside the store room to get her phone. Sankara smiles. Thapki gets worried and asks God to protect Vasu, just as she sees God’s idol taking by someone. Vasu steps on the water, but nothing happens to her. Sankara thinks how could she be saved and is shocked. Balwinder continues to sing bhajan and do aarti. Jai Mata di plays………..Vasu takes her phone finally. Sankara goes. She switches the fuse and sees it not working. She repairs it and puts it back. Vasu calls Thapki. Thapki says I am coming there. Sankara puts back the fuse, but Vasu is already left from the

room. Jai Mata Di plays…

Vasu comes near the God idol and asks Mata Rani to clear the misunderstandings between Thapki and Bihaan and be with her. She comes out of house and sees thunderstorm. Thapki comes. Vasu tells her that Bihaan didn’t read the letter which you had written for him. Sankara looks at them and gets worried. Thapki says I didn’t hear what you said. Vasu takes out letter from the pallu, but it flies away. Vasu picks the letter and tells Thapki that everything will be fine soon. Sankara drops the plant pot on Vasu’s head and she gets unconscious and badly wounded. Thapki shouts asking her to wake up and calls Bihaan. Bihaan also runs to her. Sankara comes down and acts as worried, tells Bihaan that pot fell down on Vasu’s head. Bihaan calls doctor and asks him to reach soon. Sankara takes out letter from Vasu’s hand and hides it. Thapki and Bihaan take Vasu inside the house.

Doctor checks Vasu. Bihaan and Dhruv asks him to tell how is she now? When will she get consciousness. Doctor says that she shall gain consciousness in 6 hours, else it will be risky for her life and she can go to coma or can have brain hemorrhage. Balwinder is about to go. Suman asks where are you going? He says I am going out to pray to Goddess. Thapki cries. Sankara smirks. Bihaan feels bad thinking about Doctor’s words. Dhruv comes there. Bihaan says he is losing strength now and tells if anything happens to her then I will….Dhruv says nothing will happen to Maa, our love will not let anything happen to her. She has to wake up for you, me and everyone. He hugs her. They cry. Bihaan says why did that pot fall on Vasu only. Dhruv says it was very heavy then how did it fall on her by itself. Sankara goes to her room and thinks this letter will not be fond by anyone as Vasu will slip in coma. She thinks Bihaan will not go away from her and praises her plan, laughs aloud.

Thapki cries and says everything happened so fast and you was about to tell me something. She asks what was in that paper which you wanted me to read. She asks where is that paper? She looks out for the paper, but couldn’t find. Sankara is about to burn the paper, but it flies from her hand and goes out of window. She gets shocked and goes to search that paper outside. She couldn’t find that letter kept on the tree leave, and thinks it might have fly away so far, and thinks nobody will know her truth now. Thapki cries and asks Vasu to wake up, says I need you Maa….

A devastated Thapki comes out of house and sees blood on the ground. She recalls what Doctor had said and cries. Bihaan comes and sees her crying. Thapki cries and says I couldn’t save her when the pot fell on her head. Bihaan says this is my bad fortune that I don’t have love of my near ones. Thapki says I should have saved her and hugs him crying. Bihaan says I know if it was in your hand then you would never let anything happens to her, I know how much you loves her, and would have given your life to save her. Thapki says so much have happened, but you trusts me even now. Bihaan says I don’t know about mind, but this heart couldn’t stop trusting you. Ranjhana plays……………..

In the night, Vasu gains consciousness and goes to Thapki. She tells Thapki that Bihaan is innocent and never got the letter which she had written for him. Thapki cries and gets emotional.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


      • SHivani

        That’s how I feel about Bihan and Thapki too, agar zabadasti shadi nahiand ki hoti toh uss anpadh gavar ko Sankara hi milti

      • RINKA_RITZ

        |Registered Member

        anpar gawar is 100 times better than the educated otherwise thapki shouldn’t have fallen in love with that anpar gawar….I wish bihaan comes back to his bihaangiri soon….

      • SHivani

        Anpar gavar is better than educated? Lol I’d love you to say that in real life out in public 😂😂😂

    • Sumi kapooe

      THAHAAN were best thahaan are best and thahaan will remain best. ..THAHAAN union is soon going to happen and it is confirmed by thapki pyaar ki crew member and jaya maam. …THAHAAN are lead couple of thapki pyaar ki …..bihaan is main lead and heroine hamesha hero ki hi hoti hai…..kabir+sankar=kankar will soon leave and thahaan love story will move a head becuz true love never dies

    • Vajra-SG29

      |Registered Member

      Wow maan na padega aap ko…😳😳
      Aap ka mathlab pade likne walo achha aur unpadh log bura hai kya …!!??
      Bihaan ne shaadi toh dhoke se kiya tha lekin pyaar nahi aur thapki mahaan madam bihaan bura hai kyon une chodke nahi gaya unse hi pyaar kyon kiya….!!??kya iss mein bhi Bihaan ka galthi hai ….‼⁉
      Main maantha hoo jo bihaan ne thapki saat kiya wo ekdum galath kiya chaye wo shaadi wo ya gharr se bahar nikaalne ki baath ho lekin thapki bhi kum nahi hunse bachhe ki badla lene ke liye itni giri hui harkath kiya hai ki maaf karne ki laayak nahi hai thapki… 😡😡wo toh sirf gharr Se nikaala tha lekin thapki sapne mein haakar rod ke beech mein haakar kudh accident karwaliya iss mein bihaan ka galath kya hain!!?? Aur baadh mein aagyai revenge lene ke liye
      Mujhe ab bhi lagtha hai revenge vaani ne thapki saath liya biha a n ke saath nahi…😜😜

      humhari baath se kya hoga sab kuch CVS ke haath mein hai lekin itna toh sach hai ki iss track ki baath kare toh Bihaan 25% galath kiya hai toh Baaki 75% thapki ki hai

      • SHivani

        Khud accident kar wa liya? Haan woh khud khadi thi in the middle of the road waving in front of the car begging to be run over so that she could lose her child😂 👏🏻👏🏻

    • Nirip mann

      Whatever we dont care for his education….Thapki loves him only 😍😍and they are adorable…. and sankar is evil and is going to be exposed soon…sankar will never get Bihaan but kabir joined hands with that cheap woman….jaisi jiski soch

      • SHivani

        Whatever, we don’t care for Kabir’s wrong doings. Soon Thapki will begin to love him…..THABIR are adorable 😍😍😂

      • Nirip mann

        Live in your illusion….carry on….kabir may fall for her but thapki neverrr and I don’t need to justify it to you

  1. Garima

    |Registered Member

    today episode is an Ok they drag so much.
    hy friends.
    Anu santHosh fatarajo Manish ki divani joylin.
    special hy my dear friend pooja Anu how are you.

  2. Sri Wahyuni Hatta

    Thank you, your brain is starting to clear so that your mind will start normally return.I hope so forth that you are a good serial is increasingly in demand and watch people from our various countries including from Indonesia

  3. zaiba

    Boring epsiode, Kabir should have been shown, I’m so sick of Pandey drama….Kabir is pure soul, breath of fresh air in this show


    |Registered Member

    Thahaan shared a passionate hug today…Thapki crying outside the main door of the hall and bihaan collides with her… bihaan was also teary eyed due to Vasu’s condition.. Thapki tells bihaan I couldn’t save maa bihaan, it is my fault.. bihaan says I know thapki it’s not your fault, you can give your life to save maa…it’s my bad luck that I don’t have anyone’s love in my luck..”OMG! manish you are an expression king…. loved the emotional bihaan to the fullest….thapki holds his muffler and cries, at last bihaan and thapki hug each other tightly in front of God and RANJHANA plays in the background…PRCAP- [I don’t know if it’s bjkt] vasu gains consciousness,comes to the hall running, tells thapki that bihaan never received her letter, it was sankar’s letter which he tore, not hers…Thapki gets the shock of her life.Today i believe cvs will always unite thahaan though they will make outsiders enter thahaan’s life…Never mind thahaan fans are relaxed today…CVS you rock… thank you for this marvellous episode…

    • Vajra-SG29

      |Registered Member

      TU page par kabse dera lagadiya RINKA…‼⁉
      Mujhe Track dekhkar ek forum par aane ki liye man nahi …☺☺☺aur tum toh IF aur TU dono bhi mein bhi entry ..👏👏👏
      This is T for Thahaan powers💪💪💪 ya CVS ki T for TORTURE… 🔥🔥🔥

      • RINKA_RITZ

        |Registered Member

        kya karu….I can’t tolerate all nonsense against my thahaan and bihaan… but why you are not on IF? Do come there too…….. yes T for Thahaan power mostly……cvs ki torture se ab darr nhi lagta because we know at last we only will get thahaan….. and Manyasa or Thahaan, their sizzling chemistry has some different magic……their tashan, nok jhok, dance, love, romance or longing for each other or even hatred……..Their love is accepted in each and every way….

