Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Thapki telling Bihaan that she is the new owner of the house. She reminds Kosi that she has signed on the papers yesterday. Kosi recalls Shraddha getting her signatures on the papers and thinks I thought she is literate. Kosi asks Vani, why does she wants her house, when she has so much. Thapki says she is doing this because of Bihaan and tells that Bihaan has ill treated her, and tried to push her out of house. She tells that she didn’t learn to snatch other’s things and will pay the market value of the house. Vasu tells her that she has counted Bihaan’s mistakes, but whatever he has done is for his wife, in her love. She says you too have done wrong and asks her to look at her wrong doings. Thapki asks her not to give her lecture and asks them to vacate the house

in one hour, else she will call the police and get the house vacated. Preeti says we will go to our hotel and will stay there. Balwinder says we will return soon and get back this house.

Thapki says I want this house vacated in one hour. Kosi is shocked and says I have become poor. She says if Vani cancels the deal then…..Shraddha is shocked too. Kosi scolds Bihaan for troubling Vani. She says I am feeling like fainting and falls on Dhruv. Dhruv says what can one do? He thinks it is just a start. Thapki thinks it is difficult to punish them altogether, and thinks they have snatched her baby. Bihaan comes there. He says you are so egoistic and says I will make you go from this world. Bihaan pushes her on bed and picks a knife from the fruit basket. He says you have punished me, and now it is my turn. Thapki gets tensed.

Bihaan says I will die, but will not see ugly face of yours. He says I hate you with the same intensity as I loved Thapki. He throws the knife and walks out of room. Thapki recalls her accident and thinks to take revenge for her child’s death. Shraddha asks Dhruv, how the papers changed. Dhruv says I don’t know and says I gave papers to you, you got Kosi’s signatures. Thapki comes and says she has changed the papers and threatens Shraddha and Dhruv that if they do anything then she will show the papers in which Shraddha’s name is written. Dhruv says we will not tell anyone. Thapki goes. Shraddha tells Dhruv that they have to keep quiet. Thapki sees Aditi packing clothes. She asks where are you going? Aditi says she thought her good, but she has changed her perception and is like a rotten apple, who looks good from outside. She blames Thapki and says I hate you even more.

Everyone is leaving from the house. They look at Vani/Thapki. Inspector comes with Constables and asks where you people are running away. Preeti says they are going to their hotel. Inspector says hotel is sealed. Bihaan asks why? Inspector says they got to know about illegal business of wine and have raided it. Inspector arrests Balwinder and Vasu. Balwinder says it is on Kosi’s name. Kosi says I have named it on your name, as house was on my name. She says it is for your betterment and tells she doesn’t know who have done this complaint. Inspector arrests them and asks to come. He asks Bihaan to come also. Thapki looks on with teary eyes.

Kosi comes to meet Bihaan. Bihaan asks who has bailed me out. Kosi says I didn’t. Thapki says I can bail out everyone, and tells about her condition. She asks Bihaan to marry her. Bihaan looks shocked. Dhruv looks on equally shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Why is dhruv shocked as he was aslo in her plan

    1. May be She planned it her own…
      Overtaking Dhruv’s plans… ????
      Dhruv is smiling while police arresting his own pandey family and including himself…
      Dhruv is planning double game with all…..

  2. I watch tpk because this serial different from the other serial but… now I have mistake this serial same.I think next scenes are fun, have good value, and enjoyed look this show. But so heavily scenes, beat each other, revenge, and full slap. I love previous scenes. At previous bihan have a billion idea to save thapki. And thapki have long live to love bihan. They acting okkey but scenes so dragging. Come back my old thahan.

  3. very nice episode.thapki go and marry bihaan.don’t giveup for Sankara.

  4. I dont like with this kind of thapki. She has stoned heart and like an evil. Why the writter changes her characters like that….

