Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Thapki saying that she needs forgiveness from Bihaan and she needs to expose too. She said that she will do it together.

Shradha was sleeping for two hours when her sleep was disturbed by loud music. She came downstairs and surprised with the party. Everyone said that everything was done by Thapki. Shradha thanked Thapki and about to dance. Everybody stopped her and pushed her in the side where ladies were present to sing lullabies. Shradha fumed but Thapki made her sit among the ladies. The ladies started singing lullabies. Bhabies called Thapki to dance with her.

Suman pushed Bihaan on the floor with Thapki. Dadi asked him to dance but he refused. But everybody pressed and he was forced to oblige. He took her in his arms harshly. The dance was passionate but full of anger and hurt.

Thapki was about to fall but Bihaan saved her. Bihaan said that he saved her this time but won’t save next time. Everyone praised Thahaan. Bihaan left angrily and Thapki looked on.

Shradha was about to color her hair when Thapki stopped her. Vasu also came and scolded her. Thapki made her eat banana and milk.

Shradha planned her miscarriage and wants to make Thapki responsible for it. She called someone asking a box and instructed him to give the box in her hands. Thapki listened and wondered why Shradha was doing it. She followed Shradha.

Vasu and Bauji were planning the baby room and asked Thapki to choose the colour. They decided to paint the room white when Shradha entered with a box.

Shradha opened the box while Thapki was watching. Shradha took out woolen garments for the baby. She acted like she was talking to the baby. Thapki was convinced that Shradha was actually pregnant. She hugged Shradha and apologised to her.

Precap: Thahaan inside the cold storage. Bihaan was about to tell I love you to Thapki when he faints.

Update Credit to: Dplee

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  1. is logic se 25 May to phir bhi thik hai. agar cv’s ka marriage anniversary ka plan hoova to ????


  2. nice episode and eagerly waiting for tommorrow’s episode

  3. Arehvahhh!! Wat a chemistry!! Wat a physics!!! Wat a science!! Between shradda and thapki πŸ™‚ they r smiling at each other they r hugging each other,thapki take care shradda more than her self πŸ™‚ do u onething guys thapki’s first love ram pyari,2nd love is gulaboo,3rd love is maa,4th love is shradda <3
    Bihaan is nothing for her πŸ™

    1. hey kana…its correct..i am also accept u…

    2. Damn true..she loves everyone except bihaan..

    3. Kana …bihaan is thapki’s bodyguard ,saviour ,humdard, moreover he is her FRIEND….asal mein moti budhdhi tho thapki hai….use sab ki pareshaani dikhthi hai…lekin bechaare bihaan ki dil ki baath samaz mein nahi aa rahi hai. ..wo dosthi ke aage kuch sochthi hi nahi. ..

    4. hehahaha LOL

      sahi hai

  4. I m damn happy foe thahaan…hope that bihaan is alryt…but surely..shraddha would ve doing smthing against thapki…

    1. yes but obviously her plan against tpki helps to thahaan to come closer πŸ™‚

  5. soooooooooooooooooo boring i

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