  5. Shahid

    Ah god damn its beginning Thapki will forgive Bihaan, I agree with most people on here Thapki is just idiotic. I bet if Bihaan captured her held her as hostage for months and she escaped she probably still forgive him, all she has to do is slip in his arms and she loses all her senses LOL

    • Avanti

      That’s Thapki for you, devoid of all sense and logic. I’m gonna give this episode a miss. I don’t think everything will be resolved so quickly, theydont have another villain or grey character lined up. Kabir-Thapki will be on for now, this was just to appease the Bihan fans and keep them hooked on for now.

      • Shahid

        Yeah I didn’t watch it either mostly because there was no mention of Kabir and he is my fave character so I just read the summary of what happened.

        Yeah just a matter of months till they ind out Kabirs secret and make him go full bad guy.

        Alot of indian dramas are the same they never communicate and be honest and open eveni n the drama meri aashiqui tum se hi they were the same

    • chandni

      Kabir is nothing in this series…he is a worst actor more than ankit bathla…no proper dialogue expression…really wondering who cast him 😒😒😒

  6. pooja prabha

    Probably a nice episode…but precap makes me little bit exciting.hello,garima,reshal,anu,vino,santhosh Bhai….
    I am good garima,how are you dear?I don’t have much confidence in precap,if we are expecting more the Writers tried to turned it as a I am look forward to the telecast.

    • Garuda-SG29

      |Registered Member

      Cvs fir se dream scene dikhayega ya sach mein precap akikath hoga patha nahi….😳😳😳❕❗
      precap sach bhi hogya toh thapki ko main aur thadapthe hue dekhna chatha hoo…(I WANT TO SEE MORE PAIN IN THAPKI EYES) thapki ne jo bihaan ke saath bura kiya hai na uski saza unko milna chahiye.. 😡😡😡

      hiii permanent forum members POOJA & RESHAL 👧and part time members Anu,garima👧 sab kaise ho…!!!???
      agar precap sach hua toh kall se main bhi permanent banjahoonga kyon ki sirf thapki ko parishaani mein dekhne ke liye.😡😡😡…
      finally ek baar bolo THABIR jodi ki jai ho….🙏🙏🙏

  7. Garima

    |Registered Member

    and according to preacap thapki knowing the truth and I hope she realised his mistake and Thaahan together again and bihaan pyar ka show became good and convert.

  8. Shwetha

    Precap makes sense and atlast Thapki knows the truth.. Disgusting Sankar..she needs to kick out from house..

    Happy that Bihaan still believes Thapki..but Thapki didn’t believe him and took revenge for her lost child..that too for his innocence..Thapki needs to repend for her doings against Bihaan..

  9. dewi

    a touching episode..
    I like the way Balwinder sing.., & of course Thahan scene.. 🙂
    please keep Vasundra & Balwinder in storyline..
    I’m happy seeing Bihan & Thapki getting closer.. I hope they can be more understanding for each other & hand in hand to solve their problems..


      |Registered Member

      Thapki bihaan boring… oh my god… what am I hearing?? we fell in love with their cuteness and interesting scenes only.. if you haven’t watched the show then go a watch the previous episodes…

      • Sanajana

        Good for you, just because you fell in love with their cuteness and whatever doesn’t mean I have to like them too. I have watched the previous episodes and I disnt like Thahan. I find Thabir better

  10. Kanika

    Anita don’t worry dear…Kabir will back tomorrow, writers have to keep bihan fans happy for trp….the precap won’t be true….we will get more thapki and Kabir

    • Nirip mann

      Bihaan was signed as the lead before jigss as Thapki and a poor support like kabir can never take his place….really disappointing that a man forcefully touches thapki and you ship him….its harassment and yeah Bihaan can’t be kabir because he can never stoop this low

      • Vajra-SG29

        |Registered Member

        @ puja ..
        Kya bola tum Rabid dogs…??
        Mujhe bhi likna aatha hai puja tum apni limits cross kar rahi ho thoda samalke baathe karo…
        Yeh public forum hai iska mathlab aye nahi tum kuch bhi bol sakthi ho…

    • Vajra-SG29

      |Registered Member

      “na akal na shakal hw can dey make him main lead?????” 😳😳
      Please bathahiye Mujhe puja ji hero kaise hona chahiye…⁉
      Agar aap ki drusti mein MANISH aisa hai toh Aap ki shaadi ke liye ladka iss janam mein nahi milega…..😍😍😍😍

      • Puja

        Personal hone ki zaroorat nahi nahi, tum apni shaadi ki chinta karo or har kisi ki comments pe reply karna band karo, everyone has an opinion which they are free to share, you Thahaan fans don’t have to be like rabid dogs just because it doesn’t agree with yours

    • Vajra-SG29

      |Registered Member

      Acha… tum hothe khoun ho actors ki personal baathe karne waali….???
      Thumne jo kiya wo sahi mein kiya wo galath….???
      Thumhari galthi teek karo aur fir doosron galthi teek karo ..

      • Puja

        GO back and at up, I haven’t commented on manish, I have questioned ki Bihan ke character ko kaise lead bana diya. Personal hi hai toh maa behen pe main bhi utar sakti hoon. Unlike you I do have some decency and respect for an open forum but then again what can you expect from fans of a gunda mawali, jitna mannerless character waise he uske fans

    • Manish ki deewani

      Puja really u think I like that agr Shakl name hot to CVS usay main lead k liay select name kartay .one more thing.I don’t know what’s the meaning of handsome man in or dictionary .in whole tpk team he is the one who is soo handsome cute dashing. Or agr acting ki baat karay to i never saw a actor like him on my whole life.ome more thing thahaan fans didn’t say a single word against sheban.why u r getting personal.

      • Puja

        Again your opinion, you find him good looking. I dont. And acting mediocre hai, he’s not even in the same league as TV giants like Sakshi Tanwar or Ram Kapoor or Ronit Roy. Your fandom started getting personal, that Vajra person was the one who started with the person attack, I critiqued the character not the actor and I stand by what i said.

  11. Priya

    Disappointing episode, Thapki is shown to be such a pendulum. On one hand she wants revenge from Bihan for her child and on the other hand she goes ahead and melts soon as he touches her. Decide woman, what do you want?

