Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Thapki Pyaar Ki 25th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tina and Munna are about to leave when Kosi devi stops her and she says that she will not let her go like this alone and so if Thapki has left her then she will go with her but Tina says that she will not take the help of her. Bani tries to talk with her saying that she doesnot know she has spent the 15 years of her life and if someone can take are of her then it is her. Kosi devi says thinks that she will finaally have her revenge and will make tina bleed.
Aryan comes and tries to stop Tina saying that she is wrong as her mother really loves her but she says that he is only saying that because he really loves her and is not going to see that she is wrong.

Tina turns towards her family saying that she doesnot want them to come otherwise she will not be able to leave, after saying that

she walks out of the door.

When Tina is about to enter in the car Thapki comes running and signals her to come up but she thinks of what happened and refuses to come thereby leaving.

Kosi devi walks into a little house filled with dust, followed by Tina and Munna. Kosi says to Munna to go and get something to eat. she asks Tina to sit down and then starts taking her jewellary saying that she will keep them safe for her and so she takes them. Kosi thinks that this is just the begining of the disasters that are about to come in the life of Tina.

In the Panday house Vasundra is crying helplessly for her Tina wondering as to how will she be able to live at such type of place. Panday jee tries to console her saying that she will be alright.

Samar’s mother asks for her leave saying that she will now go but when Samar says that he will also go with her then Vasandura begs her to not go and stay with them at which point seeing both of them in such a worrying situation he agrees.

Bani is sitting in her room when Samar comes and he says to her that he is also confused and will try everything possible to help her as he knows that she also loves Munna. Bani says that will he break the marriage at this he stops and then she hands him a list of rules saying that he will have to follow them now that he is with her and they will live as strangers,.

Tina is trying to clean her house and is wondering as to how will she be able to live in such place and then sits down to take rest. Munna comes near her and then removes her scarf at which she gets up and then starts to scold him saying that she will not be her wife but then Munna points towards a spider walking on the ground and then he says that he will always be with her and will help her as her friend.

Samar grabs Bani tightly saying that he thought that she was a nice girl and so he will also help her but now has understood that she will not live like this so he will make sure that he correct her attitude, when he is about to leave Bani’s locket gets stuck in hus clothes and he is only able to leave after taking it out.

Aryan is knocking on the door of Thapki whe Vasundra comes asking as to what the matter is and after she gets to know she says that Thapki has done such a horrible thing and is responsible for ruining four lives and that she even wished that he had not saved her from falling in the cliff so that she would not have see such a day.

Aryan drags Banni out in the open and lashes out at her asking as o how can she be such cold blooded as she destroyed tghe life of not only her sister but also her daughter and what does she really want at which she says that she only wants her mother to suffer and will also tell everyone his secret .

Preap: Aryan asks Bani as to will she shoot him saying that it is the same thin that he wants because she is a girl who doesnot deserve this family,he takes out a gun and points it at the head of Bani. Thapki is amazed to see this situation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Bani hate you….everyone says that you are the repleca of your father but its not true……Bihaan feels shame on you …….according to some spoilers Aryan draws Thapkis photo …so guys his identity is very close to us……really awaiting to see that confession……Thapki very sad to see you …….
    anyway……..once again i want to convey my wishes to the team for their journey going through the second year………gajjab
    hello…..reshu,garima,anu,sandy,vino,sruti,navami,kudrat,rinka,santhosh bhai,apeksha……

    1. hello poo .hw r u dear.really agree with u .me too hate this bani .she is not like our bihu and she will never ever become like her papa bcause our bihu was so caring loving selfless person he always give sacrifices but nobody care for him but bani uffffffff no words for her just my hater increase day by day for her .poor soul thapki really felt bad for her .
      tpk trp 0.3 cvs deserve this but all cast deserve better serial .tc buddy
      omg today MG expresion and that agresion was superb .he is really gajab .hope cvs use thier brain and increase his screen space
      yeah dearie i watch that upcoming he made sketch of thpki may b this is also a hint that AK is none other han our bihu .
      bimar scene was time waste so i skip their scene

      1. Dear reshu…I am are you????really miss you….keep smiling my dear and dearest sweetie…

      2. good morning poo i am fine dear .mee too miss u sooooooooooooooooo much in my exams day .