  5. Maybe he didn’t expect her to say this just yet.

  6. Die for manyasa

    Hey guys me shruti how are you all yaar anybody pls tell me trp and toi spoilers waiting for it ep was good thapki trying to take revenge btw thahaan fan pooja fatarajo santosh bhai anu manish ki diwani garima and all pls comment yaar



      today spoiler..⬇⬇⬇

      Episode Synopsis
      Episode – 475
      06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 26 Oct Set Alert
      More show timings
      Thapki assures a confused Dhruv that she has a plan. The Pandey family is surprised to see Thapki perform the ‘Griha Pravesh’ for them.
      Episode – 476
      06:30 PM – 07:00 PM, 27 Oct Set Alert
      More show timings
      There is no synopsis available for this episode.

      1. SANTHOSH

        confuse math karo TRP last week
        1.2(not twelve.?)

  7. even i’m, who just reading the written episode, also shock… hhhh

  8. precap don’t make sense and be bored.

  9. Love this…can’t wait to see thapki avenge her child’s death..nice finally she has the strength of many. To take revenge on the whole family.. I love her strength?????

  10. Overall a good episode but I felt little bit sad for seeing Thahaans painful situation.precap is gajab super excited .I think it will be a crucial episode…Thahaan rocks.Garima,Iam fine I hope you too good.


      hi ✋ POOJA.?..

      how are you… ❕❔

  11. Manish ki deewani

    Precap is interesting . but thapki always said that she want to take revenge from pandey family especially from bihaan now she want to marry with bihaan but I’m happy 4 that . i think that even dhruv did’t know about her plan thats y he is shocked
    Hi pooja garima die for manyasa hw r u guys

  12. Super episode…

  13. Writer is gone mad he doesn’t made the sense one hand thapki says she wants to take revenge from Bihaan but on the other hand she says bihaan to marry her this is not a sense bakwas drama and vese bhi Indian dramas hmari trf bnd ho gye hn

  14. Nice episode…

  15. It is revenge because he says he hates her as much as he loved Thapki! Shud be interesting as Kosi only loves money and will pressure Bihaan to say yes! Sankara will become evil! I feel a kidnapping coming

  16. Omg what’s with the limited aditi and dhruv scenes ? Like seriously I’m only watching thapki for this new couple, they better turn into couple or this show can go to hell.

  17. I see in precap dhruv doesnt show a shock face :/

  18. The main character is an evil.I think better the last story that good guy will win from the evil plan because God always help good people.vani should make the family realise their Mistage of thapki not olny punnish them

  19. Ab aayega asali maza to watch tpk..sab natak khatam ab asali drama asali tashan suru…bihaan n vaani marriage…uff vo bhi pyaar wala nhi…nafarat wala.rishta jodega means full on tashan so nw this will b really interesting to see..hope thy execute the storlyline well..

    1. I am also agree with u . 100%.

  20. ” Thapki looks on with teary eyes” loool

  21. Now it’s interesting that Thapki planned to marry Bihan for her revenge..Waiting for Precap and upcoming scenes between Thahaan..

  22. This is really boring , what the hell is the writer of this serial thinking ? Are they going to continue this nonsense drama for another year ? Getting married with hatred and start all over again . What kind of revenge is that , plus she should get revenge from kosi first of all and then Bihaan for not trusting hey , what is pandey family’s role here and that sankara , I feel like she is extra role and the put her in show just for fun !
    This is really getting boring , finish it faster !

  23. I agreed with nay. First kosi should out.

  24. Super episode….

  25. Hi…santhosh Bhai…I am are you?now a days really miss your comments Bhai.pls comment yaar.


      i am super fine.. ??

      main toh ongoing track se kush nahi hoo??? issi liye form par aane ka mann nahi hain..???..

      Cvs poore story ko karaab karke rakhdiya hain aur ooper se aaj kal dhruv ke saath thapki ko dekhthe hi mera blood boil??? hotha hain….

      patha nahi Cvs ko lead pair ko alag karke fans ko story dikhane mai kya maza aatha hai….❕❕

      this is the reason… ??
      achcha track aayega toh zarur daily forum par aah hoonga…..?


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