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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bihaan and Thapki getting the pot. He asks Thapki to break the pot. She breaks the pot. The lady announces that they are first couple to get the pot. Dadi tells Bau ji that Bihaan and Thapki will win. Dhruv gets the pot and Shraddha breaks it fast saying she has to win anyhow. Bihaan asks Thapki to sit on his back, and applies soil to her wound, so that it heals fast. He asks Thapki to sit fast, what is she thinking. Shraddha sits over Dhruv’s back and he runs. Bihaan takes Thapki on his back and starts running. Everyone smile seeing both the couples heading towards finishing line. Suman scolds Sanjay for losing. Vasundara says its enough you guys played till here, see my Shraddha, she will win. Suman says lets see. Preeti says I think Thapki will win. They cheer for

Thapki. Vasundara asks Dhruv to run faster.

Shraddha thinks to do something and stop Bihaan and Thapki from winning. She kicks the soil towards Bihaan. The sand dust stops Bihaan and he closes his eyes. Dhruv also stops. Shraddha says sorry, go ahead. Dhruv asks why are you saying sorry, I can’t see anything. Bihaan falls down and gets up. Thapki asks him is he fine. He says I can’t see anything, we can’t lose. She asks him to clean his eyes. He says no, I can’t. She says I will guide you. Shraddha tells Dhruv that she will guide hi. Dhruv says I can’t see anything. Both couples go ahead till the finishing line. Everyone get curious. Bihaan gets before Dhruv. Bihaan and Thapki win the race.

Dadi and Bau ji clap happily. Vasundara gets sad. Shraddha asks Dhruv why did he get slow. He says sand went in my eyes. She cleans his eyes. Bihaan says sand dust went in my eyes, did we win. Thapki says yes, we won as you ran faster. He says you became my eyes, that’s why. She asks him to open eyes. He says I can’t. She cleans his eyes and blows air. Dhruv looks at them and gets angry. He leaves. Shraddha sees Bihaan and Thapki. Bihaan opens eyes and sees Thapki. They have an eyelock.

The lady tells everyone that round 1 was tough to see compatibility in husband and wife, Bihaan and Thapki are the winners of first round. Everyone clap. She says Dhruv and Shraddha are on second position, the couples who lost can go to their families. Diwakar’s parents scold him for losing. Diwakar argues and says it happened because of Aditi. Aditi taunts Diwakar to be so useless and short, that’s why they lost. The lady says its about second round, we will see which bahu is proved having qualities, we will start stitching and cooking in some time.

Vasundara consoles Shraddha. Shraddha says I will lose in second round too, I don’t know stitching and cooking, I did not have mum, else my mum would have taught me. Vasundara asks her not to cry. She says I won’t let you lose in any competition, see how you win.

Everyone come back home. Bau ji and Dhruv ask Sharma to tell them if he needs anything. Sharma does stitching competition arrangements in pandey nivaas. Bau ji says you can keep all the things in some room. Vasundara hears this and goes. Bihaan asks Thapki why is she upset, she have to just stitch clothes, its easier than plough, make Shraddha lose. Thapki says I m not competing to make anyone, I m doing for Karm. He asks her to think of this as her Karm to make Shraddha lose. Shraddha comes and asks what are they doing, are they planning to fail her. Bihaan taunts her. Dadi says Shraddha or Thapki, even if anyone wins, our family will win. Bau ji asks Shraddha to win hearts by humanity like Thapki did.

Thapki takes blessings of elders and says I will take Vasundara’s blessings as well. She goes upstairs and looks for her. Vasundara collides with her. Her phone and matchstick fall. Thapki says I m sorry, I will pick the phone. Vasundara hides the matchstick. Thapki picks the phone and gives her. Thapki takes her blessings for next round. Vasundara says be prepared, competition will be touch. She takes the matchstick and leaves.

Thapki gets phone cover and goes to storeroom to give Vasundara. Vasundara thinks there won’t be any competition, and then Thapki can’t win, and lights stick to burn the required items for next round. Thapki opens the door.

The lady says all the things got burnt, what will we do. Vasundara says there can be other ways to find out who has best capabilities, and suggests singing competition.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. hate sharaddha and vasundra

    1. I so hope Thapki and Bihaan stay together and become a power couple they’re so good together .

  2. no one in the family cares for dhruv except for his mom.. its really bad.. and whatta useless track going on… r the writers out of their mind????