  12. pooja prabha

    Garima…now a days this forum has to covered with lot of Thabir fans…you don’t get disappoint we are STILL THAHAAN fans… Thahaan forever…are you happy now…Gajab…


      |Registered Member

      Chill thahaan fans… pooja, anu,garima, Santosh, joyee and the rest…. all thahaan fans will come back soon here..we all were just taking a break because we couldn’t see thahaan separated….Go to India forums and you will find thahaan fans only.. thabir fans have increased but it doesn’t affect the thahaan fans number, they are more but in silent mode.. once the show is back on track, everyone will be back. didn’t you remember how we faced complications against dhruv fans, similar situations have arrived and we are ready to suffer along with bihaan again, ultimately bihaan will emerge victorious.. thabir fans doesn’t know what thahaan is to us… many thahaan fans are still working hard and writing ff everywhere including me too, cvs do stalk everywhere.. today the hug of thahaan with the temple as background is enough to say what we are heading to..precap i am not sure, obviously cvs will drag the thabir track for trp, lets see if they garner trp more but we will get back thahaan soon…don’t worry dear…Three cheers for thahaan…

  13. Garuda-SG29

    |Registered Member

    page par itni saare THABIR fans…😳😳😳😳😳credit goes to CVS.. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    muje lagtha hai THABIR fans 1 months se serial dekhna shuru kardiya hai. isiliye jyaada kuch barosa karliya hai Cvs ke ooper aur hawa mein udne laga hai… . lekin unko patha nahi aage jaake Cvs ki 10000000000 volt bizli ka zatka milega….
    next khoun hai sanskaari ladki Thapki ke saath…!!??
    THA+ ……❗❓

    i hate THAHAAN😡😡 colors iss show ko kab end katega….😔😔😔😔 but i love MANYASA…❤❤❤ main iss jodi ko doosri show mein dekhna chatha hoo.


      |Registered Member

      yes cvs is talented in giving shocks… we have already come across such things… how cvs give shocks…we don’t trust cvs nowadays.. but we are sure of one thing, thabir track will be dragged for trp but result in thahaan ultimately…

      • Vajra-SG29

        |Registered Member

        T for TRP ke liye T for TORTURE yeah toh is serial pheli baar nahi hai.shuru se hi hain..
        ab mujhe lagraha hain THABELA track ko another track se compare kar toh 1000000….. better

      • RINKA_RITZ

        |Registered Member

        tabela track………who can forget that track… it was only bihaan who stood for thapki when everyone threw her out…..and people out here say he is an abusive husband….lol

  14. Payal

    As Kabir would say, relax, relax thabir fans. The truth won’t be revealed so quickly, they need to keep both fandoms happy so thy will stretch this track out like a chewing gum. We will get our THabir scenes soon

      • RINKA_RITZ

        |Registered Member

        Agla janam may be.. because iss janam me phir se manyasa ko hi sign karwaya jayega for another show again…their chemistry is of another level..

    • Nirip mann

      It’s not prediction..
      Vasu regained consciousness and thapki comes to know that Bihaan is innocent and thahaan reunion journey begins…get it kankar will create problems….but no worries and you Mark my words….wait for the day it happens

      • Rad

        Gained conscious in a precap, that could be a dram plus who knows how stupid thapki is, maybe she wont do anything with the info and disregard it as a mothers blind love for her son

    • NINA

      OH MY GOD DEAR SABANA/ I am stunned how can anyone / not to hate shankar? dear I am not fan of that stupid/ ugly thapki / or/ bihaan/ but even him , doesn’t deserve to be so doomed by even coming close to this disgusting creature/ her face is more devilry than that AJUZEH Rano & EFRITEH MALAIKA/ in kasam/ EVEN DEVIL WILL BE OFFENDED IF WE COMPARE THIS SHAME OF CREATION WITH HIM!!!!!

      • Subana

        Why? What are you a school teacher? Police? Prime minister? Who are you to ask me to explain myself like an accused criminal?!

  15. Prachi

    Writers, show Thapki falling for Kabir pls, I watch this show for THABIR and they’re chemistry is amazing

  16. Navami

    |Registered Member

    I also lost the hope in precaps..lets see what happens tommorrow.. i wants to see thahan united …writers always play with viewers feelings..we really want to see them in their previous happines..wipe out all misunderstandings..writers pls we need their happiness back..

  17. minnu

    Thabir rock…pls show some more thabir them…amzng chmstry …loves them…pls dont bring that stupid bihan in thapki life again…thabir


      • RINKA_RITZ

        |Registered Member

        bihaan stupid nhi, moti buddhi hai isliye chup hai…jo usse gunda maawali bolte hai, unhe difference dikhayi nhi deta shayad. bihaan agar gunda maawali hota tho ab tak kabir zinda nhi hota……aur chemistry thabir ka? kab dikhaya cvs ne? maine toh ek v episode miss nhi kiya, bihaan k liye dekhti hu roz…..kya hua kaha hai chemisry? koi batayega…..

    • Nirip mann

      Thabir chemistry…. ohh when he forcefully writes his name or applied haldi without consent….thapki was crying then…helplessly…. so that’s definition of chemistry… good…carry on

      • puja

        nah the definition of chemistry dhokay se kisi ladki se shadi karna and then usse thapad marke bahaar nickal dena for the streets kyonki koi back bone and akal nahi hai to ask the right questions and to stand up to your family 🙂

  18. Khan

    Kabir sucks, he’s dumb… he’s not really aware of what happened to his sister…. Thahan for life :).. Hopefully Precape is real.

    • Nirip mann

      Agreed…kabir is already lost and bihaan the hero will be proved innocent at end and thapki will do so….kabir for me has no right to take revenge for his sister because he is using thapki….he is not a man enough

      • Saanjh

        At least he’s not a coward like Bihan ki auraton pe heath uthaye and manhandle kare. Bihan the hero shamed the woman he loved in public today, wow what a hero!!!!

  19. pooja prabha

    Dear Thabir fans I want to say something to you, with the full respect of your fascination about this Thabir jodi…writers introduced this new pair for just showing genuine love of  Thahaan,thats it.There is nothing more.its the story of Thahaan moving on The ups and downs of their life…ThahaaN is the heart and soul of this telly drama…
    Its my own opinion,everyone has their own choice to admire any jodi…its up to you.whatever itis pls regularly watch TPK on colors channel at 7pm…

  20. Heera

    No no no I don’t like Kabir with thapki !!! Kabir is evil and cruel and bully to thapki. your comments are silly about Kabir. Bihaan is best one . You wake up!!!

  21. Manyasa

    After a long headache, u made us to smile a bit.. am surprised of the viewers how they started liking thabir.. even I like Kabir character.. but not as Thabir… Thahaan always rockzz..

  22. Die_heart fan of thahaan aka manyasa😍

    Very funny comments some people say
    We want thahaan
    Some say we want thabir
    Some say we want bi_nkar aka sahaan
    But I have full trust on CVS they will united my lovely couple thahaan aka thapki and bihaan..
    Because Manish Goplani is Male lead of the show..
    No more fighting only thahaan forever..
    I love thahaan ….

  23. Sade

    I lové todays episod , thanks God Vasu doesnt die.. Thapki and bihaan Hugs Was handsome! Kabir is absent and its a good things !!!

  24. Manyasa

    I guess the precap is just a promo for future episode.. it may not come tomorrow itself.. but will come for sure..

  25. elika

    Thahaan hug today.. I’m so happy, their chemistry always awesome for me… hopefully vasu coma track can bring back thahaan only & MU between them will clear.. Their long journey to find love between them, make me love this jodi


      |Registered Member

      Hi Elika, you are not their on IF…..Thahaan has become one of the best jodis of Indian television.. cvs carved out their love story in a perfect way, misunderstanding, hatred, love, revenge do come and go in relationships but their bonding and chemistry made us fall in love with them….soon all MUs will end soon and our cute thahaan will be back.. we know how much we love our thahaan, the basis of their relationship cannot be shattered by the single slap that inflicted on thapki, thapki knew why bihaan did that, she is angry because she lost the baby, even a father lost his child and he doesn’t know still.. soon thapki will know and she will understand the innocence of bihaan… in the latest olv, manish said bihaan will come to know about Sankara and what will bihaan do after that, everyone knows it…so bihaangiri will be back soon..

      • elika

        Agree with u rinka, CVs make their love story in a perfect way.. maybe since kosi track till now nothing good about thahaan relation, but i’m sure in end of this track will make thahaan relation more stronger & will give enlightenment to both of them cos they was loss their unborn child.
        I’m very excited, old bihaan will be back soon.. Can’t wait too see bihaan will give punishment to sankar..

      • RINKA_RITZ

        |Registered Member

        ha cvs will give a bang on union of thahaan, an emotional one… but i think after knowing child truth, bihaan won’t be able to forgive thapki……i wish this happens… bihaan toh pighal jata hai thapki k aansu dekh kar, he melts on seeing her cries……..

