Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 26th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Thapki saying that she needs forgiveness from Bihaan and she needs to expose too. She said that she will do it together.

Shradha was sleeping for two hours when her sleep was disturbed by loud music. She came downstairs and surprised with the party. Everyone said that everything was done by Thapki. Shradha thanked Thapki and about to dance. Everybody stopped her and pushed her in the side where ladies were present to sing lullabies. Shradha fumed but Thapki made her sit among the ladies. The ladies started singing lullabies. Bhabies called Thapki to dance with her.

Suman pushed Bihaan on the floor with Thapki. Dadi asked him to dance but he refused. But everybody pressed and he was forced to oblige. He took her in his arms harshly. The dance was passionate but full of anger and hurt.

Thapki was about to fall but Bihaan saved her. Bihaan said that he saved her this time but won’t save next time. Everyone praised Thahaan. Bihaan left angrily and Thapki looked on.

Shradha was about to color her hair when Thapki stopped her. Vasu also came and scolded her. Thapki made her eat banana and milk.

Shradha planned her miscarriage and wants to make Thapki responsible for it. She called someone asking a box and instructed him to give the box in her hands. Thapki listened and wondered why Shradha was doing it. She followed Shradha.

Vasu and Bauji were planning the baby room and asked Thapki to choose the colour. They decided to paint the room white when Shradha entered with a box.

Shradha opened the box while Thapki was watching. Shradha took out woolen garments for the baby. She acted like she was talking to the baby. Thapki was convinced that Shradha was actually pregnant. She hugged Shradha and apologised to her.

Precap: Thahaan inside the cold storage. Bihaan was about to tell I love you to Thapki when he faints.

Update Credit to: Dplee


    • sag

      yes exactly this start from I L….. instead of nok jok n anger and at least starting of thahaan’s confessions.

  1. Aparna12 appu

    Wow precap was nice .. I heard that thapki will go air off around august it true?

    • sag

      there is no concrete evidence,even on google about off air

      but I don’t care because I m satisfied if it air off on or after reunite of thahaan 😁

    • Kalpana

      Guys tpk is our fav show and thahaan are the best couple…so i request u all too resgister complaint on color channel complaint side to stop if tpk is going off air. Yaar inte saare dusre serial hai jo gayi saalo se logo hai with proper track n trp. O yeh to new show hai …

      • Aparna12appu

        yeah …………but there is only 4 more months….. but b4 that i wish to see nice episodes and i want shradha to get out of the house quickly …..!!

  2. Ranaji(die hard fan of Surya)

    Ohhhh.. I think bihaan will get up and tell His hope thapki will accept.. It.

    • sag

      I hope that but it’s not possible I think thahaan reunite Will not be as simple as think u .

      it’s come with more typical drama.

  3. Finally he cofesses his luv!!!

    In the upcoming epi bihaan is gonna push thapki on the floor infront of everyone bauji comes n slaps him on the face.

    That wat it says on india forums

  4. nasreen

    hai guys..always precap ia superb. but full episode is not nice.. we expect only thahaan scenes.. not fool shraddha scenes.. am i right guys.?

    • sag

      yes my friend but only thahaan scenes is like winning a lottery n u know it’s not possible to everyday..

  5. Mishti(mineey)

    OMG!! horrible precap. No bihaan i can’t see u hurt. Not even in my worst nightmare. Please thapki save my bihaan Plzz.

  6. reji

    my heart broke when i saw the precape…will bihaan die and thahaan become tharuv??? if so then i will definitly stop watching this STUPID Seriel

  7. Fatarajo

    OMG is it for real anyways today’s episode was awesome and TPK this week is jhakas only if Bihaan wasn’t to arrogant TPK rocks thahaan rocks And awesome precap I hope Thapki gets to understand Bihaan’s love confession this week for sure TPK will be no. 1 colors show after Naagin they at least deserve this much and no IPL in weekdays for TPK so they have an advantage

    • Hai fatarajo. .. …..precap not wrong yaarrr not love confession. ….he not say I love you …bihaan just say to thapki…I WANT TELL SOMETHING TO YOU…..After bihaan fall her faints. …..