    1. That too over caring….
      First he should be open with them..
      There is no fault in them…

  3. Oh NO!!! Singing competition???!!!!!! Now what will happen!!!!!!

  4. Loved d episode…thahaan always rocks n whatever dat vasu try to make thapki loose…she will get it back as always….my only question is when d things got burnt dat task was called off as per vasu’s wish n everyone agreed but now she said singing competition inspite of knowing dat thapki cant sing just to make fun of her…so now everyone shud say dat its not fair as d competion shud be equal for everyone n fair ofcourse…..lets c but whatever i know thapki will even win this task becoz god n our hero bihaan is with her….n thapki stop being truely mahaan aatma as it is not a sin to teasch lesson to d bad ones…they deserve it….u said to bihaan dat it is my karm to win n bihaan said right dat think to make shraddha loose is ur main karm….so all d best….thahaan love u….

  5. Evil vasundara and shradha get lost..
    dhruv why are you doing this..?

    1. now what did dhruv do??

      1. @sashaa
        Dhruv thinks he is competing just to show thapki that she will see he is forgotten her and moved on

  6. Nice epi.Bakvas vasu&idiot shraddha.
    Waiting for nice moments.The story is tooooo dragging.The competition takes already 1 week yet it completes only 1round.Interestingly waiting for what will happen after the competition!!!!?????


    Bravo Thapk. Very interesting episode.

  8. So cute n fabulous thahaan scenes today ,cheap vasundara

  9. Hate both the devils.. Vasu and shraddha… ??

  10. 1st half of the episode was good 2nd half was as usual typical saas Bahu saga, wow thahaan won the race 🙂 that scene was so sweet when Bihaan said to Thapki “You became my eyes” so sweet.

  11. Nice epi only 4 thahan scence.

  12. Feeling bad for Dhruv.Writerji it’s not fair to ignore him???
    Vasu once u will curse urself ??????????

  13. Thahaans scenes were nice………but,writersji i can’t tolerate this dragging………pls,tried to make everything fast,i mean Thahaans unification.Bihaan……your a perfect actor yaaaaaaaa..

  14. Bihaan supported his mother and spoiled Dhruv’s life..gets a gud girl..Dhruv loves thapki and wants to give her all the happiness wants to be punished..what is this stupid track?? If they want to make Bihaan as a perfect loyal husband..make him to say the truth before the family with the guts..he said that he did not want family to hate that person who.helped him in storing the marriage like the family hate him do they hate him??? Highly ridiculous and irritating logics at all…only the poor character is dhruv..who cannot move his life towards shraddha and cannot move away from thapki…

    1. Ur absolutely right.. dhruv is suffering due to bihan and his mom.. and now see bihaan is happy and everyone loves him in the family. No one cares abt dhruvs happiness. .

      1. Hi guys!!!! I don’t know y u r saying this…..he didn’t talk or say what he,feels when he had to …..he was such a helpless guy…I too have pity for him……bit can’t say that he is poor and no one cares him….y should they care him…….he doesn’t talk to his bauji….always going office,doing work….he don’t, spend time with them!!!!
        Moreover his mom,takes very great care,for him…then y others should care…..
        And bihaan was first hated by everybody..but now he helps to make thapki win In all cost…..that’s y again everybody started liking him….
        If he tells the truth himself , then what is the need for marrying her..he would have told this that day itself….as an orphan he longer for his mum’s affection…
        I don’t say he didn’t do wrong !!!!! He did wromg But now he regret for his mistake…..that’s y????
        But the witch vasu asked him,wat wrong we did?????she doesn’t have the guys to accept her wrong…… so parent’s sin come to son!!!!!!

      2. Sorry, it is guts to accept the mistake………i am sorry,sp.mistake….

    2. And one more thing, I am sorry if I have hurted u aditi didi…… I just wanted to justify bihaan….

  15. Fromgermanyyyy

    This Episode was awesome…
    Thahan is the best!
    Hate vasundra and shraddha, what will Happen now, who will win the secnd round? Does someone now it ?
    I Hope u understand me, my english is not so good….