  26. Ranjani

    Fultoo boring episode, CV’s you gave us such a good ThaBir jodi, I really hope we can see them unite. Even if you do have to kill off Kabir eventually, I can make my peace with it, as long as Kabir and Thapki are given a fair chance.


    |Registered Member

    at one go, so many thahaan fans appeared just in a single hug..My analogy was correct…thahaan fans were only taking a break……soon to see more of thahaan fans here when thahaan comes together….Thahaan is much valuable to us than anything else on this show.. we miss our cute bihaan, hope to see them soon….Love Thahaan Love Manyasa…

  28. sanaya

    The show got interesting after Kabir;s entry……it was boring kitchen politics before that. Kabir is one of the major crowd pullers cv…. his chemistry with Thapki is awesome.Pls unite thapki an kabir

  29. Aishwarya

    LMAO the lengths people go to justify physical abuse and and brainlessness of some characters. Its hilarious how some characters are blindly worshipped on this show.

    Sanakra is the best Bihan can do. In real life, no one would get their daughter or sister married to Bihan. Not only is he mannerless, rude, uneducated and illiterate but he’s also a goon. Had he never betrayed Dhruv and gotten married to Thapki in the first place he would’ve never been a able to get someone like her.

    Thapki can do better than Bihan. Be it Kabir (who’s only relatively better) or a 3rd person, doesnt matter but she defintelty deserves better than a selfish, spineless and a dumb husband.

    I am appalled to see other women urging Thapki to go back to Bihan. As a woman how can anyone advocate going back to an abusive husband? People here are fantasising about Thapki going back to a man who verbally and emotionally abuses you, doesnt support or believe her in your time of need and in fact assaulted her and kicked you out of her own house. And the Pandey family is even worse to just be bystanders to the whole scene, rather than intervening and resolving matters they just stood there enjoying the drama. And eh biggest hypocrisy is that had it been these people’s sister or daughter they would not advocate the same.

    Thapki can do much better than the Pandey’s and Bihan. Hope they take a leap and introduce new characters or show her moving on with Kabir and leaving this crazy Pandey house

    • Nirip mann

      I can understand the hatred for Bihaan…you can like or dislike a character but why some people here justify harassment of thapki at hands of kabir….and wanting them as jodi…..what is your opinion on thapki’s silence being a girl….i hate it….i hate thapki for her muteness….. Thapki can do better than bihaan….then why always mera Bihaan toot gya….CVS have ruined the integrity of all characters including kabir….his dialogues to cover up are obscene….not suittsuitable for a 6:30 show….and people shipping thabir….get a life guys….first ship the dignity of a woman and then decide something else…..

      • Aishwarya

        Go back and read up I said Kabir is only relatively marginally better. As someone else has mentioned previous don’t be selective to support your claim. I’m not even a Thabir fan, I watch the show for Thapki and as a character she deserves better than Bihan.

        And yes she can do better than Bihan and toote nahi toote, it’s doesn’t make a difference the show is Thapki pyar ki, not Bihan pyar ka.

        You may find his dialogues obscene I don’t, I find Bihan and his whole character obscene.

        And preach what you pray, ship the integrity of a woman. Stop advocating abusive husbands and then question people from other fandoms.

    • Nirip mann

      Really then carry on…. if kabir’s actions are good for you….your opinion….for me shameful and yeah Bihaan is abusive…. saved thapki innumerable times……and she fell for him….he didn t force her….mera bihaan….mera Bihaan….that is thapki… you didn t find Kabir chain dialogue obscene…. I won’t argue more….not my cup of tea…i rest my comments

    • Nirip mann

      Really then carry on…. if kabir’s actions are good for you….your opinion….for me shameful and yeah Bihaan is abusive…. saved thapki innumerable times……and she fell for him….he didn t force her….mera bihaan….mera Bihaan….that is thapki… you didn t find Kabir chain dialogue obscene…. I won’t argue more….not my cup of tea…i rest my comments ….and for thapki she needs to sort her priorities in life….TPK CVS have done maximum damage to her as FL….i would have loved if she had fought alone…..and not taken kabir help….she should have slapped kabir when she displayed that certificate of marriage and moved out of PZ

      • Aishwrya

        Your incessant need to project how right you are to make up for your insecurities by commenting everywhere- I find that shameful but do you see me making a big fuss about it?

        He commented on his wife s*xual preferences, I dont know where you live but talking about s*x isn’t a crime and neither is it shameful or obscene. He didnt go into graphic detail or any of that sort- that would’ve been obscene and i would’ve been the first person to shoot him down had he disrespected her that way. Maybe in India it may still be a massive issue but I dont see the hoo haa.

        No ones denying he helped her innumerable times but it doesnt excuse him of the fact that he wasn’t there when she needed him the most as a husband to stand tall with her.

        And yeah she does need to sort her priorities out, the logical thing would’ve been to say to everyone that shes been blackmailed but then again seeing as how everyone was quiet when she was being thrown out and manhandled she doesnt have that faith anymore. Either way, Thapki needs to decide, if she still wants revenge – carry on with whatever Kabir is proposing and if not then present divorce papers in front of everyone, say the truth and explicitly state that she wants out.

  30. Lucy

    I do like Kabir because he still comes across as a nice guy but no way can the chemistry between him and Thapki be compared to Thahaan. You can feel the sparks flying between Thahaan. I didn’t feel the chemistry between Dhruv and Thapki as well, it was sweet but no passion but then again I don’t feel antpything between Aditi and Dhruv as well. Bihaan had better chemistry with Aditi when they first met and their disagreements were fun to watch. On instagram fans have been posting old scenes between Thahaan before they fell in love and it’s just amazing to watch, I never get tired of watching them.

  31. sadia

    oh plz unite thahaan….i love this jodi…hate kabir….hope so cvs will not play with the relationships…and i love bihan more now….after knowing that he still believes in thapki not for vasu but for that reason after so many bad things done by thapki for bihan….even the fake marriage as well bihan still loves and believe her and could not see her tears even in normal situation no one husband can bear all these…hats of to u bihan…


      |Registered Member

      thapki went to stay with an unknown man sharing the same room even without marriage… bihaan atleast resists sankara…still I will ship for thahaan forever… though she wants revenge from bihaan but she didn’t become blind in her revenge like Kabir and that’s what make her a FL and bihaan a ML… thahaan

      • Fariha

        Double standards much? Thapki is legally married to Kabir. Though the same cant be said about Bihan and Sankara since they were not shown signing any documents. Bihan resisted having s*x with Sankara when she tried to seduce him, nobody knows what their sleeping situation is. Similarly, at no point has Kabir tried to seduce Thapki and we dont know about their sleeping situation. This doesnt make Bihan better than Thapki. I get it that you have favourites, but stop putting down other characters just to make yours look like a saint.

      • RINKA_RITZ

        |Registered Member

        @fariha Who knows if the papers aren’t real? They stayed together even before the paper drama. Our favourite is a saint, the way his character shaped up in the show, we love him that much so I don’t need to make bihaan sound like a saint. Thahaan fans are decent enough still that they are enjoying the silly and baseless comments of all thabir fans here. We don’t know what was thabir’s sleeping positions as well before paper drama but thapki is loyal from her position…. Stop crossing your limits against bihaan and speak all ill out here. The thabir fans’ long and agressive comments rather sounds funny to all thahaanians.. We are not here to quarrel with kabir fans… We are going by the track of the show from the beginning… We have a lot of solid proofs in support of Bihaan and we don’t need to keep shouting out here those things… But when you people get solid points, do come back and defend your favourite. Till then take a chill pill. Your comments won’t affect the thahaanians. At the end of the day, it will be Thahaan only….

      • Fariha

        Who knows whether aliens do exist? Until proven otherwise we have to go with the given information.

        I love how you guys question crib women’s integrity and cry foul about Kabir on one hand and on the other hand attack that same woman yourself because she’s not giving it out for your favorite. LOL

        Thahan fans are decent and enjoying the comments? Really? What’s with the commenting on every Thabir fans comment and passing sarcastic and snide comments then? Is an open forums and everyone is free to express their opening. Thabir fans can do it just as well as you can. Thahaan fandom seems to be most rabid one who can’t take the fact that their leads may not unite and hence they’re taking it out on everyone else.