      • All are too exciting and top gear …..!!!!!!!!! Please stay in neutral. …….
        ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. … …
        Cvs ki jai ho…….

      • .vinlora

        Hi santhosh if I have not mistaken in precap bihaan says “thapki muje kuch tumse kehna hai ….I L..L..La ” bolta hai phir behosh hojata hai. .Bihaan is about to confess but he couldn’t complete. …and this is only bcoz of CV’S. ..pyaar ke dushman. .

    • Actually santosh I read updates first then I watch episodes on weekdays due to classes I didn’t totally understand te precap love confession wow but Bihaan to die :O no way nowadays mujhe TPK dekhne main Bohot maza ati hain last month TPK was down this month TPK is rocking

  8. Precap. …
    Most nearest moment of THAHAAN love track. ………

    bihaan telling ….thapki muje ….tummse kuchh khehana hai….tummseee……bola gir gaya MOTI BUDDHI….

    bola tho ek aur word nahi boll sakththi kya ……????? PYAR HAI….!!!!!!!!

    hai nahi hogi sabb ke sabb thahaan fans kushi mai rehana math ……!!!!!!!!

    Muje lagtha hai wo shraddha ki fake pregnancy ki baare mai keha ne ko koshish kar raha tha…….!!!!!!

    Not much of high expectations guys ….

    iske baadh bi unka gussa kamm nahi huva na ……iss liye

    Some news …Up coming spoiler may 1 …….

    bihaan ko bauji ne thappd maara hai kyo ki bihaan ne sab ke saamne thapki ko gusse mai floor mai giradiya iss liye….

    • sag

      ya I know ki thahaa reunite itne jaldi nai hogi but nokjok se achcha to adha adhura confessions hai na

  9. Tomorrow episode is awsoome, bihaan try to confes his luv ??but cant..bcoz he thinks that yeh last moment hai oski zindagi ka …. before his dead he wants to tell truth which he hidden in his heart….??thats how much he luv thapki?

  10. ITS REALLY A SHOCKING PRECAP……Manish,you are a tremendous actor yaarr.Hey….friend Aparna,iam also confused most of them are says that TPK will going to off air on august. DEAR FRIENDS,IF YOU CAN PLS TELLME IS IT TRUE/NOT….

  11. I hope bholi ko episode ma bihaan la thapki sitaa sabai man ka kura gaarose!!!!bholi ko sene hardah malai aru serial ko sene yad aayo same sene in every serial……

  12. .vinlora

    Kya yaar hey CV’S bhi na….itne mushkil ke baad ab sab kuch teek hone hi wala tha thabi bihaan ko behosh kardiya. …kam se kam I LOVE U tho pura bolne dethe. …..hmm mein tho bhool gayi …itni jaldi thahaan ko kaise unite karthe …??? Abhi tho uss kabab mein haddi ko beech mein aana bakhi hai….I mean Dhruv sir ko…waise aaj ka thahaan dance tho intense tha….aur precap bhi bahuth interesting lag raha hai. ..

    • Wo scene dekh ne ke liye aur do din wait karna padega. ….. wo scene air on Friday ……tabb tak humm shrpki aur vapki ki drama dekh na padega. …..

  13. gayathri

    S you r correct. First shradha make fool motherhood now she is insulting childhood. As a mother I hate shradha character. Thahaan kya chal raha hai yaar

  14. sag

    Such nice precap F 4 fantastic n F 4 fabulous. thahaan track started. but sadness is that the again the conversation stop after I and L.

    At least Love to bol dete…

    One another good news is that colors change the concept from treeshakti to climax shukrvaar.


    Ye shraddha to badi wali S 4 shatir or S 4 shetaan nikli….
    Thapki ko bhi bewkoof bana diya…..