    Hello everyone, how are u all..?? I know these questions are totally waist of time , because I know after this crap u all r not feel well..
    anyways guys actually I’ve a request to all nd if u can then plz accept my request that’s our very TALLENTED Friends write a WONDEFUL, ROMENTIC ,FULL OF THAHAAN TASHION, SUSPANCEBLE, TWISTBLE nd EMOTIONAL ffs..
    so please read it or very important do cmt nd encourage tham..
    srsly all thahaan writers are doing such a great job..
    I don’t have any words to apriciate nd praise..
    silent readers plz cmt it’s my humble request to all..
    love u all..
    keep cmting nd encouraging..
    God bless u..


    Hello pooja diii, how r u…?? I miss di.. Miss u so much..

    Apeksha di when u update ur ffs..
    I’m very eagr to read..
    please update soon..

    jasi di,
    how r u..

    sulbi, leena, rifa, afshan, dewi di, reshal, santhosh bhaiya, navmi di, anu, sandy di, rinku di, juvi di, garima di,alm, nanii, nandy, sakshi, simi di, suhana di..
    where r u frnds..
    nd if I miss any one, so plz tell me how r u all..
    love u all..
    keep cmting..

    1. Fine dear…but dont like episode..and how are you

    2. Apeksha

      Hey kudrat. How r u dear? Actually I am not able to find a proper montage and title for my ff and I fear whether it will be liked by all of u or not but I will update it very soon after completing some prior commitments so plz bear some time for me.

    3. Hi.., Kudrat.. 🙂

    4. Miss you so much my cutie naughty friend…how is your studies kudrat???what about your entrance exam???keep smiling my friend

    5. Hello, Am new here
      Am studying medical
      Last year of MBBS

      1. I hate bani too she is soo bad

      2. Apeksha

        Welcome hafza di in thahaan fan group. I’m also a neet aspirant.

      3. hello temater .i am here madam

  4. Apeksha

    Another boring episode of tpk. Vasu’s character is just untolerable. She forgot the time when she herself did the same and destroyed the life of 4 people in the name of her so called motherhood for dhruv. I didn’t expected this from her. Tina munna scenes were ok. When kosi was demanding jewels from tina I was like really – Is tina a 4 yr kid that she can’t take care of her belongings, really ridiculous. Aryan bani scenes were nice manyasa once again proved that they can handle every scene well despite of the crapy storyline.
    Trp of this week is 0.3(0.2 decrease) , all the credit goes to our mindblowing cvs. They have created such a nice storyline that all my mind is just completely blown….

    1. Was about to comment on vasu, i agree with you she should need the last to judge after the lengths she went to.
      Even though i don’t like samar, glad he didn’t take Banis attitude, she is partially responsible and does not have the courage to tell everyone the truth. Im also glad Aryaan doesn’t take her crap as well. She is also responsible for persuading tina to go with kosi even though tina initially didn’t

    2. rite apeksha vasu also done the same with his own son and now uff she changes her color like girgit chameleon . don’t understand her behaviour .she also done same mistake in past na

  5. Hi friends…dont care about the is second year of tpk…wow..eventhough tpk lost its charm..but loved tpk verymuch..infact tpk gave a special gift to us..a very valuable one..our thahaan..thats enough for me to love tpk…once again happy 2nd year to tpk team…and all my dear friends who loves tpk&thahaan????????

  6. how the hell vasu allowed kosi to stay with tina? she seems to care and worry for tina so much and she knows kosi’s nature. then why didnt she stop kosi. all are angry on thapki but it was kosi who actually swaped the brides. does that count for nothing?

    1. Exactly!!!

  7. Hi friends. By the way when munna knows that it was bani in video n thapki is innocent. Inspite of this he allowed kosi to stay with him n is obeying her. Ridiculous. …

  8. See Tina never hug and say bye her father (Aryan). thapki did come see Tina for bye. Tina is silly girl to go with kosi. Mannu fault to throw key which Aryan gave him. Vaus should know better that kosi is bad news. I don’t care Tina and bani. I love Aryan blamed bani for thapki. Wait and see tomorrow what is on with Aryan try say bani something for thapki.

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