        And no he’s not a saint, that’s your opinion and don’t try to shove it down my throat, that may work within your fandom and where you live but that doesn’t work with me. I perfectly capable of making my own opinions. The way I see it the character is shaped in the show he’s an illiterate, mannerless, spineless man incapabale of taking decisions and abuses his wife.

        I’m not a Kabir fan but I sure as hell don’t like Bihan and just because someone doesn’t like your favourite doesn’t make them from the opposite fandom. Far as agressive comments are concerned, scroll up and read who’s getting agressive here. From what I see, it’s you and some Nirip person questioning everyone’s beliefs. I don’t see many Thabir fans doing that, so it is rather ironic for your to say you’re not here to quarrel. Mind your own business and let people comment on whatever they like, you’re not the moral police and neither are you the admin.

        Oh my dear but it does seem like it affects you or you wouldn’t be questioning the Thabir fans and I don’t even need to be a Thabir fan to see that.

        And screw Thabir and Bihan, as someone mentioned previously, Thapki can do much better than 2 half baked characters. One can’t get over his anger issues and the other can’t get over his family issues. Neither of them are saints. The only slight difference is that one is shown feelings remorse whereas the other just feels sorry for himself.

  32. Nidhi

    I love this new Thabir Jodi…….hate bihan plz cvs unite thabir…..bihan didn’t trust Thapki and slapped her….he’s a bad husband

    • Nirip mann

      And kabir harassing her….using her….that’s right for you….NO….kaani scenes are disgusting….really sad for Kabir….CVS have ruined him and his level is of gd now

    • Nirip mann

      Few shabby thabir scenes came and people liking thabir😂😂😂😂thank God bihaan is staying away from rampyaari and gulabo….ohh….now I get it why the poor creatures are not onscreen because they know people will make their jodi too with Bihaan….like binkar….thabir…..

  33. Debie

    Thahan always the best from the beginning until now..and i do hope at the end of this series they will live happily ever after with their kids…

  34. rahma elmi

    i hope the writer will not change next episode it seems good id vasu wake up and tell the truth that crazy thapki. and also thapki soon will know shankara real face her evil and how she kill her baby and made saperate from her husband and ahe try to will her sasuma and take revenge from her instead her poor husband go and beat that b*t*h.

  35. fira

    Thahaan always the best…
    Dont let the third person come and snacht other husband or wife…
    Kabir should be with shankar,they suit each other,so pity,snacht other husban/wife…
    Poor shankar
    Poor kabir
    They afraid to fight face to face and doing a cheap trick…
    Welcome back tpk

  36. Manish ki deewani

    Wow I like yesterday’s episode .thahaan hug .and happy that still Bihaan believe thapki love her a lots .but In the end love thahaan ,Bihaan and Manyasa .Bihaan u rock . and thier chemistry is awsome onscreen and ofscreen .I hope that precap is not dream.but I also don’t believe on cvs .thankGod vasu g thahaan thahaan forever.

  37. Manish ki deewani

    Hello friends pooja garima santhosh Bhai ritz di and all thahaan fans .I’m sooo happy that some thahaan fans back other also back .
    Garima ,santhosh Bhai I’m fine hw r u guys.bhai u change ur name what is its mean .Bhai I think some tharuv fans now became thabir fans not our thahaan is best .but they always give shock but we r used to it
    Pooja they change thier time slot from 6:30 to 7.


      |Registered Member

      yes reshal, it is telecasted at 6.30 pm. pooja wrote it by mistake….. and let the thabir fans be… cvs knows how to make them quiet… soon they will know…. power of thahaanians will never end…. many thahaan fans are missing, they will soon come back… thahaan hugged with temple in the background… what else do we need….. i will update my ff on thursday okay……

    • Vajra-SG29

      |Registered Member

      2nd phone ID Reshal GARUDA means EAGLE and this is my another ID 3rd phone… 😊😊😊VAJRA means DIAMOND..☺☺☺
      Aajse wahi poorane ID par cmt karoonga….SANTHOSH

      • RINKA_RITZ

        |Registered Member

        Santosh I am writing ff on Thahaan.. it’s updated on tellyupdates and on IF as well…please do read it anywhere you feel like… you can check the links from my wall posts here…thahaan sacrifice and realisation… BIHAAN is a CBI officer and VAANI is a journalist… do read it brother..

  38. pooja prabha

    Hello…reshal,how are you dear…you’re right Thahaan fans are rejoined.yes the time is 6.30 to 7 its my mistake yaar.
    Santhosh Bhai…how are you?really happy for reading your comments.

  39. chandni

    Those who r supporting thabir, r f**king jealous of thahaan…and so called tha_________________ruv fans…who cant digest manish as a hero in the show….manish was and will always be a hero…keep jealous haters…

    • Nirip mann

      Agreed…. thahaan are unmatchable…we Thahaanians took a break due to these sick characters like sankar-kabir….and people think they can ship kabir…kabir as Thapki’s hero…makers….CVS and writers don’t think the same….so chill….Bihaan is and always mera Bihaan for thapki….dont know Thahaanians well enough

  40. Nirip mann

    Only last part of the episode was good due to thahaan hug and they rocked….thankfully it was kabirless….he has lost his character…doing haldi/mehndi😂😂😂…like really….which MAN does that….sapola-2…..coward hiding behind thapki….playing with her emotions….no right to revenge for his sister…..

    • Anjali

      Know what’s a coward- someone who raises and gets violent with Women. So if you really want to start calling names then Bihan should be at the top of that list.

  41. Tara

    Its so funny ppl r liking tha___bir lol. First of all not tha___bir,call them kaani😂😂 and bihaan was hero bihaan is hero and he will be hero😍 no one can replace him. Bihaan is pure soul he just cant see tears in thapki’s eyes. How much thapki hurt him bt still bihaan care for thapki. He shouldnt forgive thapki easily.

  42. Humaira97

    Hi there .. Wah so many Thahaan and Thabir fans here .. Personally i love Thahaan the most. Their love was so amazing.
    Altough i love Thabir but if they are just a bestfriend (like Bihaan-Sheena) ..
    I know every people have their own favorite jodi, but honestly it’ll be better if we should not bashing and hating each other 😉

    Lots of love

  43. Spruce

    Thahaan forever… Blame the CVs for the track. The story is poorly built… but Thahaan chemistry is superb… I am sure, they will re-unite thahaan and maybe Kabir will understand that bihaan is inocent and may help Thahaan unification further and he will catch Sankar red handed… you know as Sehbaan said that he is positive… So he may help Thahaan re-unification…:)

  44. Ruchi

    Thahaan will always be together no matter how far they are !!! They are one heart one soul !!! Kabir is just one character to show how thahaan over come these ups and downs in their lives !!! So thabir fans stop demanding about thabir !!! U r not gonna get it !!! Coz thahaan is the lead couple !!!!

  45. Amy_Park

    If Sankar is not murdered and burned into ashes in the next few episodes, I will personally go and murder that twat!! So my conclusion after watching the episode; Sankar needs to get acid poured down her hellish sl*ty throat, Then have her body ripped apart by every means possible, Kabir needs to be straight forward and just admit that he’s after Bihaan… Shradha needs to go F**K herself and kill herself… Honestly, as much hope as this episode has given me for my #tahaanlove, I know that the producers/CVS people are gonna find a way to mess it us and tear Tahaan apart… Because common sense isn’t common at all… People shouldn’t get away with this kind of shit, seriously are you people really gonna take as much time to get rid of that whore Sankar & that pr*stitute Shradha? Really, and Kabir, he wants to avenge his sister… How does he know for a fact that it was Bihaan who caused the fire!? He’s being such an imbecile!!

  46. Nirip mann

    Can’t believe the comments below this post….people shipping thabir/kaani…you can hate Bihaan…but just like thabir were blind in revenge….same situation here….in their hate for Bihaan people are shipping female harassment….kabir touches thapki without consent ..mentally harasses her and you have started to take it as a jodi….nok-jhok….and kabir… sorry Sehban me your fan but you really disappointed me with kabir….same expressions….no voice modulation….and people think he can carry TPK on his shoulders….

