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Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the family being shocked to hear Bihaan’s truth. Bau ji asks Dadi to take everyone and go. Dhruv asks Bihaan what is he saying. Bihaan says he is saying the truth. Dhruv says I know this is not true, you have saved Thapki, its our marriage now, you were so happy, whats the reason, tell me. Bihaan says he is saying truth and recalls Vasundara’s words. He says I don’t want stammering girl to become your wife, and says Vasundara’s words. Bau ji slaps Bihaan. Dhruv asks Bihaan is he hurt. Bau ji says I taught him to speak and knows him well. He scolds Bihaan for giving his name and doing his upbringing, Bihaan has ashamed him today.

He scolds him for cheating them. He says I taught him to respect women, and he has kept such small mindset for their to be bahu,

how did he forget that Vasundara chose Thapki. Krishnakant defends Thapki. Bau ji says Bihaan will ne out of house till marriage happens, no one will stop him, if he stays here, he will bring hurdles in marriage, so I decided he will go. The tulsi plant falls there. Bau ji asks Thapki not to worry, the marriage will happen. They all leave. Thapki picks the plant and soil. Dhruv looks on. He says we did not know Bihaan will do this. She says she is scared. He says I m with you, I will hold your hand with a promise, I will not leave your hand ever. He asks her to smile, and asks did she eat anything since morning.

She says I m fine. He asks her to have food. She says she has fast, She will eat after rituals. He says then we have to keep rituals soon and takes her. The tulsi plant is kept there. Bihaan sits in temple and recalls Vasundara’s words and Bau ji’s words.

Vasundara comes to Bihaan and says you could not stop the marriage, so I m here as I can’t see this marriage happening, that mum is lucky to see son’s marriage, but I m unlucky as I m going to see Dhruv’s life getting into a curse. He says he has tried hard, but Lord did something or the else, maybe its Lord’s wish. She says then Lord has to break this relation for me, I can’t accept Thapki in Dhruv’s life,

Vasundara scolds Bihaan and emotionally blackmails him. She says she will stop the marriage even if she has to die. She leaves. Bihaan rings the temple bells and asks what did mum say now, and cries. He says he wants mum’s love and why did she ask this big price, Bau ji, Dhruv and both families stake is at one side and other side is mum, what shall I do. He says if mum does anything to her, I can’t let this happen. He recalls Bau ji’s words and says what shall I do, tell me.

Bau ji slaps Bihaan and asks Bihaan to be away from Dhruv and Thapki till marriage happens. Dhruv propmises to be with Thapki and holds her hand. Bau ji asks dhol men to play. Vasundara gets angry seeing Jai Mala happening and ignites matchstick to light up fire in the mandap.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amena…I think you mistaken.Same precap! Episode was good…

  2. Nothing to comment. Not going good

  3. Episode was curious to know what will be happen

  4. poor bihaan stuck in vasu trap. she’s only emotionally blackmailing him and she will never accept him or love him as her son anyway

  5. no .. amena is not wrong today is same precap like last….no cmnt for epi….bt this is fact seems that dhurvki will not a cople..

  6. Epi was good.waiting for next epi.vasu is so selfish.if balwinder and dhruv will know her truth.they will sure hate her.vasu is immotionally blackmailing bihan.let’s see what will happen next.

  7. so here is my prediction: To save vasu’s life bihaan (with help of paan) will swap grooms and sit in mandap with thapki. When everyone knows that bihaan has married thapki instead of druv then everyone will get angry on bihaan and no one will talk to him. thapki will not except the marriage and stay at her mayka. bihaan will be miserable when no one in the house talks to him. to save bihaan from the pain paan being a good friend will tell thapki everything that bihaan married her to save his mother vasu. Thapki will realize that vasu emotionally blackmailed bihaan and used him to execute her evil plan to break druvki’s marriage. Thapki wil then go to bihaan’s house as the bahu of the house to bring vasu’s truth in front of the whole family (including bihaan). there will be a cold war between vasu and thapki. during all the drama bihaan and thapki will fight but slowly fall in love with each other. (druv will be heartbroken but eventually he’ll get over it)
    PS : this is just my prediction (for druv thapki fans I hope this doesn’t happen but for bihaan thapki fans like me I hope it does 😛 )

  8. Nice prediction….. I am also thinking that is what going to happen

  9. so cheap mum….

  10. I wasted so much Time watching this for tharuv’s marriage and romance..expected a lot..gonna stop watching this serial..

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