    • .vinlora

      Thapki ko bevakoof banana mushkil nahi wo tho pehle se hi bevakoof hai…tabhi tho asaani se shraddha aur vasu ke baatho aa jaathi hai…aur ab tak bihaan ka pyaar samaj nahi aaya usko matlab wo badi bevakoof hi na???

  15. Prtibha

    Yeah i also read somewhere that Thapki will go off air in august n I.K.R.S. Will be in july….y they r going to do this coz trp is also good not getting any reason for this n they r not giving any spoiler regarding this…let’s c what happens but m sure that bihaan won’t die…they can’t ruin their show na..n please Thapki learn to read the language of eyes like bihaan does….see his love yr..

  16. M

    Episode – 305
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 27 Apr
    Shraddha receives a call regarding woolen clothes for the baby and Thapki seems happy when she overhears her conversation.
    Episode – 306
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 28 Apr
    As Bihaan questions Shraddha about faking the pregnancy, she becomes nervous. When Thapki enters the room, she argues with Bihaan for worrying Shraddha.
    Episode – 307
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 29 Apr
    Thapki tries to apologise to Bihaan but, he refuses to forgive her. As she trembles because of the cold, Bihaan offers his jacket to her.
    Episode – 308
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 30 Apr
    Vasu suggests Thapki to decorate the house and make Bihaan special. Meanwhile, Shraddha plans to fake a miscarriage and put the blame on Thapki.
    Episode – 309
    07:00 PM – 07:30 PM, 01 May
    An angry Bihaan pushes Thapki a little and she falls in front of the family. As everyone witnesses Thapki falling, Balwinder slaps Bihaan.

  17. Mridula

    Phir see confession missed…plzz confess karoke jaldi..! ???
    Bihaan ko kuch nahi hogan kyunki TOI ke spoilers mein likha Ki bihaan will ask shraddha abt fake pregnancy and thapki will support shraddha yet again showing anger to bihaan and then miscarriage drama..and then bauji is gonna slap bihaan..?? Kya pata Yeh thahaan ko kab milaenge… I guess 25th may ko hi thahaan ka love confession hoga. .????

    • Nuszat (T!B!H!) (~Nusz)

      Mridula, don’t you read my ff anymore? I really miss your comments on there~Nusz

      • Mridula

        Hey nusz, I am so sorry I will not be able to read for a few more days…my exams are going on! Will surely read what I missed.. but it will be after around 2 weeks. I also miss reading it..? I am not even regular with tpk episodes for now. Sorry but wI’ll read it when I get time.??

    • sag

      is logic se 25 May to phir bhi
      thik hai. agar cv’s ka marriage
      anniversary ka plan hoova to ????

      • Mridula

        Marriage anniversary toh abhi nahi hoga.. 3 months itna lamba liya..phir bola November mein shaadi hui hai..Toh thahaan anniversary ke lie bahut time hai????

  18. neha

    Omg!!! What a precap…its awesome…. But I wish that somehow bihaan should propose thapki on that scene, so that she also knows what bihaan feels for her….I’m sure bihaan will not die coz he’s the mail lead opposite thapki….waiting for 2mrow episode…and waiting that shraddha shouldn’t blame for her fake miscarriage…. Must say shraddha’s a big drama queen…

  19. Tiara tara

    Hi guys. Precap give an heart attack. I think thapki help bihaan to get back his consious. There is no death gonna happen in tpk. In my opinion, there is a chance of tharuv. This due to that shraddhas dumb idea of ‘fake pregnancy’ . If again Dhruvs heart get broken, he will sure go to thapki again. Becoz in dhruv thoughts say, bihaan and thapki not love each other. So there is a chance. But if thapki refuse to do so. Then 100% sure that our cutie pie thahaan unite. And we can watch love happening on thahaan. And tpk have touch of cupid. We have a chance to watch Love story of thahaan. Iam proud to say that im a bihaan fan. So obviously im a thahaan fan too.