    • Anjali

      IF Thabir = shipping harassment then Thahaan = encouraging abusive. You’re essentially sending a victim back to her abuser. Is thapki mute? Can she not speak? Is she incapable of voicing out her opinions? In most of the seems she remains quiet, doesn’t say much that doesn’t mean it’s not consented. She could’ve just as well created a big scene.

      As far as Bihan is concerned he’s the same as Kabir if not worse- after wedding, your spouse is supposed to be everything, support you through your worst, did Bihan fulfill his basically responsibility? NO. He threw his wife out at the behest of other people, without even letting her give her explanation. I’ll admit for a second that all the evidence was against her. Did he really have to slap her though? How is hitting a woman justified anywhere? And kicking her out of her own house. It’s not just Bihan’s house, after marriage it’s equally the girls house. He kicked her out knowing fully well she didn’t have anywhere else to go. And te worse part of it all, no remorse whatsoever, the ‘remoarse’ I’ve seen so far is, thapki i miss you, Thapki Im sorry i miss you come back, thapki yiu don’t know how i lives without you, what I did was wrong come back to me. It’s always me me me. The only reason he’s admitted his mistakes is because he wants her Back rather than actually feeling sorry for what he has done
      Sorry to break it to you but Sehban is is carrying TPK on his shoulders, not all acting is about throwing things around and shouting at peope. There are people watching the show for him, hence the many comments and the increase in the THABIR fandom. It may be a bitter pill for you to swallow but that’s jut how it is.

      • RINKA_RITZ

        |Registered Member

        @Anjali sorry to say but now I believe you have started watching the show one month back just….. don’t just lie around saying you are watching it from the beginning…. nobody will believe you on your baseless speeches…bihaan did a fake marriage and he didn’t carry out his duty? do I need to rewind the previous episodes really??? he was the one who stood by her thick and thin… Kabir is just a guest for 4 days you know “chaar din ka mehmaan”… he will be the thahaan shipper like any other villain on the show.. a single slap doesn’t prove physical harassment or abuse, our parents, siblings, friends do slap us in situations which may be wrong, do we accuse physical harrassment against them? hahaha you all will say I am a girl but still supporting bihaan…No it was I who made a heart breaking post against bihaan on india forums that day itself when he slapped thapki..but later I analysed every situation of him and thapki…bihaan preferred to believe dadi over her, he didn’t do anything intentionally..If today your elder parents whom you know since you were a child even before your wife,they tell you your wife is lying, your mother tells you she wanted to kill me, whom would you believe at first? evidences proved against thapki it was thahaan’s fate to separate, his dhoka marriage wasn’t intentionally too…I pitied thapki, she lost her child, oh but the father was not given the right to know about it…her revenge track wasnt upto the mark.. she took help from the guruji who once aimed to kill his family for her, then from an unknown person.. since then I started supporting bihaan more all over again….he is by far greater than dhruv or kabir… he didn’t try to kill anybody, threatening someone and converting to reality are different.. if he had been really a bad type of a thug, then kabir wouldn’t be alive till now… haha I don’t hate no no.. I have been just pondering over the show’s track which is oriented around thahaan only….

      • Anjali

        I didn’t say he hasn’t supported her altogether, if that was the case he would be even more useless than he is at the moment. I said when she really needed him. And feel free to think whatever you want to, you’re entitled to your own opinion 🙂 I don’t have to prove to anyone whether I’ve watched the show from the beginning or not. If you feel that way good for you. You may have had an abusive childhood family or friends but I haven’t. No one has ever slapped, my parents may have grounded me, my friends may have not talked to me but no one has ever gotten physical with me. Where I am from a slap does equal physical assault. I wouldnr believe either, I would tell my spouse to leave and go to her room and calm down and I would tell the same to my parents. I would ask my parents to justify and quantify what they said and the same would go for my spouse. At the end of the day if I could see they’re not getting along then I would move out with my spouse. My family would still be my family irrespective of whether they get along with my spouse.

        And if I was in Thapkis place I wouldn’t tell the father either. I wouldn’t go back to a man who’d have assaulted me and brought me to streets and didn’t listen to me in my time of need.

        And so much for Bihan having a pure heart and loving husband thapki and what not, had e really trusted he would’ve supported irrespective of all the crap.

        A goon is a goon, whether he’s commited a murder or not is irrelevant. Bihan is a goon irrespective of it.

      • Anjali

        PS: much I’d love to chit chat further some of us actually do have jobs and work to do. Au revoir for now my Cherie 😘

      • Lucy

        In these programmes people are always slapping each other, Thapki slapped Shraddha but is that ok because woman on woman??? When Bihaan tried to fake his death so he could reunite Thapki and Dhruv she slapped him is that Ok???

    • Nirip mann

      I suggest you watch old TPK on rishtey channel and go along THAHAAN journey…. I don’t hate kabir ….infact a Sehban fan from DMG days…. but kindly accept that thabir are meant to be together….. thahaan magic is something else and it will remain so till manyasa are THAHAAN 😊😊😊me won’t say anything else as it’s the truth that thahaan are the end game….. before tpk started to the end

      • Anjali

        You have your favourites, I have mine. I don’t need to watch scenes of anyone anymore than I want to make up my mind. Who knows what the end game will be, it may turn out to be like a typical Ekta Kapoor show and third person may come in

  47. Pooja2109

    |Registered Member

    wow after a long time finally thahaan hugged loved it to the core as always speechless
    thahaan will face problems but the end is only thahaan
    poor bihaan hope he soon gets to know sankar’s truth and he will be back to his bihaangiri mode again
    thahaan rocks
    thahaan forever

      • RINKA_RITZ

        |Registered Member

        Yes the full IF team…more are yet to join in…people thought thahaan team is weak, nobody is here but they forgot thahaanians were on a break… we all united again.. I have got my team back to fight the evil with me… 🙂

    • Manish ki deewani

      Bhai don’t worry Ritz I with u .she also reply to all thabir fans . I join u after two three days

  48. Shivi

    Thaahaan tpk is about bihaan he got award if u know did thapki got no that mean this show is now depend on bihaan if they will not show bihaan the show will end soon same as ikrs when eisha left the show it ends trp as well as show also
    I still watch 3rd june 2016 episode of tpk the best part of this show
    I have a request to all weather it is thahaan fan or thabir fan that please keep watching this show yrr please
    And have u seen the promo of dil de dil tak the promo is uniqe i like that what about u all.


      |Registered Member

      yes bihaan aka manish is the only one who got award in tpk till date… best debutant.. it’s not that I hate kabir or sehabn, it’s just that thabir is not possible in this show..that’s all

  49. lovely1999

    Wow!! THAHAAN IS BACK 😍😘
    Always love them together…Made for each other….
    No one can separate them ….

  50. anu

    Hm gayab kya huye.. yaha to Kayi log….. Bhai behen couple ko Jodi bnane lge….. 😜😂😂😂 Itni bdi khushfami…. Thabir couple KB bne.. ye koyi btayega…… Jo thabir thabir BK rhe aur bihu ko Gunda mavali……KH rhe woh mujhe ans de…. Ki Jo apne sapola babu the 🙈🙈🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍 woh kya sadhu hai…. Thapki ko itna torture kiya aur ab SANT BABA AUR. DO BACCHO KE PAPA BNKE GHUM RHE… Aap SB unki puja krna chahta…. AUR our hero who always sacrifice for others… Turn Gunda mavali….. And Kabir….. Ko good man khne wale logo…….. Jara ye btao….Kbse soye nhi ho…😁😁😜😜…. Fir to kuch din mai yaha…. Markhan Lal ke pujari nhi AA jayenge……… Thahaan tbse hai….. Jbse. Tha….Ruv…. Aur tha….BIR…. Thahaan forever

  51. devika

    I am back … for me there is only Thahaan ….no thabir no tharuv ,no binkar or anything else …….beware … can ship any jodi …but but beware if you bash Thahaan then that’s your end .:-) .beware to all Thahaan bashers …..

  52. pooja prabha

    Dear Thahaanians….A GREAT NEWS FOYOUUUU….PRECAP ISNOT ADREAM SEQUENCE.ITS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN.ATLAST THE AWAITING MOMENT IS COMING.THAPKI KNOWS ABOUT THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LETTER…Iam not able to convey my excitement through words its actually unexplainable.let’s enjoy ALL Thahaanians…Garima,reshal,vino,santhosh Bhai,sruti and all.