  16. Thahaan scenes was awesome…thapki u should nt be Mahan aatma its not at all real bcz as human being should show anger for right reason but u r like a too great Mahan aatma and y r u show all d anger towards bihaan only.

  17. I love thapki and bihaan i

  18. its too dragging…….when will d truth b reavealed?

  19. Nice episode

  20. Gosh how vasu put down tapki just because she stammers that is so wrong and says to do singing compittion very well knowing that tapki stammers while she talks, I hate pple who judges pple with their ability, disability and capability wch puts them down to the ground. It kills me bcoz I’m very emotional fool. I love thaahan i love the way they support each othr.

  21. The epi was awesome……
    Thahaan is the best…at least better than tharuv..

  22. Thahaan scene was awesome…
    loved it.
    guys goes to this site and vote for thahaan..

    1. I alwways did.
      guys it was limitless go and votes for thapki-bihaan.
      tks for sharing

    2. Wow thahaan in second position great. Thahaanians plz vote

      1. We should make them first !!!! Just 800more votes needed….
        Vote them yaar….

    3. I have done with 100 more times…
      proud to be thahaan fan..????

    4. dont be so happy they are now second sad

  23. First part is super
    thahaan rockss

  24. Love thahaans scenes but storyline is more dragging
    writerji plz expose vasu oor unite thahaan not interested part at all only thahaan scenes was super another filling scenes was boring loosing interest plzzzzz

  25. Vasu hate thapki just bcoz of stemmer she think stremmer person couldnt be good hearted .nd her bahu
    whom she chossed for dhuruv luv her ,she cant think gud for her mother in law she only want to win only she doesnt luv vasu she just shows thats she luv her nd all family member nd thapki whom she hate she has done many think to her she saved her life nd she respect her..i think she doesnt deserve thapki

  26. Hi writers ji !!!! Come on it’s enough of ur dragging story line….make thapki get to know the truth……
    Hoping that this,new year will be a happy new year for thahaan and ver worst new year for vasu……… least now!!!!!!it’s over more than 4 months of hiding the truth…. Even now also if u don’t, make it, then I am sure that trps will fall again….and also what ur heroine will be a deaf and dumb…..????????come on come soon !!!wake up…….hoping that 2mrw’s epi will create doubt in thapki’s heart…

    Really enjoyed thahaan’s scene… Especially when he said “u became my eyes,that’s y…” Love u thahaan keep,rocking……

  27. thahaan romance osum….thahaan the win competition

  28. @ sashaa

    Dhruv thinks he is competing just to show thapki that he forgotten her and moved on

  29. Karinnaaridokono(Fatarajo)

    Congrats guy, Thahaan is at no.1 now in tellyexpress Jodi of the year,I checked 2 days ago they were so much behind, it was kinda unexpected they came no.1 just like this Dum laga ke haisha race 🙂 well done guys, I voted for them 5 times,but I like Raga n Vidhaani a little more, so I voted for them even more

  30. Karinnaaridokono(Fatarajo)

    Assume if dhruvki got married, what would have happened? This dhruv is following his mom blindly not his fault, he would have support his mom even if he loved thapki as his mom would create obstacles, and u all could enjoy dhruvki scenes for a few times only. Even though Bihaan did wrong, he would actuallyo support Thapki indirectly as he somewhat knows about Vasundhara. I m not saying its good that thahaan got married instead of dhruvki, I m saying that thapki would have struggled more if she married dhruv, even if dhruv loved her. So for now keep calm n, enjoy TPK and thahaan scenes, and no offfence to dhruvki fans, don’t be angry on thapki or bihaan not their fault, its vasu`s fault

  31. Come on guys plz vote for tapki bhihaan ka jodi

  32. hi………….guys,pls vote for THAHAAN……….

  33. Guys!!! Come on vote for thahaan yaar…….

  34. Ranaji(narendran)

    Guys pls vote for viplav and dhaani. I am big fan of this show but they have spoiled by vasundra I hate her. Pls vote guys

  35. Slow ,dragged and im losing interest please unite thahaan please.

  36. I’m already vote 4 thapki and bihan in 10times. Bcoz i really likes the new couple. And bihan looks i feel he is so genuine. And also i vote for ritik and shivanya pair viplav dhani pair. Last but not least in my heart says the pair ranveer and ishani i vote 4 the couple. Guys vote for ur choice of on screen pair in tv.

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