  20. Tiara tara

    I have a request. In coming thahaan love track, plz show some cupid magic work. And something special for all thahaans fans. I read some news about tpk off air on august. I really wish this news must be fake. If this gonna happen, i as a thahaan and other wonder ful persons who are thahaan fans wants to watch and feel the love of thahaan. And always remember this cute pair. Its my humble request. Thank u.

  21. Malu

    Precap is worthwatching bihaan about to confess I love u to thapki…but he broke saddd… is the thapki think that bihaan confess her sorry!!!!

  22. Thapki try to win bihaan trust u can do it .. keep try. Bihaan please ya forgive thaki u love right. if we love someone if that person realized he/her mistake we should forgive her or else it will be too late don’t do that mistake bihaan forgive her and how could u believe that monkey shaardha words as if u don’t no thapki goodness .. bihaan u have goodness in u how ever u will forgive thaki.. thapki u have start to love bihaan can see that clearly in your eyes .. All the best both of soon u both will understand your feelings & share it . Keep doing good & love u bihaan&thapki..

  23. moni

    Guys…thahaan is going to be locked in d cold storage as d precap…but sumbody willlocks them up…i saw it on youtube where manish was giving exclusive interview of d coming track…loving for thahaan romance track….

  24. Nimisha ?

    Good episode but

    I can’t believe no one stopped Bihaan from hurling Thapki around like a rag doll during the dance sequence. That was awful the way he manhandled her. Yes we get he’s angry but he,s just being a bully now.

    Monica is really good at shraddha. She does comedy shraddha really well one minute then slips effortlessly into the bunny boiler shraddha the next.

    Really love Suman and Preethi. They are so jolly always and quite funny.

    Precap is interesting.mwhere do they get locked up? The spoilers above that someone posted suggest that the cold scene is later, so is this a precap that will take days to be shown?

  25. Rinka

    they are also showing a promo on colors that this friday 7-11 p.m. shows will be special and in this they showed tpk’s cold storage scene.. I think they won’t show it before Friday.. 🙁

  26. savi

    Hmmmm another too good to be true!
    They getting fans hope you n then disappointment on this series. I say the real life is off camera real love story Dhruv n Thapki. Shaddra get her ways hats off to her lol. Thapki too focus on wining n being innocent like come on focus either or your love life as well. Marriaged isn’t all about worshiping in laws wth. WHO AGREE???

  27. Trupti

    agar Bihan I luv bol dega to serial aage kaise badhega?I think thapki pahle Shradha ko expose karegi then wo jab ghar chod k jayegi tab tak use realise ho jayega she loves Bihan then Bihan use rok lega & wo kahegi I luv u,ghar wale fir se unki shadi kara denge,lekin tab Vasu chahegi ki Thapki ki shadi wo Druv se kara de

    • hmm.vinlora

      Hmmm…eaisa ho sakta hai. ..lekin pata nahi jab thahaan ek doosre se confess karne hi wale hote hai tabhi thapki ka accident hoga memory loss ka drama shuru hoga. ..phir se kahani tharuv se shuru hogi. ..bihaan bechaara …Maa ke liye ,bhayi ke liye,thapki ke liye apni kushi tyag dega….phir se mahine bar yahi natak chaalu hume pakane ke liye. …

    • Nimisha ?

      Bihan told Thapki she didn’t just hurt him, she broke his heart. That to me is him telling her he loved her.

  28. sag

    is logic se 25 May to phir bhi thik hai. agar cv’s ka marriage anniversary ka plan hoova to ????


  29. Kana

    Arehvahhh!! Wat a chemistry!! Wat a physics!!! Wat a science!! Between shradda and thapki 🙂 they r smiling at each other they r hugging each other,thapki take care shradda more than her self 🙂 do u onething guys thapki’s first love ram pyari,2nd love is gulaboo,3rd love is maa,4th love is shradda <3
    Bihaan is nothing for her 🙁

  30. Ash?

    I m damn happy foe thahaan…hope that bihaan is alryt…but surely..shraddha would ve doing smthing against thapki…

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