    • Manish ki deewani

      Pooja wow I’m sooooo happy but these two three days I am really busy becoz of my cousin marriage .but I came back .its my bad luck .
      Thahaan r the best .they always rocks.

  53. Sanajana

    LOL I see the Thahaanian’s know that now that their scenes have been shown next it’s gonna be Thabir turn and they can’t bear that 😂

    So they’re going around commenting like hungry rabid dogs on every THABIR fans comment lol, lage raho 😂


      |Registered Member

      hungry rabid dogs…oh wow even we love animals just like pandey parivaar loves… and thahaanians were on a break since kosi track but that doesn’t mean we quit the show or became weak…we are back again since thahaan will be back soon… and obviously if thabir aka kabir fans start speaking all nonsense about our thahaan especially bihaan and crossing their limits, they should also be ready for counter comments right.. so we are doing that..tpk is still on air due to thahaan chemistry only..

    • Nirip mann

      Mind your language…. why so much desperation and anger….relax….thapki has learnt the truth….accept ….your words reflect you so be reasonable

      • Sanajana

        Says the person commenting on everyone’s comments who isn’t saying the same thing as you. Lol I’m chilled out bro, you however are in serious need of relaxation 😂 We don’t know if it’s a dream sequence and what she’s gonna do with that knowledge, it doesn’t meant thahaan are back together so hold your horses, keep calm and keep watching the show 😉

    • devika

      What the heck are you telling ..if you I am not going to spare you no sorry we know you will be the old tharuv fans .so you might have turned into thabir because to destroy our Thahaan ..if you ppl have have a little bit of akal then go check instance fb Twitter etc to see Thahaan fandom ……you people sorry kabir ya thabir fans just see what is your status and rot in hell

      • RINKA_RITZ

        |Registered Member

        @devika darling if you check instagram manish has 280 K followers whereas sehban has 40K…. and they are talking about manish’s fandom… lol…tpk is still on air just for manish and nobody else… the thabir fans are finding it impossible to cope with so many of us now hence they are barking at us in this way and speaking ill things.. leave it… no need to explain who is the all time lead in tpk..sensible people would only understand that….

      • shehla

        Really RINKA_RITZ? And here I thought you said you wouldnt stoop down to anyones level 😂 Manish may have followers, that doesnt automatically make them Thahan fans. Some people actually like Sankara as well. Its not on air due to Manish solely and the TRP’S are a reflection of that, each character pulls in a different set of crowd so you cannot give Manish the entire credit. LOL How about you go and bark off somewhere else since you cant digest the fact that your CV’s are actually giving ThaBir a chance.

      • Rani

        I’ll do what I want, you’re no one to tell me wha to do, focus on yourself and your life mate…if you have one

    • Manish ki deewani

      Rani we thahaan fans came here becoz we love thahaan very much .or may b due to winter holidays.we came here to support our thahaan

      • Rani

        Support whoever you want, theres a difference between supporting someone and actively putting anyone who doesnt agree with you guys down.

        At this moment what you guys are doing is similar to what dictators do, what Gaddafi did or what Putin is doing. This is a classic example intolerance. People from your fandom are making personal attacks at anyone who doesnt like Bihan or Thahaan, why should everyone agree with you? Everyone has their likes and dislikes are free to express their opinion, isn’t that what makes us different? Who gave your fandom the authority to question it? Who made you the moral police? More than half of us Thabir fans see people people bad-mouthing Kabir but we dont say anything because everyones entitled to their opinion.

        Its just a show and at the end of the day hunting down each and every comment that doesnt agree with yours is just plain ridicoulus. The worse is half of you will cry foul and claim how Thapki is pure and only loves Bihan and Kabir is coming in between and you’ll defend her to death and on the other hand you raise questions on Thapki’s character and call her horrible names and contradict yourselves.

        Everyone has their own preferences and likes and dislikes and at the end of the day lets keep the discussion healthy, theres no need to resort to name calling and personal attacks. Neither you nor I can decide the story ahead and wasting time and energy on some written updates website is futile. Support whoever you want but that doesnt give you the right to tell me to ‘rot in hell’ or to say things like ‘I will not spare you’- its plain rude and just shows a complete lack of maturity. I can stoop down to the same level as you guys but frankly I have a job and a life and my life doesnt revolve around some regressive and imbecilic soap characters. Theres no justification to one sitting behind a laptop and baiting people into personal attacks, that too to defend a fictional character.

  54. Sayanti

    This is our love for bihaan and this is that love which has kept the show on-air till date and given u a chance to go gaga over kabir

  55. devika

    Oh I understand you peoples labor is great than bihaan in cheap and dirty things man Liya ….. do you know why because your so called kabir has made his sister neha like a mental patient even though she is like tieing her with chain like dogs in a haunted house ..thank god our bihaan is not doing anything like that……

    • devika

      What is the thing you people find more in kabir than in bihaan .what quality do that man have .can anyone tell .for me kabir is good for nothing ..nothing means nothing

    • Sayanti

      Again wrong zyada IQ ki koi zaroorat Nahi show pehle se dekho bihaan ke alawa koi aur pasand aa hi nahi sakta

      • shehla

        Sab tumhare level ke IQ ke saath paida nahi hue hain. Kuch logo ke standards and IQ high hote hain, khair chodo tum apne lafange Bihan ke saath khush raho, aage ki story and show dekhte hain. Tumhara standard he wohi hai. Samjhane ki koshish bhi karungi toh tumhe samajhne mein nahi ayega.

    • Sayanti

      Tumhara IQ level aur tumhara level tumhare comment se hi pata chalta hain aur mein tumhare level ke insaan se baat Karna bhi pasand nahi karti toh ab tum jitna chahe bakwaas kar sakti ho

      • shehla

        Kyon kal toh bohat uchal rahi thi? Bar bar comment pe comment. Ab dekh liya na TOI news and no Thahan reunion hahahaa. Thanks I know mera IQ and standard tumse kaafi high hai, mujhe kal he realise ho gaya, thats why I said its pointless to try and explain anything to you but it took you much longer to realise that. Buttttt finally you realised it!!!! Chalo der aya, durust aaya, lekin samajh to aaya. 😉 And dont worry babe The feeling is mutual- its quite a pain to stoop to a level of low IQ and to talk to you. 🙂 Lesson to be learnt- jab do log baat kar rahe hon, dont butt in ;p Until next time, ciao :*

  56. anu

    oh tha………..ruV fans which were again here as thaBir/kani fans kaAn khol ke sun lo hmare thahaAn pe biHan pe ungli uThaoge na to ungli uthana to dur ungli pchan ni paoge aur agar ungli ki to hm tumari woh ungli krenge na ki KaAni fan se khud hi kaAne ho jaoge. I like thaBir bolna to dur kuch nikLega hi ni muh se . Aur yad rakho ThahaAnian jb tak hai tb tak unke thahaan pe ungli koyi ni uTha skta to next time na aAne se phle ANU naAm yad rhkna tm sbne biHan ko ni hm thahaAnian ko bura bola hai aur hmein koyi bura bole ye to ho ni skta aur aisa hm hoNe bi ni denge jaise tha….. RuV time bhage the waise hi bhag jao warna sishe mai jb shakal dhkoge to jo halat hogi tm sb soch ni skte . Hope sudar jao abse aur thaBir nam ka jap bnd krke koyi aur aCCHA aur samaj seva wala kam dhundo @ last thahaan foreveR

  57. ruby biyani

    I can’t hear against my thahan if anyone says they r unromantic so u don’t understand the soulful love they made a couple by the god himself no thabir wabir r standing there

  58. Alia919

    |Registered Member

    Love thahaan Forever…. what ever the seq is going on at end thahaan are going to unite… TPK is nothing without Bihaan his Bihaan giri….. Love u Bihaan….


      |Registered Member


  59. puja

    More show timings:
    As Bihaan feels that Thapki is trying to move on in life with Kabir, he applies sindoor on Sankar’s forehead and makes her wear the ‘mangal sutra’. Meanwhile, Kabir blames himself for harming Thapki.
    Episode – 541 06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 31 Dec Set Alert
    More show timings
    Vasu tries to convince Bihaan that Thapki is innocent. Later, everyone gets angry with Thapki when they get a notice to leave Pandey Niwas.

    So much for Thapki and Bihan getting back together, even the CV’s know what the audience want


      |Registered Member


      • Shehla

        Hahahahaha you were so happy yesterday and ripping into anyone and everyone who didnt agree with you and looks like you didnt get the last laugh. It must hurt, marham lagana uspe :*

      • RINKA_RITZ

        |Registered Member


      • Shehla

        What proof does Bihan need? That it was really Thapki who he slapped and threw out LOL. Oh if its just Thapki suffering track then as it is Thahan are now divorced and most of you believe that the Kabir-Thapki marriage isn’t valid. She can just as well move on with Kabir and start afresh or leave the house and move on with someone else as she was willing to do. Now that Bihan’s moved on Thapki can leave as well. LOL

        Its a Bihan suffering track. Accept it, you yourself dont understand how your thahaan aren’t being united. CVs have realised how non sensical Bihan’s character is which is why they’re showing him moving on with Sankara. Thats what he deserves.

        Shouting over telly updates wont change that.

      • Lucy

        She brought the 2 yrs unnecessary suffering on herself by her assumptions. This revenge hasn’t bought her any happiness in stead it bought her more pain

    • Lucy

      Well obviously he loves Thapki so much that he’s finally letting go and giving her the opportunity to move on because she’s given him that impression andshe’s been wanting him to marry Sankar so he’s following her wish. Also now the writers need her to suffer for making Bihaan suffer for something he didn’t do. That’s how Indian dramas work they will make her suffer as penance as they can’t have their lead star being evil

      • Shehla

        Wasn’t her living away and losing her child for 2 years enough suffering? How I see it, CV’s want to keep both fandoms happy and want to keep on stretching this track. At the same time they want to keep their options so that they can decide who Thapki’s gonna end up with according to the audience response and the TRP’S. This is the best way to do it, if TRP’s fall show it as Thapki ‘suffering’ if TRP’s go up, show Thapki and Bihan moving on

  60. Shehla

    Lol Thapki suffering? Its a Bihan suffering track. Thapki at no point has stopped Kabir from doing anything- ergo she still somewhere wants to take revenge from Bihan and this is exactly what its gonna be, Bihan has had to swallow the bitter pill and he’s realised that its better to move on than to go after Thapki. How fickle is some people’s love? Kal tak he loved he very much and aaj when the going gets tough the tough go hiding and moving on LOL what a coward he cant even stay and fight for his love

    • Alia919

      |Registered Member

      what coward…? Cowerd are those are backstabbing Bihaan… That is kabir… he knows only half truth….. if he is at right then come in front of Bihaan and face him … All tpk worst charatcers so called villans and their fans are jealous kukreee….

      • SHEhla

        Backstabbing- go and read the meaning of backstabbing in the dictionary first and the come back hahahaha. At least we’re not rabid dogs 😂

  61. Shehla

    Not only is Bihan a spineless, illiterate, mannerless, abusive and a useless goon but he’s a coward and a failure as well LOL

  62. Shehla

    It must hurt to be a fan of such a spineless and useless character who hasnt done anything concrete or achieved anything in life. Where all you can do is bring up his ‘good heart’ and ‘good soul’ to defend him lol Aisa gunda dekha hai jisne ape bhai ko bhi nahi choda? Ek sundar ladki se shadi ki jo uske bhai se shadi karne wali thi woh bhi dhoke se and didnt have the character to support her or trust her. And bura karne ke baad bhi ehsaas nah hua, sirf ye smajh mein aaya ki mujhse vo door kaise chali gayi, ab main aisi biwi kahan se launga, usse to maafi mang lo kyonki ultimately nuksan to mera hi hua hai lol

  63. Shehla

    Ek Dhruv bhi toh tha, when Aditi accused Bihan of molestation, it was his wife’s word against his brother but he stood up for his wife and handled the situation properly or ek Bihan, apni biwi ko mar ke bahar nikal diya. Dua kart hoon Bihan jaisa Pati kisi ko na mile

      • SHEhla

        The point is that unlike Bihan who as people claim chose his family between his wife and family, Dhruv stuck by his wife when it was her word against his family’s

      • Lucy

        No this time he chose his family because Dadi testified against her and her own actions made her seemi unreasonable

      • SHEhla

        It was Bihan’s word against Aditi’s. Technically he testified against her. Dhruv had the decency and courage to stand up for his wife unlike other characters on this show.

        He may the worst character but as a Spouse he supported his wife when she most needed him.

  64. arzzo

    Kabir kitna parha lekha hai yeh uska usdin ka dialogue sai pata chal gaya apnibehan kailaj karwana kaliya revange pura huna ka wait kar raha hai idiot koa itni sense nai ka pehla apni behan ka ilaj karwayi than investigate karta usdin hua kya tha as pas walo sai pouchta nai bs muh utha kar nikal gayi badla lahna jis din woa thapki sai fake shadi karna jah raha tha usdin neha usko pagri (turban) mai dekh kar dar gayi thi lekin usna usko serious nai liya ka woa kyu dar gayi and soon uskoa ek tapar laga gha jb yeh pata chala gha ka bihaan kii involvement nai ismai to be honest aisa larha lekha huna sai tu unpar huna better hai as it is said ka un par insaan parha lekha jahil loago sai behtar huta hai joa ka kabir hai aur kabir and thapki ka koi match nai pyar zabardasti nai kiya jahta bihaan na shadi ka baad kabhi thapki koa force nai kiya decency rakhi izat kii uski not like kabir agar parha lekha loag kabir jaisa huta hai tu i prefer bihaan joa unpar hai per respect karta hai rishto kii rishto ka meaning samjhta hai kai bar usna apno ka liya thapki ka liya apni jaan khatra mai dali hai itna kuch bardast karna ka baad bhi hass kar sab koa maaf kiya hai dusra ka acha chaha hai thats oir Bihaan and as per sankar is concern jis kisam kii woa cheap larki hai bihaan kii jaga koi aur huta tu kb ka uska chakar mai ah jahta per bihaan nai har bar usko dhaka dahkar room sai nikala hai per she is soo cheap but soon all this will end aur jeet sirf thahaan kii hu gii


    |Registered Member


    • Shehla

      Its kind of pathetic how you stole the gist of Rani’s post above. And its ironic how you started the personal attacks, anyone with an ounce of brain can read above and see who was attacking who and who’s character has been revealed. The only reason you all have stopped now is because some of us had to stoop down to your level. Vajra-SG29 the first one to start with personal attack and none of you condemned it. Obviously if you personally attack anyone they’re not gonna take it lying down. Are you a part of the creative team? NO. That makes you NO ONE to decide whether Kabir can be the lead or not. Since the decision doesnt lie in your hands then you can keep your explanations to yourself and discuss it amongst your fandom rather than getting into arguments with every single Thabir fan.

      Maintained decency ROFL, you Vajra and Nirip Mann started it by commenting on every single comment that didnt like Bihan, some of them replied back to defend themselves and others maintained a silence. Those that have maintained a silence, they can be called dignified, or the Thahaan fans who made their own little comments and didnt ge involved with your attempts at bullying can be called dignified, not your so called attempts. And pray tell me with the exception of me who has used these ‘abusive words’? Someone called you out and said you’re out loose like a rabid dog, which is true, you’ve been ganging up again after anyone and everyone who doesnt agree with you. If thats not called behaving like a rabid dog, what is?

      Most people here comment to express their opinions, not to get into arguments with you. Only dish out what you can take. If you cant take what the people are dishing out dont pretend to take the moral high ground and ‘royally ignore’ people just because you cant stand up for yourself. (By the way its really shameful how two of you kept on ganging up against one person to prove your point, try to stand up for yourself on your next time).

      You have a good day and a good time ‘royally ignoring’ this.😂

      PS: butthurt is not an abusive word.

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